Cross Stitch Winter Collection 2023 – Best Khaddar & Linen Suits [Prices]

latest cotton satin winter collection

Every year, Cross Stitch offers its new variety to the public. The designs and color palettes are made according to the taste of people and the season’s nature. Plus, their themes are according to the customers’ demand and act as the trendsetters in society. So, to exude elegance and grace, you can opt for a beguiling ensemble from the Cross Stitch winter collection. 

All architectural styles with contemporary trends are ready to hit your wardrobe. The colors and cuts will attract you to opt for them. Additionally, wearing a comfortable yet chic ensemble by Cross Stitch would be an absolute pleasure. So, take a moment and discover the most enchanting winter assortment below for a pleasant season. This season, Cross Stitch features the ever-gorgeous Sarah Khan for a winter shoot to promote the brand. 

All the Cross Stitch winter collection dresses have beautiful patterns that propel people to opt for them. They used all cozy textures like linen, khaddar, and cotton satin textures to prepare their clothes. Additionally, the inspirational styles will make you stand out among the crowd. So, grab the stunning dresses from the recent collection of this brand and prettify yourself pleasingly.

1- Unstitched Winter Collection for Women by Cross Stitch (New Arrivals)

If you believe your style is wealth’s impression, think again. Your style is the expression of your imagination that can take you to another level of aesthetics. Indeed, winters can make you think about more imaginative stuff to wear. Cross stitch is one of the finest clothing brands in Pakistan. You can enjoy casual and formal wear from the enchanting collection of Cross Stitch. Well, you may have explored the Cross Stitch summer collection before. Here is the extravagant winter variety for you.

The leading brand offers a variety of fabrics every season. All the collections are available within the range of the public. Beyond styles, it also provides high-quality texture. Therefore, people always enjoy having a wardrobe by Cross Stitch. Also, the designers continuously evolve their creativity to keep their customers updated. Additionally, they want their customers to remain loyal to their brand.

Further, you can explore the beautiful variety of dresses for better utilization of money and time. This brand’s prices are comparatively high compared to the other clothing brands. Maria B’s winter collection is likewise a little expensive. Well, the fall categories have been launched in four fabrics primarily. These are:

  • The graceful cotton satin winter clothing range.
  • Winter premium cambric dresses.
  • The striking linen fall collection.
  • Warm khaddar dresses.

Winter Premium Cambric Collection by Cross Stitch

Women are fond of vibrant clothing. Therefore, the spirited brand brings a graphic collection with tremendous hues and designs for women. Have a look at the beautiful assortment of winter cambric dresses below. Indeed, you will enjoy the embellishment of dresses. Plus the exciting hues and fascinating patterns are all set to rock your looks. Moreover, give a thought to the delightful and colorful winter assortments from the Sapphire winter collection for a while.

Women are always the center of attraction at any event. Winter is the season to embrace splendid and colorful outfits. Undoubtedly, the delightful shades and mesmerizing styles will amplify the joy of winter. Luckily, you are in the place where you will get a lot of enchanting winter ensembles for casual and daily wear. Nothing makes a woman beautiful except a lovely outfit and a refreshing smile on her face. So, do you want to look beautiful?

If so, then you are in the correct place. Escape the chaos with the easy-breezy and delightful winter ensembles by Cross Stitch below. The light cambric collection features a variety of warm shades and graceful details. Indeed, the tiny embroidered techniques and beautiful combinations will amplify your looks. Combine a nice pair of footwear with an appropriate winter hairstyle to make a remarkably perfect look. Please give it a thought!! Orient Textiles’ winter collection offers eye-catching designs for you. 

“Sukoon” Cotton Satin X Sarah Khan

Indeed, life is like a box of crayons. The right choice of color always influences your soul directly. Therefore, women look for such vibrant hues to wear every season. Here is an intriguing collection of vibrant three-piece cotton satin suits below. With the arrival of fall, women search for a variety of materials. Plus, the fantastic patterns with prints and embroidery are likewise significant. Cotton satin is a lightweight material that is a pre-winter fabric. Usually, people cannot wear it in intensely cold weather. Cross Stitch brings you a tale of beautiful dresses that will upgrade your looks this season. The Sukoon cotton satin collection features the gorgeous Sarah Khan for the demonstration of outfits. Would you mind taking a look at the portfolio below?

Sarah Khan is a famous and top-rated celebrity in Pakistan’s showbiz industry. The iconic star is a stylish model as well. Please take a while to explore the dynamic and energetic cotton satin dresses below. Each of them has an embroidered patch to enhance its beauty. Do you want some more likewise styles? Indeed, you can get enough variety from the Alkaram Studio winter collection, which offers classic digital designs. The classy ivory, purple, and blue dresses below reveal a soothing appearance. Indeed, you can enhance the charm of your personality with the pleasant outfits below.

