Khaadi Winter Collection 2021 for Women – Complete Catalog with Prices

khaadi winter collection

Khaadi stands among the notable clothing brands in Pakistan. This brand started to work in 1998. Today, it has several retail stores in major cities of Pakistan. As the fall has almost arrived, we are presenting you with the latest khaadi winter collection.

Khaadi offers several accessories and shoes as well. But, the brand is famous enough for its versatility in clothing. The immense variety of intricate designs propel the public to opt for its branded clothes.

Are you looking for a winter dress? Indeed, you are in the right place. Check out the following article to discover the latest collection. Plus, you will get all the desired and dreamy outfits to make your winters exciting.

Stylish and Latest Arrivals in Khaadi Winter Collection

Several clothing brands in Pakistan are busy crafting seasonal dresses. Also, the designers know how to meet the sensational demands of their customers. Khaadi stands among the leading brands for its exquisite designs and reasonable prices. Plus, it is famous for the high-quality stuff and durability of the fabric.

With the global infusion and advancement in technology, the brand has many innovative articles. Also, the brand pioneers new trends in fashionista. Do you want some more colorful collection? This article will get you unique colors and designs for a jazzier look.

Khaadi Winter Collection
Rs 2,090

With an unparalleled retail network, Khaadi has 52 retail stores in Pakistan. Plus, it has 21 international outlets in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Uk. It captures the latest market trends and creates diversity among styles. Well, its winter collection includes:

  • Winter cambric collection.
  • Khaddar dresses.
  • Light khaddar assortments.
  • Ready-to-wear dresses.

Unstitched Soft Winter Cambric Collection

Cambric has a soft and gentle touch on the skin. With the arrival of fall, people look for a smooth and comfortable material that can guard them against a mild cold. Therefore, khaadi offers a complete assortment of winter cambric fabric for its valuable customers.

So, enjoy your winters with the exciting collection in stores and online. The innovative designs and striking patterns on clothing will make your season much memorable. Let’s have a look at the various cambric articles below.

Khaadi Winter Collection
Pkr 1,590
  • Elegant Two-Piece Winter Cambric Dresses

Do you want to modify your looks this season? Indeed, the unstitched clothing categories have a lot of options to make incredible styles. Therefore, we are showcasing a collection of printed and embroidered two-piece dresses at a reasonable cost.

Grab your most favorite outfit from any retail store and get it stitched on your choice. Well, knee-length shirts are in fashion nowadays so that you can opt for them. Explore more cambric collection by So Kamal.

Khaadi Winter Collection
Pkr 1,590
  • Essential Black Winter Cambric Dress

Nowadays, women prefer to wear black for striking looks. Therefore, each Pakistani brand is offering a special black attire in every collection. The beauty of black is that it pairs up nicely with all the colors easily.

Here, we have a graceful black outfit for women. Style up your outfit with a rounded daman and pair it with tulip pants. Plus, go for a skinny Capri as it will bring you smart and gorgeous looks. Have a look at the fantastic black dress below.

essential black winter suit
Rs 1,590

Appealing Unstitched Khaddar Collection for Women

Women always look for refreshing colors that give a reflection of their appealing character. Well, khaadi offers an independent assortment of appealing two-piece unstitched dresses. Want some more chic collection? Bonanza Satrangi winter collection also has the ravishing designs of the khaddar.

Here, we are offering excellent printed suits for you. You can modify your looks with incredible styles and combinations. So, combine your attire with fantastic jewelry and footwear for an entire polished look.

Unstitched Light Khaddar Dresses by Khaadi Winter Collection

Light khaddar is slightly lighter in weight and texture as compared to khaddar. Usually, women who do not want to wear heavy stuff, go for the light khaddar. Therefore, Khaadi comes up with an exclusive collection of these dresses. Have a look at the following array to get the most mesmerizing winter outfits. You can explore:

  • Lining embroidered dresses.
  • Simple printed khaddar attires.
  • Embroidered Khaddar attires.
  • Impressive Lining Suits in Khaddar Fabric

Lining dresses are always of great attraction. Specially, these styles are perfect for girls who have a comparatively short height. Wearing the beautiful lining outfits by khadi can add appeal to your character. Do not forget to visit the Junaid Jamshed winter collection for getting the mesmerizing addition to your winter dresses.

