Cross Stitch Eid Collection 2024 Unstitched Suits for Women with Prices

cross stitch eid collection

Undoubtedly, women who are more graceful have a powerful impact on society with their grace. On the contrary, women who prefer just beauty remain at the second number. The reason is that one shall never compromise on grace. Indeed, a graceful outfit has millions of times more positive impact as compared to ordinary styles. Cross Stitch eid collection for women is offering a couple of graceful dresses to you.

There are certain tricks to look the way you desire. No matter how plain or simple your dress is, certain tips will enhance your looks. Luckily, women have a unique magical power that brings them the desired elegance. Fortunately, Cross Stitch is a leading brand that urges women to bring their inside elegance out with the classic outfit.

Almost every clothing brand has launched its Eid edition. The special assortment of Cross Stitch is bringing you statement styles this year. You need to pick up the one that can go impactfully with your complexion and personality. Are you ready? Please take a quick tour of the following portfolio of Eid dresses by your favorite brand.

About The Brand History

Cross Stitch stands among the finest retailers in the industry of Pakistan. The leading brand specializes in fabric and pret collection. From ancient artwork, the brand has created limitless innovative designs for its public. Undoubtedly, traditional threadwork and contemporary trends have ruled the market for a long time.

The leading brand always focused on satisfying their customers with premium quality fabric and modest styles. The designers are committed to bringing innovative pieces of clothes in every season. Undoubtedly, if you want better utilization of money, you should go for this brand’s dresses. Explore the fundamental Pakistani eid dresses here by the leading brand.

Stylesnic always appreciates fashion and quality. We have a beautiful and latest eid collection of every distinctive brand. You can find all your favorite brands under one roof of our brand. So, explore and save your time for searching different brands online. 

Latest Cross Stitch Eid Collection for Women (Complete Catalog)

Rightly, money can’t buy you beauty. You need to invest your time and money in the right place. Wearing an expensive outfit will never be the right choice. However, wearing the right kind of dress at a low cost is useful. Here is an affordable collection for you below. Cross Stitch eid collection is offering exquisite styles for women.

The inspiring hues and delicate designs will propel you to opt for them. Additionally, certain pro tips and tricks will be given to ensure your pretty looks. Scroll down to check the complete catalog of Cross Stitch eid collection along with prices!!

SHEHR-E-UNS Cross Stitch Eid Lawn Collection

Above all, a woman shall be the heroine of her life and not the victim. You must be the change you wish to see in others. If you want yourself to look modest, you should make yourself one first. On Eid, every woman desires to look gorgeous.

The most awaited Eid collection has been launched for you here. Conquer the event with the majestic and statement styles by Cross Stitch. The SHEHR-E-UNS collection is all set to bring dazzle to your personality. Please take a while to discover the following dresses. Also, check out the Rang Ja eid collection for a ready-to-wear variety.

  • Elegant Peachy Ensembles for Eid

Intuition and feminity are GOD-given characteristics of a woman. A woman can use the combination effectively to put a positive impression on society. However, it couldn’t be possible without a feminine outfit and a pair of shoes. Cross Stitch brings you the famous feminine colors for this year’s Eid. Please take a look at the elegant peachy dresses below.

The following embroidered peach outfits by Cross Stitch are the most delicate ones to wear on any occasion. Especially, the dynamic shades are ideal for teens and young girls. So, whoever intends to bring youthful looks shall go for the following embroidered dresses.

Fashion Tip: Pair up nice Kundan-style earrings in contrast to the dresses for a complete Eid look.

  • Luxury Off-White Eid Dress

A real woman is the new one who never shatters and feels deprived. Unfortunately, if you do not have sufficient investments for clothes, try to invest in your style. Efforts and hard work definitely pay off in the end. Well, here is an effortless luxury off-white embroidered eid dress for you. You can get similar designs from Faiza Saqlain’s eid collection too.

Here is pure jacquard embroidered festive outfit for you. The luxurious outfit has a delicately embroidered neckline. Further, it has a lace embroidered border. You can enhance the look by attaching tassels to the sleeves. The zari square dupatta with foil printed and borders is completing the whole vibe. Please give it a thought!

  • Ethnic Vine Embroidered Lawn Suit

People will always stare at you whenever you look unusual. Make it worth their while with an ethnic outfit. Undoubtedly, ethnicity is the keynote to classy and sassy looks. Therefore, Cross Stitch’s eid collection is presenting you with a flaunting style. You can get similar vine shades from Fahad Hussayn eid collection. Please take a look at the dress below.

The following heavily embroidered lawn dress will bring splendid looks to your character. It has a fully embroidered back and sleeves. Further, it has plain basic cambric trousers. The contrasting Rajjo net dupatta is completing the ethnic vibe of the outfit.

Pro Tip: Apply minimal makeup and wear exquisite jewelry on Eid for a complete dazzling vibe.

  • Essential Black Eid Dresses

There are millions of beautiful women out there, but those in black are the most stylish. Every beautiful woman shall possess a grace to kill the uninvited ugly looks. Undoubtedly, the versatility of black color will vanish the ugliness and bring the desired glam. So, take a pause and explore the breathtaking essential black embroidered eid dresses below.

The recipe for bringing a glamorous look is as simple as you think about it. Just go and pick up any of the following black embroidered dresses for eid.

