Mushq Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2021 Embroidered Dresses with Prices


Pakistan’s fashion industry is running successfully across the boundaries. Even many of the clothing brands have their outlets in European states too. Such high-end fashion retailers bring seasonal and occasional assortment for both men and women. Undoubtedly, the Mushq latest eid collection will be a trendsetter and game-changer among the other brands.

The modern era is the era of trends and technology. With technological advancement, the textile industry is proliferating. Also, the innovative techniques are creating fabulous outfits for men and women. Such progress in the textile industry has made our currency so strong. Here is a beautiful demonstration to assure you about the innovation.

Are you ready to explore innovative and energetic dresses? Let me tell you that the cost of the following dresses is relatively higher. But, you will not regret buying the outfits because of the rich fabric and designs. Plus, they will make your looks progressively staggering and different. So, let’s give a break to the stunning portfolio of Mushq below. The prices of all the dresses are also mentioned for your ease.

Mushq Stunning Pret Wear Festive Eid Collection Catalog for Women

Elegance is the only beauty of a human that never fades. Indeed, it lies in the way you dress up and behave. Women are always observed by the public and surroundings. Therefore, it is significant for a woman to choose an outfit that can elevate her looks. I am glad to say that we always suggest the viewers follow some pro tips that really work. Admittedly, fashion is an accessory with a great style that shouldn’t be compromised.

A piece of cloth alone is of no use and can never change the world. But, once a woman wears a cloth, she can definitely change the world. Additionally, you need to gain confidence if you want to rock your events with enthusiasm. You can’t do it until you wear an impactful dress. Fortunately, the Mushq eid collection is all set to bring you flattering outfits. Please take a while to take a glance at our following blog to discover the dresses.

Embroidered Ready-to-Wear Luxury Dresses (Fresh Arrivals)

There is an immense variety of ready-to-wear dresses in Zara Shahjahan eid collection. But, human nature is that no one gets satisfied until they explore everything in abundance. Keeping human nature in mind, Mushq comes up with the flaunting pret collection. The interesting thing about the collection is that the fabric is not lawn or jacquard.

You will see an inspiring portfolio of Mushq’s eid collection below. The inspirational designs and delicate embroidery will propel you to opt for the dresses. Additionally, the organza fabric will add a sparkle to your looks. A passionate woman is worth chaos. So, bring your passion back with the engaging ready-to-wear formal eid dresses below at an affordable price.

  • Ash Grey Organza and Jacquard Embroidered Dress

You are not supposed to question someone about their style and personality. But, you can make yourself looks different with some struggle and research. The latest research reveals that a woman is always fighting an unplanned competition with another woman. It does not mean that she is insecure. Instead, it implies that she is active and wants to look modest in her way. The following grey silk and jacquard organza outfit will bring you modest looks.

Please give a thought to the following alluring outfit. It is showcasing pure silk organza and jacquard organza shirt. The front of the shirt is embellished with patterns of delicate embroidery. Further, it has a decoratively embellished neckline with sequins and tilla work. It comes with pure raw silk straight trousers and an organza dupatta. The straight long shirt with the pants is an ideal outfit for girls having slightly short heights. This festive season, the Faiza Saqlain eid collection also has amazing festive dresses too, check it out now.

  • Dreamy Meadow Organza Dress

Fashion is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style. Women always follow the latest fashion trends to bring modesty to their personalities. Luckily, Pakistani fashion designers always satisfy their public with innovative styles. Here is a short glimpse of how creative our designers are to satisfy the customers. You can check out Ansab Jahangir’s eid collection as well to explore a more versatile variety of festive clothes.

Please give a thought to the glamorous dreamy meadow outfit below. The pure organza shirt has a fully embroidered front. Further, it has embellished and delicately embroidered sleeves. The beautiful organza dupatta with ruffles and pearl spray is the most significant feature of the dress. Further, it has plain raw silk pants for a complete look of the dress.

  • Night Sky Black Outfit for Eid

Black color is the most desired and loved shade by the majority of Pakistani women. Despite the evil facts and fake rumors, many girls prefer to wear black on Eid. Therefore, a lot of designers put their special efforts to make a dignified night sky ensemble for girls. Here we are going to show you the most dazzling dress from Mushq’s eid collection. For more variety, check out Salitex luxury eid collection, which has similar embroidered dresses.

It is always better to be slightly different if you want to dominate yourself. Undoubtedly, the following black organza dress will bring distinct looks to your personality. The front of the shirt is beautifully embroidered with flowery patterns. Further, it has net organza embroidered sleeves. The raw silk trouser is complimenting the entire look of the dress. The outfit is coordinated with straight and pure raw silk trousers for ultimate grace.

