Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2023 – New Arrivals with Updated Prices

beautiful nishat linen winter collection for women

As winter is just around the bend, clothing brands launch their fall collection for both men and women. Indeed, the designers knew that women wanted to welcome the new season with a contemporary style of clothes. Therefore, the designers keep women as their top priority in creating magical dresses. Here are some exquisite designs from the Nishat Linen winter collection below.

This new collection fulfills the weather demands with an immense assortment of designs. Nishat has constantly familiarized new patterns and innovations in the most striking shades. This winter has also introduced the ladies’ most imaginative and jazzier costumes, as you can see below. In its latest catalog, you will find the comfy khaddar, karandi, linen, cotton, and velvet dresses in single, two, and three-piece forms.

The leading brand always follows new and updated trends to get you a modest and chic vibe. Indeed, the splendid outfits will get you a positive compliment from the galaxy of individuals around. So, turn the temperature high with the warm and delightful ensembles of the Nishat Linen winter collection below. Indeed, you will possess a charming and graceful look by wrapping yourself in the gracious and elegant attires from the portfolio below.

Latest and Beautiful Nishat Linen Winter Collection for Women

Nishat announces its collection in various volumes, and its 1st volume of the winter has recently been launched with the most stylish attires. Most of Nishat’s dresses contain long and short shirts with Karandi or khaddar dupattas, which are the best way to wear winters. 

The prices of Nishat winter dresses are mentioned for your ease of buying your ideal dress as per your budget and need. It has used pure khaddar, Karandi, and other warm stuff to make its winter dresses more luxurious and appealing. In the latest collection of the Nishat, you will get the following categories: 

  • Unstitched.
  • Freedom to Buy.
  • Ready to wear.
  • Luxury winter dresses.

1- Nishat Linen Unstitched Khaddar Collection

As the ready-to-wear winter dresses of the Nishat are impressive, its unstitched collection is also very captivating with the most vibrant tints and patterns. Most women prefer unstitched attires because they want to design the dress as per their requirements. Therefore, you can easily pick any dress and select the stitching designs of dresses according to your need. Here we have the striking khaddar outfits for you by Nishat Linen. 

Khaddar is considering the king of the winter fabric that many of us like to carry in winter. This warm stuff protects our body from the heat and gives us a relaxing look. Accordingly, Sapphire offers a wide variety of khaddar dresses for women of all ages. Here you will find the printed and embroidered khaddar dress with dark and dim hues in unstitched attires, including:

  • Two-Piece Khaddar Dresses
  • Three-Piece Embroidered Khaddar Dresses
  • Two-Piece Khaddar Dresses

Teens always require a youthful style to bring an illusion to their looks. Nishat Linen’s winter collection will ace up your looks with its flaunting dresses. For instance, please have a look at the following image gallery to explore the two-piece khaddar suits. Also, get similar ensembles from the latest Salitex winter collection for women.

A little bit of decoration amplifies the entire grace of the dress. Therefore, Nishat brings you the magically embroidered khaddar dresses for winters. The tiny details on the shirts’ front, sleeves, and borders bring exquisite beauty to these dresses. You need to look for a contrasting dupatta for a complete look. However, you can opt for a floral printed complimentary scarf too. Please have a look at the following image gallery to explore the unstitched two-piece khaddar attires for this year. In addition, you can explore a wide range of winter collections by the top Pakistani brands for more variety.

  • Three-Piece Embroidered Khaddar Dresses

Women always look for a complete and graceful outfit to wear. Therefore, Nishat Linen brings an exceptional assortment of three-piece dresses for a job-doing woman. Moreover, you can pick an exclusive dress if you find it difficult to contrast the matching bottoms and dupattas. The following image gallery shows warm and impressive three-piece khaddar attires for women. Indeed, you will like the magical patterns and prints of the attires.

These vibrant shades will add more shine to your winter look. If you are going to a friend’s gathering, the following outfits can be an ideal choice to wear to look more incredible. You only need to keep your hair open and combine a nice pair of shoes for an entirely flawless look. Further, amplify your looks with delicate jewelry to catch the positive vibes from the public around.

2- Unstitched Linen Attires for Women

Did you find khaddar too warm to bear? If you can not wear an extraordinarily warm fabric in winter, you can opt for a linen outfit. Nishat Linen brings you some intriguing and delightful linen dresses for this winter. The awe-inspiring hues and magical prints, and lightweight embroidery will make your looks memorable. Let’s have a look at the following collection.

