How to Apply Blush On Perfectly for Your Face Shape [Tips & Tricks]

how To Apply blush on perfectly

Applying the blush on is a significant part of your daily makeup routine. It gives you a pretty gorgeous look, which makes your face seem slimmer and truly alive. Learn how to apply blush on with the best strategy by keeping in mind your face shape and skin tone.

Applying blush seems a bit hard, but we’re making it simple for you. Particularly with regards to adjusting face forming with a blush, you have to remember a couple of things. On the whole, we will discuss how to determine your face shape. So, please read this blog until the end.

One of the most common issues women face is that they don’t exactly have a clue how to apply blush appropriately or even where. Stress not, we’ll show you the right method, and let you know the shades that work best for you according to your skin tone. Let’s begin.

Apply Redden According To Your face shape

How to Determine Your Face Shape and Apply the Perfect Blush On

The following steps will help you in determining your face shape. If you already know, then you can skip this step and move to the next one.

1- Gather Your Tools

Get a measuring tape, a pen, and a notebook for better understanding. These tools will be helpful in determining your exact face shape.

Measure The width Of Your Face

2- Measure the Width of Your Face

Measure on a level flat over your forehead, jaw, and cheeks from their significant centers. Note the evaluations. Since you’ve done that, you can easily make the judgment of your face shape.

face shape measurement

3- Measure the Length of Your Face

At that point, measure the length of your face from your temple to jaw, vertically. Indeed, note the estimations in your note pad. Furthermore, presently, look at the estimation of the accompanying shapes, so you can easily know about your face form. Now match your readings from below face shapes.

Measure The Length Of Your Face

  • Oval Faces

If your forehead is wider than your facial structure and your face width is littler than your cheekbones’ length, you have an oval-molded face. Further, the edge of your jaw is rounded.

oval face shape

  • Heart-Shaped Faces

On the off chance that your forehead is the stretched out from your face like a heart and your jaw is pointed, then you have a heart-shaped face.

hearted face shape

  • Square Features

If you have a square face, the width of your jaw, forehead, and cheekbones will be the same.

square face shape

  • Round Faces

Like those of a square-shaped face, all readings will be the same. However, if your countenance has tenderly adjusted corners then you have a round-molded look.

round face shape

  • Oblong/long Silhouettes

In a long or Oblong shape, your face length is longer, and your brow, cheekbones, and facial structure have comparable estimations.

long face shape

  • Triangular Faces

If you have a triangular-formed face, your jaw will be thin and pointed, and your high cheekbones will be your most obvious part.

triangle face shape

I hope now you know well about your face form. Now, we can move to our main topic, that is how to apply blush on according to your face shape and skin tone. Remember to use good makeup brands for buying your ideal blush.

How to Apply Blush On Perfectly as Per Your Face Shape

Applying the perfect blush on is an incredible thing to lighten up your face and make it jazzier. It will assist you with looking progressively wakeful, and fresh. Discover below, how to pick the best product depending on your skin tone and type.

I am going to answers the following questions, in this article:

  • How to apply blush on oval cheeks.
  • How to apply blush on a heart-shaped profile.
  • Apply blush on rounded cheeks.
  • How to apply blush on an oblong form.
  • How to apply blush on a triangular frame.
  • Apply blush on a square face.

how to apply blush on easily

1- Prep Your Skin

Preparing your skin is the most significant motion. Basically, wash your face and apply some moisturizer on it. Arrange your makeup rituals as you always do.

prep your skin for apply blush

2- Pick a Shade According to Your Skin Tone

All you need is to pick the correct shade, as indicated by your skin tone.

  • On the off chance that you have pale, light complexion, at that point, go for bright pinks for a quite flush of shading that won’t overwhelm your character.
  • If you have light-medium skin, pick a peachy pink shade to give your skin a pretty shine.
  • Darker skin tones can go for brown shades for making all of your lovely and gorgeous looks.

different shades of blush

3- How to Pick the Correct Blushing Brush

Numerous brushes are accessible for the ideal application. You have to pick the correct one to apply the ideal and chic blush. Learn about the Essential makeup brushes for beginners to assist you.

perfect blush brush

4- How to Apply Perfect Blush on Every Face Shape

Always remember to perceive your face form for adding shading into your cheeks. Try not to stress. You can, without much of a stretch, discover your shape quickly. I referenced it for your ease, as you can see before. Typically, there are six different basic face shapes in the world:

  • Round 
  • Oval 
  • Heart 
  • Oblong 
  • Triangle 
  • Square
  • How to Apply Blush on Rounded Cheeks

When you have a round face, it makes your cheekbones pop. Apply blush starting from the ear to the cheekbone and upper lips. Also, include a little bit of touch of product to the jaw and forehead, plus mix it well to make your face look longer. Avoid blending near your nose since that can make your face look rounder, as well.

how to apply blush on round face shape

  • Add Color on an Oval Face

Do you have an oval shape? Then, it is easy for you to quickly discover your cheekbone. Therefore, you need to put the shading directly over the bone and jaw. Apply a certain amount of product on the apple of your cheeks and you are good to go.

how to apply blush on oval face shape

  • Blush on a Heart Shape

Have noticeable cheekbones and a thin jaw? then you likely have a heart-formed look. Apply blush in a “C” shape from the head of the sanctuary down to the cheekbones. Additionally, include a touch of shading towards the focal point of your temple. It will help to balance the width of your forehead with your jawline.

how to apply blush on heart face shape

  • How to Apply Blush on an Oblong Face

Look at your temple, cheeks, and facial structure if they all look a little bit rectangular, then you have an oblong countenance form, which resembles a delicate square shape. If you have this sort of shape, at that point, apply blush on cheekbones under the external corners of the eyes and mix well. Be sure that the blush does not extend lower than your nose tip. This will help shorten your features delicately.

how to apply blush on long face shape

  • Triangular Profile

On triangle cheeks, the blush ought to be applied in a sideways. Blend the product from your cheekbones to your temple. Afterward, extend the blush over your temple toward the focal point of your brow. This will assist with adjusting the width of your temple.

how to apply blush on triangle face shape

  • Square Features

Your cheekbones are of a similar width like your jaw, so to help distinguish them, apply your blush marginally below the cheekbone. It will look very pretty natural.

how to apply blush on square face shape

5- Finish Your Look with Shine!

After adding blush into your cheeks, apply highlighter or shimmer on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. This will make the entirety of your engaging and astonishing looks. Furthermore, set your makeup with the setting spray. This is because it will help you to keep your cosmetics throughout the day. Try to do your own makeup with easy makeup ideas.

how to apply blush on face

Hope so now you can quickly measure your face shape and will effortlessly apply the perfect blush on according to your face shape and type. I hope this article will be useful to you. I guess this guide clears all your questions. Please leave us a comment if you still have any questions!