Edenrobe Men Waistcoat Designs 2024 – Waistcoat with Shalwar Kameez

Edenrobe men waistcoats

Edenrobe is a renowned brand. This brand started its work in the year 1988. At the start, it was named the Eden apparels. It started garments for the kids. With time it also enhanced its scope of work and creativity. Now it covers a range of dresses for the whole family. It designs its dresses for the men, women, girls, and the boys. Edenrobe men waistcoat designs have also been launched.

Edenrobe offers the eastern and western collection of the outfits for the men. The eastern collection contains the shalwar suits, kurtas, shalwar, sherwanis, and waistcoats. At the same time, the western collection includes denim pants, ties, and formal pants. They also have different types of dresses for formal wear and casual wear.

Moreover, the quality and design of the outfit is unmatchable. Pakistani men also prefer to wear salwar suits in daily routine. This typical eastern dress is best paired with the waistcoats. Again, the designing and styling of the vest also vary. Causal and formal salwar suits have different designs and styles as well.

Latest Edenrobe Men Waistcoat Designs Collection with Prices

The waistcoat is the traditional Pakistani garment. This garment is worn on the upper body, and it does not have sleeves. However, it is also included in the formal three-piece men suit. Wearing waistcoat over the shalwar kameez looks quite traditional and classy. Following waistcoat, designs have been launched by the Edenrobe in the this year. All of these designs are unique. Let’s take a look at this new collection by this brand.

black and white waistcoat by eden robe
  • Collection of Formal Waistcoat for Men

Pakistan is a country with a lot of events and celebrations. On such occasions, men tend to wear Shalwar Kameez with waistcoats. The following are the few designs of the formal waistcoats. First, the blue one is designed with white color patterns.

The second maroon one has a decoration with black color. This waistcoat is going well with the black color suit. The next light brown color also has a self-print design and yarn-dyed fabric. It is appropriate for wearing on various events. The last purple waistcoat is also fancy enough to wear on parties.

  • Various Designs for Casual Wear by Edenrobe

In a normal routine, men wear casual dresses. Wearing waistcoat, along with it, enhances the outlook of their personality. The following are the few designs, which can be worn in a daily routine. The first green color is complementing well with the grey color suit.

The other dark brown is looking quite graceful and has suiting fabric. It is pairing well with black clothes. The next yarn-dyed purple waistcoat has a white self-print in it. It also has fancy buttons. Light brown also has a white self-print and its fabric is yarn-dyed cotton, and this is making the right combination with a white suit.

  • New Styles of Waistcoats for Eid

Eid requires men to wear traditional and cultural dressing. Waistcoat looks classy with elegant summer dresses, so men prefer to buy the waistcoats for Eid. The first one is royal blue in color, and the shine is making it quite classy. The second one is stripped with dark blue color lines. These strips are giving it a stylish look.

The third grey one has a white and grey self-print in it, making the best pair with the silver dress. The last coffee color also has a self-print in it and is PV fabric. The contrast with the black color is looking aesthetically beautiful.

  • White-Colored Graceful Waistcoat Designs

The white color looks quite pure. It enhances the sanctity of personality. Following white and cream-colored waistcoats are so decent. The first white one has white self-print and white fancy buttons. The second one is off-white in color, and its fabric is PV. It is going well with the shalwar suit of the same color.

The third cream-colored waistcoat has golden buttons, and it is looking quite classy. It has textured fabric. There is a contrast of its color with the collar and the pocket. It is complementing well with the grey colored dress. The last one is fawn in color with PV fabric. It has that shining stuff that is incrementing the beauty of a black color suit. Waistcoat enhances the grace of the kurta pajama dresses.

  • Classy and Stylish Black Men Waistcoat Designs

Black is the go-to color for the majority of men. This color suits well on casual and formal events. The following are varieties of the black color, which are adding maturity to the men’s personality. Black wear looks good with a black suit and also with other colors of suits.

The first one has cotton-rich stuff and has ornamentation in the pocket. It has a self-print in it. The second one is charcoal grey, and its fabric is textured. The fabric of the third black one is cotton-rich as well. The last one also has textured fabric. All of these are plain black and are looking ravishing.

  • Red and Fancy Maroon Waistcoats for Groom

Red is the most vibrant color. Grooms usually wear a sherwani or waistcoat of red color with the shalwar suit. Following waistcoats are the right choice for such events. The first red one has a cotton fabric and a three-pocket style—one at the upper right and two at the bottom.

The second one is linen fabric in a definite red color. It has a three-pocket style—one at the upper right and two at the bottom. The third dark red one also has black embroidery in it, and it is making the beautiful combination with the dark brown color suit.

  •  Edenrobe Men Waistcoat Designs in Blue

The blue color looks so royal on males. Following blue color, waistcoats make the right combination with the black color suits. The first one is plain blue and is looking fabulous. The second one has a white self-print in it. Third, navy blue has the V shape neckline, which is looking quite traditional to wear. The last one is again plain blue and is looking very graceful.

Edenrobe has launched various designs and styles of the waistcoats. These are appropriate for casual and formal wear. A variety of colors give a pool of options to the men. Waistcoat enhances the grace of the shalwar suit. But the selection of the right combination of the waist coast is necessary for selecting them. It can be the same color as a shalwar suit. The contrast of the embroidery or print can also be made with the suit.