Hussain Rehar Winter Collection with Prices [Raw Silk Dresses]

Hussain Rehar Winter collection for women

Women are always ready to welcome the cold season to enjoy their season to the fullest. Certainly, many people feel deprived in winter due to the lack of colors around them. But you can make your surroundings colorful and delightful by wearing vibrant shades and pleasant combinations. This year, have a blissful journey with Hussain Rehar winter collection for women. Indeed, you will find every possible shade and style here.

Normally, people look for warm khaddar attire for a comfortable and appropriate look. You will never look sane if you wear a light or lawn dress in winter. Admittedly, a cold and dry season requires warm and graceful attire for a refined look. There are a lot of clothing brands that launch their seasonal collections for the public. You might have witnessed several collections before, but here is the most voguish Hussain Rehar winter collection.

In the middle of chaos, take a little time to decide what you have to wear in the coming season. Refrain from wearing dull and light shades, as winter is already a dry season. You must bring colors to yourself and your surroundings with a perfect choice. Nothing is impossible unless you give up. So, stay focused and intense and pick a graceful attire from the Hussain Rehar winter collection below. I hope you will get satisfactory dresses in the blog.

Hussain Rehar lemon yellow dress

Hussain Rehar Winter Collection for Women [Prices]

Hussain Rehar is one of the biggest fashion designers and retail brands in the industry of Pakistan. The leading retailer delivers fantasy-based clothing styles to the public for their dreamy looks. You must be a good explorer to look chic and modest in every style. Here, we have a style guide for you that will aid you in getting gorgeous looks. Plus, Hussain Rehar winter collection will get you a radiant vibe with captivating outfits. You can also see Khaddar embroidered dresses in the Cross Stitch winter collection.

Do you want to grasp the attention of the public around you? Did you know how your favorite designer grasped the attention of the whole world? It is not as easy as it seems. A lot of day and night struggle brings such PR and makes people trustworthy. Well, the creative designer did it with continuous effort, and today, the world recognizes the young talent for his extravagant designs. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the designer. Explore a complete catalog of winter dresses here to ooze charm and grace.

beautiful hania amir in shocking pink dress

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Hussain Rehar started his career as a fashion designer in August 2017. He graduated in fashion design from the renowned Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. The secret to the success of the creative designer is the unique styling and detailed structures. Many people remember the designer for unbridled creativity and the strong identity of designs. Also, the very young and talented creator brings individuality to his clothing range with a bold touch for women. Therefore, women love to opt for the dresses by Hussain Rehar at any event.

Moreover, the creative designer always focused on combining his handcrafted skills with aesthetic influence for an illusion in style. Also, you can see the broad spectrum of clothing range that satisfies the fashion needs of humans. Everyone in the fashion industry owes and adores Hussain Rehar for creating exotic elegance and glamorously printed outfits.  The apparel collection includes ten varieties for women, including two bridal sections. Well, in the following blog, you will discover the flaunting formal dresses by the creative designer.

hussain Rehar

Trendy Basic NOT Basic IV Luxury Pret Collection

Please take a little time to explore the graceful embroidered raw silk dresses in the blog below. Each outfit has its exquisite beauty and oozing elegance. To retain your charismatic looks, please opt for the following embroidered dresses. There is a variety of Karandi dresses in the Bareeze winter collection. Compare and decide which collection will bring you the most dazzle and sparkle. I hope you will get a positive vibe. Exude elegance and grace in the modest and chic ensembles by Hussain Rehar below.

  • Rustic Orange Embroidered Raw Silk Dress

This beautiful brown outfit will take you into the world of allure. It has a stunning neckline and detailed side patterns. This outfit has a lot of fancy details, like gold sequins that sparkle, beautiful Naqshi work, and a fun mix of pink, zinc, and gold beads. There’s no question that this intricate design will make people stop and look, as it has a mesmerizing and enchanting effect. A printed green churidar is worn with it to make the outfit look better. It adds a stylish contrast to the look.

The show-stopping item, though, is the printed gold organza skirt that is decorated with beautiful golden sequins all over it. This flowing organza dupatta adds a bit of glitz and gives the whole outfit an air of sophistication and ease. Accept the attraction of this outfit and make a fashion statement wherever you go. You can get similar dresses from Maria B winter collection as well. It also offers timelessly chic and luxurious dresses for winter.

  • Trendy Black Floral Raw Silk Attire

If you want to stand differently in the galaxy of people, you must try an unusual combination. Indeed, a unique style and contrast can challenge your individuality. This year, Hussain Rehar’s winter collection has astonishing combinations for you.

