Bridal Eye Makeup for Mehndi, Barat and Walima Bride

Bridal Eye Makeup for Mehndi, Barat and Walima Bride

An elegant bridal appearance is incomplete without appealing cosmetics. Makeup, like clothing and footwear, plays an important role in enhancing your bridal look by making it more brilliant. An outstanding collection of bridal eye makeup is shown below.

You will find fashionable eye makeup for your mehndi, walima, and barat occasion here, which will help to jazz up and draw attention to all of your eyes. In addition, find some bridal makeup recommendations below.

Let’s get to the end of this blog and receive some great makeup ideas for your gorgeous bridal appearance. Because bad makeup will ruin your function and make you look unattractive. There are a few things you should know before completing your ideal bridal makeup.

classy bridal eye makeup

Latest and Trendy Bridal Eye Makeup for your Big Day

Every bride is conscious of her bridal look because the wedding day is a life-changing event only once. The one question that stuck in the mind of all brides is, How does she look graceful? So, let’s glance at the best bridal makeup tutorial for this year and make all of your noteworthy and awe-inspiring bridal looks.

appealing bridal eye makeup

Makeup Tools you need:

The eye is the most prominent part of the face; hence, all brides focus on the eyes to make them attractive and pretty. Eye makeup is a little bit tricky and takes a lot of time. Therefore, all ladies do eye makeup on a priority basis. To do your bridal eye makeup correctly and timely, you need the following must-have makeup products:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Sponges
  • Brushes
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadows Kit
  • Glittery Eyeshadows kit
  • Liner
  • Mascara
  • False Lashes
  • Eye Pencil
  • Kajals
  • Eyebrow Pencil

eye makeup tools

Do your Bridal Eye makeup in Nine Easy steps

Look at the nine easy steps to do your bridal eye makeup in just a few minutes. Every bride wants to look more than a princess on her big day. In this regard, eye makeup helps you to grab a stunning look. Because in whole makeup, eye makeup is considered the most alluring part that helps modernize your face by making it more fabulous.

1- Wash your Face and set your Eye Brow First

Before applying cosmetics items, wash your face to remove all dust and pollution from your face and eyes. Wash your face and eyes with your favorite face wash, and then let it dry. The next step is to set your brows with the brows pencil and then fill it with the pencil if needed. Otherwise, skip this step.

set eye brows

2- Prep your Eye with primer

Now, prep your eyes with primer. It will hold your eye makeup in place. Also helps to prevent your eyeshadows from fading and smudging. By using the best makeup primer, you can easily blend the eyeshadows. Apply it around your eyes with a sponge or brush.

Prep your Eye with primer

3- Wear the Contact Lens

Contact lenses help to enhance your look by making it more breathtaking. It changes your overall look and adds more grace to your bridal look. Further, it makes your eyes more attractive and dazzling. Wear it before the makeup. Pick any shade of lens you like and wear it with care and proper supervision. Then, leave your eyes for five minutes.

Wear the Contact Lense

4- Apply foundation and concealer

Now, apply the concealer and foundation to hide your dark circles. Concealer is thicker than foundation; its essential purpose is to hide the dark spots and blemishes. Always apply concealer on top of your foundation so it doesn’t smudge.

5- Add Eye-Shadows/Glitters/Shimmer-Shadows

The most crucial step is to add eyeshadows to your eyes. 

Step 1- For the glam look, apply smokey eye makeup. It will make your small eyes look bigger.

Step 2- Apply the cut-crease eye makeup for a natural and decent gaze. It will make your eye look more soft and radiant. Look at how to do cut-crease eye makeup and easily do your cut-crease eye makeup. 

Step 3-. Add glittery eyeshadows to your eyes with Winget-style eyeliner for a sparkly gaze. 

bridal eye makeup

6- Utilize Eye Pencil

Now, heavily lining your lower lid with a very dark color. It can make your eyes look smaller and add more shine to them. You need to pick the right shade of eye pencil for you. To make it last, use the waterproof eye pencil.  

  • Firstly, sharpen your pencil well.
  • Then, line your lower lid with a pencil.
  • You can also apply the eyeshadows on the lower lid if you don’t have an eye pencil.

Utilize Eye Pencil

7- Apply Eyeliner

The eyeliner is the most vital thing in makeup. Without the nice eyeliner, your entire bridal eye cosmetics look is incomplete. Eyeliner plays a leading role in our makeup look. It improves the eyes and makes them more prominent. You can apply your eyeliner in two different styles.

  • Winged Eyeliner
  • Cat Style Eyeliner

For your glammy bridal look, winged eyeliner is perfect. 

  1. Apply eyeliner to your upper lash line. 
  2. Now, draw a thin diagonal line as the wing. 
  3. Create a straight line from the tip to the middle of your eyelid. Then, fill in the outline.

Further, learn how to apply eyeliner correctly and how to apply it easily. 

Apply Eyeliner

8- Apply Mascara/False-Lashes

Now, apply the mascara for a dramatic look. You can also apply the false lashes to make your face more agreeable and classy. And your incredible bridal eye makeup is complete. Now use the other cosmetics, including blush On, lipstick, and highlights, to make all of your beautiful and pretty flash.

Apply False-Lashes

Splendid and Engaging Mehndi, Barat, and Walima Look

Now, look at the most charming and splendid looks for Mehndi, Barat, and Walima brides. All these looks below will encourage you to get tips to make your bridal look more pretty and dashing. Have a look!

Splendid and Engaging Mehndi, Barat, and Walima Look

3- Mehndi Eye Makeup Ideas

Mehndi is the pre-wedding preparation in which all relatives come to bless the bride by applying the henna on the bride’s hands. The Mehendi function is always the most awaited because the dance, Luddi, bhangra, songs, and many other things are included in this event.

