22nd Lux Style Awards 2024 Pakistani Celebrities Pictures and Winners List

Lux style awards 2023

The 22nd Lux Style Awards 2024 was another stunning celebration of Pakistani entertainment and fashion excellence. This yearly event, sponsored by Lux, a well-known cosmetics brand, upheld Lux’s legacy of recognizing and rewarding creative individuals who have significantly contributed to the country’s arts and culture landscape.

The awards ceremony celebrated Pakistan’s broad and thriving entertainment industry, with categories spanning film, television, music, and fashion. It gave performers, directors, musicians, fashion designers, and models a chance to shine and be recognized for their excellent work. The Lux Style Awards have always played an essential role in supporting the growth and recognition of Pakistan’s entertainment and fashion industries.

The 22nd Lux Style Awards brought together industry heavyweights, celebrities, and fans in a spectacular and star-studded evening. The Lux Style Awards continue to be a highly anticipated and renowned event in the Pakistani entertainment calendar, reflecting the country’s cultural richness and artistic brilliance.

Lux Style Awards 2024

Origin of Lux Style Awards

The Lux Style Awards (LSA) are an annual awards ceremony held in Pakistan to recognize achievements in the Pakistani entertainment sector, which includes film, television, music, and fashion. Lux, a cosmetic product brand owned by Unilever Pakistan, launched the awards in 2002. The Lux Style Awards were created to acknowledge and promote excellence in Pakistani entertainment and fashion.

They have become one of Pakistan’s most prominent award events, rewarding talent and originality in various disciplines within the industry. The categories include Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Film, Best Television Serial, and many fashion-related categories such as Best Fashion Designer and Best Male and Female Model. The Lux Style Awards have been essential in promoting and recognizing artists and professionals in Pakistan’s entertainment and fashion industries.

Lux Style Awards 2024

Glimpse of Pakistani Celebrities at 22nd Lux Style Awards 2024 

The complete list of 2024 winners from this year’s LSA-2024, the 22nd Lux Style Awards, which marked another stunning celebration of excellence in Pakistan’s entertainment and fashion industries, is available below. This yearly event, sponsored by Lux, a well-known cosmetics brand, upheld Lux’s legacy of recognizing and rewarding creative individuals who have significantly contributed to the country’s arts and culture landscape.

The awards ceremony celebrated Pakistan’s broad and thriving entertainment industry, with categories spanning film, television, music, and fashion. It gave performers, directors, musicians, fashion designers, and models a chance to shine and be recognized for their excellent work. The Lux Style Awards have always played an essential role in supporting the growth and recognition of Pakistan’s entertainment and fashion industries. So, without further ado, here is the whole list of LSA-2024 winners:

Lux Style Awards 2024

LSA Film Awards

At the awards presentation, the Film category highlighted exceptional achievements in Pakistani cinema. “Kamli” was named Film of the Year, and Feroze Khan was named Best Film Actor for his work in “Tich Button.” Saba Qamar was named Best Film Actress for her outstanding performance in “Kamli.” The Playback Song of the Year award went to “Peela Rung” from “Parde Mein Rehne Do,” and Sarmad Khoosat was named Best Film Director: Critics’ Choice for “Kamli.” In the Critics’ Choice category, “Quaid e Azam Zindabaad” was named Best Film.

Category Winner
Film of The Year Kamli
Best Film Actor Feroze Khan (Tich Button)
Best Film Actress Saba Qamar (Kamli)
Playback Song of The Year Peela Rung (Parde Mein Rehne Do)
Best Film Director: Critics Choice Sarmad Khoosat (Kamli)
Best Film: Critic Choice Quaid e Azam Zindabaad

Viewers Choice Category – Television:

The Viewers Choice Category table displays the winners of several television categories, highlighting the best of Pakistani television. “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi” won Best TV Play, “Dananeer Mobeen” won Best Emerging Talent, and “Mustafa Afridi” won Best Writer. This table recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the Pakistani television industry.

