Hussain Rehar Formal Dresses for Women [Latest Luxury Collection]

hussai rehar formal dresses

Hussain Rehar formal dresses are a true representation of contemporary elegance and avant-garde fashion. Renowned for his creative genius and innovative design philosophy, Hussain Rehar has carved a niche in the fashion industry with his exquisite formal wear collections. His designs seamlessly blend traditional aesthetics with modern elements, resulting in captivating ensembles that exude sophistication and allure.

One of the defining features of Hussain Rehar formal dresses is his meticulous attention to detail. The designer’s commitment to using high-quality materials and his eye for precision in construction make his dresses stand out in a crowd, making them a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals who seek to make a statement at any formal occasion.

Hussain Rehar formal dresses are also celebrated for their versatility. Whether it’s a lavish wedding ceremony, a grand gala, or a chic cocktail party, his designs cater to a diverse range of events, making them ideal for women with varying style preferences. From intricately embellished fabrics to elaborate handcrafted embroidery, each outfit is a masterpiece in itself.

Hussain Rehar Formal Dresses for Women with Prices

By offering a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, Hussain Rehar ensures that his dresses resonate with women from all walks of life, empowering them to embrace their individuality with confidence and grace. With Hussain Rehar’s formal dresses, one can effortlessly capture the spotlight and leave a lasting impression on any occasion. If you are in search of a comfortable and stylish formal dress, then you are in the correct place.

You will be able to get a lot of variety of formal dresses for your parties and wedding wear. Hussain Rehar gathers all the essential and modest styles for the public to exude elegance. This year, opt for a radiant outfit by Hussain Rehar for a polished and attractive look. Let’s have a look at the gracious and lustrously created dresses for women below.

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Hussain Rehar started his career as a fashion designer in august 2017. He graduated in fashion designing from a renowned Pakistan institute of fashion and design. The secret to the success of the creative designer is the unique styling and detailed structures. Many people remember the designer for unbridled creativity and the strong identity of designs. Also, the very young and talented creator brings individuality in his clothing range with a bold touch for women. Therefore, women love to opt for the dresses by Hussain Rehar at any event.

Moreover, the creative designer always focused to combine his handcrafted skills with aesthetic influence for an illusion in style. Also, you can see the broad spectrum of clothing range that satisfies the fashion needs of humans. Everyone in the fashion industry owes and adores Hussain Rehar for creating exotic elegance and glamorously printed outfits.  The apparel collection includes 10 different varieties for women including two bridal sections. Well, in the following blog, you will discover the flaunting formal dresses by the creative designer.

Luxurious FIRNI SHIRNI Collection for Women

 The flaunting collection FIRNI SHIRNI has been launched with engaging and attractive designs for women. The extraordinarily created ensembles with a fusion of tradition will get you a chance to look modest. The glamorous formal dresses are ready to hit you hard in this season. Well, if you are not fond of formal clothing, you can go for a simple yet decorative outfit as well. Hussain Rehar’s luxury lawn collection ROOHI DE NAAL offers easy-breezy summer attires for women.

  • Embellished Ice-Blue Peshwas

As blue as the sky, there are a couple of shades that will bring a multi-color effect to your dress. Here is the green and ice-blue outfit for you. So, embrace the power of serenity and be the source of delight by wearing the gorgeous embellished Peshwas by Hussain Rehar below. I hope you will love the embellishments and detailed structures of the ice-blue dress. Faiza Saqlain formal dresses has more attires in this color as well that you can try or compare.

The delightful ensemble has embellished patterns in green, pink, and a bit tone of mustard hues. Further, it has a classical key-hole neckline design and embellished sleeves. Moreover, it is coordinated with a contrasting mustard churidar pajama and plain organza dupatta with embellished borders. Combine an ethnic pink Khussa to complete your formal look.

  • Delightful White and Peach Raw Silk Dress

There might be so many pretty shades in formal dresses but none can beat the grace of white dress. Undoubtedly, there is an ultimate sophistication in a white dress, despite the family of shades. There are a lot of graceful shades including optical, cream-white, off-white, and basic white shades. But, here is the pleasant cream-white ensemble for you below.

The following raw silk dress has enchanting embellishments on the front of the shirt.  Further, the exquisite handwork has created beautiful sleeves and neckline designs. Additionally, it has a heavily embellished shalwar that shows pure elegance and grace. The subtle peach pink dupatta in contrast to the cream-white shade makes a promising look for any event.

