Easy Eid Makeup Look Ideas 2024 Step By Step Tutorial

eid makeup ideas for girls

Every girl’s first love is makeup. To attain perfect makeup is not too tricky or time-consuming. Applying makeup is an art, which every girl should know how to do. This article consists of Easy Eid Makeup Look Ideas, So, every girl should do their makeup by herself on this eid. Eid is a religious festival in the Muslim community; Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid with joy and pleasure. Every Muslim wears new clothes on the eid, and show their happiness for it.

Every girl wants to do the perfect and glammy makeup on the eid. So, they look incredible and beautiful. As you know, girls love to do makeup on the eid day, and they never remain behind. In this section, I will step by step guide you, for the glammy eid makeup. So, you can do your makeup with perfection and excellence.

girl doing her makeup for eid

Easy Eid Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

There are different steps for doing the perfect makeup. Spark your eid with the ravishing eid makeup. When you are going to do your eid makeup, then follow these steps for getting the radiant makeup and we hope at the end of the article, you will be able to do a great makeup look for yourself.

Step 1- Moisturize And Prime Your Face

When you are going to apply your makeup, take the time to prep your skin. Firstly, remove the old makeup or wash your face. Use a good cleanser to wash your face gently. Then apply some moisturizer on your skin according to your skin type. After applying moisturizer, prep your face with the primer. Primer is the best way to keep your makeup long-lasting, and this will enhance the appearance of your makeup.

Step 2- Fill In Brows

This step is optional that you should apply when you need it. Select the color of the brow pencil that is close to your natural hair color. Fill in your brows by the following steps, which are given below. Because it gives your face a new and incredibly attractive look.

step by step eye brows making

Step 3- Apply Foundation

There are several foundation types and shades; all you need is to pick the right color or sort according to your natural skin tone. It’s necessary because it helps you to match your face with the neck or body. When you’ve selected a product, consider the beauty tools you will use to apply it.

Most girls prefer to apply foundation with their fingers. Rather than others, apply it with the foundation brush or sponge. You can use the foundation with any tool which you feel suitable for your skin or which easily blends your foundation. Apply foundation on your face and mix it well with the brush or sponge.

Eid Makeup Ideas Step By Step guide for the foundation blending

Step 4- Cover Dark Spots With Concealer

Concealer is used to cover your dark spots, age spots, abundant pigments, and blemishes. Like foundation, you also need to apply the right concealer according to your spots, pigments, and pores. Apply concealer under your eyes, chin, around the nose, a center of your forehead, and over your upper lip. Then blend it skillfully with the brush or sponge. It is applied after the foundation and doesn’t forget to cover or mix it with a setting powder.

If you are suffering from dark circles, check the best eye creams recommended by dermatologists to get rid of dark circles around eyes.

Eid Makeup Ideas Step By Step guide of conceler

Step 5- Apply Setting Powder

After applying the foundation and concealer, apply setting powder. It will help you to set the foundation and concealer and increase their durability, also remove any tackiness from your face. Apply it all around the face with the soft sponge and make your face glammy. Now your face is ready for applying the eye-shadows, lipsticks or other beauty products.

Apply Powder Foundation

Step 6- Contour And Sculpt

Contouring is the best makeup technique that is used to change your face structure like thin your nose, and others face structures which you want to modify. Contour your face as per your face shape. There are several ways to contour the face, which depends open your face shape.

If you feel your jaw is not as set as you like then apply some contour powder on the rims of your jaws. Also, the other features which you think that are not set as you like then contoured it with the contour powder. And mix it very well with the brush or sponge which tool you like and feel comfortable to blend.

perfect contrring tricks step by step contoring guide

Check out the image below and consider your face shape, then start contouring to modify your face. It will give your face a new look, and no one will quickly identify you.

contoring according to your face

Step 7- Blush Your Cheeks

Blush is one of the favorite parts of the girls, which every girl wishes to apply it on her face. Add blush to your cheeks to make it more shiny and stunning. All you required is choose the perfect blush, so you can easily apply it on your cheeks with the blush powder.

Many girls apply blush before the highlighting, but other girls favor to use it after the highlighter. You can apply it according to your taste and will. Apply your blush with a brush on your cheeks.