Please look at the makeup tips below for your Mehndi look to make it more remarkable and dazzling.

mehndi makeover ideas

  • Captivating Eye Makeup with a Traditional Yellow Outfit

Suppose you desire to wear the traditional yellow outfit on your mehndi event. The tips below help get the appealing flash and make your Mehndi event memorable.

  1. With your yellow outfit, you can apply the gold glittery eyeshadows with a simple line of eyeliner and false lashes.
  2. With the gold glittery eyeshadows, apply the pinkish lipstick and blush to get an incredible glimpse.
  3. Further, wear lightweight jewelry and keep your hair free by curling it.
  4. Apply the Tikki Mehndi design on the back of both hands, and your pretty mehndi look is complete.

mehndi makeup for yellow dress

  • Classy Multi-Color Mehndi Outfit Makeup

A multi-colored dress is the most desired dress of this year. You can wear this lovely outfit on your Mehndi and make all of your breathtaking and stunning gazes.

  1. You can apply the brown dramatic Arabic eye makeup with light brown lipstick and blush with your multi-color mehndi outfit.
  2. Also, apply the highlighter on your cheeks to add more shine to your look and make it appear striking and incredible.
  3. Wear the side Jhummer with the earring, and keep your neck naked for a dazzling look.
  4. First, apply the simple Tikki mehndi and wear the flower garlands on both hands, and you are ready to go.

mehndi eye makeup for bride

  • Enchanting Eye Makeup for Green Dress

Most teens prefer to wear a green dress and combine it with a pink embroidery dupatta. To get this type of look, as in the image below, all you need:

  1. Apply the shimmery golden eyeshadows on your eyes with cat eyeliner and false lashes.
  2. Add the nude shade of lipstick to your lips and cheeks.
  3. Wear the side jhummar with the necklace and apply the Arabic mehndi design to your hands. 
  4. Further, keep your hair open and place it on one side, and your jazzier bridal look is complete. 

striking bridal mehndi eyemakeup

2- Barat Eye Makeup Ideas

Barat is a life-changing event for every bride. The bride and groom are the focal points of the function because everyone is eager to see the bride and groom. Hence, both must be ready well. In this manner, classy makeup helps you to get a fabulous and pretty look.

classy bridal makeover

  • Glittery Eye with Golden Lehenga

Most girls don’t want to wear the traditional red lehenga on barat day. Instead, they prefer the gold lehenga. With your gold-shaded lehenga, you can:

  1. Apply the golden glittery and shimmery eyeshadows on the eyes with the false lashes and wedges eyeliner. 
  2. Pair your golden eye cosmetics with matte red lipstick and blush.
  3. Further, wear the jewelry in gold tints for a more stylish look.

barat bridal eye makeup for golden lehenga

  • Decent Makeup for Maroon/Red Lehenga

Are you going to wear the traditional red lehenga on your barat day? At that point, obey the following steps and make your barat look more splendid. 

  1. Apply the peach shimmery eyeshadows on the eyes in a cut-crease style with false lashes.
  2. Now apply the bold red lipstick with brown blush on.
  3. Wear the traditional adornments and fix your hair in a bun style, and your pretty bridal barat look is ready.

barat bridal eye makeup

  • Graceful Smokey Eyes with Black Lehenga

Black is the favorite shade of the teens. Even some crazy girls love to wear black outfits on Barat Day. If you also want to wear a black outfit on your special day. Then, obey the steps below to get the breathtaking flash. 

  1. Apply the black smokey eye makeup with the natural brown lipstick and blush.
  2. Skip the highlighter for the glammy gaze.
  3. You can also wear the red bangles on your hands to add the traditional touch to your bridal look.

classy bridal eye makeup for black lehenga

1- Walima Eye Makeup Ideas

Walima means get-together. Like Barat and Mehndi, Walima is also an essential function. Every girl wants to make her walima memorable by making her look more unique and luxurious. Look at three stunning makeup looks below of walima bride that help complete your jazzier look.

glittery eye makeup

  • Grey Shimmery Makeup For Walima Bride

On walima, focus the nude shades of eyeshadows with the bold lipstick because the walima event comes after the barat. And on barat brides do to bold makeup. Therefore, walima prefer nude and light-shaded eye makeup. 

  1. With your grey outfit, apply the grey shimmery eye cosmetics with the black touch to make it more novel.
  2. Apply the pinkish lip color to make your flash more attractive.
  3. Wear the lightweight adornment for a more pretty and decent gaze.

impressive walima makeup

  • Pretty Makeup for Light Peach Maxi

The light peach color is in demand. You can wear this stunning color on your walima to make your bridal look more attractive. 

  1. With the light peach outfit, apply the soft peach shimmery shades to your eyes and lips.
  2. Combine your peach dress with maroon and golden adornments to make your gaze more attractive. 

light peech makeup

  • Classy Eye Makeup with Silver Gown

Silver is another dazzling shade to wear on your walima day. It helps to enhance your personality by adding more sparkle to it. Look at the image below; if you want to grab this type of look on your walima day, then all you need:

  1. Apply the blue jay glittery shade to your eyes.
  2. Now apply the light pink lipstick to your lips and cheeks.
  3. You can combine your silver outfit with the green-shaded adornments.
  4. Further, tie your hair in a classy bun and grab the most dazzling and noteworthy gaze.
  5. Never forget to wear a contact lens to make your bridal look attractive. 

walima eye makeup for bride

Here is the complete bridal wedding makeup step-by-step tutorial with tips and ideas. I hope this blog will help you efficiently do your bridal eye makeup if you can’t bear the salon’s expenses. Further, you can tell us in the comment section if you have any tips about this post. Thank you 🙂