New Limelight Winter Collection 2022 – Best Designs for Women [Prices]

limelight winter collection

Limelight always stands on the list of productive brands in Pakistan. Moreover, the leading fashion brand has 65 retail outlets in different cities of Pakistan. Plus, the product portfolio offers a one-stop-shop for all the fashion needs. Here, we have the latest limelight winter collection for you.

The ever-changing fashion trends engage the designers to make up-to-date dresses for people. Usually, Pakistani women are always in trouble finding dresses for themselves. In such circumstances, Limelight strategizes to create beautiful outfits for women and kids.

There is a wide variety of outfits for kids and accessories by this brand. But, here we are going to present you with some magical collection of winter. So, let’s extract some time to explore the breathtaking variety below.

vibrant orange dress
Rs 2,099

Beautiful Limelight Winter Collection – Stitched and Unstitched Dresses

With the arrival of the winter season, several brands have launched their winter collection. Well, the fashionistas of all ages are looking for the fusion of traditional and trendy clothing. Therefore, many people opt for Limelight as it offers a wide variety of clothing. Also, they provide clothing according to the latest fashion trends.

Moreover, the way you style up reflects your aesthetic sense. Also, your expression is tied up with fashion. Women of all ages prefer graceful and distinctive clothing. Well, the working ladies in Pakistan look for a complete outfit in one go. Therefore, you can see a wide variety of all ages here.

white embroidered khaddar dress
Pkr 3,499

Generally, every clothing brand offers a wide range of clothes. But, the product range of Limelight includes:

  • Unstitched.
  • Pret.
  • Western wear.
  • Shoes.
  • Accessories.

However, the clothing variety of the winter collection is comprised of:

  • Unstitched cambric collection.
  • Refined winter cotton attires.
  • Slub Khaddar dresses.
  • Jacquard winter collection.

The expanding horizons are entering into the market with great versatility and good quality. Also, the extension to international markets is under consideration. Well, here is the limelight winter collection for you to explore.

orange cambric three-piece suit
Rs. 2,699

Unstitched Winter Cambric Collection

The cambric is a garment that is best for cold weather. Plus, some women prefer this soft in touch fabric to wear in mid-season. The temporal fashion system of Pakistani culture engages the public to try a variety of tasteful materials. So, here is a beautiful cambric collection for you. To ensure this leading brand’s productivity, you can check the Limelight summer collection with the price details.

green cambric three-piece suit
Rs. 2,699
  • Dazzling Single Shirts for Teens

Teens always prefer to wear colorful single shirts for a modest look. Undoubtedly, a dynamic and aesthetic pattern will enhance the grace of the dress and your looks as well. Therefore, Limelight brings an exclusive collection of printed cambric shirts for teens. Please take a while to explore the image gallery below. The portfolio presents modest and energetic winter shirts for you. Please give it a thought and have a blissful winter.

  • Two-Piece Cambric Suits (Shirt + Dupatta)

Wearing a beautiful dress brings elegance to your personality. Indeed, colorful outfits are best to bring elegance and grace to your character. Nowadays, the closets of every woman have a couple of shades for a new look every time. Some of them prefer to wear a two-piece printed dress that comes with a digitally printed chiffon dupatta.

Have a look at the following dresses for ultimate sophistication in your character. You can also go for the Beechtree winter collection that offers vibrant combinations of beautiful prints. I hope you will never regret your choice if you opt for any of the dresses by Limelight winter collection below.

  • Two-Piece Printed Cambric Suits (Shirts + Trousers)

Probably, women are well aware of winter fabrics. Still, some of them look for an outfit that has a cambric shirt with cambric trousers. Here we have such astounding printed two-piece suits for the. So, get this rich style for mesmerizing everyone out there around you. Plus, combine classic footwear and hair-do for an entire classic appearance.

  • Comprehensive Three-Piece Printed Cambric Suits

Women always desire to wear a complete three-piece dress. Certainly, many of our aged women find it difficult to match a contrasting trouser. Therefore, Limelight brings another special collection for thme. The following image gallery presents you with artistic and graceful printed cambric three-piece suits. Each style is creatively printed to bring you the desired glam. Please give it a thought and let us know about the valuable feedback.

Refined Winter Cotton Collection (Unstitched)

Winter cotton is the most natural and lightweight fabric for stitching. It actively protects you from the mild cold outside. Well, refining may convert the material into another. Sometimes, it turns to polyester or pure cotton after processing. Also, get yourself a classic wardrobe by the So Kamal winter collection.

Exclusive brands aspire to bring inspirational outfits for people. Of course, Limelight stands among the notable brands in Pakistan. So, you can explore a variety of winter fabrics here. Below is the collection of delicate winter cotton dresses for you. Further, these are categorized among single shirts and simple and embroidered two-piece dresses.

refined winter cotton suit
Rs 1,899
  • Simple and Delicate Winter Cotton Shirts

Fashion trends change with technology and advancement. Similarly, the vivid colors in shirts are back in the direction. Young girls prefer vibrant and exquisite colors to modify their looks. So, the side is more toward the colorful and magical prints.

Here are the voguish and simple winter cotton shirts for girls. The youthful colors will appeal to your character. Moreover, you can be beautiful inside and out with the mesmerizing collection below. Also, combine the accessories with this chic outfit. Explore the stunning variety below.

  • Two-Piece Printed Cotton Suits

Women always dream of looking great every day. Therefore, trendsetters explore unique designs each day. Plus, they engage the public to get the most trendy wardrobe to have elegance and grace. Limelight comes up in great versatility with broad segmentation for all ages and groups.