Pro Tips:

  1. Gain attractive and captivating looks by combining fantastic footwear with dresses.
  2. Keep your hair open and wear delicate jewelry to complete your looks.
  3. Pose well to click a memorable shot on Eid.
  • Mustard Embroidered Lawn Suits

A healthy dose of confidence requires equal proportions of beauty and class. One can not slay until she gets proper counseling and tips, along with a dramatic outfit. For instance, the Cross Stitch eid collection is offering overwhelming statement styles for women. However, Khaadi’s eid collection is also quite engaging and energetic.

Stretch your soul and spirits with the dynamic mustard embroidered lawn suits below. Be grateful for the flaunting essential sunshine hues for Eid. The exquisite embroidered patterns on the dresses are making them progressively stunning. All you need is a nice pair of khussa and jewelry for a complete look. Have fun and give it a thought.

  • Hot Pink Lawn Suits

In the galaxy of individuals around, it is always difficult for a woman to stay unique. Everyone needs a certain confidence level to meet the demands of a public gathering. You can look blazingly different and eye-catching if you opt for a voguish pink dress. Please take a look at the decorative bright pink dresses by Cross Stitch eid collection below.

The following two lawn dresses have embroidered necklines. Further, they have elaborated borders. However, the back and sleeves come in simple printed styles. The coordinating chiffon and jacquard dupattas are completing the entire vibe. You can get similar hot pink dresses from the enchanting Rang Rasiya eid collection for women.

  • Delicate Suits for Women in Light Shades

You have to be all the things that you are without allowing anyone to dull your shine. People always try to pull everyone’s sparkle. In such circumstances, you have to stand up and show the public that you aren’t under anyone’s influence. A delicate and light embroidered outfit will aid you in getting such confidence and shine. Junaid Jamshed eid collection also contains majestic classical dresses, check it too.

Cross Stitch eid collection presents you with a wide assortment of light-shaded dresses. With equal proportions of decoration, nice colors, and intricate designs, the outfits will bring nice looks to you. Head over to the nearest retail store or buy your favorites online from their website. I can assure you about the premium quality fabric and ethnic designs.

  • Vibrant Eid Dresses for Girls

You can never identify serenity until you kill your inferiority complexes. People felt deprived of light and faded shades. They believe that natural shine goes with a bright and vibrant dress. Therefore, we are bringing you some vibrant embroidered eid dresses here. You can explore more similar shades from the Lulusar eid collection too.

Everyone is capable of being feminine in one way or another. Let me tell you that the following dresses alone will never work. All you need is a modest outfit and some fashion tips which are listed below.

Fashion Tips:

  1. Apply appropriate eid makeup to enhance your eid look.

2. Pair excellent footwear and jewelry for a whole attractive and loud vibe.

MAHIRI Unstitched Embroidered Lawn Collection (New Arrivals)

Are you not satisfied with the SHEHR-E-UNS collection by Cross Stitch? The designers never leave their lovely customers unsatisfied. Instead, they work day and night to meet their desires. So, what if you haven’t liked any of the dresses from the portfolio above? Here is a new collection for you. The MAHIRI unstitched embroidered dresses will meet your desires.

Please extract some time to appreciate the efforts of the designers. The following portfolio offers dynamic and versatile dresses for you to wear on Eid. Undoubtedly, the captivating styles will enhance your looks, making you different from the others. Therefore, we will highly recommend you to pick an effortless ensemble from the following portfolio. Sana Safinaz eid collection also has many new designs and pretty color combinations. Give it a shot too! 😉

RIM JHIM Unstitched Luxury Eid Collection

You can never be too glamorous and graceful until you struggle for it. It is always the hard work and patience that make a woman beautiful. For instance, you need a perfect and ideal costume to construct the best version of yourself. Therefore, Cross Stitch presents you with an exclusive RIM JHIM collection containing summer jacquard dresses for comfort. Would you mind extracting a little time to explore the engaging and dynamic portfolio of glamorous dresses here? I hope you will love the energetic and magical Eid dresses below.

  • Classic Embroidered Jacquard Dresses for Women

A little decoration makes an ensemble much more classy and elegant. Therefore, if you want to reveal true elegance, you must opt for a stylish dress. Undoubtedly, nothing can be more attractive than an exquisitely embroidered and embellished dress. For instance, we have a dynamic portfolio of lavishly constructed jacquard embroidered dresses below.

The following jacquard fabric is comfortable to wear in the scorching summers. Also, the vibrancy of hues and pleasing styles will get you a jazzier look. Furthermore, you can catch the positive eyes around with a little bit of makeup and glam heels. So, give a thought to the following dresses and make a statement style this year for a memorable Eid look.

  • Exclusive Collection Featuring Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly is one of the finest and versatile actresses in Pakistan’s showbiz industry. The beautiful lady is the wife of ever young and graceful Ahad Raza Mir. The famous actress got fame after her back-to-back hit serials, including “Yakeen ka Safar” and “Yeh Dil Mera” across Ahad. Also, she worked as a film actress and Oscar winner in the drama serial “Alif” across Hamza Ali Abbasi. Here you will see the iconic actress in an entirely new avatar. The portfolio brings you an attractive look where Sajal Aly dons glorious ensembles by Cross Stitch. Have a look at the following Eid dresses and get yourself one for glam looks.

Get yourself a feminine outfit from the luxurious Cross Stitch eid collection above. The ethnicity of dynamic hues will propel you to go for the tasteful collection. Easy-going footwear will give comfort and satisfaction to your eid look. Extract a bit of time to pick an appropriate dress this year. I am looking forward to your feedback with love and a smile!!