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latest Ali xeeshan bridal dresses for women

Ali Xeeshan is known for its unique crafted attires. He started his struggle when he was just a student. He graduated from Pakistan’s fashion design school and received an award for the best couture collection PSFD. Ali Xeeshan bridal dresses are also an indication of his expertise and are also the reason for his global popularity.

The brand participated in PSFD L’Oreal Paris and Sunsilk bridal week, and it received awards for three consecutive years. The brand claims to use the traditional way of designing, whereas this brand also creates unique attires. You will find an extensive variety of bridal dresses that bestows the ethnicity of Pakistan.

The Mughal era also determines its wedding wear. Furthermore, their design reflects the background of our regions. Hence, it’s the main reason every lady prefers to wear the Ali Xeehsan clothes on their big day to grab the classical and breathtaking glimpse. This season, the Ali Xeeshan brand has collaborated with the most beautiful television actresses “Maya Ali” and “Iqra Aziz” for a bridal shoot.

latest Ali xeeshan bridal dresses Lastest Ali xeeshan bridal dresses for women

Latest and Beautiful Ali Xeeshan Bridal Dresses  – Latest Wedding Collection for Brides

The latest bridal collection of Ali Xeeshan is out now. The brand’s designers have kept in mind all the current trends and endeavor elegant and stunning attires for brides. Moreover, the selection of the colors is very versatile that makes the attires more lavish and rich.

This bridal collection by Ali Xeeshan is appropriate for all wedding events because all events hold equal importance. You will discover the impressive mehndi, Barat, Walima, and nikkah dresses manufactured with charming hues and patterns in the latest AX bridal collection. Let’s find out the gorgeous dresses from the collection.

Lastest Ali xeeshan bridal dresses

Latest Ali Xeeshan Bridal Collection for Women

Ali Xeeshan is famous for his creative and artistic designs. No matter what the season is, the designer will always surprise you with a thrill of emotions and fun. The latest bridal collection of Ali Xeeshan is indeed a roller coaster of emotions. You can adorn yourself in any of the following outfits to get a pure vibe of elegance and grace. So, what else do you want?

Keep your heads, heels, and standards high by wearing the glamorous bridal ensembles by your favorite designer below. You will get a range of designs from corp tops to full flared dresses. Combine delicate jewelry and the right amount of makeup for a whole vibe. Get similar designs from the Aisha Imran bridal collection as well and rock your event.

Exclusive PHOOL NAGAR Bridal Collection by Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan always concentrates on bringing the newest and modest clothing designs for women. Recently, the designer was in the news for his NUMAISH collection that portrays the concept of dowry and conveyed that it shall be prohibited. Moreover, he creates a unique look to remain different among the public. Recently, you might have seen him in an entirely new look at Lux Style Award’s red carpet event. Similarly, he has a challenging PHOOL NAGAR collection for the brides to stand out on their wedding day.

Keep slaying the gorgeous and intriguing bridal dresses by Ali Xeeshan’s PHOOL NAGAR collection below. The designer has different color palettes that are infused to create an illusion in style. Moreover, you can create a magical look with some appropriate makeup and jewelry. The Mirusah Bridal collection has likewise embellished and decorative attires for the brides. But, you can challenge your individuality with the voguish and distinctive ensembles by Ali Xeehshan’s “PHOOL NAGAR” collection. Please give it a thought!!

1- Lovely Mehndi Bridal Dresses by Ali Xeeshan

Mehndi is a colorful event. Furthermore, it requires colorful dresses. Ali Xeeshan tries their best to present elegant and vivid attires for mehndi brides. Nowadays, Brides widely like bridal lehenga choli on mehndi. According to this concern, AX offers the lehenga choli with the best color combinations, as you can see below. 

You can carry these stunning mehndi dresses on your mehndi event and make your mehndi night more classy and glamorous. Here you will get the following styles of bridal mehndi outfits. 

  • Yellow embellished bridal wear
  • Ravishing lehenga choli for mehndi night
  • Mehndi outfit in vibrant shades
  • Classical creation by Ali Xeeshan for mehndi brides
  • Multicolored lehenga choli for mehndi

Lovely Mehndi Bridal Dresses by Ali Xeeshan

  • Yellow Embellished Bridal Wear

Yellow is a beautiful and traditional color. Most of the brides go for this color. If you also ought a wish to wear the yellow on your mehndi night, at that point, the below yellow outfit is the most trustworthy. The choli of the shirt is adorned with purple flowers that make the outfit more awe-inspiring.

It is paired with the lehenga that is heavily embellished with the gota work at its border. Further, the yellow dupatta adds more grace to this outfit. You can pair this fabulous outfit with the green shaded adornments and striking makeup to get the pretty and adorable look.

