Cambridge Eid Collection 2024 Men Shalwar Kameez Suits with Prices

Stylish eid collection by cambridge

Cambridge is a famous brand of stitched clothes. Furthermore, it started its work in the year of 1958. Later it was renamed as the Cambridge garment industry and it also took the initiative of creating ready-made garments for the people. Cambridge eid collection for men includes the range of dresses. These formal dresses fulfill the demand for every event.

With time, it not only maintained the traditional styles but also did innovations in it as well. It also took the influences of western culture. Moreover, the staff of Cambridge includes highly skilled professionals. They are all well-aware of the dressing of Pakistani society and create unique styles according to it. The stitching of the fabric is also according to cultural demands.

The quality of the fabric is unmatchable. There is also a lot of versatility in its design and stitching. These new styles attract the people towards it. Also, it satisfies its customers with its high-quality material and its stitching designs. The durability of the clothes is also very long and makes it a reliable brand in the market.

cambridge shalwar kameez

Cambridge Eid Collection for Men with Best Kurta Shalwar Kameez Designs

People buy new dresses in the event of Eid in Pakistan. Furthermore, men also prefer to wear beautiful traditional clothing on Eid. Cambridge summer variety for eid has a new range of stylish dresses. These garments have a variety in their designs and colors as well. Also, the embroidered neckline and collars are adding to the grace of these suits. The following are the new and ravishing outfits by this brand. The Cambridge eid collection is available in two varieties.

  • Kurta collection.
  • Shalwar Kameez collection.

dark green eid dress

Festive Kurta Collection for Men

Wearing kurtas is in trend these days. Not only their stitching makes them look elegant, but they also convey grace. Moreover, this brand has also launched the stylish kurtas. They have embroidery and also available in various vibrant colors, according to weather demand.

  • Decent White-Colored Kurtas

Men widely like white colors. On the occasion of Eid, white kurtas look pure and decent. The first one is a plain white color. It has ban-shaped collars. However, it is simple yet looking classy. The last two white kurtas have embroidery. It is making them perfect fancy wear for Eid. A combination of black shoes with these kurtas, adds to the grace in the personality. White color is used for casual wear as well.

  • Classic Embroidered Kurtas

Embroidered kurtas look elegant on Eid. There is the decoration on the neckline of the first kurta. The white trousers are also looking graceful with it. The second peach-colored stylish kurta has maroon embroidery on the neckline. This fancy attire is the best choice for Eid day. The third white one also has silver embroidery on front and white kurta is resonating with the essence of the Eid. The last black one has grey decoration on its neckline. This grey-colored decoration is contrasting well with the black color. J. kurta collection is also launched in the market.

  • Vibrant Stylish Kurtas by Cambridge

Colorful and embroidered kurtas enhance the happiness of eid manifold. Furthermore, the first two are the shades of the blue color. The embroidery on their stylish collar is also making these kurtas fancy enough for eid day. The next one has a cotton fabric. Moreover, males widely like the royal blue shade of this kurta and white trousers are also making a perfect contrast with it. Likewise, the last orange shade is adding to the personality of a man. It also has decoration on its collar with a dark maroon color. You can also pair these kurtas with elegant Cambridge waistcoats.

  • Light-Colored Formal Kurtas

Light colors look soothing to the eyes in the summer season. Furthermore, the summer in Pakistan is scorching. The first light grey kurta also has a decorated front. Moreover, the decoration is making the kurta quite fancy. The embellished neckline of the next green kurta is also looking ravishing. The next one also has a black decorated neckline on its front. Moreover, its dark grey shade is in demand for formal events. The last brown color makes men look sober and mature. The contrast of this color and white pajama is also trendy among men. It has cotton fabric that is perfect for summer dresses.

Traditional Stylish Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez depicts the real eastern culture of Pakistan. It is most prevalent in urban areas. But in the urban setup, people also prefer to wear this traditional dress at various festivals. It is the reason the eid collection also has stylish regular wear in it. The following are new designs of national dress.

  • Fancy Shalwar Kameez in Darker Shades

Men also prefer to wear dark colors for formal events. The dark color of these suits also causes a captivating effect. Furthermore, the following dresses are in dark colors. The first one is charcoal in shade. The fabric of the dress is blended rayon. Beautiful decoration on its collars is enchanting as well.

Moreover, navy blue shade adds strength and grace to the men’s personality. Kurtas of this color also have decorated collars and neckline. The last one is dark brown. Likewise, this color adds a sense of reliability to the men’s personality. Also, men prefer to wear this color to get a sober look. These traditional wear synchronize with the essence of Eid and make it more unique. Waistcoats also look beautiful with these dresses. So, you can check Edenrobe waistcoat designs as well.

  • Shalwar Kameez for Eid by Cambridge

The first traditional wear is the beautiful shade of grey. Furthermore, the event of the Eid also requires such a unique and decorated dress. Its texture is rayon blended fabric. Moreover, the next dark green shade is not unusual but also quite stylish. Dark brown kheri is also enhancing the traditional outlook of this dress. This dress also has an embroidered neckline.

Moreover, the next one is a fancy maroon dress. The stitching of this outfit is also quite stylish. The pocket also has a black contrast with it. Black shoes and glasses will also make the classic pair with it. Likewise, the last blue dress has embroidered collars. The elegant blue dress is the perfect wear for the eid day as well.

The new Cambridge eid collection has both kurtas and shalwar kameez. Furthermore, kurtas have embroidery and self-prints in them. Most of them also have light colors because of weather demand. Moreover, stylish shalwar kameez also have decorated necklines. The stitching of these traditional summer wear is also quite smart. These dresses are the perfect choice for men to wear on the Eid day.