Borjan Shoes Wedding Collection 2024 for Men and Women

latest and classical borjan shoes winter collection

Borjan shoes wedding collection is here that brings many unique and high-quality footwear for men and women. You will get comfy yet relaxing shoes that add enchantment and appeal to your wedding look. Plus, these shoes’ styling and color combinations are just mind-blowing, as you can see below.

A wedding is the most essential event that comes once in a life. Hence, all of us want to make our wedding unforgettable. Therefore, we need the chic outfit, classical footwear, and appealing accessories to adorn ourselves well. Not only do outfits make us pretty, but we also need to pay extra attention to our footwear to complement our stunning look.

Let’s browse this blog till the end and review the latest variety of Borjan that offers dazzling footwear for women and men. In this wedding catalog, you will get unique styles, comfy and high-quality material, and brilliant and vivid shaded shoes that not only renew your look but also make it extra smart and charming.

About the Brand

Borjan was established in 2014 by Zahid Hussain with a small outlet. Today it has 123 outlets in different cities of Pakistan. The primary purpose of Borjan is to provide customers with a trendy and unique style of footwear so they can adorn themselves well. Hence, each season Borjan grants diversity in footwear designs and styles, from modern to chic to refined and classic.

Latest Borjan Shoes Wedding Collection for Men and Women

For formal and wedding wear, you need to pay extra attention while choosing footwear. Because, like the outfit, footwear also plays a vital role in illustrating your style and personality. Hence always go for the trendy style and shades for grabbing the stunning yet elegant gaze.

Let’s review this blog and get impressive footwear for men and women. Borjan used gleaming shades, high-quality materials, and appealing styles to prepare its footwear. This brand new shoe collection not only adds extra appeal to your look but also gives comfort and relaxation to your feet so that you can easily walk just like Stylo winter shoes.

Borjan Shoes Wedding Collection for Women

It is the fantasy of each woman to look cute and pretty than others. Hence they scrolled many notable brands to get fantastic accessories for themselves. A classical pair of shoes, a cute outfit, and striking accessories are the fundamental items that make any woman happy. Therefore, we have gathered luxurious and fancy wedding shoes by Borjnan for women of all ages. 

You can carry these shoes on any formal and wedding occasion to make all of your breathtaking and captivating flashes. This season, Borjan offers the following styles of shoes for women. Moreover, the prices of these footwear are also mentioned for ease so that you can grab any footwear according to your choice and budget. For more shoes, check out the ECS shoe collection for women

  • Stiletto Heels with Glittery Straps

If you are looking for charming footwear that adds extra charm and engages your overall look, at that point, grab the coolest stiletto heels shoes from the Borjan store that are prettified with glittery straps. You can wear these shoes at any of your wedding events to make all your appealing and cute gazes. 

Moreover, check out our footwear catalog which carries a novel and stunning assortment of shoes designed with high-quality material and vivid and gleaming shades. Here you will get different sorts of shoes for all occasions.

  • Fancy Court Shoes

Court shoes are a particular sort of style that youngsters like to carry. Usually, you might see the court shoes with the knitted heel, but in the Borjan wedding collection, you will see the court shoes with block and cone heel shoes. So if you want to get a distinct look from others, at that point, never miss an opportunity to wear any below-court shoes at your event. Moreover, Metro lady’s shoes are also worth buying.

  • Knitted Heels Footwear

For those who like to wear comfortable yet appealing footwear, knitted-heel shoes are ideal. Look down at the knitted heel catalog by Borjan that offers dazzling hues of knitted heel shoes in all trendy styles. You can carry them at any formal and wedding event to add extra attraction to your look.

  • Sling Back Shoes

Scanning for the trendy and appealing footwear for your Brata day? at that point have a look at the slings back catalog that contains girlish colors like pink, purple, silver, and golden hues footwear for women. Slingback is a unique style that gives you a prettified gaze on your big day. So look down and choose the best one for yourself according to your outfit and choice. Insignia winter collection also contains comfy slingback footwear. Check it also.

  • Deluxe Flat Mules

Many of you like to wear flat shoes to get a relaxing look. So for those ladies, the below flat mules are the ideal choice. These fantastic mules by Borjan are designed with sequins and shimmer art that add extra charm to your look. You can also wear these shoes at any casual event and gathering to make all of your cute and stunning flashes.

Men’s Wedding Collection

Let’s glimpse the men’s wedding collection by Borjan, which contains impressive footwear for men of all ages. Borjan used good and great metal to make its wedding collection extra comfy to consume.

In the past, only black color is used to design men’s footwear. But today, many notable brands in Pakistan use vivid tints to adorn men’s shoes. Because men also want to exhaust colorful shoes. Hence, Bojan likewise used dark brown, black, beige, and light brown shades to manufacture the men’s footwear. Plus, they used the following styles to make their men’s catalog extraordinary. 

  • Lace-Up Wedding Shoes

Nowadays, men also want to wear the latest and unique style of shoes. So, for those men, the below lace-up shoes are the best. These are made with high-quality leather that not only gives you a relaxing look but also adds extra allure to it. These lace-up styles can go with your most formal choice. You can also wear these lace-up shoes with your casual costume to grab the extraordinary flash. If you are going to wear the formal pant court at your ceremony then pair your suit with the lace-up footwear and sweep-back hairstyle to make all of your a handsome and jazzier look. For more lace-up shoes, browse the Insignia men shoe collection.

  • Slip-On Formal Footwear

If you are looking for formal yet graceful footwear to make your event memorable, pick any slip-on shoes from the Borjan store and enhance your style. You can pair your slip-on shoes with any formal and casual suit. You only need to pair it with the afro hairstyle and classy wristwatch to make you look cool. For more slip-on shoes, explore the Humayun Alamgir boots collection.

  • Two Way-Buckle Style Formal Shoes

Like women, men also want to get a novel and unique look. Hence all brands try their best to design classical summer and winter footwear for men. Borjan likewise presents some novel shoes for men of all ages.  Look down at this beautiful two-way-buckle shoe which you can wear at any formal and wedding event. This stunning shoe is designed with two different shades which give you the breathtaking flash. With this classy shoes “slicked-back side part” hairstyle is the best to make all of your jazzier and appealing flashes. 

  • Comfy Peshawari Sandals 

There are still some people who want to look traditional by wearing legendry accessories. Indeed, a true man can be defined by the essence and array of his selection. Accordingly, a man of old age search for classy footwear to bring glam to their personality. So for those men here we have gathered the classical Peshawari chappals to style up.

These sorts of chappals will look perfect with a shalwar kameez. So if you are going to wear the traditional suit at your event and gathering then rush towards Borjan to get your favorite Peshawari sandals for this season. Indeed, you will savor all the colors and styles that are adequate to create your dazzling look.

  • Relaxing Loafers

Loafers are the most trendy and demanding style of the decade that usually young boys like to carry. Shirt and jeans are the ideal combos with this kind of shoes. So try to dress up in a western style with loafers shoes and make all of your breathtaking and dazzling flashes.

If you want to make all of your jazzier and breathtaking flashes then never miss a chance to wear the classical shoes from the Borjan wedding collection. This latest collection comprises impressive and trendy footwear for men and women that indeed enhance their overall look and make it more dazzling. Look above and explore the brand new catalog of Borjan that contains unique and appealing footwear for everyone. I hope this weblog will be helpful for you to choose the right style for yourself.