New Saira Shakira Bridal Collection 2020 – Nikah, Barat, Walima Dresses

Bridal Collection Of Saira Shakira

A wedding is one of the most crucial time in every girl’s life. Therefore, every girl wants to look gorgeous, elegant, and modern. Moreover, girls also love to adopt trends. However, Saira Shakira Bridal Collection 2020 helps girls achieve these desires by providing them with a trendy bridal collection.

Saira Shakira is the style house of the eastern and high fashion business. It provides bridal dress, luxury pret, and also formal wear costumes for girls. Besides, its name is by the two principal designers of this brand. Its styles, however, are based on elegance, modern classicism, creativity, and superiority.

The establishment of this brand was in 2012. This brand mainly focuses on a real woman that is simple, civilized, and finds strength in her womanhood. From then, they are mounting the bar with their revolution, contemporary yet traditional designs.

saira shakira bridal collection

Saira Shakira Bridal Collection 2020 with Latest Designs of Wedding Dresses

Nevertheless, Saira Shakira has a great diversity of designs for formal wear or luxury costumes. Besides, it is famous for its unique wedding dresses. Because it provides lovely bridal costumes for the following occasions:

  • Nikkah
  • Barat
  • Walima

Saira Shakira Bridal Dresses for Nikkah

Nikkah is a traditional ceremony for Muslims. However, nikkah brides always like to wear some unique or sophisticated dresses. Therefore, here are some dazzling bridal nikkah dresses by Saira Shakira that girls would love to wear on their special days.

  • Light-Shaded Frocks

Light shades look elegant when girls carry them well on special occasions. However, mostly it seems delightful when a nikkah bride wears something light but slaying. Therefore, this off-white frock with a flared lehenga will be the perfect outfit for a nikkah bride.

perfect nikkah dress by saira shakira

Subsequently, this light-colored fishtail frock with elegant stone embellishment can also be on any girl’s demanding list.

grey shaded nikkah dress by saira shakira

  • Dark-Shaded Fancy Designs

Some girls like to look bright and stunning by wearing dark shades. This brand also provides dark-shaded costumes that look amazing and gorgeous. In contrast, this beautiful bridal maxi has a dark-light color combination that makes it unique. However, the royal blue maxi with peach dupatta looks impressive when a girl carries it well.

blue dress for nikkah brides by saira shakira

  • Traditional Fancy Designs

Saira Shakira also provides traditional wear bridal dresses for the nikkah ceremony. Besides, this traditional-style lehenga with an open-shirt will be a perfect dress for a Nikkah bride. Moreover, the jamawar embellishment at the bottom of lehenga, and the beautiful golden embroidery on the shirt makes it worthy.

traditional open shirt dress by saira shakira for nikkah bride

net lehenga with open shirt

Saira Shakira Bridal Collection for Barat

Barat is all about the red color. Every girl desires to slay in red on her special day. However, Saira Shakira has a variety of different shades of red with splendid designs.

  • Sleeveless Heavy Dresses in Red

Nowadays, it is a trend to wear sleeveless bridal barat dresses. However, they also look gorgeous and easy to carry in the summer season. This brand focuses on innovative designs with comfort, so girls would love to purchase these red dresses. The delicate embroidery and stone embellishment all over the dress makes them worthier and demanding.

sleeveless bridal saira shakira dress for baraat

sleeveless bridal dress by saira shakira for baraat

heavy dress by saira shakira for baraat bride

However, it is not just the dress which girls need to carry well. It’s about the complete look a bride needs. Therefore, wearing contrasting delicate jewelry and having a perfect wedding mehndi design will help the bride in completing her look that she fancies.

splendid saira shakira baraat dress

  • Fancy Off-white Barat Dress with Maroon Shawl

Mostly girls prefer red color dresses on Barat. Besides, some girls who don’t like red much go for the contrast scheme to give a little red touch. This brand, however, focuses on these designs too. This light-shaded dress is specially designed for those barat brides who don’t like red. To give a red touch, one can wear a delicate maroon shawl to look like a complete barat bride. Moreover, wear red lipstick, and bright bridal makeup will make the endmost look fantastic.

saira shakira bride in red dupatta

Luxury Bridal Collection for Walima

Walima is the third day of the wedding. However, it is a concept of wearing light and decent shades on walima to add sophistication and smoothness to the personality. Therefore, here are some walima dresses for girls that would be on demanding lists of many girls.

  • Long Frock Style Dresses

Frocks are the universal fancy wear costume having diversified styles. Mostly walima brides prefer long gowns to look more lavish and stylish. This fancy peach dress has heavy embroidery all over. Moreover, the embellishment with pearls on the front and sleeves makes it more precious. However, its simplicity and light shade makes it worthy of wearing. This brand focuses a lot on unique and innovative Anarkali style frocks.

peach dress for walima

People say pink is the color for girls. Therefore, this stylish Walima dress specifically targets those girls who love to wear pinkish shades. Furthermore, the side cuts from both sides of the upper layer of fancy shirt-piece with a closed long silk inner make it unique from other frock styles.

saira shakira walima dress in pink

walima dress in pink

Subsequently, this brand also provides a mixture of eastern and western clothes. This mixed culture dress is backless with fabulous frills on sleeves. However, those girls who love to wear mixed-cultural costumes will never step back from purchasing this incredible walima dress.

stylish saira shakira walima dress with frilled sleeves for walima bride

gorgeous backless walima dress

Typically, a cut from the front of the frock is standard. But, wearing an open gown with a tail lehenga is somehow unique. However, this bridal gown includes a light green open frock with a golden tail. Moreover, the golden lehenga has a beautiful embellishment with a Patti on the bottom.

fancy walima dress

  • Short Tail Frock with Lehenga

Tail frock always has girls’ hearts. However, this stylish golden-brown frock looks perfect with a heavy lehenga with heavy embroidery. A girl can wear this fabulous costume on the third day of her wedding.

golden shaded walima dress by saira shakira

tail frock with lehenga

Some Brides Wearing Saira Shakira’s Collection

A wedding is a very precious and essential event for girls. Every girl wants to look differently beautiful. Therefore, it is not all about dresses. However, it is also crucial to wear appropriate makeup, bridal shoes, good quality bridal jewelry, etc., to give a wholly extraordinary look.

  • Nikkah Brides

Applying a light makeup when the dresses are heavy is a trick that some girls adopt. Commonly, nikkah brides focus on simplicity and lightness. Therefore, these nikkah brides look gorgeous while wearing Saira Shakira’s bridal outfits and applying light makeup.

white shaira shakira dress for nikkah bride

sophisticated dress for nikkah

  • Barat Brides

These baraat brides are wearing this brand’s beautiful costumes. However, their pretty outlook is not only because of the dress but because they have carried it well by setting a dupatta accurately and applying the right quality makeup to give an endmost look.

beautiful baraat bride wearing saira shakira outfit

bride wearing saira shakira outfit

  • Walima Brides

Choosing a lipstick shade that looks accurate with the dress color is very important. However, these walima brides are looking lovely and sophisticated because of their delicate dress colors and lip shades. Moreover, jewelry is also playing a significant role in maintaining an extraordinary look. These side things are increasing the grace of Saira Shakira’s dresses.

beautiful walima dress by saira shakira

slaying walima bride wearing saira shakira outfit

This brand has a variety of innovative design dresses not only for brides but also for formal wear. However, apart from its unique designs, this brand is also famous for its ethnicity and comfortable clothes for brides. So, pick your desired outfit before the stock ends.


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