  • Two-Piece Linen Dresses for Teens

Teens prefer floral prints over other styles for comfort and ease. Undoubtedly, Nishat takes good care of your relaxation and brings you the desired styles. Please have a look at the image gallery below that showcases splendid two-piece linen attires. You can also explore similar linen outfits from the latest Orient Textiles winter collection for women.

Are you looking for decorative linen attire? If so, then here we have a colorful embroidered variety for you. Amplify your winter looks with the delightful and embroidered linen attires below. Undoubtedly, the vibrant and voguish hues will turn heads on you. Spot similar combinations and details in Beechtree’s winter collection for women.

  • Printed Embroidered 3PC Linen Dresses

A woman needs to take good care of her looks and personality. You must think twice about your looks before choosing a style. Well, most of women prefer three-piece dresses over single shirts and two-piece suits. Here we have yet another three-piece embroidered collection for you below. Get similar breathtaking outfits from So Kamal’s winter collection for women as well. Rock your looks with Nishat Linen’s embroidered linen dresses below.

3- Freedom to Buy Winter Collection

I hope you enjoyed the previous summer collection of Nishat that contained the most stylish patterns and decent hues. The winter collection of the Nishat is likewise very chic with the most dazzling designs. The Nishat is one of the most loving brands of ladies that brings the most stunning attires with the most fabulous creations every season. It also gives the freedom to buy the facility, which means you can buy the loose fabric as per your need. It starts at PKR 560 per meter. You can purchase flexible material and make any off-shoulder dress or any style in your required size.

Youth looks for colorful collections to make the unique style of their desire. Now, you can buy your favorite suit from the following collection of Nishat for a unique look. The magnificent patterns on the shirts will propel you to opt for the dress. Women who are looking for a two-piece dress shall think about the following collection of Nishat. The freedom to buy pack portrays a variety of voguish hues and prints to make a delightful look. Get the refreshing outfits for a charming look from Nishat Linen’s winter collection for women and have a memorable season ahead.

4- Ready to Wear Winter Collection by Nishat Linen

In the ready-to-wear Nishat collection, you will get the most excellent and remarkable attires for youngsters and ladies with the most striking designs. In the ready-to-wear collection, you will find kurta-style dresses, two or three-piece dresses that are best to wear in winter.

Take a look at the most recent and latest ready-to-wear winter collection, which has been prepared with the comfiest texture, like cotton Karandi and khaddar. Both fabrics are very soft and warm, making them the ideal choice for winter. Keep reading this blog to get the most appealing winter attires.

  • Winter Basic Pret

Most teenagers prefer to wear printed dresses because the printed outfits help to make them look more splendid. The printed collection of the Nishat is awesome that brings many new designs and patterns for teenagers and women. You can match your classy printed shirt with any tulip pants for a jazzier look.

You can match your lavish outfit with the most classy footwear and natural makeup for your daily routine. The more you remain simple, the more you look splendid and decent. You can also wear the lightweight gems with these printed attires for a more lovely and noteworthy look. If you combine your printed suit with the block heels, it will look perfect and classy.

  • Winter Embroidered Shirts

Cotton Karandi is the comfiest and soft texture that helps to keep you warm. Have a look at the embroidered cotton Karandi attires that have been shown below. These thread embroidery dresses are a great choice to wear whenever you are going to a formal party. It will help to enhance your look by making it more gorgeous. Also, check out the Cross Stitch winter collection for getting ideas about the latest winter dresses.

Thread embroidered is the most striking creation that helps to complete your classy winter look. If you are going to a college or university party, the tiny embroidered  dress is the most suitable outfit to allure. Go for the elegant hair bun, apply the fantastic makeup, and wear the lightweight gems to complete your dashing look. You can explore the Alkram Studio’s winter collection for more enchanting winter attires as well.

  • Two-Piece Pret Suits

The formal attires are a little bit different than casual ones. If you are looking for a two-piece basic pret outfit, you should consider the following portfolio. Undoubtedly, you can exude grace and elegance in the basic pret suits below. Zahra Shahjahan winter dresses have also been launched, so you can visit them to get the latest designs.