The well-decorated dress is always eye-catching. Therefore, women opt for an elegant embroidered dress that can rock their events. Below are the artistically crafted embroidered two-piece light khaddar dresses for you.

  • Simple Printed Khaddar Attires

Indeed, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication of women. The majority of women who keep themselves simple remain dominant for their elegance. Therefore, we are offering stylish yet simple two-piece dresses for them. Rock your winter with these exciting prints.

Below are the magical and digitally printed khaddar suits for teen girls. Plus, they are paired with simple bottoms at reasonable prices. Get a more decent and straightforward wardrobe for a stylish achievement. Keep your hair open for classic looks.

  • Embroidered Winter Khaddar Collection

For a colorful season, women need a colorful collection of dresses. Probably, Sapphire winter collection has enormous variety for you. But, khaadi offers a vibrant collection to meet the demands of its customers. Teen girls especially opt for vivid styles.

Have a look at the following striking dresses. Each of the vibrant rainbow colors goes perfect for a jazzier appearance. Get your dress stitched in a way, as shown below. Plus, combine classic footwear to complete your vibes.

Stitched/Ready to Wear Collection for Girls

Fall has arrived with a variety of collections by all clothing brands. A mesmerizing assortment of Limelight winter collection also has an incredible variety. Similarly, Khaadi has launched its exclusive pret designs.

The fantastic kurtas and two-piece ready to wear dresses are available online and at stores. Generally, pret is costly in comparison with unstitched variety. But, you can save enough of your time by having ready to wear attire.

  • Basic Kurtas

There is a beautiful assortment of printed and embroidered kurtas below. Plus, the stylish kurta designs are crafted with cambric and khaddar fabric. Each of them is different in style and contrasts with one another. So, get your essential wardrobe by having basic kurta by khaadi winter collection this season.

  • Amazing Kurta and Dupatta Collection

Women love to wear subtle colors with delicate embroidery. Additionally, they prefer such style for excellent looks. Therefore, they turn toward khaadi as it offers a comfortable and chic variety of ready to wear kurta with chiffon dupatta. For enhancing the outlook of the dress, also select the matching shoes.

So, if you have been looking for refreshing attire, then Maria B winter dresses will also be the best option. The light shade dresses bring pleasant vibes Indeed, you will get a compliment with these styles.

Khaadi X Esra Special Edition for Winters

Khaadi is all set to bring you a glamorous and stunning midnight collection with the famous Esra Bilgic from Turkey. The lady is famous for amazing and hit TV serials. She got fame for portraying the role of Halima Sultan in the famous Turkish serial. Moreover, she was the known leading actress in a crime drama.

Therefore, the brand brings you a tasteful formal and luxury collection with the demonstration of Esra as people were loving her too much. Please take a while to explore the exquisite dresses below. Incredibly, Esra’s outfits will propel you to buy stunning attires for your winter. Have a look at the following portfolio.

  • Semi-Formal Esra Collection

Winter is a season of vibrant colors and magical prints. People celebrate a lot of events in warm and comfortable clothes. Therefore, the Khaadi X Esra edition brings you a wide variety of semi-formal dresses. The following vibrant and snappy colors are the best to wear in the cold weather. Get yourself an astounding attire from the recent Khaadi X Esra’s assortment.

  • Luxurious Khaadi X Esra Edition

You might have seen a lot of formal variety from the Taana Baana winter collection but here is an astonishing collection for you. The exquisite colors and styles look magnificent in winter. Additionally, the vibrant combinations will look perfect to rock the season. Please give a thought to the following mesmerizing collection. Create magical looks and a little illusion in your style and rock the events. Indeed, you will love the Khaadi winter collection.

Khaadi is the favorite and leading brand of Pakistan. Plus, it launches a striking collection with the arrival of every season that attracts the public at large. Usually, teen girls opt for their unstitched collection. These dresses are offered at minimal and affordable prices. Therefore, it lies within the range of everyone. So, get the exceptionally ideal outfits for extravagant winter vibes here. Indeed, this article will help you to choose the best attire for yourself.


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