8 Beautiful Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials Step by Step for Beginners

Beautiful smokey eye makeup for women

Eye makeup is an essential part of the makeup routine. Moreover, eyes with beautifully done makeup enhance the outlook of the face. It also requires a lot of experience and skill to do the right makeup on the eyes. Smokey style is one of the makeup techniques for the eyes. Smokey eye makeup is more appropriate for night events.

Smokey form of makeup also makes the eyes look big. Furthermore, the dark shades on the eyes give a very enchanting look to the eyes. Primer and concealer also act as the foundation. After the base, one can apply the rest of the shades on the eyes. The beautiful liner and mascara are also part of this process. They help to get the desired shape of the eyes as well.

Eyes get the beautiful shape after the smokey look. Moreover, it is the reason, the smokey form of makeup is being liked widely by the women. Women can also have it on various parties and formal events. The color of the eye shadow can also be selected according to the preferences. The color of the dress also determines the eye shadow of this makeup look.

smokey eye makeup

Different Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials – Step by Step Guide with Pictures

Women are fond of applying the makeup to the eyes. Moreover, it is the reason, most of the women want to learn this makeup technique eagerly. But always remember to use the best makeup brands for purchasing your eyeshade kits and eye makeup tools. These are the step by step guidelines for applying this kind of makeup to eyes. The smokey eyes not only enhance the shape of the eyes but also look so mesmerizing. Usually, it has dark shades in it. The mixture of dark shades also provides a dreamy look. Furthermore, this technique is most appropriate for weddings and parties.

Essential Products for Smokey Eye Makeup

  • Eye Primer
  • Concealer
  • Shimmery eye shadow
  • Black liner
  • Mascara
  • Eye-shadow brushes
  • Eyelashes

Application of Different Shades

Smokey eye makeup is very trendy among women. However, the most famous and common one is the black one. Furthermore, other colors like blue, purple, and pink are now in the trend. Let’s learn about the steps of applying these different and beautiful smokey looks to the eyes.

1. Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey makeup looks more classy at night parties. Moreover, most of the women prefer it to be in black shade. It also makes the eyes dramatic.


  • First of all, apply the primer and then concealer.
  • Apply the black eye shadow and also blend it on the whole lid.
  • Apply the black eyeliner and even merge it with shadow. But first, learn how to apply the eyeliner perfectly.
  • Also, smoke out your lower lash line and add a black kajal pencil in the waterline.
  • Attach the fake lashes and apply the mascara at the end.

black smokey eye makeup

Mesmerzing black smokey make up

2. Using the Ravishing Golden Shade

Sometimes women prefer to match their eye colors with their dress. Furthermore, the golden color looks not only ravishing but also extremely classy.


  • Apply the concealer and also a primer over the lid for getting the even look.
  • Also, apply the golden eye-shade in the middle and blend it carefully.
  • Apply the dark brown shades from outer to the inner corner as well.
  • Also, use the black liner to the upper and lower waterline.
  • Attach lashes and apply mascara to complete the look.

golden smokey make up for women

beautiful golden smokey make up

3. Applying the Dark Purple Shade

Purple is the charismatic color. Furthermore, the grace and charm of this color are unmatchable. The shimmery effect of purple smokey eyes is also perfect for formal events. This eye makeup will make your eyes look bigger.


  • Apply the primer and concealer.
  • Also, apply the lilac shimmer on the whole eyelid.
  • Start using the black shade at the outer corner as well.
  • Then add the dark purple in the center.
  • Also, peach pink should be used above the crease.
  • Apply the black liner in the waterlines.
  • In the last, attach fake lashes and mascara.

purple smokey make up

Purple shimmer smokey eye makeup

4. Bronze Smokey Makeup Steps for Eyes

If women want a dreamy look to their eyes, then bronze makeup is the right option. Furthermore, this metallic brown color suits well with all shades of dresses as well.


  • Prime your eyelid.
  • Also, apply the bronze shade over the whole eye.
  • Moreover, use the dark brown eye-shadow and apply it near the lash line. Also, learn the steps of applying eye-shadow perfectly.
  • Additionally, use the nude pencil in the lower waterline.
  • Apply a golden pencil to the inner corner as well.
  • In last, apply mascara for proper finishing.

bronze smokey eye make up

beautiful bronze smokey eye make up

5. Silver Shade of Smokey Eyes

Silver color makes the eye shape more prominent. Furthermore, the sparkling effect of the silver color creates a glittery effect.


  • First of all, apply primer and concealer and blend them well.
  • Furthermore, utilize the silver shadow over the whole eye with the help of an eye makeup brush.
  • Also, use the black liner in the corner of the eye and mix it in the inward direction.
  • Use the highlighter for making the brow bone prominent.
  • Apply a coating of the black liner at upper and lower water lines as well.
  • Apply the mascara at the end.

silver smokey eye make up

Mesmerizing silver eye make up

6. Royal Look with Blue Shades

The blue color is a natural shade. Furthermore, the blue shade supplements capacity to the eyes. The aqua shade also provides depth and beauty to the face.


  • After the primer and concealer, apply the black liner.
  • Spread the coating in an upward direction as well.
  • Moreover,  add blue shade over the eyelid and also on the lower lash.
  • Also, use the silver-tone over the crease and blend it well.
  • Add lashes and then mascara for enhancing the eye.

blue smokey eye make up

Classy blue smokey makeup for eyes

7. Eyes Smokey Makeup in Green

Green shades provide a glowing effect to the face. This makeup is more appropriate for night events. Moreover, women prefer to have this shade, in contrast with their dress.

  • After primer, add the black liner to upper and lower lashes.
  • Also, spread the coating well in an upward direction.
  • Add green shade on the crease of the eyelid.
  • Furthermore, apply yellow-brown tint above the green.
  • Add the black shimmer over the black liner.
  • Similarly, highlight the inner corners with golden shimmer.
  • Add the lashes and mascara as well.

Green smokey eye make up

Classy green smokey make up for eyes

8. Applying Beautiful Pink Shades

Pink is the widely used shade by the women. Furthermore, this shade suits well with almost all colors of dresses. The blend of various hues is used to finalize the pink smokey look. It is a perfect summer makeup look.


  • Apply the primer to form the make up base.
  • Also, apply the metallic pink over the eyelid.
  • Furthermore, use the black liner on the upper lash.
  • Also, blend the shade and liner well.
  • Apply the gold shimmer shade in the center part as well.
  • Then apply the lashes and mascara at the end to complete the look.

Beautiful Pink smokey eye make up

Pink smokey eye make up

Some Suggested Looks with Smokey Eyes

Following are the looks for the parties and formal events, in which the eyes have the astonishing smokey makeup on them. Moreover, women can also pursue these looks for parties and wedding events.

Smokey form of makeup is prevalent among females. Moreover, this mainly has dark colors in it. The blend of various shades and shimmers are also used to obtain the perfect look of the eye. Furthermore, black, pink, and green colors are usually in trend. Lashes and mascaras are an essential part of all these looks as well. Eyes also look more prominent and mesmerizing after the makeup. Careful use of the different shades and shadow brushes is necessary to get the perfect results.