Soft Linen Cross Stitch Winter Collection

Linen is a soft textured fabric that is used in making winter outfits. Mostly, women who face skin rash issues opt for this delicate material. It prevents the body from itching and rashes. Therefore, every clothing brand offers a particular linen collection.

Here you can discover the chicest styles for the cold weather. The striking linen attire will make your event more memorable. So, get a kind that shows enough depth in your personality. Get some more comfortable and traditional styles from the latest Junaid Jamshed winter collection

  • Digital Printed Linen Dresses

Colors are the simpers of nature and the melody of lights. An excellent outfit of stylish combination always adds a sparkle to your personality. Do you want to wear attractive colors? Beechtree winter collection has also become successful in gaining women’s trust through its innovative styles.

Here is a rich portfolio of printed linen outfits. The dresses are beautifully decorated with classical themes. Further, they are combined with dupattas of fantastic patterns. So, do not forget to buy the most elegant dresses below. Combine nice pair of winter shoes to create an illuminating winter vibe. I hope this fashion tip will work for you.

  • Embroidered Three-Piece Linen Dresses

Nothing can beat the grace of a three-piece dress. Indeed, a woman always prefers a whole outfit instead of single shirts and two-piece suits. Therefore, the Cross Stitch winter collection presents you with elegant three-piece embroidered khaddar dresses.

Would you mind taking a look at the image gallery below? The delightful hues and striking combinations will take you to another level of elegance. Salitex winter collection has pleasant and refreshing winter ensembles as well. So please give it a thought and have fun!!

Winter Khaddar Collection for Women

Khaddar is the most worn and desired fabric in the winter season. It is highly preferred due to its intense warm nature. Usually, women who wear a khaddar dress rarely go for a sweater or a jacket as it gives enough comfort and warmth. Plus, the artistic decorations on this fantastic fabric look alluring. Take a look at the following day-to-day and semi-formal khaddar attires. You will get a variety of easy-breezy yet warm styles here. Plus, the delicately combined ornaments double the beauty of the dress.

  • Printed Khaddar Outfits for Women

The simple yet elegant styles always brighten up your day. Therefore, one must go for the chicest outfit to bring glam to her personality. Have a look at the digitally printed khaddar suits below. Probably, the intricate designs are inspired by delicate crochet lace patterns. Hence, these dresses are perfect for winter evenings. More variety of khaddar is presented in the Bareeze winter collection with captivating styles. Let’s give it a thought.

  • Three-Piece Embroidered Khaddar Attires

A sumptuous outfit with delicate embroidery always looks traditional. Plus, the artisanal patterns evoke elegance and feminine allure as well. Further, accompanying it with a viscose dupatta will make it tremendous and perfect for your winters. Get yourself more delightful dresses from the So Kamal winter collection for a wide variety as well.

Please look at the breathtaking portfolio of three-piece embroidered khaddar dresses below. The fascinating combinations will propel you to opt for it. Further, you can amplify your looks with appropriate makeup and a classy hairstyle. Finally, bring a good finish with a fine choice of footwear. I hope you will appreciate our fashion tips for a modest and chic look.

2- Unstitch LUXE ATELIER Winter Collection

Are you looking for a luxe ensemble for wedding wear? Probably, some of women do not like to wear vibrant colors. They believe that simplicity leads to sophistication. Therefore, they seek light colors for a graceful appearance. The Khaadi winter assortment also brings enchanted outfits for you to make pleasant memories. However, you may select an outfit from the collection below as well. The simple and graceful three-piece net, organza, raw silk, cotton net and chiffon suits are ideal for women.

Wearing a dull shade does not make you look older. Indeed, it adds appeals to your character through captivating styles. So, style up your winter season with the fantastic light shades below. In addition, you can combine delicate jewelry and make an appropriate hairstyle to enhance your looks. Further, you can combine a nice and wise pair of footwear to complete your whole vibe. So, look at the following designs and pick up your favorite.

3- Luxury Wedding Festive Collection for Women

Winter is famous for glamorous night parties and musical nights. Such auspicious events require dazzling and well-decorative attire to bring true beauty. Therefore, the Cross Stitch winter collection brings a wide variety of formal dresses for women. Please have a look at the luxurious wedding festive collection by cross-stitch below. Undoubtedly, women are the shiny and sleeky creatures of Allah. Therefore, a woman needs to retain her shine and grace. Such retention is impossible unless you wear an appropriate dress.