Yellow Embellished Bridal Wear

  • Ravishing Lehenga Choli for Mehndi Night

Lehenga cholis look beautiful at the mehndi event. Bridal mehndi dresses are usually colorful. Therefore, AX offers a multi-colored lehenga for the Mehndi brides that has full embellishment and dabka and sitara work all over it. It is paired with the plain yellow choli that is prettifying with the puff sleeves. If you want to look different from others and want to wear a novel dress, this outfit is definitely for you.  

Ravishing Lehenga Choli for Mehndi Night

  • Mehndi Outfit in Vibrant Shades

Colorful clothes on mehndi are always in trend. The blue, silver, purple, orange, and pink combination is so vibrant. Look down at the pretties outfit by Ali Xeeshan that will make your mehndi look jazzier and breathtaking. The shimmery and sitara work all over the lehenga choli make this outfit more dazzling.

Grab this outfit for your mehndi night and add more sparkle and attractiveness to your look. Wear this colorful dress with lightweight accessories and impressive makeup to make your mehndi look more adorable and elegant. Never forget to combine this striking outfit with the Tikki mehndi design to make your mehndi look extra captivating and enchanting.

Mehndi Dresses in Vibrant Colors

  • Classical Creation by Ali Xeeshan for Mehndi Brides

Ali Xeeshan has always focused on the creation of classical work. I mean, look at the below outfit, how beautifully AX adorned the white outfit. The lehenga also has a floral design that makes this outfit more classical. You can likewise wear this dashing outfit at your walima ceremony to look more jazzier.

If you are going to wear this slaying outfit on your mehndi, then combine it with the green shaded accessories, nude shaded makeup, trendy hairstyle, and traditional mehndi designs to make your mehndi look more awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

Classical Creation by Ali Xeeshan

  • Multicolored Lehenga Choli for Mehndi

The following dress is in multi-colors. These are blue, pink, and green. Silver embroidery on the whole lehenga is also looking very beautiful. It has a sitara and zari work on the entire flare. It is paired with the plain silver choli that has fancy sleeves. Pair this luxurious outfit with gold-shaded adornments and makeup to make you look more splendid and dazzling. 

Multicolored Gown for Mehndi

2- Newest Bridal Barat Dresses

Red is the favorite color of brides for Barat day. Therefore all brands and designers offer a wide variety of bridal Barat dresses in red hues. On the Barat day, usually, girls prefer the lehenga choli while many others like to wear the frock choli, shalwar kameez, and maxi. 

Ali Xeeshan is the only artist who always satisfies their clients by providing all styles of dresses. In its bridal collection, you will find all styles of dresses in striking shades. Check out the Zara Shahjahan bridal collection that likewise contains a wide variety of bridal Barat dresses in red tones. In the newest collection of Ali Xeeshan bridal dresses, you will find the Barat dresses in the following styles. 

  • Front-Open Peshwas as Barat wear.
  • Beautiful lehenga choli for the wedding day.
  • Heavily embellished traditional lehenga.
  • Beautiful Barat dress with multicolored floral dupatta.
  • Frock choli for Barat brides.

Barat Dresses for Wedding Brides

  • Front-Open Pishwas as Barat Wear

Peshwas is also traditional attire that indeed makes your bridal look more dazzling and striking. This one is fully decorated with Dabka and stonework all over the flare. It also has an open front with an embroidered net dupatta. Carry this adorable dress on your Barat day and make your look more splendid and rich.

Open Front Pishwas as Barat Wear

  • Beautiful Lehenga Choli for the Wedding Day

Lehnga choli is the most dazzling style of garment that makes any character more impressive. Look at the beautiful lehenga choli bridal dress that is heavily embellished with golden Zarodzi work. The beautiful floral designs are also mesmerizing. Motifs have been used for ornamentation of dupatta that makes this outfit breathtaking. Combine this luxurious dress with traditional accessories and striking makeup to make all of your appealing and jazzier looks.

Beautiful Lehenga Choli for the Wedding Day

  • Heavily Embellished Traditional Lehenga

Nowadays, ladies prefer the heavily embellished dresses on Barat to look rich and smart. If you also desire to make your look extra dazzling, pick the below heavily embellished dress. One of the most appealing and best outfits for your Barat day indeed makes you look pretty and adorable. Zahra Ahmed’s bridal collection also contains gorgeous wedding dresses. if you want to make your bridal look awe-inspiring, then all you need is to:

  • Wear this dashing outfit.
  • Apply striking makeup.
  • Wear traditional adornments.
  • Wear high heels in maroon hues.
  • Set your dupattas with the latest style.

And your pretty and captivating look is prepared. 

Heavily Embellished Traditional Lehenga

  • Beautiful Barat Dress with Multicolored Floral Dupatta

Red is the traditional color that brides like to wear on Barat. Look down at the fresh red hues dress that is perfect for Barat. It has zardozi work with floral vines. It is paired with the golden net dupattas that are beautifully furnished with multicolored 3D flowers. 

