Faiza Saqlain Men’s Collection with Prices [ Formal Dresses ]

faiza saqlain men collection

Every season has a moment of joy and happiness. Men have equal rights to happiness and life. To endure the true bliss of season, one must be well-dressed. There are a lot of men’s clothing brands that offer premium quality clothing ranges for lovely consumers. Faiza Saqlain men’s collection has the latest and most dignified styles people wear.

Style is not something that you can buy. Instead, it is a precious thing that one can possess. For instance, you must wrap up your body in a dignified ensemble. Keep your outfit simple but let it be significant. Therefore, always dress up in a better way to compete with your fellows. Faiza Saqlain men’s collection presents you with the most significant attires below.

Your style is always eternal, and it will never fade like fashion. Undoubtedly, a men’s outfit is a sculpture. There comes a certain age when you need to wear a bit expensive and decorative outfit. At this time, you will explore a lot of brands to pick up your favorite and desired style. Take a deep breath, give a pause, and discover chic and modest men’s attires below.

mustard waistcoat with self karandi kurta

Latest Faiza Saqlain Men’s Collection ft. Feroze Khan

Every soul has a right to dress up shabbily. Undoubtedly, a well-dressed individual, regardless of gender, is more respectful. People admire your personality in the way you dress up. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be wise towards your personality. Plus, you need to grab a color and style that compliments your personality and grace. There are a lot of clothing brands in Pakistan that offer versatile and dignified ensembles for men of every age group.

I am glad to say that Faiza Saqlain stepped into the market with dynamic hues and flaunting styles. The creative designer has crafted well-decorative outfits for you. Undoubtedly, you will not be able to stop yourself without appreciating her efforts. For instance, you need to extract a little time to explore the fundamental outfits below. A big shout out to the very re-known and well-established Pakistani fashion designer of the year for her endless efforts and struggle for men’s collection.

stylish powder pink kurta

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Faiza Saqlain is one of the finest fashion retailers in the textile industry of Pakistan. She completed her graduation in fashion and design from the prestigious institute of Pakistan. In 2011, she attended the fashion workshop at La Chambre De La Syndicale, Paris, along with her fellows. The designer is famous for her sophisticated and pure artwork. Plus, people acknowledge her innate sense of fashion and style, which is significant in her collections.

After her massive success in women’s clothing, the designer diversified her struggle towards men’s wear. Primarily, she was famous for her luxe formals and luxury wedding collections. The exquisite craftsmanship has to lead her to success within a short span of 8 years. Undoubtedly, she has printed her prominent place in the fashion industry. The powerhouse of fashion gained massive success due to the extravagant styles and extremely chic silhouettes.

off-white karandi prince coat

AYAAN Collection Featuring Feroze Khan

Nowadays, a lot of clothing brands are hiring famous celebrities as their muse. You might have seen the gorgeous Sajal Aly in Faiza Saqlain’s festive collection for Eid. Also, there are many of her clothing brands in which you will see your favorite celebrities. Here is the latest ”AYAAN” collection featuring the very talented, versatile, and handsome Feroze Khan. Feroze Khan stands among the top-rated actors in Pakistan’s drama industry.

The famous actor got fame after his historic drama KHAANI, in which he was seen as MIR HAADI. Currently, you will be watching him as Farhad in Khuda Aur Muhabbat’s season 3. The veteran actor is a stylish model as well. You will admire his dignified looks in the latest collection of Faiza Saqlain. Please give a shoutout to the designer and actor for bringing this collection. Let’s have a quick glance at the image gallery below to discover the latest styles.

black embellished karandi sherwani
  • Embellished Navy Blue Karandi Kurta

Do you think that a different style can be more classic than a traditional shalwar kameez? Usually, people believe that a man can only have a single or maximum of two styles to buy and carry. Let me tell you that is just a myth and nothing to worry about. I am glad that even men have a lot of options to stay classy as women. Here is a smart-fit navy blue embellished hand-crafted Kurta with meticulous care for breaking the stereotypic beliefs.

The graceful and embellished Kurta comes with a flared shalwar for you. Since a lot of men think that nothing can be more relaxing than shalwar, here is the one for you. You might have seen a couple of Kurta designs for men before, but here is the most graceful style for you. Undoubtedly, the graceful Korean silk shalwar adds up the grace. Further, there is a crushed Tussar silk shawl to complete your smart vibe. Please give it a thought.

