Sitara Studio Winter Collection 2021 – Stitched & Unstitched Suits [Prices]

Sitara Studio Winter Collection

Sitara Studio winter collection offers a variety of fabrics and styles. The most vibrant and chic combinations look amazing to wear in the winter season. Plus, the high-quality material is comfortable and easy-going for mild to intense weather.

The notable brand stands among the foremost enterprises in the fashion industry of Pakistan. It was launched in 1956, and today, it has flourished into a renowned brand in the industry. Well, the brand is famous for gratifying the expectations of its valuable customers.

Generally, the winter season propels us to have warm and comfortable fabric. But, you can explore a variety of incredible winter fabrics in this article. Take a look at the portfolio below to discover the fantastic styles.

Latest Unstitched Sitara Studio Winter Collection for Women

Sitara Studio is continuously working to offer high-quality products to its customers. They aspire to maintain the trust and confidence of people. Therefore, it comes up with an immense variety in every season. After Sitara Studio’s summer lawn collection, now it is presenting you with fantastic winter dresses.

The architectural designs on excellent fabric bring a smooth texture. Generally, women look for something that can bring out elegance. Therefore, we are showcasing a superb portfolio of elegant winter attires in unstitched forms. You can style them in your desired way for a striking look. Also, get the fascinating dresses by the Chinyere winter collection.

The world’s leading brand is operating around the globe, catering to the domestic market. Meanwhile, it has many stores running in Pakistan. Plus, online shopping facilitates those who can not step out to buy the desired outfits. Well, the winter clothing category includes the following fabrics.

1. Unstitched Cambric 2PC Collection
2. Chikankari Linen Collection
3. Cotton Satin Collection
4. Digitally Printed Linen Collection
5. Basic Velvet Collection
6. Twill Linen Collection


1. Cambric Collection

Sitara Studio is working to bring a versatile cambric collection for winter. All the clothing brands are using this material to gather a refined collection for the public. Well, there is pre-winter stuff available to wear in mild cozy weather. This cambric cotton is best for this season.

Moreover, you can explore a variety of cambric dresses by the latest, Rang Rasiya winter collection. The vibrant colors in unique styles will engage you to buy them. Here is a 2PC cambric winter dresses for you. Have a look at the portfolio below.

  • Universal Black Cambric Collection

Probably, every brand works hard to furnish the best items for women. Most of the women are in love with black color. They believe that women who wear black look more graceful. Therefore, they always opt for such incredible combinations with black to make their looks and events much sassy and classy.

Here is a beautiful collection of 2PC unstitched black outfits. Indeed, black color adds style to your personality. So, go for a simple black outfit this winter season for utmost sophistication. Khaadi winter clothing range also contains stylish cambric attires for more variety. Have a look at the classic image gallery below to get your favorite style.

  • Youthful Rainbow Colors for Girls

Teen girls always want to bring colors to their lives by wearing striking colors. You can also find colorful and extravagant dresses in the Cross Stitch winter collection. Probably, sapphire is much famous for its vibrant colors. But, you can seek and explore the vivid rainbow outfits by the latest collection of Sitara Studio as well.

Below is the bright and vivid collection for teen girls. Such youthful colors and patterns will make your look gorgeous. Plus, the glamour in these hues will bring a sparkle to your entire outfit. So, go and grab the tasteful 2PC cambric unstitched dresses from your nearest retail store of this notable brand.

2. Rungburry Chikankari Linen Sitara Studio Winter Collection

Chikankari has its origin in Lucknow, the city of India. It is a delicate style that can be decorated artfully with hand embroidery. Usually, people prefer a white thread to make it dominant. Nowadays, many people across Asian countries prefer to wear this delicate style in the winter season. Therefore, we are presenting you with a beautiful collection of chikankari linen here with incredible designs.

Women prefer a complete outfit in every season. Indeed, the ultimate grace comes out with this style. But, do you want to bring a unique style to your personality? In the galaxy of people, chikankari will make you stand out. The incredible hand embroidery with delicate designs will turn the heads on you. So, head towards the winter attires of the Sitara Studio to get the glamorous articles. Warda winter collection is also offering classic embroidered outfits.

