New Bridal Gharara Designs 2022 in Pakistan – Wedding Gharara Dresses

Beautiful bridal gharara designs

Gharara is a traditional dress. It is also popular in the subcontinent. Moreover, the roots of this classic outfit go back to Lucknow. Nawabs started this dressing trend in the 19th and 20th centuries. Furthermore, with time it became part of the eastern culture. So, bridal gharara designs are inspired by the traditional dressing of Muslim women.

The gharara has the designing of lace on the knees. A short Kurti and the dupatta also complete the look of this mesmerizing outfit. They look so enchanting to eyes. Even now, a lot of women also prefer to adopt this style. It is usually worn at other events and weddings.

Lots of brides wear gharara at weddings. Materials like net, chiffon, and jamawar are used to stitch them. The different color combinations enhance beauty, as well. It is also famous in other South Asian countries like Bangladesh and India. Embroidered and decorated work makes them fancy enough for events.

stylish new bridal gharara

Best Bridal Gharara Designs for Women for Mehndi, Barat and Walima

Gharara goes in harmony with wedding events. Moreover, mehndi, barat, and walima are the events of the wedding. All these events of weddings also get brightened with this classic dressing. Furthermore, the color choices and the embellishments vary from each other. Traditional jewelry also complements the look of the bride very well. For all the events of the wedding, Sadaf Fawad khan bridal dresses present the beautiful collection as well.

Bridal Mehndi Gharara Designs

Mehndi is the first wedding event. Moreover, wearing gharara at mehndi looks so traditional. Yellow-colored dresses are also mostly in trend. Let’s find out the few beautiful designs of ghararas for the mehndi event. You can also check bridal maxi designs here.

  • Yellow Traditional Gharara Styles

The event of the mehndi also has a deep connection with the yellow color. Moreover, the first yellow dress has the same yellow-colored gharara. Its flare is very colorful. Dupatta and shirt also have the gota work on them as well. Furthermore, in the second one, Kurti has contrasted with the orange sleeves. Its gharara also has the Mukesh work all over it. Dark blue dupatta is also enhancing the look of mehndi wear.

  • Green Embroidered Bridal Dress

Green mehndi dresses are also in trend. In the first dress, sea green gharara has Mukesh work. Moreover, its golden embroidered Kurti and dupatta are also looking very beautiful. Furthermore, in the second one, green Kurti also has golden gota work. Its gharara has a blue decorated border.

bridal gharara for mehndi

green bridal gharara

  • Maroon and Orange Contrast for Brides

Some brides prefer deep and vibrant colors in their mehndi dress. Moreover, a combination of red and orange is one of them. In the first one orange shirt has floral embroidery. Furthermore, its traditional maroon gharara has silver gota work, which is looking magnificent. In the next one, the maroon shirt is also fully decorated with the dabka work. Likewise, the orange jamawar gharara has maroon Patti at its border.

orange mehndi gharara style

new styles of gharara for pakistani brides

  • Colorful and Vibrant Mehndi Attires

The combination of various vibrant colors looks very beautiful on mehndi. Moreover, in the first one, Kurti has a dark and light green combination. It also has the golden dabka work all over it. It contrasts with maroon gharara as well, which also has silver floral motifs on it. The next dress also has three colors. Pink decorated Kurti has a stylish purple gharara with it. You can pair colorful pretty wedding shoes with it.

maroon gharara for mehndi

colorful bridal gharara for mehndi

Beautiful Dress Designs for Nikkah

Nikkah day demands a simple yet elegant dressing. Furthermore, most brides go for light or white colors for their nikkah day. The fancy decoration of dresses also makes them beautiful. It also increments the sacredness of the event. For new styles and attires check the Ali Xeeshan bridal dresses.

  • Golden Color Attires for Nikkah

The charm of the golden bridal nikkah dress is unmatchable. Moreover, the following golden-colored dresses are perfect wear for nikkah day. In the first one, Kurti has silver embellishment as well and the rest of the dress is simple. In the second one, the golden dabka work is also enhancing the look of the dress. Likewise, the maroon Patti at the border of dupatta is also looking ravishing.

elegant bridal gharara

golden gharara dress

  • White Ghararas for Nikkah Day

White color resonates well with the event of nikkah day. Furthermore, the shirt has heavy gota work over it. The shine of the traditional gharara is with its self-print, looking mesmerizing. The classical jewelry is also adding to the fancy look of the bride.