Undoubtedly, designers have been working hard to create magical and attractive stuff for the public. Fashion is the state of mind that no one has from birth. The world teaches you to bend yourself towards the traditions for a modest look. The modern era is the era of fashion that requires a lovely outfit for formal and casual wear. Indeed, a woman finds ways to adorn herself in a magical yet attractive outfit for the ultimate sleekness and shine. So get yourself an appropriate jacquard outfit for a spectacular winter look in a modest way.

4- Latest Stitched/Ready-to-Wear Dresses for Girls

Without a delightful collection of charming hues with magical prints, your wardrobe is incomplete. Undoubtedly, you can save your time with the ready-to-wear variety. You might have seen a brilliant Pret assortment by several notable brands.

Take a while to explore the fascinating Pret collection by Cross-Stitch below.  Here you will get a stunning variety of khaddar, cambric, linen, silk, and organza dresses in all brilliant shades. Have a look.

  • Two-Piece Cambric Embroidered Suits

Winters always empower you to embrace the hot fashion trends in the cold weather. Luckily, the favorite season fills your heart with love and colors to enjoy the delightful season. However, such joy can be enhanced if you are right with your wardrobe. It is time to fill your closets with sufficient volumes of premium quality dresses by your favorite brands.

Here is the latest collection of cambric embroidered ready-to-wear two-piece suits for you. Cross Stitch never fails to retain the public’s love for better quality clothing. Indeed, you will be fascinated by the latest collection of delicately embroidered cambric shirts and trousers.

  • Basic Khaddar Shirts

In intensely cold weather, one must have warm stuff in their closets. Therefore, Cross Stitch is bringing you a mesmerizing collection of khaddar shirts in an affordable range. Indeed, you will enjoy the magical prints and fall in love with the warm and comfortable fabric. So, head over to your nearest store to grab your desired shirt.

Make yourself simpler and sophisticated to retain your glam and grace. Indeed, wearing an outdated outfit will never get you a positive compliment. To catch positive vibes, you must style yourself in a sophisticated manner. Admittedly, the following khaddar pret shirts will bring out sheer elegance to your looks.

  • Delicate Silk Pret Shirts

Do you want to pass the winters in a desultory fashion? Undoubtedly, cozy weather is all about wearing chic outerwear. So let’s spend some time pulling some dazzling winter ensembles. Cross Stitch winter collection facilitates the customers with a variety of fascinating styles. Let’s give a thought to the following impressive silk shirts.

You can enhance your looks by perfectly matching delicate jewelry and appropriate footwear. The following silk shirts require contrasting trousers or shalwar for a complete look. Indeed, the tiny details and patterns on the shirts will propel you to opt for them. Get dresses likewise from Limelight’s winter collection and have a blissful season.

  • Two-Piece Light Linen Pret Collection

Women always seek a variety of linen dresses in winter to exude elegance. Indeed, real women always know who to pull off a graceful look with the chicest outfit. The Cross Stitch winter collection brings you the delightful and elegant linen suits below.

Besides being too cold, many girls can not bear intense warm fabric. Instead, they look for mild stuff that can not harm their body. For instance, we are presenting you with soft linen shirts. Please take a while to explore the flattering patterns below. Undoubtedly, you can rock your vibes with great positivity if you opt for the following collection.

  • Classic Floor-Length Embellished Frocks

Crisp air and party will double the joy of the winter gatherings. However, you need to opt for a classy and dazzling formal outfit at winter eves for a perfect look. Cross Stitch winter collection brings you two formal embellished and embroidered ensembles below.

Please have a look at the attractive ensembles below. The two essential costumes will bring you the right amount of glamour and grace. Furthermore, you can upgrade your looks with appropriate party makeup and heels. So please give it a thought and have fun!

  • Two-Piece Organza Dresses

The weather forecast hints at filling the closets with essential warm attires. However, women prefer to wear Pret suits instead of single shirts. Therefore, we are bringing another chilling assortment for them. Cross Stitch presents ready-to-wear two-piece suits for women.

Please have a look at the following image gallery t discover mesmerizing winter dresses. There are a couple of engaging and attractive organza ensembles for aged women here. However, you need to look for a contrasting bottom in your own style.

With the arrival of fall, people rush toward the market to gather their new outfits. Likewise, it also pressures the designers to make several modest designs. This notable brand made its identity from its innovative styles and created limitless designs. Plus, the beautiful designs brought a revolution in the fashion industry of Pakistan. So, look above at the latest cross-stitch winter collection that offers striking linen and khaddar attires in all beautiful shades.