Taana Baana Eid Collection 2021 Embroidered Lawn Dresses with Prices


A woman can be a center of attraction if she dons an outfit correctly. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to stay gorgeous in the galaxy of individuals. So, in a world where you can be anything, be classy. Everyone knows that eid is ahead, so a nice outfit shall be in the closet. Pick the mesmerizing dress from the Taana Baana Eid collection this year.

I know that women are brand conscious. It is pretty evident that everyone will buy a significant style for their children too. You can easily decide what to wear on eid if you have a complete demonstration of it. Fortunately, we are always number one to bring you the essential collection of the year. Here is the most awaited eid collection of the year for you.

A fantastic mix of colors and designs will catch your hearts. Also, it may force you to quickly grab the dress before it gets out of stock. Let me tell you that you are gonna slay on eid if you opt for any of the outfits from the portfolio below. So, take a deep breath and quickly take a tour of the following article. I hope it will help you to choose an eid dress.

Latest Taana Baana Eid Collection for Women Catalogue (Fresh Arrivals)

You can not look beautiful accidentally unless you struggle for it. Indeed, your beauty will shine out of your soul if you wear a subtle dress. A woman has to decide about what she wants and what she needs. Undoubtedly, such realization will lead to positive decisions. Finally, you will pick a color and style that you haven’t tried before at any event. Such a powerful decision will make you look different and classy on any occasion.

Wake up yourself for the most awaiting collection of the year. Eid festival is just around the corner, and there is too much cluttering among the women clothing brands. Indeed, every brand has tried its best to craft modest dresses for women. I am glad to say that Taana Baana has rocked the market with the most flaunting and statement styles. The awe-inspiring hues will bring you the essential glam. Please take a look at the eid dresses below and give them a thought.

About The Brand History

Taana Baana is a famous clothing brand that offers premium quality clothing fabric to its customers. Additionally, it focuses on intricate and classic patterns to create youthful designs. The makers artfully depict the ethnic and wealthy artisans through efforts.

Further, the brand ensures to deliver modest and fashioned products to the public. Having strong PR in the market, the leading brand has deep roots in ethnicity. If you want to wear a unique piece of art, quickly grab an outfit from Taana Baana embroidered eid collection.

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Unstitched Embroidered Dresses for Eid (BANO Collection Vol 1)

There is unquestionably no absolute choice of a woman whenever it comes to the point of the outfit. Assuredly, only a woman can struggle much hard to find an artistic piece of cloth. Luckily, you are fortunate if you are reading our blog currently. The portfolio below is presenting you with some flawless lawn and jacquard designs to buy and wear on eid.

An expressionless face will make you dull and dead. Never let anyone dull your shine. Now, you can shine out of your soul effortlessly by wearing a majestic outfit. Head over to the nearest retail outlet of Taana Baana to pick your favorite lawn suit for eid festival. Also, you can avail the online shopping facility from their website if you can not step outside (in case).

  • Graceful Pink Embroidered Lawn Suit

Teens always look for a soft and gentle color at any event. Indeed, the softness of the shade brings many delicate and desired looks to people. Therefore, we are bringing you a gorgeous pink embroidered dress for eid. Give a thought to the beautiful dress below.

The peachy outfit below has an embroidered central panel. Further, it has two delicately embroidered side panels and sleeves. The embroidered organza dupatta is enhancing the entire look. Get more festive dresses from Mushq eid collection which are amazing.

  • Ivory Embroidered Lawn Suit for Eid

The ivory shade is the most delicate in the family of colors. Many old-age women love the combination of black and ivory as it upgrades their grace. Therefore, the Taana Baana eid collection presents you with one of the most refined combinations of ivory below.

The embroidered lawn shirt has a fully embroidered front. You can see astounding criss-cross patterns on the dress. Further, it has a detailed print on the sleeves. The contrasting cotton net dupatta is completing the entire look of the dress. Please give it a thought!

  • Sunshine Yellow Embroidered Eid Dresses

Sunshine yellow dresses serve a significant look to women in summer. Undoubtedly, the scorching sun is enough to feel the intensity of hot. But, a likewise sunshine dress will amplify the feeling of the season. Here are the two yellow embroidered eid dresses for you.