  • Powder Pink Korean Raw Silk Embellished Kurta

Those who think that a Kurta looks unusual with shalwar, we have another style for you here. You must be wise to yourself and never compromise on style and personality. Undoubtedly, a slim fit of trousers looks more modest with Kurta. Therefore, Faiza Saqlain men’s collection presents you with a graceful powder pink kurta trouser below. However, you can explore the Junaid Jamshed Kurta collection for men if you want more variety.

The following dapper Kurta oozes more style without being too dramatic. Look how correctly Feroze Khan dons Korean raw silk embellished Kurta. People will turn heads on you if you opt for the following style. The creative designer has invested a lot of time in making this outfit with diligence and love. Indeed, you will love and appreciate the efforts of Faiza Saqlain for bringing this meticulously fantastic outfit for you. Let’s overview it and give it a thought!!

  • Mustard Raw Silk Kurta with Waist Coat

Arms by the side, hands in pockets, and feet apart, Feroze Khan looks charming in the following image gallery. People say that it’s hard in summers to wear a waistcoat. Meanwhile, there are people around you who never compromise on their looks and personality. Undoubtedly, the Korean raw silk embellished mustard waistcoat will bring elegance to your style. You can seek a lot of waistcoat designs from EdenRobe’s men’s waistcoat collection as well.

Please have a look at the magnificent outfit below. It is the true exemplification of a modern yet graceful outfit. Further, the hand-crafted waistcoat has motive patches on the front. Undoubtedly, it will elevate your entire look if you wear it correctly. There is a graceful off-white self Karandi Kurta with plain trousers. The neatly cut designs and graceful patterns will enhance your entire look beyond infinity. I hope you will like the latest and modest style.

  • Ivory Gold Kurundy Sherwani

Sometimes, you need to fir in the world for survival. It’s the primary need of every human. Unfortunately, if you are not able to fix it, you can make your own world. No one is meant to disagree with you. You must give a shut-up call to netizens and live your life the way you want. It is not unusual if a man wears an embroidered or decorative dress. To break this narrow approach, Faiza Saqlain is presenting you with an embellished ivory gold sherwani.

If you want to revive the cultural heritage, go for the following beige gold attire. You will see visible embroidered tonal motifs floating all over the front. Further, there are glimmering gold embellishments to create an exquisite royal look. Moreover, it has striped trousers to complete the vibe. This unique ensemble will be ideal for all the grooms to wear on their wedding day. You can explore more variety of walima dresses for the groom as well.

  • Off-white Embroidered Karandi Silk Coat

A man of value has more worth than a man of wealth. You can create value with your outlooks and personality. Everything requires a little effort, and struggle always pays you. Therefore, you need to gain some confidence to dress up differently. If you do not like to wear a traditional shalwar kameez, Kurta, or waistcoat, etc, there is nothing to worry about. We have a lot of western and fused options for you as well. Here is a sophisticated attire for you.

The following karandi prince coat has fully embroidered patterns. Undoubtedly, you will be able to stand confidently in public with the following embellished attire. There are extensively embroidered sleeves that make the outfit more attractive. For a crispy vibe, the prince coat is coordinated with self-printed trousers. So, it’s time to forget your pains and move a step forward with class and grace. Delve into opulence with the embellished attire below.

  • Embellished Black Karandi Sherwani

Do you want to make a sartorial statement look? If so, then give a pause to your scroll here as we have a splendid option for you. Since many people vote for a black color has it shows diligence and dignity. Therefore, Faiza Saqlain men’s collection presents you with an extravagant sherwani. Indeed, the best color among the family of hues is the one that makes you look good. So, if black brings you grace, blindly go for it an gain attractive looks.

A big shoutout to Faiza Saqlain for this fantastic embellished Karandi sherwani. The knee-length ensemble has hand embroidered motives. Further, it is very carefully crafted to accentuate the shoulders for a flattering shape. Not too less and not extraordinary, the designer has added the right amount of glitter and glam for a perfect look. Switch immediately to your styling game with the fitted churidar pajama and rock your gatherings.

If you want diligence, love, and magic all in one, go for the splendid assortment above. Undoubtedly, Faiza Saqlain has created youthful and energetic styles for men. There is not much but a little versatility among designs. You can pick up a dress that can complement your looks. Indeed, you will appear more appealing than ever before if you wear any of the splendid ensembles from the collection above. I hope it will satisfy your desires.