Zara Shahjahan Wedding Formals for Women with Prices

Zara shahjahan wedding formals

A wedding is a prestigious moment for a couple who fell into a new relationship for a lifetime. They arrange a formal gathering to invite their immediate relatives and close friends like family. Therefore, the guests look for a stunning ensemble to wear on this glam occasion. Zara Shahjahan wedding formals have a distinction in class and grace for women.

Women are fond of fashion and versatile clothing. It is wonderful if you are a little obsessed with your looks. Such obsession is proof that you possess girlish feelings and want to look stylish.

Once in a while and right in the middle of ordinary life, someone calls you for their marriage ceremony. With a little bit of makeup and glam heels, a glamorous outfit will elevate your whole vibes. Get positive compliments by wearing attractive ensembles from Zara Shahjahan’s wedding formals. Indeed, you will slay in your outfit beyond infinity.

Rs 98,000

Zara Shahjahan Wedding Formals for Women

A catchy dress will get you a compliment in the galaxy of individuals around. Therefore, it is crucial for every woman to pick a nice dress for any formal event. Here is the latest Zara Shahjahan’s wedding formal collection for you below. People will appreciate you if you wear an outfit according to the nature of the event.

If you step out for a wedding event wearing a casual dress, no one will appraise you. Instead, everyone will criticize your sense of dressing. Also, netizens will say that you do not have enough good manners to dress up for a formal wedding.  Let’s take the time to have a quick glance at the image gallery below to seek dynamics styles.

yellow raw silk formal dress
Rs 125,000

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Zara Shahjahan is not an ordinary woman who creates casual and common dresses. Instead, she is one of the finest Pakistani fashion designers in the industry. Many people acknowledge her efforts for her breathtaking bridal ensembles.Therefore, the designer continues to struggle for having the hearts of people for a lifetime. In the following article, she will stun you with glamorous dresses. Please have a look at Zara Shahjahan’s wedding formal dresses here.

embellished organza Peshwas

Luxurious Ready-to-Wear Zara Shahjahan Wedding Formals

So, the wait is over, and here is the most luxurious assortment of the year for you. Do not underestimate your power of being beautiful and stunning. You must choose a glamorous ensemble for yourself if you want to slay at weddings. Here is a tremendous ready-to-wear formal collection for you below. However, you can explore a more wide variety from Maria B’s evening wear collection too. Please give a pause to your scroll here for a while.

white fitted raw silk suit
Rs 70,000

Exclusive Collection Featuring Beautiful Syra Yousuf

Since a lot of clothing brands have hired celebrities and top-rated models, Zara considered Syra as her muse. The stylish Syra Yousuf is one of the finest models of Pakistan’s fashion industry. You might have seen her in the historic drama serial ”Mera Naseeb” with Sanam Saeed. Also, you can see her in the latest shoot of the Zaha luxury lawn collection.

Well, here you will see the gorgeous Syra Yousuf in breathtaking ensembles by Zara Shahjahan’s formal collection. The versatile portfolio gives full coverage of essential styles for women. You will see traditional churidar pajama, frocks, Peshwas, lehenga choli, and many similar styles here. Let’s give a pause to the scroll here for a while.

pretty syra yousuf in red peshwas
  • Traditional White Fitted Shirt with Churidar Pajama

A new hairstyle and outfit make you look beautiful and stunning. Indeed, many people love the instant glorious change. Therefore, we urge the women always to try something new that adds glam and sparkle to their personality. Here is the one traditional white outfit for you that will bring you elegance. Let’s have a look at the gorgeous fitted white dress below.

The iconic raw silk shirt has delicate floral motifs all over the front. Further, it has an elaborated and embellished neckline and border. There is a rainbow-printed churidar pajama with the shirt for a complete look. Also, the Chatta Patti embellished dupatta looks classy. Do not forget to wear a garland with the dress for a whole traditional look.

  • Beautiful Raw Silk Pink Lehenga Choli

Many people are obsessed with Indian lehenga choli designs but Pakistan has a brilliant assortment too. You can’t believe that the creative designers put their lot of effort into making such tremendous styles for you. The investment is worth it if people admire their struggle and hard work. Let’s take some time to overview the following lehenga choli.

The extravagant crop top dress looks unique and stylish. Further, the beautiful choli has beautiful paisley jal over the front. Also, there is a stylish jeweled neckline that makes it more attractive. The flared cutline lehenga looks accurate with the choli. Moreover, it has a black organza dupatta with fine gotta and tilla work, making the outfit complete.

  • Light Green Raw Silk Peshwas

Nothing can beat the grace of stylish Peshwas. There is an incredible variety of Peshwas in Asim Jofa’s luxury collection too. But, here is a flaunting light green peshwas for you. It is an ideal outfit idea for teens and young girls. However, an aged woman can also wear such a frock if she knows how to carry it correctly. Let’s take a look at the image gallery below.

