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Karma Bridal Collection

In the modern world, women are pretty confident to handle their different looks. It is not easy for a bride to hide her scars and bring limelight to her personality. However, fashion designers have made all the possible ways to fade the illness of humans. Karma bridal collection will facilitate you to hide your dark side with brilliant replacement of spark.

Indeed, an upcoming bride desires to make her wedding look dreamy and beyond expectations. I am glad to say that Karma will meet your infinite desires as it has a lot of designs for you. Ladies, it is not an ordinary bridal collection; fasten your belts.

So, are you completely ready for glamour and grace? If so, then take a pause and stop scrolling. The designers take a responsibility on their shoulders to bring every possible style for the audience. Admittedly, Karma bridal collection will get you every essential bridal outfit for your wedding. Please have a look at the thoughtfully created ensembles below.

red and golden bridal dress

About the Brand

If you want a start power of glamour and elegance in one frame, you must think about Karma. The leading fashion brand of Pakistan puts a lot of effort and time into making youthful ensembles for women. Indeed, the Haute couture industry of Pakistan is flourishing day by day with technological advancement. So, you will rarely face any disappointments here.

Karma successfully embraced the mission of prioritizing its clients. People love the originality of the brand and show trust in dresses. Therefore, we are here to show you a glimpse of the hard work and struggle of the brand. Would you mind taking a look at the following blog? Admittedly, I hope you won’t regret it upon viewing and reviewing it.

Golden bridal dress

Karma Designer Wedding Dresses Collection for Brides

If you are looking for glamorous and gracious ensembles, you must think about Karma’s bridal collection. The leading fashion retailer is famous for exquisite details and astounding designs. You might have seen a lot of versatility in Manish Malhotra bridal collection before. But, you will be overwhelmed with the intriguing and beguiling bridal dresses here. In the following blog, you will see a lot of luxurious ensembles for your wedding day. Each of the dresses is lustrously decorated and embellished to make your wedding look attractive and graceful.

We have a wide range of bridal collections on our site from famous designers. Do check it out as well.

golden embellished bridal dress

Elegant Bridal Barat Dresses by Karma Brand

There is a lot of variety in bridal Barat dresses, but a girl should opt for the appropriate color and style. I may not be wrong if I say that everyone can not look attractive in red. Indeed, everyone’s complexion and personality vary from one another. Therefore, a bride shall think wisely about her looks and opt for a shade and design accordingly.

In the following image gallery, you will see classical and contemporary Barat dresses by Karma’s bridal collection. Please take a while to explore the luxurious ensembles below. Certainly, it would be a treat to see and decide.

  • Beautiful Red Lehenga Choli for Barat

Red is the signature shade for a bride to wear on Barat. Many brides believe that they can not complete their looks until they wear a red dress. Therefore, Karma bridal collection brings you a stylish dress for your main event of the wedding below. However, you can explore Saira Shakira bridal collection if you are not satisfied with just these dresses.

Please have a look at the embellished red and golden dress. The red color comes in many possible and attractive combinations. In the following image, you will see a beautiful blend of red and golden with plum shade. The heavily embellished dress coordinates with a plum ornamented dupatta for a whole distinct vibe. Indeed, it will work for you!

traditional lehenga choli for brides

  • Front Open Bridal Barat Dress

The beauty of Karma is that you will find a variety of clothing designs for your brilliant looks. Apart from embellishments and luxury details, we have a wide variety of outfit ideas for you. For instance, please take a look at the following front-open bridal Barat dress.

There are a lot of varieties in Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s collection as well, but the following might be a masterpiece. It is always the creativity and hard work of the designer that makes a dress unique. I hope you will love the lustrously decorated dress below.

front open bridal barat dress

  • Golden and Red Sharara Dress

Sharara dresses are always welcomed by teens to complete their wedding vibe while being comfortable at the same time. If you want to look as beautiful as Sadaf Kanwal does, opt for the following golden dress. However, you can explore more variety from Saira Rizwan bridal collection to make a statement look.

Indeed, the red color completes the vibe of a bride. Therefore, you can create a dreamy look in the following heavily embellished golden shirt that is coordinated with red sharara. The heavily embellished red bridal dupatta with golden embellishments completes the whole look.

beautiful bridal sharara dress

  • Deep Maroon Bridal Gharara Dress

There is no need to worry if you are not a red lover. Instead, you must be happy to have a lot of similar shades. Deep maroon is a common color used by designers who want to make something illuminating and lustrous at the same time.