  • Luxury Raspberry Ensemble for Girls

Do you want to manifest the stereotypical image of Pakistani women? Undoubtedly, you can be a bombshell among the people around you if you wear a classy dress. This could never be possible without a deeply innovative and vibrant outfit. Unfortunately, some women feel it odd to wear a loud dress. But, it is fine for teens and young girls to wear such vibrant dresses. Here is such a beautiful luxury raspberry ensemble for you.

Conquer the event with the finest organza embroidered dress below. The pure organza shirt is followed by heavy hand embroidered patterns from top to bottom. Also, it has an embroidered organza dupatta for a whole staggering look. The plain raw silk trouser is completing the look of the dress. Buy a similar shocking pink unstitched dress from the So Kamal eid collection. Apply minimal makeup and make a low bun for a beautiful look.

  • Embroidered Peach Peony Outfit

Style is not perfect, but your outfit can be blazingly perfect if you pick the right kind of dress. Undoubtedly, people will remember you if you dress up impeccably at any event. Eid is a special and respectable occasion on which everyone tends to look more beautiful than the other. In such a state of competition, Mushq’s eid collection will help you a lot with the glamorous dress. You can get more embroidered outfits from the Fahad Hussayn eid collection as well because this season, the collection has a wide range of festive attires.

The following embroidered peach outfit is an ideal option for teens and young girls. The pure silk organza shirt has a delicately embroidered neckline.  Further, it has an embroidered lace border and sleeves. There is decorative patch embroidery on the neckline for elegance. The outfit is coordinated with straight raw silk trousers. Further, it has a pure organza dupatta with Chatta Patti borders and pearl spray.

  • Pink Nectar Luxurious Organza Dress by Mushq Eid Collection

The worst enemy of your beautiful look is your bad choice and weak decision power. Therefore, besides presenting a collection of dresses, we always focus on tips and tricks. Here I will add that the girls having a fair complexion and slimmest face shall opt for the following pink nectar dress. Indeed, you will look beautiful in the luxurious dress below.

Please take a quick tour of the following outfit. The graceful organza shirt is enhanced with tilla and hand embroidery on the front and sleeves. Further, it has a graceful organza dupatta with Chatta Patti borders and 3D motifs. There is an additional organza lace on the sleeves and trouser for a dazzling look. Please buy the following dress and enjoy your Eid.

  • Samoan Sun Organza Embroidered Dress by Mushq Eid Collection

Comfort and simplicity are the two keys to fashion and sophistication. Undoubtedly, a slightly simple but well-decorative dress can bring you the ultimate sophistication. Here we have such a beautiful demonstration for you below. The following sunshine yellow embroidered dress can be the best choice for you to wear on this year’s holy festival.

Please give a thought to the following pure organza embroidered frock. The outfit has an embroidered neckline body with tilla work. Further, it has an organza embroidered border. The outfit is combined with flared raw silk trousers. The graceful organza dupatta with crochet laces and pearl spray is completing the entire look of the dress. Get more variety of decorative dresses from Maria B’s eid collection for women and enjoy your event in style.

  • Misty Grey Embellished Dress by Mushq Eid Collection

A woman has so much power to change her looks with a beautiful dress. There are a lot of options for women to pick the graceful dress from the bunch of dresses. You can conquer the world with your astounding looks if you wear a classy outfit. Eid is a special occasion that comes once a year. Therefore, you can not afford to try something unusual on such occasions. I can assure you that the misty grey outfit will be the best option for you.

Please give a thought to the following outfit. The pure silk organza net embroidered dress can bring out elegance if you wear it perfectly on Eid. The beautiful dress has a four-sided bordered organza dupatta with tassels and pearl spray. However, it has complimentary lining sleeves for a subtle look. The plain raw silk trouser is completing the look. Alkaram Studio latest eid collection is loaded with wearable eid dresses that are suitable for this summer festive season.

  • Pearl Blush Embroidered Silk Organza Net Suit

Do you want to bring true elegance to your personality? If so, then go for a delicate and straightforward outfit as it is the keynote to dignity. Undoubtedly, peach color is considered to be the finest and purest form of fashion. Also, it is the most delicate and decent shade among the family of colors. We have a pleasant pearl blush embroidered silk organza net dress for you here. Explore the Beechtree eid collection for a wide range of dresses so that you can easily choose the best one for you.

Please take a glance at the following image gallery to seek the beautiful design. The embroidered organza dress has a delicately embroidered neckline with a stylish keyhole gala design. Further, it has a colored border with an extensive organza embroidered lace. You can see the unique embroidered patterns on the organza dupatta that are looking very elegant. Further, it is plain and basic raw silk trousers for a complete look.

Never let anyone dull your spark and shine from within with the magical dresses above. The enthusiastic dresses above are powerful enough to make you look different and classy simultaneously. So, don’t forget to reveal your eid look with Mushq eid collection above. The enchanting hues and dramatic styles will surely get you a compliment. I wish that you may slay in your classy outfit. Have a blast and enjoy your holy festival with fun.