The stunning and fully embellished light green raw silk dress has a heavily embroidered front. Further, the gorgeous Angrakha style dress has a detailed embellished neckline. It can be a perfect mehndi outfit if you wear a garland with it. The stunning Mukesh dupatta has glamorous Resham borders on the four sides for a complete staggering look.

  • Embellished Red Peshwas by Zara Shahjahan

Are you looking for a staggering yet delicate ensemble to wear at a formal wedding? If so, then you are in the right place. Boost your joy of art and craft with the heavily embellished red peshwas with lehenga below. Isn’t it unique? Have you heard about a Peshwas with lehenga below? Let’s step into modesty with the gorgeous embellished dress below.

The flaunting attire is fully embroidered and has an embellished front. Further, it has a detailed embroidered neckline and hem. The dramatic shirt is complemented with a fully embroidered and embellished lehenga. Also, the hand-embellished dupatta is completing the entire look of the dress. Please give it a thought and stay modest among the people.

  • Black Anarkali Frock Style Wedding Formal Dress

If you want to express freedom of moment and joy, go for the black dress. There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion. Also, people who wear black look unusual and strange. Therefore, we prefer people to opt for a classy black dress for a formal gathering. Here is a stunning black Anarkali frock with a contrasting lehenga below.

You can explore Anarkali dresses for a more chic and beautiful variety. Here is an embellished black outfit with gota and Resham work. Further, it has an embellished jeweled neckline with a detailed texture. Moreover, it has an extensively embroidered green contrasting lehenga for a whole vibe. A heavily adorned dupatta is completing the look perfectly.

  • Lemon Green Gharara with Waistcoat

Have you ever seen a formal dress with a traditional waistcoat over it? Well, there are a lot of formal jacket-style dresses for women, but here is a unique idea for you. If you want to make your looks stunning, modest, and stimulative all in one, opt for the green dress below. Zara Shahjahan’s wedding formals have the most delicate ensemble for you here.

The pure raw silk shirt has an embellished front. There is an additional hand-embellished waistcoat with the shirt for a traditional look. You can visibly see the intricate embroidered patterns over the whole shirt for a glamorous look. Further, it has an embellished raw silk gharara pants with organza Mukesh pink dupatta for a complete look.

  • Teal Blue Lehenga Choli For Teens

If you want to impress the public in a different way, go for a festive aqua haze embellished dress below. Well, it is not always crucial to impress your surroundings with a different dress. I want to give a big shoutout to people who do not bother what others say about them. Well, those who consider remarks a lot shall opt for the following dress.

The exquisite dress has a fully embellished choli with gota and zari work. Further, beautiful crystals and pearls are floating on the front. You can see the regal organza embellished dupatta that is enhancing the look of the dress. Further, there is an embellished lehenga with polka dot patterns on the edge, giving it a whole look. Please give it a thought!!

  • Embellished Grey Peshwas with Floral Motifs

Always feel confident in whatever you are wearing. Rather it’s a crop top dress or a floor-length Peshwas; you can look gorgeous if you wear it correctly. Here is a glamorous light grey paneled Peshwas for you below. Let’s be adventurous and try something new this wedding season. Here is one of the most dazzling outfits for you by Zara Shahjahan below.

The staggering outfit has embroidered panels over the front. Further, it has an embellished hand-embroidered neckline that makes the outfit progressively stunning. The heavily embellished lehenga with Kiran fringe and Mukesh is complementing the entire look. Tie a low bun and wear Kundan-style earrings and a necklace for a whole gorgeous look.

More Dresses from Zara Shahjahan Wedding Formal Collection

Every clothing brand has an additional assortment that features local models. Here is a portfolio of Zara Shahjahan that offers more dynamic and versatile formal dresses. Get yourself a vigilant and flaunting outfit from the recent Zara Shahjahan wedding formals collection soon. Also, follow some pro tips and tricks below to stand out dominantly among the galaxy of individuals.

  • Always choose a color that compliments your complexion and personality.
  • Make a proper hairstyle to enhance your beauty.
  • Apply minimal and appropriate makeup with the dress for a complete look.
  • Do not forget to wear high pointed heels with formal dresses.
  • Always use a refreshing scent to exemplify your personality.

The most flaunting and glamorous Zara Shahjahan Wedding formals collection has been launched online and in stores. Go and grab your favorite dress soon before it gets out of stock. I hope you will love the magical and dynamic styles for yourselves. Plus, the intricately embroidered dresses will get you the desired grace and glam. Let’s appreciate the efforts of our famous designer and buy and dress soon.