With this alluring outfit, try to apply brownish eyeshadows and bold red lipstick to make your look more splendid. Skip the shimmer and only apply the blush to make your look decent and engaging. The bridal dupatta setting is also an essential factor, which elevates the dress design. So set your dupattas well and add more charm and appeal to your look. 

Beautiful Barat Dress for Young Girls

  • Frock Choli for Barat Brides

Suppose you want to look different than others and have a desire to try something new. Then try this choli frock and make your look prettiest and dazzling. It is paired with the red lehenga that is also fully embellished with the zari work. 

The dark blue border at the bottom of the frock is making a perfect contrast. Apply the lightweight makeup with this heavily embellished dress and make all your engaging and enchanting look. Check out more dresses from HSY bridal wear as well.

Frock Choli Bridal Dress

3- Classic Walima Dresses for Bridals

On Walima, usually, light shades are consumed. Taking this inclination in mind, AX proffers elegant Walima attires in soft and light shades such as tea pink, ivory, beige, and white. These dresses are nicely decorated that surely make you look pretty and dazzling. The bridal Walima catalog of Ali Xeeshan bridal collection contains the:

  • Styling of black dresses for Walima.
  • Beautiful ivory and beige Walima dress by Ali Xeeshan.
  • Light-colored Walima attire.
  • Short shirt with gharara for walima by Ali Xeeshan.
  • Floral embroidered outfits by Ali Xeeshan.

Classic Walima Dresses for Bridals

  • Styling of Black Dresses for Walima

Walima night lightens up with black bridal attire. Following black lehenga choli is adding to the grace of the bride. The golden color has been used to decorate it. Plus, the lehenga is fully embroidered with the vertical vines that make this black outfit more enchanting. It is paired with the criss-cross sleek black choli adds more charm and shine to this outfit. Moreover, you can wear this cool outfit at your mehndi or nikkah ceremony if you like.

With your black bridal outfit, apply the brownish yet classical makeup, wear the exquisite bridal jhumka earrings and skip the necklaces, tie your hair in a buy style and make your reception look more beautiful and pretty. Further, hold the classy bag, wear the block heel shoes and add more elegance and sparkle to your special night.

Styling of Black Dresses for Walima

  • Beautiful Ivory and Beige Walima Dress by Ali Xeeshan

On Walima, mostly prefer the nude shaded attire to look decent and dazzling. Check out the lavish beige-shaded clothing from the Ali Xeeshan bridal collection that indeed improve your personality and make it brighter. This beige-shaded lehenga choli is adorned with heavy embellishment that is just outstanding, as you can see below.

You can also carry this dress as your nikkah dress. All you need is to pair your beige and ivory shaded attire with the awe-inspiring makeup and customary adornments to make your bridal look more breathtaking and appealing.

Beautiful ivory and beige Walima Dresses by Ali Xeeshan

  • Light-Colored Walima Attire

For maxi lovers, the below outfit by Ali Xeeshan bridal dresses is the best. The light-shaded dress is in the frock style is paired with the lehenga. It has dark green, silver, gold, and purple embellishments, Zari, and stonework all over the frock that indeed gives you a princess look. The long maxi is adorned with a nature theme that makes this maxi lehenga more dazzling and captivating.

It is paired with the purple dupatta that is further improved with the floral embellishments. You also grab this outfit for your engagement ceremony to m make you look more splendid and breathtaking. If you want to catch a decent look, then pair your heavily decorated outfit with lightweight makeup, a classical hairstyle, impressive footwear, and a piece of decent jewelry.

Light-Colored Walima Attires

  • Short Shirt with Gharara for Walima by Ali Xeeshan

Suppose you are looking for something traditional and classical. At that point, pick this classic short shirt and gharara for your Walima. This white outfit with a green contrast dress is adorned with golden Dabka and Gota work that enhances this dress’s beauty. Moreover, Vertical floral lines and traditional themes make this outfit more dazzling. You can also wear this excellent equipment at your sister brother’s wedding to look more enchanting and charming.

Short Shirt with Gharara for Walima Wear by Ali Xeeshan

  • Floral Embroidered Outfits by Ali Xeeshan

The females widely like floral patterns. The below nude shaded dress has a shining material, and it has floral self-decoration. The sky blue and pink flowers are also looking very enchanting. Choli has a silver glitter effect as well. Moreover, the lehenga has gold shining ornamentation all over the flare. Furthermore, the outfit is fancy enough for Walima night to sparkle the event.

Floral Embroidered Outfits by Ali Xeeshan

The above-displayed dresses are furnished with beautiful artwork that indeed renews and refreshes your bridal look and makes you look more stunning and elegant. A wide range of vibrant colors is available for mehndi. On the other hand, Barat dresses have fancy work all over them, while Walima dresses are mostly in lighter shades. So all these bridal dresses of Ali Xeeshan according to the occasion and trend. So grab your favorite article and enhance yourself well on your momentous day. Ali Xeeshan also manages the online facility for the comfort of its clients.