Pakistani Bridal Designers – List of Top Designers

top pakistani bridal designers

In the modern world of aesthetics and fashion, everyone struggles to opt for a designer dress—many fashion designers in Pakistan work day and night to serve the public. Luckily, you live in a state where you can get everything at the doorstep. Pakistani Bridal designers are famous for their intricate designs and aesthetic color combinations. So, we are bringing you the list of top bridal designers in Pakistan.

You will be able to see a couple of your favorite celebrities in our blog below. The powerhouse of talent and fashion will surprise you with a lot of things. Indeed, you will be overwhelmed with the tremendous introduction of bridal designers of Pakistan. So please take a while to look at our blog to spot your favorite brand and fashion designer.

You might have seen many hardworking people representing their names as brand labels in recent memories. Therefore, we have decided to bring you the bridal brands represented by the owners’ names. Please give a massive shoutout to our hardworking and uber-talented designers. I hope you will love the creativity in the following blog.

pakistani female bridal designers

Pakistani Bridal Designers – List of Top Designers

Pakistani fashion designers are famous for their unique dressing designs nationally and internationally. Also, many of them are recognized internationally for their attractive and fantastic work. Here, we list top Pakistani bridal designers who have earned immense success and pleasure for their bridal collection. The top designers include:

  1. HSY (Hassan Sheryar Yasin).
  2. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha.
  3. Ali Xeeshan.
  4. Deepak Perwani.
  5. Asim Jofa.
  6. Nomi Ansari.
  7. Ahmad Sultan.
  8. Fahad Hussayn.
  9. Zainab Chottani.
  10. Maria B.
  11. Tena Durrani.
  12. Sadaf Fawad Khan.
  13. Faiza Saqlain.
  14. Sana Safinaz.
  15. Zara Shahjahan.
  16. Saira Rizwan.

famous Pakistani bridal designers

HSY (Hassan Sheryar Yasin) Famous Bridal Designer

HSY is a famous designer in Pakistan. The creative and artistic designer belongs to a political family. His father was a chief whip in the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. HSY started his fashion career in the year 2002 and was given the first award in 2005. You might have seen HSY’s bridal dresses in many fashion magazines and couture weeks.

Hassan Sheryar Yasin

Currently, HSY has started his acting debut and is seen in the drama serial Pehli Si Muhabbat. The serial is an intense love tale where two people are separated by their elders and societal pressure. Well, here we are discussing the bridal collection of the designer. You can see the luxurious embellishments and details of HYS in the following image gallery.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha – Top Bridal Designer

If you are looking for a creative ensemble with eastern heritage, then you must know about Mohsin Naveed Ranjha. The man is full of artistic mind crafts useful dresses for men and women. However, the designer got fame for the bridal collection and has been recognized on international platforms. People love the quintessential techniques of craftsmanship.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Here is a brief introduction of the designer for you. The creative designer started his brand in 2014 and earned success in a short time. You may spot several high-profile celebrities who opt for an outfit by MNR. Here is a beautiful demonstration of MNR’s bridal dresses for you below. I hope you will never regret reading out this engaging introduction of Mohsin.

Ali Xeeshan – Famous Designer of Pakistan

Ali Xeeshan is a famous clothing designer who got fame in bridal couture. The epitome of fashion and aesthetics works under the label of Ali Xeeshan Theatre studio. Ali started his debut in the year 2010 and got recognition in PFDC fashion week as well. Also, the designer has a distinction from Pakistan’s institute of fashion and design.

Ali Xeeshan fashion designer

The artistic designer works passionately to impress the audience and public. For instance, Ali got expert training in fashion from Germany and Paris as well. You can see a glimpse of Ali Xeeshan’s bridal collection in the following image gallery to learn about his talent.

Deepak Perwani – Famous Fashion Designer

Deepak Perwani is a very well-renowned member of the Hindu Sindhi society who works as a bridal designer in Pakistan. Originally, the designer belongs to Mirpur Khas, Pakistan. Deepak Perwani Label is an Haute couture and luxury pret brand from the house of Deepak Perwani. The famous brand offers minimalism and modern contemporary designs.