3. Twill Linen 4PC Sitara Studio Winter Collection

Twill linen is a soft and comfortable fabric that is very common in winters. Several clothing brands use this fabric to make warm clothes to give a smooth texture. Women also prefer to get their desirable attires from the Bonanza Satrangi winter collection.

Below is the beautiful portfolio of twill linen 4PC outfits for women. The outfit you are wearing will reflect your inner charm. So, create an upbeat vibe by wearing the extravagant linen dresses by the Sitara Studio winter collection.

4. Digitally Printed 4PC Linen Suits

A well-printed outfit always beautifies your looks. Especially whenever you wear a digitally printed suit, it makes you look more significant. Get the fantastic digitally printed linen outfits from the latest Bareeze winter collection.

Below are the tasteful patterns for you to wear this season. The intricate styles with immense decoration will cheer you up. So, go and grab the prettifying outfits from the nearest retail outlet of this leading brand.

5. Impressive Cotton Satin Outfits

Indeed, the best color is the one that makes you look good. In the galaxy of hues, get a well-defined color palette that can prettify your looks. Plus, the choice of selection will enhance your beauty and character. Do not wear a boring and dull color that may diminish your confidence.

So, have a look at the unique cotton satin portfolio below. It offers vibrant dresses that can make you dominant among people. The mesmerizing outfits from the ChenOne Pareesa winter collection are likewise impressive and vivid. So, get the fantastic tints below at quite reasonable prices.

6. Mandatory Velvet Collection for Winters

Usually, weddings take place in the winter season. There is a wide variety of materials that can be used to make formal dresses in the winter season. Also, most of the brides prefer to wear a velvet bridal dress. The beauty of this dress brings the ultimate grace and sophistication to the bride. Plus, the superlative fabric comes with innovative approaches to satisfy the demands of its customers. The Maria B winter collection is also offering beautiful outfits with a chiffon dupatta and shawl to provide a formal vibe.

Well, there is an immense variety of formal Pakistani dresses according to our cultural norms. Still, people look for something staggering to make their look polished. To add a little sparkle to your outfit, try the velvet collection of Sitara Studio this winter.

Stylish Stitched/Ready to Wear Collection for Girls

Remember one thing that wearing an attractive dress will mark you beautiful among the public. Indeed, a woman can lift her grace and class with a classic dress. Therefore, Sitara Studio brings you an impressive variety of ready-to-wear dresses. You can enjoy your beauty and elegance with the magical dresses below. The standard categories include:

  • Light-weight cambric shirts
  • Simple printed khaddar shirts
  • Digitally printed and embroidered khaddar shirts
  • Stunning jacquard shirts
silk embroidered red shirt
Rs 1,996

1- Light Cambric Collection

Undoubtedly, the outfit speaks for your personality. People remember you with the selection and choice of outfit and footwear. Therefore, one must go for a decent and semi-formal dress to enhance her looks. Below is a delicate and decent assortment of simple, light-weight cambric shirts. You can combine contrasting trousers for a complete look.

2- Khaddar Shirts for Girls

Khaddar is a warm and enough comfortable fabric for women. Usually, teen girls are looking for an elegant assortment of khaddar that can appeal to their character. Below is a beautiful variety of warm ready-to-wear shirts for them.

The magical floral printed and contrasting colors are all set to enhance your grace. Please take a while to explore the following collection.

3- Digital Embroidered Winter Shirts

A little decoration is always delicate and graceful. Plus, some girls try to wear intricate patterns to get elegant vibes. Below is such a tasteful assortment for women. Take a look at the magical floral printed and light embroidered shirts. Indeed, the mesmerizing hues will catch positive vibes only and get you a compliment.

4- Jacquard Collection for Winter

Do you want to look simple, charming, and elegant simultaneously? If so, then opt for the classy jacquard shirts below. It is a unique fabric that can be worn casually and formally. So, head over to Sitara Studio to grab the voguish stuff below. I hope you will enjoy the flaunting shirts with no regrets. Please give a thought to the following variety.

With steady and continuous efforts, the Sitara Studio has launched an up-to-date collection. The vibrant and attractive colors are enthusiastic for the public. So, you can purchase the recent assortment from any store. Make your season refreshing and charming by wearing the exquisite styles above. So, please give it a thought and try the latest collection above. I hope it will work well for you. 🙂


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