Pakistani Wedding Dresses for Women 2024 [Designer Collection]

pakistani wedding dresses

Pakistani wedding dresses for women contain fiery, decent, and shocking shades that will make you glammy. These are the most famous patterns for wedding dresses by Pakistani designers in the market. Brides in Pakistan are usually incredibly concerned about the best wedding dresses. So, every bride wishes to select a fantastic dress for her big day.

Pakistani designers are working hard and launching the latest variety every year. Most girls start planning their wedding before time, and it is the ideal thing to do. These wedding dresses are prepared with the best fabrics and materials.

Wedding dresses are usually made of silk, charmeuse silk, jamawar, net, velvet, and chiffon. The quality of these materials is so fancy and stylish. The further embellishments and embroidery on these materials enhance the beauty of the dress.

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Stunning Pakistani Wedding Dresses: Latest Trends for Women 2024

The latest Pakistani wedding dresses for women blend cultural heritage with modern trends, offering a stunning array of options. These dresses exude opulence from luxurious fabrics like chiffon, silk, and organza to intricate embellishments like threadwork, delicate sequins, and dazzling stones. Contemporary silhouettes meet traditional craftsmanship, showcasing floor-length gowns, lehengas paired with embellished blouses, and intricately designed shararas. Soft pastels, jewel tones, and rich hues dominate the color palette, while innovative cuts, asymmetrical hemlines, and layered drapes add a touch of modernity.

These dresses symbolize elegance, grace, and a timeless allure, embodying the richness of Pakistani culture while embracing the evolving fashion landscape. Every bride tries to approach a unique dress for her wedding. Our designers have a large number of designs in their bridal wear category. Many designers are launching new designs of wedding dresses, lehengas, and bridal maxis for brides-to-be. The material of these dresses is usually chiffon and jamawar. The zari and dabka work is usually used to enhance these attires.

Wedding Dresses for women
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1- Timeless Charm of Nikkah Dresses for Women

Nikkah, the sacred Islamic marriage ceremony, embodies profound cultural and religious significance, and the attire chosen for this auspicious occasion reflects the richness of tradition and personal style. The Nikkah dress exudes elegance and modesty for women, often featuring intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and graceful silhouettes. From classic white gowns symbolizing purity to vibrant hues symbolizing joy and festivity, bridal Nikkah dresses capture the essence of tradition while embracing modern trends.

  • Banarsi Silk Ivory Gharara

The ivory Banarsi gharara holds a special allure for the Nikkah ceremony, epitomizing elegance and grace. Crafted from luxurious Banarsi silk, this traditional ensemble features intricate woven patterns that exude timeless sophistication. The ivory hue symbolizes purity and serenity, perfectly complementing the sanctity of the marriage vows exchanged during the Nikkah.

The gharara, with its flared trousers adorned with delicate embellishments, adds a touch of regal charm to the bride’s attire while maintaining modesty and tradition. Paired with exquisite jewelry and a sheer dupatta draped gracefully over the head, the ivory Banarsi gharara creates a stunning bridal look that captures the essence of tradition and beauty, making it a cherished choice for the sacred union of marriage.

stylish gharara for nikkah brides
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  • Blue Organza Shirt with Gharara

The organza shirt paired with a dupatta and Banarsi silk gharara presents a captivating ensemble for the discerning Nikkah bride seeking a blend of elegance and tradition. The sheer delicacy of the organza shirt, adorned with intricate embroidery or subtle embellishments, drapes gracefully over the bride’s silhouette, exuding understated sophistication. Complemented by a luxurious Banarsi silk gharara intricately woven with traditional motifs and opulent textures, the ensemble reflects timeless charm and cultural richness. For more bridal attires, visit the Ali Xeeshan bridal dresses.