The front of the shirts is fully embroidered from top to bottom. The first dress is combined with a gold jacquard dupatta. Well, the second one is combined with a motif embroidered check organza dupatta. Get yourself any of the following dresses for this year’s eid.

  • Angel Blue Embroidered Lawn Suit

To bring out the good in yourself, you must be unique. Therefore, you should pick a different color and style to stay distinctive. If you want to bring angelic looks, quickly go for the following angel blue embroidered lawn dress for this year’s holy festival.

The creative outfit has an embroidered front with a cutwork border. It comes in a beautiful combination of soft and delicate pink colors. Further, it coordinated with a graceful gold jacquard dupatta. Get similar combinations from Saadia Asad’s eid collection too.

  • Pastel Purple Embroidered Lawn Suit

Taana Baana urges to bring all the essential colors for women. So, here is a beautiful pastel purple embroidered dress for you. We have beautiful purple dresses in Zara Shahjahan’s eid collection as well. The outfit comes in brilliant contrast with deep red. The dress has a delicately embroidered sequin embroidered neckline. Further, it has a graceful embroidered border and sleeves. The contrasting red printed organza dupatta is completing the entire look of the outfit.

  • Teal Blue Embroidered Lawn Suit

An entire vibrant combination can bring many striking looks to your personality. Significantly, the young and teen girls shall go for such loud combinations to maintain their youthful looks. For instance, please take a look at the beautiful and energetic outfit below.

The classic teal blue shirt has an extensive and elongated embroidered neckline. Indeed, the minimal patterns will bring an elegant look. It has a contrasting red printed organza dupatta. The Bonanza Satrangi eid collection also contains similar lawn designs and attractive prints. Give them a chance too!

  • Aqua Green Embroidered Lawn Suit

Have you ever seen an aqua-green outfit below? If no, then there is no need to regret it. We are here to vanish your regrets and diminish your negative thoughts. Stay cheerful with the illuminating embroidered aqua green dress by Taana Baana eid collection.

The following prettiest ensemble is ready to make your eid look enchanted and glamorous. There are vertical embroidered patterns on the neckline, with an embroidered motif on its edges. The contrasting gold jacquard dupatta completes the entire look of the dress.

  • Navy Blue Embroidered Lawn Suit

Do you want to be a temptation wrapped in exquisite elegance? Well, there is no competition between elegance and grace. Once you are as beautiful outside as you are from inside, you can conquer the world. To amplify the beauty of your soul, always go for a wise and pleasant outfit. Here is such a dramatic and graceful navy blue dress for you.

Please take a while to discover a bit complicated design below. The front of the shirt is heavily embroidered in white for a royal look. However, you can see minimal patterns on the back and sleeves. Further, it has a contrasting light blue organza printed dupatta. Explore theĀ latest Khaadi eid collection for chicer and flaunting combinations for eid.

Taana Baana BANO Eid Collection (Unstitched Volume 2)

With the excellence of heart, everyone can gain the look that they desire. If you want that everyone shall clap for you whenever you walk aside, you must be classy. Undoubtedly, a little eccentricity will always enhance your looks. For the sake of progressively stunning looks, Taana Baana has launched an additional eid volume for you. Just in case, if you didn’t like any dress from their first volume, here is another portfolio for you.

The following image gallery is a beautiful mixture of essential designs for you. The fusion of color palettes and incredible artwork has created a unique style for you. Pick up the dress that can coordinate with your complexion and personality. A little application of makeup will elevate your entire look. Get yourself a vigorous outfit at a slightly higher cost. However, if you are searching for an affordable dress, Sapphire eid collection will help you.

It has become a ritual to judge a woman with her clothes and appearance. In such circumstances, everyone shall choose a dress that can upgrade their looks and grace. Fortunately, Taana Baana has stepped into the industry with distinctive eid dresses. You need to pick up a flaunting style that coordinates well with your personality and complexion. Delve into opulence with the dramatic and eye-catching dresses above.