Bridal Sharara Dresses 2024 with Latest Designs for All Wedding Events

Bridal sharara dresses for girls

The bride deserves to look gorgeous at her special wedding event. Besides, being a girl, every girl demands the most trendy outfit for her best day. Nowadays, bridal sharara dresses are significantly trending for wedding occasions. These dresses enhance the stylish look and also keep the traditional look constant.

In Pakistan, many girls prefer sharara over lehenga because it is easier to carry. However, some girls wear them with long shirts and some with short shirts. Also, girls love to wear sharara with long dresses and short robes.

However, many confuse shararas with gharara as both have the same design. But it is quite noticeable that the sharara style is the loose pant whose flare begins from the waist, while gharara is the design whose flare starts mainly from the knee or below the knee.

Pakistani and Indian Bridal Sharara Dresses Trend

Sharara, renowned for its distinctive flair and elegance, embodies a pair of exquisitely loose, wide-legged trousers that effortlessly transcend occasions, whether donned casually, formally, or as a striking bridal ensemble. The fashion landscape is witnessing a surge in the diversity and creativity of sharara designs, propelling a meteoric rise in their popularity and consequent demand. This surge reflects the evolving trends and underscores the burgeoning allure and charm these garments exude, captivating fashion aficionados worldwide.

Simple Traditional Dresses for Engagement Brides

Engagements often embrace simplicity as a hallmark of feminine grace. Young women seek out stylish engagement dresses, favoring subtle embellishments to stand out in a crowd. In this pursuit, simple yet elegant ensembles, like loose-fitting trousers, emerge as the perfect choice for engagement brides. These understated yet sophisticated garments effortlessly encapsulate the essence of individuality, allowing brides to radiate a distinct charm amidst the celebration.

  • Fabulous Indian Dress with Mirror Work

Generally, mirror work is considered very delicate and traditional. Nowadays, some females desire to look ultra-modern and civilized. To have such a look, light colors with sophisticated mirror work will be admirable. Therefore, these loose pants in bright shades with delicate mirror embellishments are in high demand. For a more beautiful collection, check out exclusive Faiza Saqlain Bridal dresses.

  • Incredible Grey Satin Net Sharara

Grey satin fabric is in high demand owing to its exceptional quality and luxurious texture. When used in crafting shararas, its inherent excellence amplifies the allure of these garments. The incorporation of this exquisite fabric in grey satin shararas accentuates their appeal, especially when complemented by fantastic embroidery and a captivating color scheme. Furthermore, the fabric’s inherent qualities enhance the sharara’s flare, creating a visually striking silhouette that captures attention and admiration effortlessly.

grey satin net sharara suit

Sharara Designs for Nikkah Bride

Nowadays, the nikkah ceremony is also a significant event for a girl. However, wearing a cultural bridal nikkah outfit never goes out of the trend. Therefore, bridal sharara dresses for nikkah brides are also getting modified.

  • Stylish Long Open-Frock with Sharara

This fancy dress has heavy embroidery on the front. Besides, its open cut from the front makes it unique and more delicate. Moreover, its elegant stuff and color combination makes this complete outfit perfect for the nikkah ceremony.

traditioal sharara suit

  • Lovely Sharara with long Frock

White Sharara paired with a long white dress adorned with intricate golden lace borders and exquisite embroidery is a testament to timeless elegance and sophistication. This combination exudes a graceful charm, blending the purity of white with the luxury of golden accents to create a mesmerizing and ethereal look. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements makes this attire a stunning choice for special occasions, radiating regal beauty and understated glamour.

  • Slaying Net Sharara with peplum

Girls nowadays love the peplum style. So, wearing a loose-trouser of net embellishment with a delicate peplum makes the complete gorgeous look for a nikkah bride. Furthermore, wearing preferable jewelry and curling the hair will make the ultimate look adorable.

bridal net sharara dress with peplum

  • Decent Outfits with Long Shirts

Girls always like to keep their decent looks while adopting any fashion. Therefore, many girls desire to wear long shirts on a sharara to maintain decency and elegance. However, these long shirts with suitable embroideries and contrasts look decent when carried well.

