Hussain Rehar Luxury Lawn 2024 New Summer Collection with Prices

Latest Hussain Rehar Luxury Lawn Collection

It is a game of mind that either you are wealthy or poor. Your mind must be positive and satisfied with your clothes and footwear. Several clothing brands are working for the desired stuff that you love to wear. So here I will present the latest Hussain Rehar luxury lawn collection that offers glamorous spring outfits for women of all ages.

Here you will get a stunning variety of lawn dresses in all dark, dim, and bright shades. Plus, the nicely crafted embroidery makes these attires extra beautiful. You can carry these attires casually and formally, according to your choice. But no one can beat the level of Hussain Rehar.

The pure lawn texture is utilized to design these stunning attires. Moreover, all these magnificent dresses are paired with digitally printed lawn dupattas and cotton trousers. So, this summer, get yourself a dramatic outfit from the latest collection of Hussain Rehar and append more elegance and charm to your look.

Latest Hussain Rehar Summer Luxury Lawn Collection

People always pay attention to the beauty of a woman. Undoubtedly, the girls have always noticed in any event; rather it’s spring or winter. Do you want to be recognized as a modest and up-to-date woman? If so, choose an outfit wisely for yourself in any event because it is the only way to add charm to your look by making it extra dazzling.

Also, I am glad to inform you that famous Pakistani fashion designers¬†create enthusiastic styles for you. Admittedly, you will never regret your choice if you choose an ensemble from Hussain Rehar’s collection. Instead, you will appreciate our tips and suggestions.

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Hussain Rehar is a successful designer who has built a career in fashion through struggle and hard work. The secret of his success and excellence is the unique and unusual styling and attention to detail he gives to each design. Hussain Rehar established his namesake label on August 23rd, 2017. He graduated with a fashion design degree from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. The young designer entered the market by bringing individuality with a touch of boldness. Therefore, people love his creative ensembles.

The indefinable characteristics of the label are a result of certain unique and uncommonly brilliant perspectives. Focusing on the ability to combine his unique handcrafted skill and aesthetic influence with high fashion sensibility, Rehar continues to offer fashion through broad-spectrum accessibility. From exotic elegance and bold wild print glamour to red-carpet drama, Hussain Rehar is adored by everyone in the industry.

Lifetime Achievements:

Hussain Rehar was nominated in Pakistan for two significant award shows, the Lux Style Awards, and the Hum Style Awards, as the fashion industry’s shining star. You can witness the originality of the designer through his expertise in his divergent canvas. Moreover, the insight visual modality was inspired by cultural alluring and women empowerment.

Hussain Rehar Unstitched Luxury Lawn ft. Kinza Hashmi

Hussain Rehar never fails to disappoint like always. Check out the beautiful Hussain Rehar unstitched luxury lawn collection featuring beautiful Kinza Hashmi. No doubt the dresses are breathtaking and Kinza has done justice to the designs with her beauty and grace. All the dresses are reasonable as the prices are mentioned below.

Hussain Rehar Luxury Lawn ft. Ramsha Khan

Hussain Rehar made his fortune in the fashion world when he took the lead in designing the most extravagant labels that reflect his creativity and vision. The famous designer pioneered a platform that he constructed by merging his artisanship and scale of exotic elegance to grasp the fashion world’s attention.
Further, the apparel collection of Hussain Rehar consists of resorts, formal and semi-formals, along with two Bridal Collections. The brand started boosting its fame, and it has already expanded its web in other fashion dimensions. However, here is the unstitched summer catalogue for women. Moreover, the designer will eventually ratify his piece of art in western-style clothing, and it will give a chance to endorse delicate vogue.
  • Lime Yellow Luxury Lawn Outfit with Digital Printed Dupatta

Are you looking for a glam summer outfit? If so, then the pure sunshine lime yellow outfit will be the best option for you. Never limit yourself because a good emcee will rhyme in a lot of different ways. Therefore, we are bringing an exquisite yellow ensemble for you below.

Moreover, the following yellow outfit is fully embroidered from the front. Also, it has a fully embroidered back and sleeves. The digitally printed dupatta is completing the striking look. Plus, you can get more designs from the recent Tena Durrani luxury lawn collection.

