Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial for Mehndi, Barat and Walima Look

magnificant Bridal mehndi Makeup Tutorial

Pakistani ladies are more conscious of their bridal makeup than others. They love to apply cosmetics. So, read this blog and get the Pakistani bridal makeup tutorial here. You get a wide range of bridal looks according to the wedding occasion. As you all know, weddings comprise of different events.

In this way, for your simplicity, we accumulated a wide range of Pakistani bridal cosmetics use and looks. You can glorify all occasions by applying the ideal makeup and can also make your wedding lavish because the wedding is a memorable experience in the bride and groom’s life. So both must dress up nicely and make the entirety of their look glamorous.

Most of the young Pakistani ladies have no clue about what sort of cosmetics suits them? Which shading of makeup they should pick to make their look luxurious? Which kind of cosmetics will be applied in accordance with the dress? There is no need to take stress about it. After reading this blog, you will find all of your answers here.

pinkish walima day makeup ideas

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial with Step by Step Instructions

Pakistani young ladies like to apply light-colored cosmetics. Because they look progressively exceptional. The more you stay simple, the more you look jazzier and fantastic. Try to coordinate your cosmetics with your outfit so you will look lavish and dazzling. These makeup steps are also helpful to get the engagements looks as well.

If your outfit is wholly decorated, at that point, like to wear the light and dim colored cosmetics like earthy shades.If your dress isn’t wholly weaved, at that point, go for the striking and bold type cosmetics. There are four events of the Pakistani wedding ceremony.

  • Mayun
  • Mehndi 
  • Barat 
  • Walima

So, check out all types of Pakistani bridal makeup tutorials as per the wedding event. In all kinds of makeup, the first five steps are the same that you must follow in all kinds of makeup-look.

1- Wash Your Face

While you are going to apply the cosmetics, make sure to wash your face first. Wash your face with the excellent face wash to expel a wide range of residue and contamination from your face. And set up your face to apply any beautifying agent.

prep your skin

2- Apply Primer

Primer is the most critical thing of Pakistani bridal makeup. It makes the rest of the makeup easy and smooth. It likewise assists with cleaning your face and makes it more neat and clean.

apply primer

3- Apply the Thick Layer of Foundation

Applying the ideal bridal establishment is somewhat tricky, yet you can do it easily after some training. The lady of the hours establishment is not quite the same as others. Ladies need the thick layer of the foundation so their cosmetics will remain for a longer time. With practice, you can learn to apply the foundation correctly.

All you need is to pick the correct shades as per your skin tone. There are six different shades, which are available in the foundation. So choose the correct one as per skin tone and make the most of your dazzling Pakistani bridal makeup look. Foundation is the must-have makeup product for brides.

bridal apply foundation

4- Add Concealer Under Your Dark Circles

Do you have dark circles?? Do dark circles shroud your magnificence? Try not to stress, apply the concealer around your eyes, and hide/cover every single dim and flaw from your face and make the most of your look astonishing and entirely clean.

Add Concealer Under Your Drak Circles

5- Set Foundation with the Face Powder

You have to set your makeup base with the setting powder. It will expel all thicknesses and oil from your face. What’s more, it will make it lovely and agreeable. You can apply it with the sponge and brush, or with anything which you have. Take a limited quantity of powder and use it with the brush all over the face.

Apply Powder Foundation

6- Now Contour Your Face

You can ignore this progression if you have a slim and fit face. If you need to adjust your face, at that point, you can shape it with contouring. Like you can make your nose look thinner, shape your forehead, and evacuate your twofold jawline.

For contouring, you need the contour stick that is available on all cosmetics stores. Apply the layer of contour stick on your brows, nose, and where you have to adjust. At that point, mix it well with the brush and sponge and even with your fingers. By following all these steps, you can contour your face shape.

step by step contoring guide

7- Add Color into Your Eyes

There are various styles of eye-shadow that you ought to apply according to the occasion. The eye-shadow’s style is distinctive in each event. Continue to read this blog and make the entirety of your look jazzier by using the correct eye-shadows.

  • Mayun/Mehndi Bridal Eye Makeup

Mayun and Mehndi is a colorful occasion, so you should apply the eye-shadows in accordance with the event. Apply the splendid eye-shadows to make your mehndi look progressively bright and unique.

  1. First, take the light earthy colored eye-shadows in the eyelid and afterward apply the gleam eye-shadows in dark shades like green, pink, and yellow in the eyes’ wrinkle.
  2. The widget style eyeliner is the ideal decision to apply to give a classy impression to the eyes.
  3. Apply the false lashes and enhance the glow of the occasion of mehndi.

chic Bridal mehndi cosmetic ideas

  • Tutorial of Bridal Barat Eye Makeup

For applying the barat day eye-shadow, you have to select bold eye cosmetics. For this, you have to follow the accompanying advances:

  1. Apply a scotch tape in a winged style for getting the ideal bridal eye cosmetics.
  2. Make your smokey eyes with the gold and dark touch.
  3. Apply the sparkles in silver or gold tones on the crease.
  4. Further, Apply glitters in the external corner of the eyes.
  5. Presently take an eye pencil in dark shades, apply it in the bottom eyelid and make your look enchanting.
  6. In the last, apply the false lashes and remove the scotch tape.

tradional red bridal makeup ideas

  • Walima Bridal Eye Makeup Tutorial

Many ladies like to wear nude tones on walima. So, apply the nude eye-shadows for getting the classic appearance. For all of this, you have to do the following task:

  1. After applying a scotch tape in a winged style, move to add colors.
  2. The nude shading of your upper eyelid should be according to your outfit.
  3. Apply the sparkles in silver or gold tones on the top of the crease.
  4. Apply a shimmer eye-shadows in the external corner of the eyes.
  5. At last, apply the false lashes and expel the scotch tape. What’s more, make the most of your exquisite marriage look.

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8- Apply the Blush On

In the wake of applying the perfect eye-shadows and eye cosmetics, you have to add shading to your cheeks. For mehndi and walima cosmetics, you have to apply the earthy redden on. While for the barat look, you should apply the pink and red blend to become bloomed for your wedding day. The trend of cheek tints is also increasing among brides.

There are various styles to apply to redden on, so consistently use it according to your facial features. Further, view how to apply blush on to know the correct way of applying it.

apply blush on the bride

9- Add Color to Your Lips

After applying the blush on, you have to coordinate your lipstick with your outfit. If you are going to wear light tints, you need the pink and red sort of lipsticks. However, for the barat, you need the fantastic red and maroon lipsticks for adding more appeal to your wedding look. 

how to apply lipstick to bride

10- Final Pakistani Bridal Makeup Look

Presently finish your look by applying makeup spray multiple times all over the face. It will help you to keep your cosmetics all day long, and you can openly make the most of your stunning wedding look.

finish off your bridal look

Different Pakistani Bridal Makeup Looks (Image Gallery)

Have your humble look at the image gallery below, which contains the stunning bridal looks. All of these looks are so refreshing and beautiful. You can also follow them and can enhance the grace of your big day.

Pakistani Bridal mehndi Makeup Tutorial

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial

waliam day makeup look ideas

stunning mayun cosmetic look ideas

impressive mayun bridal makeup

modest Pakistani Bridal mehndi Makeup Tutorial

pakistani brial makeup look ideas

I hope you are very much aware of how to do your classy Pakistani makeup for brides. You can follow all the above guidelines for knowing the correct sequence and steps of bridal makeup. After following these instructions, your wedding day will become more classy and magnificent. Each wedding event has its cosmetic demand, and this article will help you in this regard.