Khas Winter Collection 2022 Prices | Luxury Khaddar, Chiffon & Linen Suits

latest and beautiful Khas Winter Collection

Outfit plays a vital role in demonstrating your temper and style. Hence women are always ready to update their wardrobe to add extra appeal to their look. As you know, winter is just around the bend, hence all of us are excited to see the newest seasonal variety of all renowned brands. Just like other clothing brands, the Khas winter collection has been launched in retail stores and online. This season brings many unique and new designs for women of all ages.

Modern ladies always head towards the chicest designs. Therefore, Khas focuses on crafting the latest and newest trendy styles for its customers. You can see a visible wide assortment of winter clothing in its latest collection which is designed with the trendiest designs and comfiest textures like khaddar and linen.

These exquisite styles are sufficient to bring glamour to your personality plus the comfy fabrics of these attires also keep you heated and relaxed during the cold days of winter. So, let’s rush towards the retail outlet to gather its beautiful dresses. Let’s have a look at the blog below to select the loveliest outfit for yourself.

Khas Brand Intro..!!

Khas stands among the lively brands in the fashion industry of Pakistan. It stepped into the market in early 1951. Today, it is famous for its high-quality production, designs, and stylish outfits. Moreover, now it is known as the lady’s favorite brand.

This well-known brand also renders the facility to purchase your favorite outfit online. The brand will deliver your desired styles with your preference within the given time. Additionally, to complement this innovative shopping, the leading brand has evolved with continuous success. All the items are arranged in the form of a theme for you. Indeed, this idea will make it relatively easy for you to pick the desired outfit. Indeed, it will save you time.

1- Classical and Elegant Winter Unstitched Dresses by Khas

You will endure a new level of tranquility and style if you opt for the Khas collection. The magical creation of Khas continues to win the hearts of millions of people around Pakistan. Also, people have been praising their designs and quality for decades. Indeed, it is the topmost priority of every brand to gain customers’ trust by providing reliable products and services to the public. Hence, Khas each season designed the incredible attires according to the customer requirement to satisfy them. 

This latest collection is a mix of unique tints and designs. Indeed, you can explore the quality of the brand’s recent assortment. The Khas summer collection was also widely liked by women. Indeed, you can go through the bliss of these winters by the mesmerizing winter assortment of this brand. The innovative styles will engage you entirely. Moreover, the chicest designs will propel you to have a wardrobe by the Khas winter collection this season.

Merino Khaddar Collection

Khaddar is the most relaxing fabric for the winter season that not only keeps you heated also enhances your personality. Let’s take a look at the Merino khaddar portfolio below that contains the classical khaddar dresses in two and three-piece configurations. 

All of the styles are available at reasonable prices. Plus the color combinations and pattern of these dresses are just superb as you can see below. You can explore affordable dresses likewise by the Almirah winter collection. They are offering a wide variety of beautiful dresses.

  • Embroidered Khaddar Suit with Khaddar Shawl

Calmness and tranquility are likewise significant as style is. Therefore, one must opt for a style that reflects the serenity of your soul. A khaddar dress with a khaddar shawl is a perfect choice for you. Take a look at the following embroidered winter suit. 

The dress has a blue shade. Plus the stylish black, beige, and silver prints are making a classy combination with this blue color. You can carry this beautiful outfit to your best friend’s birthday party or any seasonal celebration by combing it with lightweight makeup and accessories. Beautifully embroidered attires are also available at the Nishat Linen winter collection for this season. 

  • Plum Tree Khaddar Suit with Embroidered Patch

Combinations speak louder than the styles. A beautiful mix and contrast always add sparkle to your style and personality. Therefore, Khas comes up with the same priority and taste for people. So, take a look at the beautiful pink khaddar dress below.

It has a unique combination with a blue that will add allure to your character. You can wear this dashing attire at any casual gathering to get the engaging flash. The Sapphire winter dresses also have vibrant and chic combinations.

  • Classical Three-Piece Khaddar Suit

Are you looking for an arousing color for this season? Indeed, winter propels you to opt for attractive combinations. Let’s discover the charming outfit below. The elegant olive green khaddar dress will bring jazzier looks to you. The maroon red embroidery over the olive green base is making it a perfect formal attire.

Complement the dress with stylish winter shoes and enhance your look well. You might have explored the fascinating Khaadi winter clothing range for fantastic designs. 

  • Incredible Digital Printed Khaddar Suit for Girls

Self-possession can bring calmness to your soul and personality. Therefore, you should always choose the right color and style according to your taste. Here is a fascinating winter outfit for you.

Take a look at the beautiful three-piece khaddar dress below. The pink lining and traditional floral prints over the blue base are making it extravagant for your winter season. It is paired with the digitally printed khaddar dupattas and plain trousers. One of the sleekest outfits for young girls to get a pop look. The Lulusar winter collection also offers likewise combinations and styles.

  • Sleek Black Khaddar Embroidered Formal Suit

You can never create an illusion without some novelty in proportion. Indeed, extravagant styles bring a little madness. Therefore, we are showcasing a likewise dress below. Have a look at the fantastic black khaddar dress below. The great and unique floral ornament on the front of the shirt will create a subtle look. Also, you can see similar prints in the Chinyere winter collection with detailed textures. 

Luxury Linen Winter Collection by Khas

Linen is another most relaxing and heated texture that is normally used to make the casual home wear attires. But the Khas collection adds some delicate embroidery on linen dresses so you can also wear your comfy dress at any formal gathering. Look down to check out the luxury linen collection by Khas below.

Moreover, check out the latest linen collection by all notable brands from our winter catalog

  • Grey and Pine Orange Contrasted Linen Outfit

Grey color has the hearts of millions of women. The wonderful hue has a lot of grace and calmness. Therefore, women opt for this color for a winter style. Well, the beautiful contrast always blooms your looks.