Moreover, in the next one, the white-colored shirt is in contrast with the peach color. The silver tint of illumination is also enchanting. Likewise, the use of white flowers as the accessories is making the bride so traditional and beautiful. For more collection and variety of the attires also visit the Zara Shahjahan bridal collection.

white bridal gharara

stylish gharara for brides

Fancy Barat Styles for Pakistani Brides

The glow and charm of the barat day enhance with the traditional wear. Moreover, the following are the few gharara designs that are perfect to wear on barat. They also connect the brides with their culture. Plus, the stylish embroidery adds to their modernity of bridal gharara designs as well. Mesmerizing barat outfits are also available in the latest Zahra Ahmed bridal collection.

  • Red Embroidered Dress for Barat

Red is the bright color and also is the color of the barat day. Furthermore, the embroidery and embellishment on this color further enhance the charm of the wedding. In the following barat dresses, the ghararas also have the dabka and zardoziĀ work. The floral designs are also making them look so pretty. Furthermore, the big flare of the gharara provides volume to the dress. It also makes the bride look like a princess.

new bridal red gharara

gharara for barat day

bridal gharara designs

beauiful gharara fo barat

  • Golden Embroidered Traditional Wear

Golden bridal barat dress is the fanciest wear. Moreover, this color has a natural shine to it. The following are the elegant golden bridal dresses. The floral decoration on the barat wear is also mesmerizing. The embellishment is also of golden color. Similarly, gold jewelry is also looking stylish and beautiful with it.

golden gharara for barat

golden bridal gharara for barat

  • Colorful Wedding Dresses

Different color combinations also look aesthetically pleasing in wedding dresses. Moreover, in the first one, the blue, green, and golden combinations look fancy. The colorful embroidery on it is also charming. Furthermore, in the next one, the red and pink combination is flawless. The gota and zari work is also adding to the charm of the attires. Furthermore, in the last traditional attire, the pink and brown colors are in contrast. The maroon floral embellishment on gharara is also fascinating. Dupatta also has the maroon Patti on its borders.

stylish bridal gharara design

heavy bridal gharara

classic gharara designs

Types of Gharara Designs Precisely for Walima

Walima is the last event of the wedding. On walima, light colors and less embroidered dresses are being preferred nowadays. Selecting the right color combinations of bridal gharara designs makes the function more pleasant. Various ravishing dresses can be found in the HSY bridal collection as well.

  • Sophisticated Green Embroidered Dress

The light green color looks so beautiful on walima. The first dress has a gorgeous mint shade. The borders of the flare are also fully decorated. Its Kurti has complete floral embroidery over it. The golden floral print on the shirt is looking ravishing. The orange dupatta is going very well with this traditional wear. The classical jewelry is the main element here.

green bridal gharara design

beautiful bridal gharara

  • Mesmerizing Decorated Pink Traditional Wear

The pink color in the walima dresses looks ravishing. Moreover, the Kurti in the below dress has floral embellishments all over it. Different shades of embroidery are enhancing the charm of the outfit. Its gharara has the embroidered net covering over it as well.

light pink gharara for brides

  • Jamawar Walima Traditional Style

The women widely like the material of the jamawar. Furthermore, the gharara of this material maintains its shape very well. The first fancy dress has the pink heavily embroidered Kurti. The peach-colored gharara has the criss-cross decoration on it as well. In the second one, there is a contrast between the orange and green colors. Orange shirt also has the silver embellishment over it. The green gharara is made up of the jamawar material as well.

bridal gharara design for walima

beautiful gharara style

Gharara designs represent the traditional essence of the east. Moreover, it is heartening to see that this dressing style is still in trend. Brides can also wear them on wedding events. A variety of color combinations of these traditional dresses is available as well. Other than that, beautiful decoration and designing of these dresses are also marvelous.