Best Lip and Cheek Tints/Stains that are Available in Pakistan [Top Brands]

Latest Best Lip tints in pakistan

If you don’t like to apply the bold lipstick shades in your everyday routine, then you should go for the right lip tints. Interestingly, you can also use the tints on your cheeks. If you are looking for lip and cheek tints that are available in Pakistan, then you are at the correct place.

Stylesnic will assist you in picking the correct tints. All tints come in six light and nude shades. These tints will help with making your look elegant and extraordinary. By applying them on your lips and cheeks, you can easily blend them with a brush.

Are you looking for a tint with the ideal matte completion? At that point, you can quit looking because you are in the right place now. I made an honest effort to guide you about the most amazing colors in this blog so that you can pick the ideal one. So, without wasting more time, let’s start it.

lip tints in pakistan

10 Long-Lasting Lip and Cheek Tints for Women

At whatever point you go outside, you can’t leave your lips and cheeks naked. Your pretty look is inadequate without lip and cheek shading. So, for shading your lips and cheeks, you need the tasteful lip and cheek tints in Pakistan that will help to make the entirety of your look striking and rich.

If you don’t have enough time to do your whole makeup? Then you can apply the tints on your lips and cheeks. The tint functions admirably to prettify you.

Tip: Before using the lip stain on your pout, apply the brilliant balm to soften your lips. That will assist you with saturating your pout and keep them from dryness.

best lip tints in pakistan

1. Etude House Lip/Cheek Tint

Etude House is an South Korean brand. It offers numerous things to incorporate various skincare items. The main headquarter of this brand is in Seoul, South Korea. All magnificence products of the Etude brand are exceptionally dazzled with the best quality. The high quality of this brand is the reason because of which everyone wants to purchase its items.

You will get the lip-gloss, foundation, bronzer, blush on, eye-shadow, mascara, and eyeliner in its cosmetics range. It likewise presents the most impressive tints with the various shades for its customers. Every one of these shades of the tints for lips and cheeks is astonishing and striking.

Etude House Lip tint in Pakistan

2. Maybelline Lip & Cheek Tints in Pakistan

The Maybelline brand got popularity within a couple of years because of its good quality items. Maybelline offers you the striking and awe-inspiring tones of lip tints. All these shadings are accessible in its store, which you can get easily. If you can’t visit the store, at that point, don’t have to stress. It gives you an online facility for the simplicity of its customers.

Everyone has her own choice and taste, so for this, Maybelline offers the six distinctive shade in tints. Every one of these shades is comprising of the most incredible tones and coloring. If you favor long-lasting lipstick, then try the Maybelline flushstick tints that will surely help to moisturize your lips as well.

Maybelline lip tints

3. L.A COLORS Stain

The best thing about the tints is that you can apply them on your cheeks as well. So you don’t have to purchase the separate blush on.

How to Apply? 

  • It is easy and handy to apply. Initially, wash your face and eliminate all residue and soil from your face. 
  • After that, apply any moisturize on the face and lip balm on your lips for softening them.
  • Presently begin to apply the L. A lip stain on lips and a tad on your cheeks. 
  • You can blend it with any makeup brush or even with your fingers. 


4. Romantic Bear Lip & Cheek Tints in Pakistan

If you are going for any casual gathering, at that point, the romantic bear lip tint will assist with looking more stylish and natural. It offers five distinct shades of colors. The romantic bear stains are prepared with coconut oil, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients.

romantic bear lip tint

5. Wet n Wild Tint for Lip and Cheek

I hope that you are well aware of the Wet n Wild brand. It is the most unique and magnificent cosmetics brand that offers various cosmetic items for women. Wet and Wild also helps ladies to feel confident. Also, it offers the most extraordinary items at an affordable cost.

Like its other excellent cosmetics items, its lip and cheek stains are also very impressive. It offers five unique shades, from naked to bright. You can pick any tints according to your decision and make the entirety of your look stunning and striking by adding shade to your lips and cheeks.

Wet n Wild Lip Tint

6. MUA Lip & Cheek Tints in Pakistan

The MUA lip and cheek tints comprise of the most ultimate colors. Just one layer of the MUA is sufficient for making lips beautiful. You will see the various sites that offer the MUA lip colors, yet try to buy from their official site.

MUA additionally offers a huge range of items for ladies. It is a fantasy of every young lady to looks striking and exquisite on each event. This will be possible only when you do your fantastic makeup. So, in cosmetics, the lip stain assists with adding more sparkle to your look. Always remember to apply the lip colors on pout to enhance their beauty.

MUA Lip Tint

7. Clinique Lip Stain

The Clinique things are exceptionally renowned because of its extraordinary packaging. With the cosmetics items, it likewise offers skincare, scents, and gifts. Clinique lip stain also has the SPF property that protects your lips from the blistering beams of the sun.

Before applying any color, firstly, scrub your pout for cleaning it. The Clinique likewise assists with keeping your pout soft and smooth. So, hurry up, and buy a Clinique lip stain in your favorite hues before the stock ends.

Clinique Pout Tint

8. Bene Tint for Lips and Cheeks

The bene is the first brand that offers you the money-back guarantee like if you don’t like its product, you can return it. The stains of the bene will help to create radiance for your lips and cheeks. Its tints are available in four different shades.

This most notable makeup brand also offers an online facility with free shipping. The pout and blush stains of the bene are available in both shiny and matte forms so that you can pick anyone according to your choice and need. For a natural look, buy the matte stains, while for the beach party look, buy the shiny colors for looking more splendid and appealing.

Bene Tint

9. Milk Makeup Lip/Cheek Stain 

It is two in one lip and cheek stain. The Milk Makeup products are made by the hydrating ingredients that will help to keep your skin safe. Likewise, its lip and cheek stains are also prepared with 100% natural products like aloe vera, tea tree oil, rosewater, and many others.

Give a striking look to your pout by applying the Milk Makeup tints. If you are going for a friends gathering, then the Milk Makeup tints will help to make your looks jazzier and pretty. You can apply this tint directly to your lips without any makeup product.

Milk Makeup Lip Stain

10. Revlon Balm Tint

The tint is best for those ladies who never like to apply dark lipstick. It is used for keeping your look natural and smooth. Always go for the best-shaded stains. It also helps in your daily life routine to make your eyes dazzling and alluring.

The brand of Revlon was established in March 1932 that is still famous because of its unique quality products at an affordable cost. It also offers much other skincare, fragrances, and hair color products. The Revlon offers the most dazzling shades that, indeed, you need to beautify yourself.

Revlon Balm Tint

All tints are entirely significant and helpful for giving the natural glow to your face. You may select the one which falls within your budget. There are ten most elegant colors to choose from, and they look similarly lovely from cheek to the lip. Every one of these colors will give you a 100% natural and decent look.