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  • Stunning Pink Net Gharara

An embroidered shirt and dupatta paired with a pink net gharara encapsulate a harmonious blend of elegance and grace for the radiant Nikkah bride. The intricate embroidery adorning the shirt and dupatta adds a touch of opulence, intertwining delicate floral motifs or intricate patterns with shimmering threadwork and perhaps even subtle bead embellishments. The soft, ethereal pink hue of the net gharara imparts a sense of femininity and charm, gracefully draping around the bride’s figure with every movement.

stylish gharara for brides
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  • Lavender Net Gharara for Nikkah Bride

This lavender ensemble embodies timeless tradition and reflects the bride’s individuality and modern sensibilities, creating a captivating bridal look that epitomizes the essence of love and celebration on her special day. Together, these elements create a mesmerizing fusion of contemporary style and heritage craftsmanship, embodying the bride’s unique journey into marital bliss on her special day. The accompanying dupatta adds an ethereal touch, with its flowing fabric and intricate details enhancing the bride’s radiant presence. Check out stunning bridal gharara dresses for more designer options.

bridal sharara collection for mehndi
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Bridal Outfits for Mehndi

Mehndi is the first event among the three main functions of the wedding. This is usually celebrated in colorful ways and styles. Brides usually opt for different and vibrant colors for the mehndi night. Let’s find out the beautiful bridal Mehndi outfits for you. Whether adorned with delicate lace, shimmering sequins, or traditional motifs, these dresses unite cultural heritage with contemporary flair, celebrating the union of two souls in a timeless ceremony of love and commitment.

  • Fully Embroidered Choli with Lehenga

Here, you can see a beautiful yellow embroidered choli with an overwhelming red fringe on the back and front with golden work. It has a multi-colored theme with golden threadwork throughout the lehenga. This decoration enhances the beauty of the dress. The yellow lehenga with the all-over dabka work makes such a classy combination.

yellow mehndi day dress
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  • Traditional Elegant Ghagra Choli

The orange color is mainly for the Mehndi event. Angrakha-style shirt has full embroidery with stonework and Tilla. So, the floral motifs on the sleeves are also looking very fancy. Moreover, the red net dupatta is also remarkably unique. The lehenga also has silver and golden work over it. It is a dream mehndi dress for a bride-to-be.

Bridal orange mehndi dress
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  • Green Velvet Embroidered Bridal Wear

A sumptuous green velvet hand-embroidered full-sleeved wedding outfit is waiting for you. This dress is delightful, with unpredictable weaving on the front and back with Kora and Sequins. Moreover, it has a beautiful weaving around the neck area. It is coordinated with a rose gold dupatta with intensely adorned outskirts on the four sides. The thick Jall is scattered everywhere throughout the dupatta.

Guriya Rani bridal attires in green
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  • Long Angrakha-style Gown

The embroidered orange long Angrakha-style gown epitomizes elegance and cultural charm, fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair. The vibrant hue of orange symbolizes joy and celebration, while intricate embroidery adorning the gown adds a touch of regal sophistication. For more mehndi dresses, visit the Nomi Ansari bridal collection.

The Angrakha-style silhouette, with its crossover bodice and tie-up waist, exudes grace and versatility, flattering various body types. Whether adorned with delicate floral motifs or ornate geometric patterns, the gown captures the essence of heritage while embracing modern sensibilities, making it a stunning choice for special occasions, including weddings and festive gatherings.

sheeba kapadia bridal mehndi dress
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Beautiful Barat Wear Dresses

Barat day is the main event of the wedding. On this day, brides prefer the shade of red. The heavy embellishment of the dress makes it quite fancy and beautiful. Nowadays, fishtail lehengas and lehenga cholis are popular as well.

  • Luxury Maroon Bridal Dress

Most of the brides demand red and maroon colors for the barat day. Let’s view the gorgeous maroon Jamawar Choli. The front of the shirt has fringe alongside the neck area. Moreover, the back area of the choli is decorated with hanging tassels. Maroon Mukesh dupatta is in the net, and it has golden borders.

Small golden balls are hanging on the front side of the dupatta. It is the appropriate bridal barat dress that the bride can carry with grace. The maroon lehenga is fully embellished with golden floral work. The heavy work on the lehenga looks extremely traditional and classy.

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  • Women Jacket Style Wedding Dresses

Here is a traditional jacket-style dress for the brides. This bridal wear has zardozi, kora, and dabka work with sprinkles of cobalt blue and emerald green. Also, the gold jacquard lehenga has zardozi fringes. Moreover, the maroon Patti on the dupatta’s border looks quite beautiful. Overall, this dress gives the bride a traditional vibe.