Bridal sharara dress For nikkah

light purple sharara suit

blush pink sharara dress for nikkah bride

Bridal Sharara for Mayun Bride

Generally, mayun is a simple ritual in which the bride-to-be cannot do any chores or errands around the house. However, the bride-to-be has to wear a little fancy or cultural outfit. Moreover, many ladies love to wear yellow colors on mayun. These bridal dresses are simple and decent. Therefore, this full yellow color loose-pants suit will be a perfect outfit for a mayun bride.

bridal sharara dress for mayun

  • Gharara Style Sharara

The bride-to-be can also wear this unique gharara style sharara. Besides this sharara has a big flare. However, many girls like to wear these traditional dresses on their special rituals like mayun, mehndi, etc. Check some more variety of gharara style dresses here.

lakhnavi style sharara for mayun

Sharara Dresses for Mehndi Bride

Sharara design is a traditional bridal mehndi outfit. Girls who like to wear cultural clothes wear this style. Most girls, however, prefer to look conventional or artistic on their mehndi functions. Therefore, these green color outfits include loose pants. Moreover, one can wear them with a long shirt with delicate embroidery. It also looks elegant with peplum and red dupatta in contrast.

green bridal sharara dress for mehndi

bridal sharara dress with frock

Sharara Dresses for Barat Bride

Brides for barat need a very fancy and heavy look. However, wearing a sharara helps them to have that look which they desire. Moreover, to get a complete bridal look, all you need is to wear matching heavy jewelry and beautiful bridal shoes.

  • Fancy Sharara with Straight-Shirts

Nowadays, wearing loose-pants with straight-shirts gives an extraordinary look. Therefore, girls love to wear such an glamorous and comfortable outfit on their special day. Moreover,  unique bridal hairstyles make the endmost look of a bride. So, making an appropriate hairstyle is also important.

heavy bridal sharara dress for baraat

bridal sharara dress for baraat

  • Heavily Embellished Peplum Dress

Brides can also wear peplum over loose-pants to improve their trendy look. However, beautiful allurement on the peplum makes the complete outfit perfect and worthier to wear.

heavy bridal sharara dress

  • Traditional Bridal Sharara with Silk Choli

Generally, one can wear sharara with a short silk choli. Therefore, this heavy bridal dress with beautiful embellishment can be in a demanding list of any girl. Besides, the splendid embroidery of choli and fantastic work on sharara makes a perfect combination. Moreover, wearing green jewelry on this complete red outfit will look fabulous.

bridal sharara dress with short shirt

Sharara Dresses for Walima Bride

Walima is generally the third wedding event. Therefore, walima-brides prefer to get a light, fancy touch. However, this can happen by wearing light, shaded dresses. Also, putting a light makeup and delicate jewelry will complete the sophisticated walima outlook.

  • Fully Embroidered Walima Dresses in Light Shades

Angrakha frocks are one of the favorite styles for girls. However, wearing an angrakha style short blouse with sharara gives an adorable look to the bride.

heavily embroidered sharara dress for walima

bridal sharara dress for walima bride

  • Splendid Walima Dress with Velvet Allurement

This amazing walima dress includes a lovely open shirt with a slightly extended tail from the back, a sharara, and a dupatta with heavy embroidery. Besides, the dress has embroidered velvet lace. Furthermore, to enhance the fancy look, the bride can go for exclusive bridal maxi dresses.

heavy bridal sharara dress for walima

  • Sophisticated Light Green and Pink Contrast Dress

Generally, light shades always have girls’ hearts. However, this light-shaded sharara with peplum looks adorable and elegant. Moreover, it has delicate embroidery and umbrella sleeves, which makes it worthy of wearing.

bridal sharara dress for walima

  • Elegant Plain Glittery Sharara with Long Frock

Wearing long frocks paired with sequined sharara and a big flare looks stylish and fancy. Besides, walima brides love to wear such outfits. Therefore, this golden dress has heavy embroidery with multi-colors to make the complete outfit glamorous. Moreover, the silky glittery sharara looks incredible with this robe.

bridal sharara dress with long frock

Western Style Bridal Sharara Dresses for Other Special Occasions

Nowadays, many girls love to mix up the western style costumes with the eastern style costumes. However, these western-style shararas have many girls’ hearts. Girls love to wear such dresses on special occasions like the bridal shower, mayun, and many other rituals.

jamawar sharara with blouse

plain flared sharara dress with open shirt

Besides the fact that there is very little difference between gharara and sharara, it is undeniable. Still, many ladies prefer bridal sharara dresses over other designs to look stylish. Moreover, this design is comfortable and easy to carry. Therefore, one can wear it casually or formally both.