Faiza Saqlain Bridal Collection 2024 Wedding Dresses for Women

Faiza Saqlain Bridal Collection 2023 Wedding Dresses for Women

Unapologetic women are the prettiest and most powerful. Such grace can bring elegance and comfort to your looks. Every bride desires a pleasing and refreshing outfit on the wedding day. Faiza Saqlain bridal collection will bring you mesmerizing and anticipating wedding dresses.

Despite the troubles and hardships, a bride must escape the chaos gracefully. A woman needs to compromise on some standardized things. A beautiful dress is essential to make their wedding look attractive and impressive. Fashion designers struggle to create youthful and modest bridal dresses for upcoming brides.

Admittedly, sunshine is beautiful as it enhances the beauty of nature. Similarly, an attractive pattern on a bridal dress is exhilarating as well. Despite the busy routines and tired days, a bride never compromises in selecting her bridal dress. You will get various satisfying designs from Faiza Saqlain bridal collection in our blog below.

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Faiza Saqlain entered Pakistan’s fashion industry with its endearingly refined dresses. The brand was founded in 2012 in Lahore. The leading retail brand aims to provide casual and formal dresses for men and women. The highly anticipated haute couture and a luxury prêt-a-porter line is a vision of aesthetics that celebrates feminity. The designer is famous for its signature floral patterns and astounding color fusion. Below, you will see the exclusive bridal clothing line of Faiza Saqlain.

Faiza Saqlain Latest Bridal Collection for Women

Every soul has a right to dress up beautifully. Undoubtedly, a well-dressed individual, regardless of gender, is more respectful. Moreover, people admire your personality in the way you dress up. Therefore, you must be wise about your personality. You must also grab a color and style that compliments your personality and grace.

There are a lot of clothing brands in Pakistan that offer versatile and dignified bridal ensembles for women. However, I am glad Faiza Saqlain entered the market with dynamic hues and flaunting styles. The creative designer has crafted well-decorative outfits for you. Undoubtedly, you cannot stop yourself without appreciating her efforts.

You can check all the bridal collections on our site and pick the finest outfit to look your best on your wedding day.

1- Stunning Maraasim Collection ft. Hania Amir 

Introducing the breathtaking Maraasim Collection featuring the enchanting Hania Amir, a collaboration by the visionary Faiza Saqlain designed exclusively for brides. This collection redefines elegance, intertwining tradition with modern allure. Each ensemble is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to celebrate femininity, adorned with intricate details and luxurious fabrics. From ethereal silhouettes to timeless embroidery, the Maraasim Collection captures the essence of grace and sophistication, offering brides a tapestry of beauty to adorn their special day with unforgettable allure. You can get comparable designs from Asim Jofa bridal collection as well. So, pick a style that compliments your looks.

  • A peach-pink bridal set, exquisitely brought to life through delicate handwork using dabka, resham, tilla, and traditional techniques. Crafted with meticulous care, each piece resonates with dedicated effort, and love poured into its creation. The exceptional craftsmanship demands extensive hours of painstaking work to achieve its finesse.

  • A three-piece bridal set, delicately handcrafted in hues of yellow, tea pink, and golden tones, showcases intricately embroidered floral bouquets and trellises using a blend of dabka, marori, tilla, and various other expert techniques. Each piece is meticulously crafted, embodying the dedication and affection woven into its creation. The exceptional craftsmanship demands countless laborious hours to achieve its remarkable beauty.
  • Artisans intricately handcraft a three-piece deep red pishwas bridal set, delicately forming lotus blooms, floral bouquets, and vases on luxurious tissue fabric. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and infused with utmost care, dedication, and love throughout its creation. The exquisite craftsmanship demands extensive, labor-intensive hours to achieve its splendor.

  • The artisans skillfully embellish a hazel and green bridal set consisting of three pieces, employing timeless handcrafted techniques that beautifully contrast through appliqué work. Crafted meticulously, each piece carries the dedication and love poured into its creation. The intricate craftsmanship demands countless laborious hours to achieve its exquisite detail.

  • A vibrant three-piece bright red bridal ensemble showcases traditional floral motifs and vines intricately crafted using dabka, marori, resham zardozi, and other skilled techniques. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the dedication, care, and love infused into its creation. The intricate craftsmanship demands extensive hours of laborious work to achieve its exquisite beauty.

  • A three-piece handworked beige bridal lehnga set featuring twinkling floral boots and stretched-out vines on a glistening base of tissue. Handcrafted with meticulous care, our pieces have a lot of diligence and love invested in them. The exquisite craftsmanship requires laborious hours.

2- Beautiful KHURSHID Collection X Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan dominates Pakistan’s fashion industry through her stellar looks. Humsafar’s star is famous for her attractive looks and unique style. The lead actress was seen in a couple of blockbuster movies and dramas. Also, she was given many awards for her performance in Bin Roye, Verna, Superstar, and many others. You will currently see her as Mehreen in the drama “Hum Kahan Kay Sachy Thay” across Usman Mukhtar.