Stylesnic Tip: Never apply too heavy blush on your cheeks. The more you use natural blush, the more you get the gorgeous and alluring look.

eid makeup step by step tutorials eid makeup step by step guide for the blush

 Step 8- Apply Highlighter

Highlighter makes you face more bright and shiny. It adds more beauty to your face. Without highlighter, your makeup is incomplete. It is mostly used to highlight the most profound areas of your face. You can apply it to the following areas:

1- On top of your cheekbones

 2- On the nose

3- On the corners of your eyes

4- Up to your forehead

5- On the center of your chin

6- And underneath your eyebrows

Once you apply highlighter on your face, blend it with your fingers or small brush. Choose the right highlighter color as per your outfit or skin tone.

Eid Makeup Ideas Step By Step

Step 9- Adding Your Eye Makeup

Eye-makeup will help you to complete your makeup look. It includes the eyeshadows, mascara, and eye liner. You can follow the below steps to do your eye makeup easily.

1- Apply eye shadows on your eyes as per your outfit color. Firstly, apply a light shadow across the entire lid. Further, apply the darker color at the outer corner of your eye for making it more ravishing.

2- Then, apply eyeliner on your eyes. It’s a little bit tricky to apply the perfect eyeliner. Eyeliners can be applied as per many designs or styles. Pick any one technique which you like and use it on your eyes for making them more amazing and dazzling.

3- After applying the perfect liner, the next step is applying mascara. You can find mascara in different colors, but black tend to be the most popular. Mascara is the most popular beauty product which every girl wishes to apply. It is applied to make your lashes long and smooth.

4- Nowadays, use of glitter on the eyes is in-trend. Try to add sparkle on the eyes because it will make your makeup look more impressive.

Stylesnic Tip: Try to make smokey eyes if your outfit is not heavily embellished.

Check out the following eye paints and make your eid day more charming by doing the right eye makeup.

stunning yellow eye makeup for the eid
stunning Eid eye Makeup Ideas Step By Step
smokey eye step by step ideas
glitters eye makeup step by step
purple and pink eye makeup for the girls

Step 10- Adding Color to Your Lips

Select a different color lipstick or gloss under your choice and outfit. Matte lipstick or gloss is used these days. If you want to try some extent new on this eid, apply matte lipstick or gloss on your lips later add shiner on it for making it fairer.

Firstly, apply lip liner to cover your entire lip, it will help you to stay your lipstick all day. Apply a matte lipstick on it with care. Always remember, take a lipstick that works fine with the lip liner shade. Choose here the best waterproof lipsticks for you that lasts longer.

Step by Step lipsticks tutorials different alluring lipsticks shades for the eid

Step 11- Finish Off Your Look

Finish off your makeup look after you applied all the makeup as you desire. If you make any mistake, then you need to remove it with a fluffy brush.

eid makeup final touch

Step 12- Set Your Makeup With Setting Spray

Now the final step is to set your entire face with the makeup fixing spray 4-5 times. By doing this, your makeup will stay longer, and your war paint is complete.

set your face with makeup setting spray

Glam and Ravishing Eid Makeup Looks

Many girls prefer nude makeup. If you are going to wear a black or blue outfit on this eid, then adorn yourself with the brownish powder and keep your hairs open for opting this look.

alluring eid makeup ideas
perfact eid makeup look

Beautify your eyes on this eid with the glitter eye shadows and applying matte lipstick or gloss for attaining this look. Make a hair bun and get this glammy look on this eid.

classy eid makeup ideas
stunning eid makeup lookstunning eid makeup look

classy eid makeup guides step by step

Want to create a unique look on this eid? Try this bold format with the ponytail and surprise everyone by your new and fashionable look.

dark makeup ideas eid makeup looks

If you want to do natural makeup, then apply light colors to paint your face. If you are going to wear a dark outfit, then apply natural makeup for getting the ravishing look on this eid.

natural eid makeup ideas step by step

This article contains the Eid Makeup Look Ideas Step By Step tutorial for the women so that they can prepare on this eid with the most effective makeup looks. This tutorial thoroughly guide you through painting your face with perfection and in an excellent way. Check this blog, and learn how to do a perfect makeup look.