Category Winner
Best TV Play Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi
Best TV Long Serial Betiyaan
Best Actor Male Arsalan Naseer (Paristaan)
Best Actor Female Yumna Zaidi (Bakhtawar)
Best OST Mere Humsafar
Best Emerging Talent Dananeer Mobeen (Sinf e Aahan)
Best Ensemble Play Sinf e Aahan
Best TV Actor, Male Bilal Abbas Khan (Dobara)
Best TV Actor, Female Yumna Zaidi (Bakhtawar)
Best TV Director Saif e Hassan (Sang e Mah)
Best Writer Mustafa Afridi (Sang e Mah)


viewers choice category Lux Style Awards 2024

LSA Music Award Winners

The Music Awards table highlights the year’s best musical achievements. Ali Sethi’s soulful performance in “Pasoori” earned him the title of Singer of the Year, while Kaifi Kahlil’s song “Kahani Suno” was named Song of the Year. The Most Streamed Song of the Year, “Pasoori” by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, demonstrates the song’s popularity among music fans. These awards recognize excellence in the music industry, recognizing remarkable talent and memorable melodies.

Category Winner
Singer of The Year Ali Sethi (Pasoori)
Song of The Year Kahani Suno (Kaifi Kahlil)
Most Streamed Song of The Year Pasoori (Ali Sethi & Shae Gill)


Pasoori LSA 23

Music Producer of the Year – Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi (Pasoori)

The Critics’ Choice Award for Music Producer of the Year goes to the outstanding duo of Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi, who are known for their exceptional work on the music project “Pasoori.” These two producers have continually pushed the frontiers of music creation, enthralling audiences with inventive and one-of-a-kind soundscapes.

Pasoori” is a tribute to their creative talent, demonstrating their ability to merge genres and experiment with musical ideas in a way that critics and fans like. Their partnership on the year’s most excellent music production garnered them the Critics Choice award, cementing their reputation as industry leaders. Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi’s commitment to their profession and significant contributions to the music world deserve the Music Producer of the Year award. Their work continues to inspire and shape the future of music, leaving an indelible mark.

Critics Choice Category Winner
Music Producer of the Year Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi (Pasoori)


Pasoori LSA 23 Abdul Siddique and Xulfi

LSA Fashion Awards

The fashion category of the Lux Style Awards is a light of acknowledgment and celebration in the Pakistani fashion industry. This prominent forum recognizes the extraordinary talents and creative minds that define the fashion world, promotes innovation, and establishes new standards for style and elegance.

The Lux Style Awards, which celebrate designers, models, photographers, stylists, and other fashion luminaries, continue to elevate and exhibit Pakistan’s ever-evolving tapestry of fashion, motivating established and rising artists to push the boundaries of innovation and design.

Lux style awards 2024 Winners

  • Emerging Talent of The Year – Abeer Asad

Abeer Asad has made headlines as the recipient of the fashion industry’s “Emerging Talent of the Year” award. Abeer has quickly risen to popularity due to his distinct blend of inventiveness and invention. Her unique viewpoint and outstanding work have made an indelible effect on the fashion world, making her a talent to watch in the coming years.

Emerging talent Abeer Asad Lux Style Awards 2024

  • Fashion Model of The Year – Maha Tahirani

The grace and charisma of Maha Tahirani have earned her the “Fashion Model of the Year.” Her commanding presence on the runway and in front of the camera has established her as a fashion icon. Maha’s ability to model in various styles and portray emotions has undoubtedly contributed to her well-deserved success.

  • Fashion Forward Brand of The Year – Hussain Rehar

Hussain Rehar’s eponymous label has won the “Fashion Forward Brand of the Year.” This brand embodies creativity and a forward-thinking attitude to fashion. Hussain Rehar’s name has become linked with inventiveness and uniqueness thanks to his bold designs and devotion to pushing limits.

Hussain Rehar

  • Fashion Photographer/Videographer of The Year – Aleena Naqvi

Aleena Naqvi’s vision and lens have earned her the “Fashion Photographer/Videographer of the Year.” Her photographic talent to capture the spirit of fashion is simply extraordinary. Aleena’s work behind the camera has given the fashion industry depth and texture, generating visual storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide.

  • Fashion and Hair/Makeup Artist of the Year – Sunil Nawab

Sunil Nawab was named “Fashion and Hair/Makeup Artist of the Year” for his talent and skill as a fashion and hair/makeup artist. Sunil’s ability to transform people into gorgeous works of art has cemented his place in the fashion industry. His skill in improving attractiveness and generating compelling looks has set new industry benchmarks.