Here, you can see the pleated and floral prints in two-piece sets. Gul Ahmed is also famous for colorful winters. Therefore, you can get more dresses from Gul Ahmed winter collection, for instance. Let’s get a traditional look with the dreamy collection below. Indeed, the tasteful combination will turn the heads on you.

  • Two-Piece Embroidered Winter Cotton Collection

A decorative outfit always gets you a compliment. Therefore, women who are conscious of their appearance look for such embroidered dresses. Such alluring outfits are still in fashion and trends. So, explore the modest and most classic two-piece embroidered winter collection below at affordable prices.

Further, go for the hairdo for polished looks. Also, infuse yourself with the gorgeous attires below. The striking dresses are paired with poly-wool shawls for well-defined winter vibes. Rock your cold season with the fantastic articles shown below.

Limelight Winter Collection
Pkr 2,499

Warm Slub Khaddar Collection – Unstitched

Intense warm stuff is always required to protect yourself from the intense cold. Sustainability is an urgent and significant issue for all brands. Well, modern trends imply that khaddar is the best material that gives enough warmth and comfort to obscure yourself from the freezy weather outside. Khaddar designs by the Sapphire winter collection are also very popular among women.

Therefore, Limelight has come up with a tremendous variety of khaddar collection. You can see the incredible stuff below. Plus, the captivating styles propel the public to get them urgently. So, grab your favorite khaddar attires online or from the nearest retail stores at reasonable prices. Let’s have some time to take a look at the following image gallery

Limelight Winter Collection
Rs 2,699
  • Dignified Two-Piece Slub Khaddar Dresses

Crafting the clothing,which is both soft and strong is a unique combination that only a few brands have mastered. Do you want to have such clothing material? Indeed, the following slub-khaddar attires will reflect beautiful and stylish looks with high quality material. So, grab the beautiful styles below before it’s too late. Plus, combine a fantastic pair of winter shoes for a complete cozy look.

  • Elegant Slub Khaddar Three-Piece Dresses

Do you want to have an amazing outfit? Well, it is a fact that grace in women has more effect than beauty. Therefore, a graceful three-piece dress is perfect for bringing much elegance to the personality of women. So, rush toward the limelight winter collection to grab the basic slub-khaddar dresses. High-quality khaddar attires can also be found from the Maria B winter clothing range.

  • Stylish Slub Khaddar Collection

Slub khaddar is a lightweight winter fabric for crafting winter suits. Generally, women prefer this material in mildly cold weather. Here is a beautiful assortment for you below. The versatile variety of slub khaddar unstitched collection is ready to bring colors to your personality. So, go and grab your favorite style from any nearest retail store of Limelight.

All of these stylish and colorful attires are beautiful choice for this winter.You may select the dress according to your choice.They have both light and dark colors in them.The beautiful prints are also enhancing the charm of the dresses.


Appealing Unstitched Jacquard Collection

Each day is precious if you want to look dazzling. Significantly, the events in the winter season hit differently. Plus, they need distinctive attires with a little glare to look more stylish. Indeed, the jacquard collection can be the best to wear at the winter season’s formal gatherings. Get your formal dresses for a dignified winter look here.

It is an intricate woven design that comes as a result of combining several fabrics. Further, the smooth texture and colors propel the girls to wear them for captivating and eye-catching looks. So, let’s give a thought to the image gallery below to discover the latest designs.

Orange jacquard dress
  • Dark-Shaded Single Shirt Pieces

Are you looking for a stylish party wear dress? Indeed, you might be well aware of the collection of Pakistani party wear dresses. But, here is a contemporary collection of jacquard for you. Further, you need to decorate your shirts with unique lace designs. Plus, combine them with beautiful bottoms for a voguish character. So, let’s enjoy the breathtaking dresses below.

  • Unstitched Two-Piece Jacquard Attires

Women prefer to have an embellished outfit. Plus, they always want to leave a memory with correct styles. Therefore, they look for such mesmerizing costumes that can make their day memorable. Here, we are showcasing the alluring and satisfactory two-piece jacquard suits for them. So, let’s style up your wardrobe with the voguish collection below.


Ready-to-Wear Limelight Winter Collection

Probably, many of you may not have enough time to invest in stitching unstitched clothes. It consumes more time and sometimes more cost. Therefore, we are presenting you with a ready-to-wear variety here. Indeed, it will save enough of your time and will bring elegant looks to you. Take a look at the pret shirts and ready-to-wear suits below. Plus, for more pret variety, explore the Alkaram Studio winter collection.

  • Embroidered Silk Shirts for Teens

Teens who prefer to wear silk dresses shall think about Limelight’s silk collection below. The brand brings an engaging portfolio featuring exquisitely chic and well-embellished silk shirts. Please get yourself the one that compliments your personality and complexion. I would love to hear your experience and feedback about the following silk shirts.

  • Elegant Pret Shirts for Winters

You might have seen the beautiful kurta variety in the Khaadi winter collection. But, here is an alluring portfolio for you. The teen girls who are looking forward to a youthful style can have the following dresses. So, head towards Limelight’s winter collection to get the chicest and mesmerizing winter clothing this season.

  • Classic Pret Suits for Winters

Are you looking for a two-piece ready-to-wear outfit? Indeed, women always want to look glamorous. Therefore, they are always busy searching for the stunning and latest attires. For instance, we are bringing an outstanding pret collection for them. The following slub-khaddar and Thai silk attires will add appeal to your personality. Let’s give it a thought.

So, get the most charming and delightful costumes by Limelight winter collection here. Everyone may not visit the retail store to shop for their favorite dress. Therefore, an online shopping facility is being provided by the brand to its valuable customers. So, take a glance at the latest collection of the upcoming season for bright and delighted looks. Indeed, this article will help you to get your favorite dresses.