  • Shocking Pink Premium Lawn Dress

Beauty never fades, and one feels comfortable in their own complexion. However, people who have relatively fair skin tones look for vibrant colours to enhance their looks. Therefore, we suggest you try the flaunting shocking pink luxury premium lawn dress below.

Please take a look at the following voguish combination for your summer. The fully embroidered lawn shirt is coordinated with a floral embroidered dupatta. You can likewise get staggering combinations from the latest Taana Baana’s summer collection.

  • Royal Blue and Green Thread Embroidered Lawn Dress

Nothing can beat the grace of a royal blue outfit. You can behave the best if you dress up impeccably. Also, never compromise on your outfit as it speaks about your personality. So, get yourself a studded royal blue premium lawn outfit for this summer to stay classy.

Moreover, the ensemble is fully embroidered from the front, back, and sleeves. Further, it is co-ordinated with a basic trousers having a contrasting border. The digitally printed dupatta looks magnificent like that of Cross Stitch’s summer collection.

  • Unstitched Zinc Lawn Embroidered Suit

Bring yourself a shiny and glamorous look this season with Hussain’s summer collection. You need to stand still and look stylish with the right kind of outfit. Undoubtedly, the contrasting zinc ensemble will bring you the necessary dazzling looks this summer.

Moreover, you can make your dress in the following style if you love to wear frocks. Plus, you can seek similar designs in different shades from Asim Jofa’s RABT collection. I hope you will love the unique zinc fully embroidered dress with the printed dupatta below.

  • Embellished Dark Green Lawn Outfit

Glam culture has its roots in obsession and passion. Plus, people who are truly devoted and loyal to their personalities can be masters of glamour. Also, do you think that you are glamorous? If so, then you will surely go for the following creative ensemble for summer.

The dark green `outfit is intricately decorated with embroidery. It is embellished with organza patches and a fully embroidered organza dupatta. Moreover, it has basic trousers with a border for a whole look. You can see many similar styles from the Manara luxury lawn collection.

  • Pista Green Fancy Lawn Outfit

A fancy ensemble is all that a woman looks for in every season of the year. Despite the busy and hectic routine, a woman never skips any event. Therefore, we have an inspirational fancy outfit for you to wear on any summer occasion.

Get yourself an incredible pistachio green embroidered outfit from Hussnain Rehar’s summer collection. The delighted outfit is fully embroidered from the front. Further, it is coordinated with a green printed dupatta. Get more similar dresses from Sable Vogue’s collection.

  • Sleek Black Hussain Rehar Luxury Lawn

How can spring end without a typical sleek black dress? You might have seen a sufficient variety of exquisite ensembles from Nilofer Shahid’s luxury collection. But, here are some more from Hussain Rehar’s collection. So, I hope you will love the dress.

Moreover, put on the following dress more elegantly this summer to rock the events. The beautifully embroidered lawn dress is embellished with intricate artwork. Also, it has a contrasting dupatta that makes the outfit progressively appropriate for any event.

  • Ice Blue Lawn Outfit for Summer

Glitter is cool because it’s like glam rock. Indeed, a woman looks glamorous if she opts for a slightly brighter and glittery outfit. You might have seen magnificent styles from the Salitex luxury lawn collection. So, here is a rusty yet glittery outfit for you below.

The unique combination will propel you to try it this season for a distinctive look. Apparently, the ice blue shade comes with a pink tint in contrast. Further, it has a shocking pink dupatta and ice-blue trousers. I hope the dramatic combinations will suit you.

  • Peach¬†Hussain Rehar Luxury Lawn Suit

Are you looking for a peachy-shaded premium outfit for summer? If so, then head over to Hussain Rehar’s collection to grab your desired striking summer ensembles. However, you can have much variety from Zaha’s luxury lawn collection too. The portfolio of Zaha’s collection is full of inspirational and artistic work that looks classy in summer.

The following peach outfit is full of glamour and class that will get you a compliment. Well, the outfit is fully embroidered from the front and back with printed trousers. Further, it has a printed lawn dupatta for a wholly contemporary look. The innovative outfit will bring you enough dazzling looks to stay modest among the galaxy of people around.

So finally, the most awaited collection of the season is here for you. Delve into opulence with the majestic designs above. Moreover, the classical counterpart and traditional ensembles will evoke a sense of magic in your looks. Plus, the high-quality fabric and premium designs will create an illusion in your style.