Deepak Perwani fashion designer

You can see the magnificence of hues and aesthetic designs of the Deepak Perwani bridal collection in the image gallery below. Undoubtedly, Deepak tens to bring a youthful, energetic, and astounding collection every year to impress his lovely audience. Here is an immediate glimpse and demonstration of embellished dresses by Deepak below.

Creative Designer Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa stands among the top Pakistani bridal designers of Pakistan. The designer is famous for both stitched and unstitched dresses for women. In the apparel collection, you will find a variety of casual, formal, luxury, and chiffon dresses with separate names.

Asim Jofa fashion designer

Also, Asim produces signature bridal series every year to facilitate the upcoming brides. For instance, you can see a short glimpse at the image gallery below. However, you can see a full signature series of Asim Jofa’s bridal collection as well to pick your favorite dress.

Nomi Ansari – Best Pakistani Bridal Designer

Nomi Ansari is one of the finest, creative, and uber-talented bridal designers in the industry of Pakistan. The leading artist brings colorful and youthful ensembles every year to impress the public. Also, people shower their love and trust over Nomi for his brilliant work.

Nomi Ansari fashion designer

Nomi Ansari is recognized on international platforms for his creative art and craft. Also, he was awarded as the best designer for womenswear in 2013 by Hum Style Awards. Moreover, he received an award recently in Lux for being the best bridal designer as well. You will be amazed by blissful and splendid Nomi Ansari’s bridal collection.

Ahmad Sultan

Ahmad Sultan is the youngest and talented fashion designer in the industry of Pakistan. People recognize the young talent for his hard work and brilliant crafting skills. Indeed, the designer won the hearts of people and represented his debut at PFDC last year.

You will see a modern tale of contemporary fashion and exquisite craftsmanship in the collections of designers. Also, you will love the luxurious and ravishing dresses of Ahmad Sultan’s bridal collection. Undoubtedly, Ahmad is the epitome of bridal and casual dresses.

Fahad Hussayn – Creative Fashion Designer

Beyond description, Fahad Hussayn knows how to cater to the attention of women with art and creativity. You will love the astounding and captivating ensembles of Fahad with no regrets. Indeed, the masterpieces are created with love and trust for the public.

Fahad Hussayn fashion designer

Fahad Hussayn bridal dresses entail bejeweled and intricate tapestries that attract the public. The creative designer has ruled the industry for sixteen years and has a mass influence among the people. Hence, you will get flawless designs from Fahad for any event.

Zainab Chottani – Famous Bridal Designer

Zainab Chottani, formerly known as Zainab Sajid, is the top female fashion designer in Pakistan’s industry. The brand label offers a variety of stitched and unstitched dresses for women. However, people acknowledge the brand as its bridal wear. You can see a variety of embellished dresses from the Zainab Chottani bridal collection for the clue.

designer zainab chottani

If you want a refreshing style, look at the gorgeous Syra Yousuf wearing Zainab Chottani’s dresses. Undoubtedly, Syra looks ethereal in this bridal look, and we can not stop appreciating it. Now, you can assume the range and beauty of Zainab’s work as a bridal designer. I would like you to give Zainab a clap for top-class and chic bridal dresses.

Maria B – Top Pakistani Bridal Designer

Maria B is a gorgeous and graceful woman who has been serving the nation for years. The prettiest lady graduated from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design in 1999. Indeed, the prominent fashion graduate proved she could stand among the famous designers. You can see her incredible work through her collections. The apparel collection includes a lot of clothing range for men and kids and accessories for women.

designer Maria B

Here, we are discussing the bridal designers, so I would like to urge you to explore Maria B bridal collection. You will fall in love with the dynamic hues and embellishments of the dresses. For your ease, we are presenting the two dazzling attires below for a judgment. I hope you will love and appreciate the designs of Maria B below.