  • Fashion Stylist of the Year – Tabesh Khoja

Tabesh Khoja has been crowned “Fashion Stylist of the Year” for his outstanding contributions to fashion styling. This honor is due to his strong eye for detail and ability to construct exceptional ensembles. Tabesh’s contributions to fashion aesthetics have left an enduring imprint on the industry.

Tabish Khoja

  • Most Stylish Musician of the Year – Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi’s originality and style have earned her the distinction of “Most Stylish Musician of the Year.” Meesha’s dress choices, aside from her vocal abilities, have continuously attracted attention and inspired fashion fans. Her unique and varied style reflects her artistic personality, establishing her as a trendsetter.

Mesha Shafi

Award Category Winner
Emerging Talent of The Year Abeer Asad
Fashion Model of The Year Maha Tahirani
Fashion Forward Brand of The Year Hussain Rehar
Fashion Photographer/Videographer of The Year Aleena Naqvi
Fashion And Hair/Makeup Artist of The Year Sunil Nawab
Fashion Stylist of The Year Tabesh Khoja
Most Stylish Musician of The Year Meesha Shafi


Our Picks for the Best Dressed Celebs at LSA 2024

The red carpet at LSA 2024 was a brilliant exhibition of fashion expertise, and our list of the best-dressed celebrities reflects the unique style displayed at the event. With their incredible fashion sense, these stars effortlessly grabbed attention in everything from ethereal gowns to bold, unusual selections. Each ensemble served as a blank canvas for self-expression, encapsulating the essence of elegance and inventiveness. We honor these fashion-forward personalities who elevated the LSA 2024 red carpet to unforgettable glamour and sophistication as we relive the night’s most striking ensembles.

Hania Amir

Hania Amir radiated sheer beauty and appeal as she graced the occasion in a gorgeous black gown at LSA 2024. Her dress, with its delicate fabric and elaborate decorations, radiated timeless beauty and sophistication. Everyone was taken aback by Hania’s ethereal presence on the red carpet, which showcased her natural style and grace. Her exquisite design taste and how she handled the sheer black gown effortlessly made her one of the most captivating characters at LSA 2024, leaving an unforgettable impression on the evening’s fashion landscape.

Hania Amir at LSA 23

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak  

The remarkable appearance of Saheefa Jabbar Khattak drew our notice right away. Mariyam D Rizwan designed her eye-catching neon yellow dress with an elegant high neckline and a precisely cut waistline. Every facet of this suit captivates us, from the bold and outrageous color choice to the flawless craftsmanship—Khattak exudes confidence and flair in this outfit!

Saheefa Jabbar

Ayesha Umar

Ayesha Omar made a spectacular entry in a fantastic midnight blue ensemble designed by Rashmi Kumari, adding a touch of sizzling splendor to the awards night. Her outfit seamlessly blended modern and traditional aesthetics, with the skirt draped in a saree style reminiscent of classic elegance. Ayesha’s dress transported viewers back to the golden age of Hollywood, conjuring visions of great 1920s heroines. Her outstanding sense of style was further enhanced with a stunning hairstyle that perfectly suited her look. We were impressed by the sophisticated sophistication and timeless charm at the event.

Ayesha Omar LSA Look

Shae Gill

This year, Shae Gill made her highly awaited debut at the Lux Style Awards, and her presence on the red carpet drew unanimous praise for her flawless sense of style. The brilliant singer looked lovely in an all-white suit decorated with a sheer white cape by famous designer Zuria Dor. What distinguished her outfit was its absolute elegance in its simplest form; the dress emanated a timeless charm that transcended trends.

The only decoration on this stunning dress was delicate silver embroidery that traced the high neckline elegantly, enabling Shae Gill’s natural beauty and confidence to shine through. Her outfit exuded refinement and displayed her fashion sense, making her an unforgettable appearance at the occasion.