You will be delighted to know the fact that Karma never fails to target the segmented audience. Instead, it would be a pleasure to meet the wholesome desires of the public. You can get more Maroon bridal dresses from Shamsha Hashwani’s collection.

deep maroon bridal gharara dress

  • Embellished Blood Red Gharara Dress

Have you ever seen a gharara dress with an extremely short Kurti? Do you want to create an unusual look on your wedding day? If so, then the following dress will be an ideal choice for you. Also, you can seek many different ideas from Ali Xeeshan bridal collection as well.

Please have a look at the following luxury dress. Admittedly, Sadaf Kanwal knows how to make a statement style with the exquisitely chic ensemble. So, if you want to look as gorgeous like Sadaf, quickly pick up the attire from Karma’s bridal collection.

embellished red bridal dress

Karma Walima/Reception Dresses for Brides

Do you want to create an unbeatable combination for your reception? Are you looking for some explicit dresses with exquisite beauty? If so, then you are in the correct place. Karma’s bridal collection has a lot of bridal Walima dresses for you. It is the dream and desire of a bride to look beautiful on her Walima day as well. For instance, please have a look at the gracious and glamorous dresses for your Walima day below.

pistachio and peach bridal dress

  • Golden Embellished Georgette and Net Maxi

The golden color is the most desired one to wear on walima day. Well, you can never blame the makers for their creativity. The designers have to make every possible style for every segmented age. You might have seen a lot of bridal maxi designs before, but here is a unique one for you. The gracious golden net maxi has tiny embellishments on the front and sleeves. You can combine delicate jewelry with the outfit to complete your graceful bridal look.

gold dust bridal maxi

  • Golden and White Gharara Dress

If you want to make a ravishing yet chic style on Walima, opt for a combination of white with golden. The individuality of the dress will enable you to bring a dazzling look. Please have a look at the following golden and white dress. The outfit comes with a heavily embellished golden shirt with pearls embedded all over the front.

Further, the heavy embellishments and artwork on the dupatta add class to the style. The white embellished Gharara completes the entire look of the dress. You can get beautiful combination ideas from Sadaf Fawad Khan bridal collection.

golden bridal walima dress

  • Heavily Embellished Short Shirt with Gharara

Nothing in the world is dangerous for a bride instead of an inappropriate outfit. Therefore, an intelligent mind is essential for a woman while she looks for a bridal dress. Here we have a thoughtful yet heavily embellished dress for you below. You can see the art of the designer and how creatively the dress has been made to exude elegance. Explore Faiza Saqlain bridal collection for embellished and decorated wedding dresses.

heavily embellished gharara dress

  • Silver Grey Bridal Maxi

One shouldn’t be a grey character in real life but can wear a grey dress at the wedding. Also, the grey shade can be an ideal choice if you want to twin with your better half. For instance, please have a look at the grey dress by Karma bridal collection below.

The luxurious net maxi has a fully embellished front. You can see the flared dress with a thoughtful design to bring you the desired glam and grace. Explore Deepak Perwani bridal collection to see a couple of pretty ensembles and make your wedding look memorable.

silver grey bridal maxi

  • Zinc Brown Bridal Reception Dress

If you are looking for a persistent and charming dress, you can explore Zara Shahjahan bridal collection. However, if you want to create an illusion in your style, then opt for Karma’s attire. The following zinc brown bridal dress is the best to wear at Walima.

zinc brown lehenga shirt

More Wedding Ensembles from Karma Bridal Collection

Please extract a little time to overview the dresses and applaud the designer for their efforts. Indeed, a little bit of praise can make the makers proud and energetic. Also, they will find a reason to create more illuminating styles with strength and courage. For instance, we have another energetic portfolio of delightful shades below. Additionally, you can explore HSY bridal collection for indefinite bridal dress designs as well.

Stop wasting your time and invest in reals instead of reels to make your looks delightful and refreshing. Karma bridal collection has been launched with the versatility of designs and distinction in styles. So, if you are looking for a gracious ensemble, you can explore the collection above. Walk on the ramp confidently with the magnificent ensembles above.