Front Open Dilkush Pakistani Wedding dresses For Women
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  • Ivory Bridal Dress with Mirror Work

The ambiance of Sheesh Mehal inspires the following Kashees bridal dress. This beautiful dress expresses the story and inheritance of Sheesh Mehal in the best manner. You can see a short-length flared shirt that is fully embroidered. This shirt is blended with mirrors and beautiful sequins with the perfect embroidery technique.

Moreover, the shirt is paired with a luxurious Jamawar and Maysuri net dupatta fabric. The dupatta is beautifully embellished with mirrorwork and sequins. You can see the profile on the dress that reflects the inland beauty of Sheesh Mahal. The Viscose fabric has been used in the preparation of the dress.

kashees bridal wear for recepion
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  • Western Touch Lehenga Choli

The following image shows a dress by Ahmed Sultan wedding collection that combines Eastern and Western touches. It is a red top in a net base, woven with gold Dori work on the front and back. Moreover, it accompanies a phenomenal red lehnga in the net with gold embroidery. The red lehenga is decorated with an adorned fringe in dabka and zari work with substantial embellishment with sequins, Resham, and Gota. It is composed of a red dupatta with sequins on top of it with decorations.

hareem pakistani wedding dresses by ahmed sultan
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Fancy Pakistani Reception Wedding Dresses for Women

Walima is the last event of the wedding. On this day, brides prefer to have light shades. Most of the brides prefer to wear the maxis on walima. The bridal walima dresses are also decorated, but light shade makes them more graceful.

  • Wedding Dresses with Open-front

Saira Shakira always brings out new fashion and designs in his collection. You can see the vibes of his work below. It has a stylish gold front-open, long organza shirt with substantial adornment. The golden work in Kora and sequins is so elegant.

Moreover, it is accompanied by gold Banarsi lehnga with woven motifs. It is completed with cutwork fringe. It is paired with a golden dupatta with decorated gold cutwork verges on each of the four sides. This attire is the best choice as the walima dress.

Saira Shakira elayana pakistani wedding dresses
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  • Stylish Peplum with Lehenga

Off-white embroidered front-open peplum-style shirt has royal vibes. So, the choli has a decoration with multi-colored beads throughout the shirt’s front and back. It also has Kora and Dabka embellishments with brilliant subtleties. For further designs of the stylish banarasi lehenga styles, you should go for the Zara Shahjahan bridal collection.

Also, the lehenga is completed with a beautiful and overwhelming cutwork fringe. It also has a pink dupatta with overwhelming cutwork verges on the border. So, this type of dress is worn mainly at walima functions.

peplum frocks pakistani wedding dresses
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  • Beautiful Heavy Lehenga Choli

In the following dress, you can see the vibes of Faiza Saqlain bridal dresses, which is the perfect choice for a walima bride. So, using stones and pearls makes the following bridal wear outclass. The whole dress has crystal work, including the sleeves and the daman. Furthermore, the net dupatta enhances the charm of this classic attire.

Faiza saqlain pakistani wedding dresses ft Hania amir
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  • Wedding Dresses in Gown Style for Women

Here is a traditional and fancy Mina Kashif bridal dress. This dress has a decoration with silver kora dabka, Swarovski, and pearls. Moreover, the dress is paired with a pink jamawar bridal sharara. The whole outfit has a thick floral border on all sides. Furthermore, the dupatta is also in the net. The jal of the floral work is covering the whole dupatta as well.

Mina Kashif pakistani wedding dresses
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Explore More Options for Selecting your Dream Wedding Dress!

As every bride wants to look her best it is quite confusing to choose best option for your big day. So, we have gathered latest designer dresses so that you can have a inspiration in mind. So, start scrolling and save your favorite dress now!

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Get a chance to wear unique and classy Pakistani wedding dresses for women. Also, the bride wants a different appearance at all wedding events. Everyone is curious about the bridal attire at weddings. So, these beautiful and stylish Pakistani wedding dresses provide various options for your big day.