Pine orange color has a deep combination with the grey hue for a perfect look. This combination also appears very graceful. Office-going ladies should opt for this design for their casual routine. The Limelight winter collection is also offering elegant and graceful combinations. 

  • Green Shaded Casual Linen Suit

Generally, teen girls prefer vibrant colors to wear. Such youthful hues reflect authentic aesthetics and gleam. Therefore, we are going to present you with the green shaded linen dress below. The beautifully printed dupatta is adding to the beauty of the dress. You can wear this stunning outfit at any casual gathering to look extra chic.

If you don’t like to wear the plain shalwar kameez, then you can stitch this dress in a peplum style dress as per your choice.

  • Shocking Pink and Cream Hues Linen Suit

Women are always looking for a unique color to stand out. Also, they desire to get a compliment for the efforts they make on dressing up. The beige color printed linen dress below will make you prettiest this season. This classy outfit is beautifully paired with shocking pink embroidery and prints. Overall, the appearance of this attire is very classy. So if you want to add extra glamour to your everyday look then grab this outfit and get the pretty gaze.

  • Digital Black Suit with Printed Linen Dupatta

Digitally printed suits are always effervescent as compared to the other styles. The striking patterns and aesthetics propel people to go for impressive designs. This brand is offering likewise classical prints on a large scale. Well, try this vibrant black outfit below. This attire is the classy amalgamation of dark and dim hues that will bring chic looks to you. So this season, get ready with this sleek back outfit and get the incredible flash.

  • Eminent Purple Embroidered Linen Suit

Some women wonder to gather a purple color for limitless choices. Indeed, eminent purple is the best choice for them. The Beechtree winter collection offers a wide variety of exclusive colors. 

Purple always remains in trend. So, style up your wardrobe with a fabulous purple dress below. The following purple shirt is nicely paired with matched trousers and dupattas. You can carry this striking outfit at any casual and formal gathering to make all of your jazzier and breathtaking gazes. 

2- Luxury Chiffon Winter Collection by Khas Brand

Besides the weather, the festive collection is always a need for women. Therefore, every brand focuses on launching seasonal luxury pret and unstitched collections. Khas likewise offers stunning chiffon and organza dresses for women of all ages. These dresses are perfect as formal Pakistani dresses. Well, this catalog is specially designed for modern girls with thread, sequins, and adda artwork.

Moreover, the eminent hues of these dresses are refreshing enough to bloom your personality. Also, the striking organza dupattas, in contrast, look ravishing. You can carry these classical outfits at any seasonal celebration and wedding occasion to add more attraction to your look. Want some more similar variety? Explore the Motifz winter collection for getting more fancy dresses. 

Fashion and Beauty Tips: If you are going to wear any above attire then you need to take the following tips in your mind if you want to catch the breathtaking gaze:

  • Apply the minimal makeup by skipping the shimmer and highlighter
  • Avoid applying bold makeup with these heavily furnished dresses
  • Wear traditional jewelry
  • Knot the hair in any trendy style
  • Wear the high/block heel shoes and walk with confidence
  • Never overlook adding kajal to your eyes to get the extra enchanting gaze. 

3- Beautiful Pret/Ready-to-Wear Dresses for Women

Do you want to make your winter full of glamour? If so, then check out the following flaunting and chic ready-to-wear attires. Undoubtedly, every brand comes up with a pret collection for women. But, Khas winter collection has something breathtaking and magical for you. Style up your wardrobe with the mesmerizing collection below that offers:

  • Simple cambric shirts
  • Warm khaddar shirts
  • Elastic linen shirts
  • Dramatic silk luxury collection
  • Luxury velvet assortment
  • Simple Cambric Kurta Collection

A woman can make her day brighter if she wears a little sparkle. Therefore, we have an incredible variety that will surely add glam to your personality. Please take a while to discover the simple yet elegant printed cambric shirts below. Pair contrasting pants or trousers to complete your winter look and enjoy your day.

  • Essential Khaddar Shirts

To pull off any look, you must wear your attire with immense confidence. One can not slay and shine at the same time without a nice outfit and a pair of shoes. So, slay with the positive and basic printed khaddar shirts below. Indeed, the lovely and artistic patterns will attract you to buy and wear the beautiful shirts below.

  • Elastic Linen Winter Shirts

Women who can neither wear cambric nor khaddar can have the classic assortment of linen shirts. Indeed, it is a very soft, gentle, and elastic fabric that suits everyone. Additionally, style is something we all already have but one must possess it rightly. Therefore, style up your winter outfit with the linen shirts below and rock your event.

  • Embellished Silk Winter Shirts

The secret of great style is to feel good in whatever you are wearing. Rightly, a dress can’t buy you style until you possess it. So, be classy and be yourself in the stunning silk dress below. The embellishment of dresses will propel you to go for it. Indeed, you can get a compliment from the galaxy of people around you if you wear a stunning silk dress.

  • Luxury Velvet Pret Shirts

Undoubtedly, the world is a runway for women to walk with glam. You can bring exquisite beauty in your style if you wear decorative velvet in winter. Take a look at the following dresses that are beautifully crafted with embroidery and stones. Indeed, the embellishment is sufficient to bring glamorous looks. The cost of the following dresses is comparatively high due to the lavish decoration and artwork.

You can explore the immense artistic work with the incredible designs above. Indeed, the Khas winter collection is offering the most exquisite styles for the season. You can buy these dresses from any retail outlet or from the website. So, get your dreamy outfit for a remarkable season from the Khas winter collection. I hope it will give you enough satisfaction.