Tena Durrani – Pakistani Bridal Designer

Tena is one of the most passionate, hardworking, and uber-talented fashion designers in the industry of Pakistan. The leading brand was established in early 2005. After 15 successful years of designing, Tena Durrani can stand among the topmost fashion stylists in the clothing range. Primarily, Tena launched her brand as formal and casual wear dresses for women. But you can see a considerable versatility in her brand today for bridal wear.

creative designer Tena Durrani

The creative and artistic lady is famous for bridal wear. You can explore Tena Durrani bridal collection to seek splendid designs. The leading brand has its retail outlet in DHA Karachi. Plus, the designer is working with a successful team of 200 members to serve the audience. Tena’s brand was showcased internationally at the Asian Bridal Show and the Fashion Parade. Also, the brand was nominated 2018 for the best Designer of the Year Lawn collection at the Hum Style Awards.

Sadaf Fawad Khan – Pakistani Bridal Designer

Sadaf Fawad Khan is the beautiful wifey of handsome actor Fawad Khan. The gorgeous lady started her clothing business in 2012 under the name Silk. Later, the brand was renamed SFK. Undoubtedly, the designer is famous for its bridal collection that works under SFK bridals. You will see various silk designs in classic silhouettes, so please explore the breathtaking dresses of the SFK bridal collection.

Designer Sadaf Fawad Khan

Faiza Saqlain – Famous Pakistani Bridal Designer

Faiza Saqlain is Pakistan’s fashion industry’s gorgeous, creative, and hardworking woman. The artist graduated from the famous Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. Luckily, Faiza got a chance to visit Paris and attend a fashion workshop at La Chambre De La Syndicale with her fellows. Therefore, she has a lot of brilliance in her art and craft.

faiza saqlain fashion designer

You might have seen a lot of creative ensembles by Faiza Saqlain. She has a distinction in formal and luxury dresses for women. However, you will also be able to see a visible brilliance of art in Faiza Saqlain bridal collection. Here is a little demonstration for you below.

Sana Safinaz – Top Pakistani Bridal Designers

Sana Safinaz is the top clothing brand that provides a variety of dresses for women every season. The highly anticipated Sana Safinaz unstitched and stitched dresses bring the public to their captivating designs. You can see the apparel that offers signature floral and digital prints for the people. Also, it has a particular corner for kids and other accessories as well.

sana safinaz fashion designer

Sana Safinaz offers poetic and floral bridal dresses to attract the general public. Also, you will see rare 3D embellishment techniques in their portfolio. For instance, we have a demonstration for you below. Undoubtedly, the designs celebrate feminity and class.

peach and pistachio bridal dress

Famous Designer Zara Shahjahan

Zara is known for her vintage fashion and aesthetics in Pakistan’s industry. People admire and love the designer for her creative floral and digital prints. Also, a lot of people wait for her seasonal lawn and cocoa collections as well. Additionally, Zara has experience creating illuminating and luxurious bridal dresses for teens and girls.

Designer Zara Shahjahan

If you want to see a woman accessible from the shackles of the fickle world, you can see Zara. Luckily, the artist earned so much love and trust from the public. You can see creative and embellished dresses for Zara Shahjahan bridal collection to see the truth.

Creative Artist Saira Rizwan

The creations of Sairz Rizwan engage the public, and she receives overwhelming love and respect. Fortunately, the artist is blessed to be able to create a lot of clothing designs for women. Plus, the customized clothing designs and high-quality fabric pull your look. Indeed, it is the desire of every woman to exude elegance in whatever she wears.

saira rizwan fashion designer

For instance, Saira Rizwan brings a lot of creative and luxurious bridal dresses for women. The tiny embellishment techniques will propel you to think about it. Luckily, we are presenting you a tiny demonstration of exquisite bridal gowns by Saira Rizwan below.

So, if you want to decide on your wedding wardrobe from a designer, here is a list of top Pakistani bridal designers. You have an opportunity to see and determine your dress. It will be an honor if you applaud the designers for their continuous hard work and creativity. Please consider it and make your wedding look luxurious with any of the dresses above.