Here, we have the best solution that can challenge your individuality. Opt for the following jet-black floral embroidered raw silk dress by Hussain Rehar. The outfit comes with an organza embellished dupatta and contrasting trousers with an embroidered border. Gul Ahmed winter collection will surprise you with similar dresses and designs.

  • As Blue as Sky – Embroidered Dress

This beautiful navy blue outfit comes in different pieces that match perfectly and are each decorated with small details. It has pink, orange, and green beads and detailed gold sequins on the shirt, sleeves, and palazzo pants. These beads give the outfit a touch of luxury and class. In particular, the tassels on the neckline give the outfit an extra touch of style and attraction.

This beautiful dress is finished with a navy blue printed dupatta, making the whole look complete and well-coordinated. All these parts work together to give you a stylish and eye-catching look that makes you stand out with confidence and style. Beechtree winter collection offers a similar variety of natural dyes as well.

  • Lime Yellow Raw Silk Dress with Organza Dupatta

This magnificent lime-yellow raw silk shirt exudes elegance and will elevate your fashion game to the next level. The elaborate embellishments on this shirt, which include a mix of golden, pink, and green bugle beads as well as beautiful gold sequin work, have been painstakingly sculpted to produce an intriguing and enticing pattern. This magnificent shirt is brilliantly coupled with multi-colored printed shalwar pants adorned with a stunning border that adds a touch of charm and sophistication to the overall look.

The result is a wonderfully harmonized ensemble that exudes elegance and grace. A patterned organza dupatta of three yards’ length is included with this set. The dupatta is embellished with golden sequins skillfully sprayed across the fabric. This additional component not only imparts a trace of sheen to your ensemble but also lends an air of grace and grandeur to it, making it more likely that you will be noticed for your impeccable taste and self-assurance. You can see similar colors and combinations in the Limelight winter collection as well.

  • White Embroidered Dresses with Red Organza Dupatta

Elevate your fashion statement with a genuinely ravishing front-open ivory jacket. This exquisite piece of attire is a masterpiece of design, featuring intricate detailing that includes shimmering gold sequins, delightful beads, and ornate gota work that graces the borders of the jacket. Adding a touch of sophistication, chunky tassels sway gracefully from the hem of the coat, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect. To complete this striking ensemble, the coat is expertly paired with black printed churidar pants, creating a striking contrast that exudes elegance and style.

To further enhance the overall look, a deep red printed organza dupatta with exquisite four-sided gota finishing is elegantly draped around you, adding a touch of grace and charm. And, of course, the crowning touch is the addition of a chic and stylish Potli bag, which not only complements your outfit but also adds a final layer of sophistication and allure to your overall appearance. With this combination of elegant pieces, you are sure to make a lasting and remarkable impression wherever you go. You can see an elaborate variety of cambric dresses in the Limelight winter collection as well.

  • Mari Gold Short Shirt with Green Trousers

This raw silk shirt in a vibrant mango-yellow color emanates personality and features superb front decorations. These ornaments feature shimmering sequins, beautiful gold Nakshi work, and a fun assortment of icy blue, orange, and pink bugle beads. Tassels, which serve as the finishing touch, gracefully descend down the shirt.

We chose a wonderful set of printed palazzo trousers and a matching printed organza dupatta to go with this top to complement the trousers and the dupatta. Our distinctive Hussain Rehar Potli decked up with opulent decorations, serves as the unifying element of the entire ensemble. Taana Baana winter collection has likewise embellished winter dresses. Apply appropriate makeup for a flawless & attractive look.

  • Raw Silk Ice Blue Attire

Enjoy classic elegance with the ice blue raw silk outfit, beautifully decorated with shiny gold sequins and a fun mix of pink, orange, and gold beads. The fine details include delicate pita work and a beautifully made neckline. This outfit falls smoothly, and the loop buttons and centered pleat give it a touch of class. If you have witnessed the Sapphire winter collection, it has similar styles.

The stylish culottes go well with this eye-catching outfit, making the whole look complete and stylish. An organza skirt with a pattern and golden sequins that give off a classic charm makes the outfit look even better. When you put these things together, they make a look that is both classic and modern, making a statement that will stand out and last.

A woman must rise and shine despite the chaos and unfriendly environment. You can make your surroundings positive and radiant if you wear a classy outfit. Grab your warm and comfortable Karandi dresses from Hussain Rehar’s winter collection this year. Indeed, you will be able to gain the public’s attention if you wear appropriate attire. Let us know about your experience with the portfolio of dresses above.