The stylish and iconic actress was seen in several clothing brands’ shoots. Recently, you might have seen Mahira Khan in the debut of Elan latest collection. Today, we are bringing you the ultimate bridal collection of Faiza Saqlain featuring your favorite Mahira Khan. The KHURSHID collection brings enchanting designs for your wedding. Would you please take a while to explore the dazzling bridal dresses below?

red bridal dress

  • Aqua Haze Lehenga Choli for Walima

The following image presents you with the hand-crafted golden choli. The outfit comes with embroidered and embellished net sleeves. Further, the Aqua lehenga is adorned with delicate Resham florals and celestial filigree rendered. Also, you can see intricate patchwork on the lehenga choli that enhances the entire look. Finally, Khaadi net embellished dupatta completes the entire look.

aqua haze bridal lehenga choli

  • Ivory Double Layered Peshwas

The beautiful Mahira Khan dons a highly enriched and meticulously crafted ivory embellished bridal dress. Indeed, the artwork is so tastefully done that you can not refrain from it. The delicious ensemble is created with dabka, zardozi, and hand-cut Sitara work for elegance. Plus, the hand-embellished dupatta completes the entire vibe of the double-layered dress.

ivory tulle doubled layered peshwas

  • Yellow Tulle and Silk Lehenga

A pure Mehndi vibe comes with a yellow outfit. You might have seen many bridal mehndi dresses before, but here is the most impressive design for you. Undoubtedly, women try to make their musical events much more memorable and delightful. Therefore, they search for optimistic attire. Here is a delicious yet graceful yellow tulle and silk lehenga choli below.

The gracious ensemble has hand-embellished silk choli front and back. Further, it is coordinated with a Korean raw silk lehenga. The entire outfit features floral motifs on the entire surface of the dress. Also, you can see additional hand-embroidered techniques on the dress, just like the Fahad Hussayn Bridal Collection had in its catalog. Please give it a thought and enjoy your event beyond expectations.

yellow tulle and silk lehenga choli

  • Emerald Green Bridal Gharara Dress

Bridal gharara dresses are a common trend nowadays. People always seek plenty of new and modest outfit ideas to stand dominantly. Although, if you want to be in the limelight of your wedding, opt for a unique and warm outfit. Here is another intriguing bridal gharara dress below. Look how Mahira Khan pulls off a dramatic yet gorgeous bridal look in the embellished gharara dress.

Undoubtedly, emerald green and golden colors always make a beautiful combination. Therefore, opt for the following dress if you want to look as beautiful as Mahira. Indeed, the graceful Korean raw silk embellished dress will bring you glam. You can have a lot of options from Sadaf Fawad Khan bridal collection, too.

emerald green gharara dress

Exclusive YAAR-E-MAN Collection X Maya Ali

The “Parey Hut Love” star, Maya Ali, is a popular Pakistan movie and drama actress. The actress is a famous former model who is seen in many bridal campaigns. You might have seen her in the HSY Bridal collection as well. Here, you will see the fashion icon and gorgeous Maya Ali, a new avatar wearing exquisitely chic bridal ensembles.

Currently, Maya Ali is working on a famous project across Shehryar Munawwar in “Pehli Si Muhabbat.” The twisted yet tragic love saga portrays the dominance of love and family. Faiza Saqlain’s YAAR-E-MAN collection features Maya Ali in a different avatar. Would you please take a while to explore the following basic, attractive, and dynamic bridal dresses by Faiza below?

lime yellow bridal gharara dress

  • Blue Heavily Embellished Net Peshwas

Women who love to wear Peshwas on their wedding day shall consider the following. The hand-embroidered ice-blue net peshwas is coordinated with a Korean raw silk sharara. Undoubtedly, the sharara is an ideal option to wear on walima. Well, you can also seek many designs from bridal walima dresses. The meticulously created ensemble is coordinated with a net-embellished dupatta.

blue net peshwas

  • Ivory Embellished Bridal Sharara Dress

People obsessed with ivory shades should consider the following embellished dress. The heavily embellished chiffon dress is meticulously created to meet a bride’s desires. Further, it is coordinated with a hand-embellished zari net sharara. Nomi Ansari bridal collection features similar designs but with different color schemes and designs; check it out, too.

heavily embellished sharara dress

  • Peach Embellished Net Fish-Tail Gown

Teens who want to wear a classy off-the-shoulder dress at their wedding shall consider the following peach fish-tail gown. The heavily embellished ensemble has a large tail to enhance the entire look. Undoubtedly, you can glorify your looks if you opt for this dress. Plus, you can explore Saira Shakira bridal collection for various bridal wear.

peach embellished fish-tail gown

Delightful SINEM Collection X Mehwish Hayat

A careful decision is essential for a bride to dominate her wedding event. Luckily, you are in a place where you will get an entire portfolio of bridal dresses. Indeed, a bride wants to grab the attention of the guests who appear in the event. Therefore, Faiza Saqlain brings another engaging SINEM collection featuring the multi-talented Mehwish Hayat.

Mehwish Hayat is a well-known Pakistani model and actress who became famous after her movie “Punjab Nahin Jaungi” across Humayun Saeed. The President has also given the gorgeous actress a Pride of Performance award. Also, she did the latest Lux commercial that shows that she is the current top-rated actress. You will see the fashion icon in a new look in the image gallery below. Would you please take a while to explore the mesmerizing dresses here? I hope you will love the fascinating and glorious ensembles.

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AFERIN Bridal Collection by Faiza Saqlain

Didn’t get any desired dress? There is no need to get depressed as we have another volume for you. Faiza Saqlain’s AFERIN collection brings you tasteful and energetic bridal ensembles for your wedding. Well, you can explore Deepak Perwani bridal collection for quality dresses as well. Please have a look at the following engaging portfolio.

Vintage SOZ KESIMI Bridal Collection by Faiza Saqlain

The majority of teens and youth always welcome vintage fashion. Therefore, Faiza Saqlain’s bridal collection includes an intriguing SOZ KESIMI collection featuring Maya Ali. It is the time to decide who we are and wipe out the irrational fear. So, take a deep breath and explore the following embellished ensembles. I hope you will love the designs. For instance, you can explore the Mirusah bridal collection and pick a gracious outfit.

You need to take a little time to explore the fundamental outfits above. A big shout out to the well-known and well-established designer of the year for her endless efforts and struggle for the bridal collection. Please give it a thought! Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below because we would love to hear from you!