Shae Gill LSA look

Dananeer Mubeen

Celebrities walked the red carpet at the Lux Style Awards in a dazzling assortment of distinct and striking looks. Dananeer Mobeen, the inimitable style icon, left an indelible impact with her special appearance. She graced the occasion in a unique green evening gown embellished with delicate and complex embellishments, exuding ethereal beauty. Her clothing demonstrated her excellent fashion sense and embodied the essence of sophistication and grace. Dananeer’s enthralling look at the LSA demonstrated her standing as a trendsetter and fashion star.

Dananeer Mobeen LSA Look

Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi’s victory at this year’s Lux Style Awards represented a significant milestone in her career, as she became the highest award-winning female TV actor. On the other hand, her attire for the beautiful night could have been better. The actor wore a monochrome costume with an ill-fitting garment and a sheer cloak by Noor’h Gul. Yumna’s company radiated elegance, yet it fell short of creating a statement or bringing something new to the fashion scene. Her dress was safe, without the wow factor that could have improved her presence on the LSA red carpet.

Yumna Zaidi LSA Look

Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan, the wife of Ahmed Ali Butt, created an impression at the event with her costume. Still, it drew similarities to Sonam Kapoor and other celebrities who have worn similar styles in the past. She looked stunning in an ivory pantsuit with an extravagant cape, accessorized with black shades and matching heels. While unquestionably stylish, Fatima’s costume appeared to repeat a style worn by countless stars before her without the element of freshness that could have set her apart on this renowned occasion.

Fatima Khan LSA Look

Bold Looks at Lux Style Awards 2024

The Lux Style Awards 2024 was a dazzling event that displayed some of Pakistan’s most beloved celebrities’ daring and stunning styles. Maya Ali recognized for her exquisite and captivating style, was stunned in a show-stopping gown that oozed timeless elegance. Her solid yet traditional appearance, enhanced by a basic cosmetics palette and dramatic accessories, definitely elevated her to the status of the belle of the ball.

Hiba Bukhari, Saba Qamar, Ayesha Umar, and Aima Baig made a mark on the red carpet. Hiba Bukhari wore a daring and modern attire that reflected her fashion-forward style. On the other hand, Saba Qamar went for a striking and edgy look, sticking out with her distinctive clothing. Ayesha Umar’s beautiful suit exuded refinement, while Aima Baig dazzled everyone with her fashionable and confident appearance. The Lux Style Awards 2024 was a memorable night filled with classic outfits and daring fashion choices, demonstrating that Pakistani celebrities remain on the cutting edge of fashion and style.

Lux style awards 2024

Farhan & Urwa Pregnancy Announcement at LSA

While most attendees wore sophisticated Western ensembles to the awards event, Urwa Hocane and her husband, acclaimed singer, and actor Farhan Saeed, stood out with their traditional dress. Urwa Hocane looked stunning in a classic black kurta delicately embroidered with gold embroidery, showcasing the timeless elegance of conventional Pakistani design. Farhan Saeed complemented her in a matching black suit, exuding elegance and grace.

However, they shared a sweet surprise that made this couple stand out on this unforgettable night, not their choice of clothes. They came to Instagram shortly after the ceremony to reveal the joyful news of their pregnancy, giving an emotional element to their participation at the awards. Urwa Hocane’s Instagram image was captioned, ‘It’s the three of us tonight.’ Their announcement added significance to their appearance, demonstrating that the most profound comments are sometimes made from the heart.

Urwa and Farhan at LSA

Sizzling Red Carpet Looks of Celebs at LSA 2024

No doubt the red carpet of LSA was star-studded at its fullest. Here are some sizzling red-carpet looks of famous Pakistani celebrities who attended LSA this year.

Finally, the Hum Lux Style Awards 2024 were filled with glamour, talent, and unforgettable moments. The red carpet saw a riveting exhibition of different and distinct styles. The styles ranged from traditional elegance to daring and inventive choices made by Pakistan’s entertainment and fashion heavyweights. Individuals and teams from many creative professions were recognized for their outstanding contributions to building Pakistan’s cultural landscape through the awards.

The Hum Lux Style Awards 2024 were a monument to the country’s rich artistic tradition and the artists. And fashion icons’ unwavering devotion to pushing limits and inspiring. The event left an impression of a vibrant and ever-changing sector prepared to continue its journey toward excellence and innovation in the coming years.