Cambridge Summer Collection 2021 New Arrivals with Price (Shirts+Pants)

Cambridge Summer Collection 2020

Cambridge is the largest wholesaler of general products in the world. Instead of giving up after some losses, the brand sought to serve the growing urban market. However, it specializes in men’s tailoring. Here is a beautiful Cambridge Summer Collection for men.

Clothing is an everyday essential for us. Therefore, they always want some phenomenal outfits for them. Some prefer to wear formal attire. However, some think that being easy is more important. Therefore, they look for easy and comfortable attires for them.

It feels so good when you hear something good for yourself. Therefore, everyone wants to look remarkable. What outfit you are wearing reflects your good dressing sense. Therefore, everyone chooses the best for a great outfit.

cambridge summer collection
PKR 2,340

Latest Cambridge Summer Collection – Formal and Casual Wears

Summer is the hottest season among four temperate seasons in Pakistan. Therefore, people cannot wear thick fabrics in summers. Moreover, they always look for a sublime and spectacular Cambridge collection for summer. Thus, this article will help them to grab the best outfits for them. Everyone owns a distinct dressing sense of fashion. Therefore, the Cambridge summer collection provides a variety of outfits. The categories include:

  • Formal wear
  • Casual shirts
  • Polos and tees
  • Trousers and shorts
  • Nightwear
cambridge shirts
PKR 1,350

Formal Outfits for Summer Season

Pakistan is a country having a variety of cultures. Therefore, men who want to bring the formal look in their outfit look for suitable formal dresses. This Cambridge summer collection has a variety of dresses for men. Moreover, the diversification of hues and styles adds a much graceful look. Furthermore, the categories of formal summer shirts include:

  • Solid formal shirts
  • Checks and stripes-formal shirts
  • Cambridge white shirts for men
  • Solid Formal Outfit for Men

Men are always looking for smooth wear for their formal outfit. Therefore, they prefer such shirts having a collar and pocket near the shoulder. Moreover, the shirts have full sleeves with cuffs. If you want to give it a more formal look, you can use studs instead of cuff buttons.

  • Checks and Stripes in Formal Shirts

The stripes shirts are among the classic wear of menswear. Therefore, they come in great variety and colors. Some stripe shirts are inlining. However, some may come up with block prints. Furthermore, they are in many different colors and styles. Take a look at the following collection of stripe shirts. If you want some eastern outfits, then try J. kurta designs for men.

  • Cambridge White Shirts for Men

The white color has deep associations with innocence and purity. Therefore, it is the most liked color by men and women. Men who want to accommodate their personality always lookup for formal wear in white. Therefore, these Cambridge white shirts are a perfect option for them. Furthermore, the variety of white colors will aid them in choosing the best attire for them. Cambridge Eid collection is also available in stores.

Casual Cambridge Summer Collection

Men are always busy at there respective jobs. Some are in offices, while others remain busy in fieldwork. Therefore, they need a casual and comfortable look, typically in summers. There is a variety of casual summer dresses for men. However, the summer collection for casual wear includes:

  • Solid casual shirts.
  • Check shirts for men.
  • Impressive semi-casual shirts for men.
  • Solid Casual Shirts

The solid casual include fantastic shirts of incredible smooth fabric. Moreover, the sleeves are full with a cuff. You can match a pant of your own choice forming an unusual combination. However, the pants are not necessarily of the Cambridge collection.

Some casual shirts are available in half-sleeves. In the summer season, men are looking for something comfortable to wear. Therefore, they want to have a half-sleeve shirt to protect themselves from hot weather.

  • Impressive Dotted Styles

Men always look for something unique to wear. Therefore, they prefer amazing dotted prints for a more impressive look. Moreover, the vivid and light shades of these fantastic shirts add much look to the outfit. Take a look at the following dotted shirts for men in amazing colors.

  • Classic Check Shirts for Men

Check shirts are always unique. The young generation today prefer it for the gleam in their outfit. However, some professional men also wear these styles for a distinct look. The summer season implies mostly to wear an outfit having half-sleeves. However, this summer collection presents you with both half-sleeves and full-sleeves shirts.

  • Semi-Casual Outfit for Men

The Cambridge summer collection provides you a variety of summer dresses. Men who always look to have a semi-formal outfit can look at the following group of shirts. The fantastic check and stripe shirts with unique summer shades look perfect.

Polo Shirts and Tees for Summer Season

Youth does not prefer to wear formal full sleeves shirts. Instead, they look for something easy and comfortable. Therefore, they prefer casual wear t-shirts in summer to obscure sweating. Furthermore, they want to have a bright and glowing color for the dazzling outfit. The categories include:

  • Simple t-shirts for men.
  • Polo shirts for men.
  • Colorful Tees for Men

The young generation wants to add colors to their outfit by wearing colorful attires. Therefore, we are presenting this fantastic collection of t-shirts. Moreover, in the hot weather, men always wear light-weight stuff with half sleeves. Consequently, they look for these t-shirts.

  • Amazing Polo Shirts for Men

The polo shirts typically have a collar and a placket. Moreover, they have two or three buttons at the front. However, the pocket is optional in polos. Some polo shirts may have pockets, while others may not. Polos are usually crafted from knitted cloth.

Cambridge Summer Collection of Pants and Shorts

Pant is an item of outer clothing that men wear on the lower body. However, a matching shirt, in contrast, adds much significance to the overall look. There are distinct pants for summers. However, some are worn throughout the year. Take a look at the chic pants collection. Moreover, the categories of the pants collection include:

  • Wrinkle-free pants.
  • Phenomenal dress pants for summer.
  • Amazing and colorful shorts.
  • Three-quarter shorts.
  • Wrinkle-Free Pants

The wrinkle-free pants are usually of low cost. These are the straight pants for semi-formal wear. However, you can match certain graceful shoes with them to bring a wonderful look.

  • Phenomenal Dress Pants for Summer

The dress pants are of high costs and fantastic fabric. They are preferred for a wedding or by men who have to attend seminars, etc. Moreover, the combination of amazing belts and shoes with them add much grace to the overall attire.

  • Amazing and Colorful Shorts

Nowadays, men are looking for shorts because of the hot season. Therefore, we are presenting you with a summer collection of shorts. Mostly men who are used to go to the gym or on a morning walk prefer to wear a comfortable outfit. However, not necessarily, they have to wear these shorts for going out.

  • Three-Quarter Shorts

There is a category of three-quarter shorts for men of all ages. Men who think that they cannot wear shorts having a knee-length look for something else. Therefore, we have a collection for such people. These size-able shorts are best for them.

Night-Wear Cambridge Collection

As the summer is an extremely hot season in Pakistan, therefore, men look for easy night-wears. There are mainly two sections of nightwear available:

  • Complete pajama suits.
  • Comfortable pajama pants.

Pajama Suits for Men

As the weather is extremely humid in summers, therefore, people are always looking for a comfortable outfit for a sleepover. The following pajama suits collection will aid them in choosing a comfortable nightwear for them.

  • Comfortable Pajamas for Nightwear

Some people always look for a loose pajama for nightwear. Therefore, they can have this choice for them. The loosely structured pajamas are very comfortable for summers.

Men today always want to look equally graceful, like women. Therefore, this article will aid them in choosing phenomenal attires for them. Moreover, they look elegant and magnificent whenever they wear simple dresses. However, some prefer to wear vivid outfits. Grab your choices here according to your personality.


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