How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

how to apply eyeliner easily

Applying eyeliner is an art and needs a lot of practice. With some practice, you can be a pro in applying eyeliner. Eyeliner plays a very significant role in our makeup look. It enhances the eyes and makes them more prominent. Learn how to apply eyeliner like a pro with us in this article in just simple steps.

  • Do you spend lots of time in the perfection of your eyeliner?
  • Do you want to learn and become a perfectionist?
  • How to avoid simple errors and save time?

 So, today, we are sharing some fundamental eyeliner tips that will be very helpful for you. Keep reading for more beneficial tips and tricks, and next time when you apply eyeliner, you will know the difference.

how to apply eyeliner like a pro

Learn How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner in Various Shapes

First, you need to know about the difference between pencil, gel, and liquid eyeliner. The eyeliners in Pakistan are available in the following three forms:

  • Pencil Liner.
  • Liquid Liner.
  • Gel Liner.

In this article, we will know about these three types of liners and their application.

  • Mostly Used Pencil Liner

Pencil liners are very easy to apply. In this way, the pencil liner is known for its easy application among girls. You can daintily use the pencil for an unobtrusive, average look, or you can without much of a stretch sharp your pencil to make smoky or sensational eyes. It likewise won’t make you look fuzzy as liquid liners do. When utilizing a pencil liner, you should need to sharpen your pencil to apply the ideal eyeliner.

dark brown eyeliner pencil

  • Liquid Liner for a Sharp Wing

The majority of girls do not like pencil eyeliner. Or maybe, they need liquid eyeliner for applying it impeccably. You essentially draw on your lines and fill in any spaces with the use of a liquid liner. You can make a wide scope of shapes from liquid liner for progressively flawless looks.

How To Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro Step By Step-Guide

  • Gel Liner with Brush

Gel liner is another effortlessly applied form that is used with a little brush. It’s thicker equation looks incredible as though feline eyes. The brush makes it simple to utilize. Make sure to clean the brush regularly to help forestall eye diseases. Always wash the brush after applying it.

gel liner

Step by Step Tutorial for How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

You will most likely apply your ideal eyeliner in the wake of reading this blog. Eyeliner will help to make your look progressively amazing and dazzling. Without eyeliner, your great look is inadequate. Here are necessarily ten stages that you should follow for applying your jazzy and stunning eyeliner.

1- Prep Your Eyes

The very initial step is to prepare your eyes. It is a compulsory and one the most significant step. After purifying your face, apply a lotion or any moisturizer for oily skin on your face, because it makes your eyes smoother and cleaner. The moisturizer assists with untimely wrinkles and levels out any redness. It will clean your eye area so you can apply your liner effectively.

Apply concealer to your eyelids

2- Set up your Liner

Presently the subsequent approach is to prepare your liner so you can rapidly apply it to your eyes. This progression relies upon what sort of eyeliner you want to use.

  • Shake it Before Use

If you are going to use the liquid eyeliner, at that point, all you need is to shake it with the goal that the liner blends well and accurately, and you can apply it easily.

waterproof liquid eyeliner

  • Sharp Your Liner Pencil

If you are a pencil liner lover and you need to use the pencil liner for making your eye look all the more enchanting. At that point, you have to prepare it by sharpening your pencil.

sharp your liner pencil

3- Apply a Clean Base

The first step is to prep your eyes with any concealer. It provides a clean canvas for the liner application. Many brands have eye concealers and base. Choose one shade lighter base for your eyes. If you have dark circles, you can also apply concealer on the effective area. You can use eye creams for dark circles for naturally getting rid of them.

how to apply eyeliner correctly

4- Hold the External Corner of Your Eyelid

Presently, place your fingers on the external edge of your upper lash line. After this, pull it outwards delicately with the goal that the eyelid is taut. Since when your eyelid is rigid, at that point, you will handily apply liner on it. This will assist with guaranteeing that you make an even straight line along your upper lash line. Further, raise your eyebrows with the goal that your eyelid doesn’t obstruct your lash line by any stretch of the imagination.

Hold ther external corner of your eyes

5- Start from the Inner Corner

It is one of the most critical steps in applying eyeliner. Start from the inner corner of your eyes. You can also add tape in the external edge for a perfect winged liner. Draw dots and then join all the dots with liner. Fill in all the gaps, and your liner is ready. It can be a perfect summer makeup look.

how to apply eyeliner in simple steps

6- Cat Style Eyeliner

To make the ideal feline line, draw a thick curve over your lash line. It will appear like a semi-circle when you have your eyes shut. However, when you open your eyes, it will make the ideal cat eyeliner. You can fill your top in with a black pencil, so when you blink, the liner does not seem as though it is drifting. Moreover, it is the right way of making your eyes look bigger with makeup.

cat eyeliner

7- Winged Eyeliner

The secret to finding the correct point is to follow the characteristic line of the lower lash line. On the off chance that a line reached out from your lower lash line, that is the place your liner should wing out to. Draw the line and fill it in gradually. Take as much time as it is needed with this when you are a newbie.

latest tips for eyeliner

8- Also, Draw a Line on Your Lower Lash Line

Likewise, draw a line into the lower lash line for making your eyes increasingly excellent and splendid. For the most part, pencil eyeliner is the best decision to apply to your lower lash line since you can without much of a stretch use it with the assistance of a pencil.

If you do not have a pencil eyeliner, at that point, try to characterize your lower lash line with any liner which you have and then apply it with the brush. You can likewise utilize a few shadows on your lower lashline for making it jazzier. Pick a suitable eyeshade and fill in your lower lash line.

define your lower lashline

9- Never Forget to Apply Mascara

The last step is to apply mascara or use false lashes for an inexorably dramatic look. If you don’t have any false lashes, you can apply mascara onto your eyelashes. Mascara makes your eyes progressively noteworthy and makes it jazzier. Presently, your eye with the best eyeliner is done! Apply some good makeup look with this liner with waterproof lipstick for a long-lasting look.

apply mascara to your eyes

Completing the Look!!

Your pretty liner is done. Get some inspiration from the below images for a beautiful makeup look.

classy eyeliner tips

ideas for eyeliner

funky eyeliner

winged liner styles

All you have to do is follow the above steps and always keep these steps in your minds. That’s all about applying eyeliner correctly. I hope so now you can do your makeup by applying the perfect and classy eyeliner.