Pakistani Men Wedding Dresses 2023 Best Collection for All Groom-to-be

Stylish wedding dresses for pakistani men

Weddings are the event of the celebration for everybody. Moreover, the bride and groom spend a lot of money on their wedding outfits. In the past, people preferred simple dresses for grooms. Men wedding dresses have a lot of varieties. Now grooms are also equally concerned about their wedding outfits like the brides.

Pakistan is the hub of various cultures and traditions. Every province has its traditions and customs. So, people also prefer to wear traditional yet classy outfits. Likewise, the current trend is to wear stylish and embroidered dresses. These dresses also depict the traditions of the past through their way of styling.

Other accessories also accompany these beautifully embellished and decorated dresses. These accessories include dupattas on mehndi and sehra on barat day, etc. Moreover, the beautiful combination of traditional shoes adds grace in attire. Like khussa on mehndi and Barat day enhance the beauty of the wedding events.

dark blue embroidered sherwani

Pakistani Men Wedding Dresses for Mehndi, Barat, Walima Events

In the present time, we see a lot of advancement in the dressing style of grooms. Moreover, different types of dresses are available for all events. Mehndi, barat, and walima have their demands for the groom’s outfits. Mehndi and barat wear are also more traditional in their outlook. Likewise, various color combinations and designs are being planned. Let’s check out the current inclination of the groom’s wedding dresses here.

Attractive Mehndi Dresses for Men

The event of mehndi is a cheerful tradition in nature. Moreover, dresses are also quite classic. Men can wear simple kurta pajama, or they can pair it with waistcoat as well. Also, the addition of the embroideries gives a more beautiful look to the groom.

  • Stylish Kurta and Pajama for Mehndi

Mehndi is the event where the traditional wear looks mesmerizing. Moreover, grooms tend to adopt this style, which makes them look classical. One of these regular wear is also the kurta and pajama. This way of mehndi dresses for men resonates with the event.  The kurta has embroidery as well.

Moreover, the decoration of the kurta has floral patterns.The pajamas are generally stitched in the silk material. The shine of the dress also goes well with the function. The pajama is usually in contrast with the embellishment of the kurta as well. The addition of the dupatta also complements the dress very well. The color of the dupatta is also the same as the embroidery.

men wedding dress for mehndi

maroon embroidered kurta pajama for mehndi

black embroidered mehndi dress

white embroidered kurta pajama

  • Traditional Embroidered Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez is the most regular dress in Pakistan as well. Moreover, a lot of the grooms also prefer to wear the same clothing on their mehndi. The kameez usually have the embroidery over it. Furthermore, the artistic decoration of the kameez enhances the beauty of the dress. The shalwar also complements the kameez very well.

In the following dresses, the contrast of the embroidery with the kameez is mesmerizing. The designs of the decoration of the following dresses also resonate with the demand for the event. All of these colors are also looking quite traditional and classy.

  • Kurta with Embroidered Waistcoat

Waistcoat works magically. Moreover, it increments the grace of the shalwar kameez and kurta pajama. Furthermore, embroidered jackets are usually available for mehndi. Even if the underlying dress is simple, the embroidered waistcoat will compensate for that.

The following are the few stylish and decorated waistcoats. These waistcoats are perfect to wear on the event of the mehndi. Printed vests also have beautiful floral designs over them. Plus, the shine of the material is additionally added to the aesthetic look. Likewise, the following embroidered waistcoats look very classy. The thread work for embellishment is fascinating. You can get an ideal waistcoat from Edenrobe.

green waistcoat for mehndi

Pakistnani men wedding dress for mehndi

Men Wedding Dresses for Barat

Barat day is the event of a massive celebration. Most of the grooms wear the sherwani on the barat. Moreover, the different designs and styles of barat dresses are in trend. Other types of sherwani, like coat style, are also being liked widely. Let’s check out the numerous sherwani outfits for barat day. The selection of shoes matters a lot, as well.

  • Classic White Sherwani for Grooms

Barat is the day of celebrating marriage. Moreover, sherwani is the first choice for barat. Traditionally white-colored groom dress also holds a prominent place. White color represents not only the sacredness but also beauty. So, the following are the sherwanis in the white color. The pure white sherwani and the embroidered sherwani, both look equally mesmerizing.

Moreover, the contrast of white is looking fascinating with all colorful dupattas. The self-print of the white-colored sherwani looks quite stylish. It enhances the charm of the groom. The addition of dupatta and sehra makes the groom look more handsome and fascinating.

wedding dress for men on barat day

white sherwani for men

  • Fully Embroidered and Decorated Sherwani

Embroidery makes the sherwani look fancier. Moreover, floral designs and vines are covering the entire dress. The contrast of the dupatta and pajama adds to excellence. The difference between colors provides more shine to the classic wedding dress. Furthermore, grooms can wear traditional khussa with this dress. Also, the sehra on the head and the dupatta on the shoulder is essential. The following are the few highly embroidered sherwanis:

  • Coat Style Stylish Sherwani for Pakistani Men

Innovations in the patterns of the embroidery are contemporary. In the current time, the coat style sherwanis are in trend as well. Moreover, the look of the sherwani resembles with the coat. The embroidery and the embellishment also make them fancier. Coat style sherwani looks perfect amalgamation of traditional and stylish wear. The following are the coat style sherwanis. Coat style sherwani has a beautiful contrast of the embellishment on them.

black emroidered coat style sherwani

embroidered coat style sherwani

Elegant Walima Dress for Men

Walima is the reception of the wedding. Moreover, the groom prefers western walima dresses. Men wear traditional dress on mehndi and barat. Furthermore, the dressing of the west on walima looks quite pleasant. They usually wear three-piece or two-piece suits at the event.

  • Pants with Coat for Walima

Some grooms like to wear two-piece suits on their walima. Moreover, the way the groom carries the pant and coat suit also impacts their look. The designs of the ties, for instance, bow ties, also look quite stylish and beautiful. The elegant formal shoes and shades further enhance the grace of the dress.

Furthermore, usually, the tie of the groom’s dress is in contrast with the bride’s attire. This matching of the clothing between the partners also makes the groom look more stylish. For pairing the dresses with stylish shoes, also visit the Hush Puppies shoe collection.

two piece wedding dress for men

two piece suit for walima

  • Three-Piece Modern Walima Suit

The three-piece dress makes a groom a true gentleman. Furthermore, the coat, vest, and pants add to the stylish personality of the groom. Usually, the color of the shirt is also in contrast with the three-piece.

The following are the three-piece mainly in different colors. Most of the men also prefer the black color dress. Moreover, the vest, which is in contrast with the coat, looks more stylish. It also becomes more prominent in the dress. The following are the few three-piece walima dresses for Pakistani grooms:

A variety of men wedding dresses are in trend. Moreover, classical attire on mehndi and barat look ravishing. The event of reception usually has western dressing. Furthermore, above-displayed attires are a perfect guide for a groom to be. The careful addition of accessories, for instance, shoes and glasses are necessary. Sehras also add to the outlook of the groom.