5- Luxury Pret Outfits by Nishat Linen Winter Collection

Women always try to enhance their beauty with modest and chic clothing ideas. Undoubtedly, a luxurious ensemble can bring you massively positive compliments. Also, you can be in the limelight of an event if you wear classy and elegant attire. Nishat Linen’s winter collection has an exclusive collection of luxury winter attires for women.

Would you mind taking a look at the image gallery below? The immensely delightful and well-decorative luxury ensembles are ready to bring you the desired glamour. This season, amplify your looks with Nishat’s premium quality dresses for a refreshing look. Also, you can explore the Bareeze winter collection to get more embellished and luxurious dresses.

6- Exclusive Velvet Pret for Winters

All that a girl needs to be classy is a fascinating style that can elevate her looks. Undoubtedly, winter brings you so many options to adorn yourself in various fabrics. Besides khaddar and linen, teens are looking for a luxurious velvet dress for a modest look. Therefore, the Nishat Linen winter collection offers a delightful portfolio of exclusive velvet dresses below. In addition, you can find exceptional velvet embroidered jackets, Anarkali frocks, and formal two-piece and three-piece luxurious velvet outfits in the portfolio below.

  • Chiffon & Net Long Dress with Embroidered Velvet Jacket

A graceful and embroidered jacket must be present in everyone’s closet in winter. Especially college and university-going teens prefer to wrap their arms and body with a stylish jacket. You can also get a variety of jacket dresses from Bonanza Satrangi’s winter collection. The luxurious chiffon & long net dress is paired with the embroidered jacket. You can wear this extraordinary dress at any casual and formal event to allure. 

  • Velvet Gown with Embroidered Velvet Shawl

Do you want to rejuvenate your personality exclusively? If so, then make a statement style with the joyous velvet gown with embroidered velvet shawl by Nishat Linen’s winter collection. The generosity of style will bring you the desired elegance and grace. Feel free to buy the exclusive velvet two-piece dresses from the nearest outlet of Nishat. Indeed, you will be able to create a distinct and attractive look if you opt for any of the smart choices below.

  • Embroidered Anarkali Velvet Dress

This year, adorn yourself in a glamorous velvet Anarkali ensemble by the Nishat Linen winter collection. The beautiful Anarkali frock is coordinated with a sequin spray shawl. So, upgrade your evening look with the breathtaking dress below. You can also explore Maria B’s eveningwear collection for a more similar variety.

  • Two-Piece Velvet Dress

There are a lot of women who search for a graceful two-piece dress that comprises a knee-length shirt with a graceful bottom. Therefore, Nishat Linen brings another intriguing variety of two-piece velvet suits to satisfy the segmented groups. Would you mind giving a thought to the following beguiling style? I hope you will never regret investing time in it.

7- Aura Winter Collection for Teens

Traveling is a common practice among Pakistanis, especially in the fall season. People prefer to visit the Northern areas to have a blissful season. Such trips and Funtime require funky and classy attire. I am glad that Nishat Linen’s winter collection comes up with an amazing and trendy Aura collection to please the public with delightful styles.

Please have a look at the enchanting image gallery below that features digitally printed pret shirts for you. Now, you can step out in style wearing any of the classy shirts below to get a jazzier vibe. Combine matching trainers for an easy walk on the mountains. Plus, combine comfortable and warm jeans to complete the entire vibe of the outfit.

8- Essential Jalabiyas Winter Collection for Women

Do you want to feel the joy of life in a real and elegant way? Are you looking for a smart choice of clothes? If so, then you are in the correct place. Nishat Linen’s winter collection presents you with an exclusive assortment of classy Jalabiyas for teens.

The portfolio presents you with casual warm Jalabiyas for winter. This season, feel the joy with the warm and graceful Jalabiyas below. Exemplify your style with any of the following dresses according to your choice. An appropriate combination of printed scarf, loose curl hair, long hoops, natural makeup and the classy bag will amplify your entire winter vibe beyond infinity.

The secret of a great style is to feel comfortable and happy in whatever you are wearing. All the modest ensembles of the Nishat are awe-inspiring and stunning, with the most dazzling shades. I hope this blog will help you to pick the best outfit for yourself. Plus, never compromise on your looks and pick the chicest style to exude elegance. Finally, remember to tell us in the comment section about your favorite costume among all these beautifully designed dresses.