  • Embellished Gown-Style Dress with Sharara

If there is confusion, prefer organza over any other fabric. Undoubtedly, the organza outfits have a hundred times more grace than any other georgette, silk, or chiffon dress. Therefore, Hussain Rehar brings you a fantastic golden gown-style dress with a flared sharara. Please take a while to explore the flaunting outfit below.

The following beige floor-length gown comes in teal-blue finishing that makes it more beautiful. Further, the heavy embellishments extend from the top to the bottom of the dress for a perfect look. Hence, it can be an ideal option for teens and young girls to wear at any formal event. Tie a garland to your hair to construct a stunning yet traditional look.

  • Subtle Pink Embellished Raw Silk Dress

Nothing gets in between pink and a woman. Yes, every young girl and an aged woman shows love for the pleasant pink color. Therefore, the creative designers tend to bring an essential pink shaded outfit for the target audience. Such segmentation leads to intense PR of the brand. Well, please take a look at the following subtle pink embellished raw silk dress. check out more attires from Asim Jofa festive collection for women.

Can you see the visible thread patterns on the shirt? If no, then double-tap on the image to see the zoom-in details of the dress. You will be able to see the neat and layered thread embroidered patterns over the organza shirt. Plus, the traditional Churidaar pajama completes the entire ethnic look of the dress. Please give it a thought once!!

  • Navy Blue Raw Silk Dress

Go for the blues, they caught the hearts!! Well, people think that it is easy to pose for a picture when you are wearing blue. Do you think similarly? If so, then here is good news for you. Hussain Rehar’s collection presents you with a bold yet classical navy blue raw silk dress in the image gallery below. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the efforts of designers.

Get yourself a calming blue outfit below to enhance your confidence. Feel free to touch the sky if you can because blue is the color of the sky. The embellishments of the dress will get you a modest and refined look. The decorative raw silk shirt comes with a contrasting shocking pink Churidar pajama. Plus, it has a plain organza dupatta for a competitive look.

  • Peach Raw Silk Shirt with Palazzo

Teens and young girls always look for a peachy and dreamy outfit. Since there are a lot of clothing brands for women, so you don’t need to worry at all. Also, we are here to show you the latest and modern outfits for your elegance and grace. Indeed, the following peachy pink embellished dress will get you a modish look. Zara Shahjahan Wedding Formals have many similar colors and designs that you can check out too.

The dreamy outfit has a signature thread embroidery all over the front. Further, it has an embellished neckline and sleeves. The knee-length shirt is coordinated with a flared and embellished palazzo. Indeed, the pastel tints of peach will bring you real glam and grace. The plain organza dupatta with spray and embroidered borders complete the look of the dress.

  • Dreamy Shocking Pink Raw Silk Suit

People who love nature will always wear colors of the spirit. Plus, those who love butterflies will search for a likewise dress design. Can you believe that animal and bird prints that were common in 90’s fashion trends are back now? Here is a demonstration of such trendy and ancient fashion styles below. Please have a look at the butterfly embroidered dress below.

The wings of butterflies show patience and courage. Therefore, people who love to struggle will opt for the following dress. You can visibly see the tiny butterflies floating over the surface of the dress below. Further, it has an embellished shalwar with a glamorous poncha design. The embroidered organza dupatta completes the entire dreamy vibe of the dress.

  • Embellished Black Formal Dress by Hussain Rehar Formal Dresses

There is real glam and grace in the combination of black and white. Plus, many people believe that this is the most royal combination overall. Therefore, Hussain Rehar brings you a modest and chic formal dress in black and white below. Wrap up yourself in the stunning dress below to get as many positive compliments as you can. Let’s give it a chance to wear.

The timeless raw silk shirt has a smile yet delicate embroidered patterns on the neckline and border. However, it has elaborate sleeves and flared trousers. The trouser is heavily decorated for an ethnic look. Indeed, the chunky embellishment will lead to a glamorous look. Wear exquisite and delicate jewelry with the outfit to complete your look.

The timeless statement styles are ready to make your looks much magnificent and chic. Delve into opulence with the luxurious and glorious silk and organza embellished dresses above. Undoubtedly, the attractive and detailed designs will propel you to opt for a dress that compliments your looks. Create an illusion in your style with the lovely dresses above.