Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles [Different Dupatta Draping Styles & Ideas]

Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles And Ideas For Asian Brides

Today, we are here with the best wedding dupatta draping styles that are generally worn by Asian women. The most recent wedding design draping has become all the more fascinating. There are a lot of alternatives accessible on the most proficient method to set bridal wear dupatta for wedding or barat day. We have the best Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles for you so that you can look calm and collected on your wedding day.

If you are a bride, bridesmaid, or only attending family member’s occasion, then your customary dupatta provides you heaps of style. In this way, how you dress it up is astoundingly significant. A distant memory is the days when the scarf was about ‘Laaj’ and ‘Haya.’ In the 21st century, it has gone past merely making the lady of the hour look quiet and is the ideal method to elevate your look. Now, there are many methods to style the dupatta.

Adjust Pullover For Your Wedding Like Ayeza Khan Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles

Latest Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles Suggestions For Asian Brides

There are many ways to set the scarf, let’s discuss those ways in detail:

  • The traditional style is that the bride can cover her head with a scarf while dupatta will be hanging both sides in front or behind.
  • Place one side of the scarf on the front and other behind the shoulder.
  • Drape scarf as a cape on the shoulders.
  • Traditional Anarkali style dupatta setting.
  • Cover the chest and head of the bride with a single dupatta.
  • Deep V or U shape scarf setting style.
  • Saree draping style for the Indian bride.
  • Dupatta on the head with the front in U or V shape.
  • Gujrati dupatta style.
  • Pakistani and Indian bridal scarf style.
  • Style with the double scarf.
  • Scarf style with lehenga choli.
  • Relaxed and loose style.
  • Only head and back covered with a dupatta.

Saree Style With Weist Covering Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles Adjustment Like Nimra

Fancy Half Saree Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles

Half saree scarf draping style belongs to the South Indian region. This Indian marriage look has the scarf hanging behind you like a saree with the contrary corner on the hip. Saree style is comfy and the most straightforward approach to wrap your lehenga dupatta. Regardless of any kind of function, you can get inspired by Dupatta draping styles in Tena Durrani bridal collection.

Here are the tricks for draping dupatta in the right way: 

  • Fold one end of the scarf on your midriff, on the right side. 
  • Wrap it from under your left arm and toss it over your shoulder, much the same as a saree pallu. 
  • The saree wrap is frequently a typical lehenga scarf hanging style.

Ravishing Traditional Style Dupatta Setting

In this scarf draping style, dupatta hangs over the head, and it is crossed coolly in the front. The long sleeves on the scarf add a breathtakingly filmy vibe to the marriage look. The conventional Pakistani method for hanging a scarf has created a few fans in India as well. This dupatta hanging style works best for a conservative wedding. The free progression of layers around your head and face make you look shy and blushing bride. For your Elegant Engagement Dress, this type of draping is perfect.

Simple Steps for Perfect Draping Dupatta: 

  • Take a scarf over the head, with one end of dupatta hanging behind the back. 
  • The opposite end of the scarf is modified into a cowl shape in front, pinned at the back.

The Dupatta Has Got Your Back!

Common draping is like the scarf hanging over the bride’s head and remaining left free at the back. We love the way how the light scarf isn’t overwhelming, like an exquisite wedding outfit. If the dupatta is substantial, one end is usually creased and nailed to the lady of the hour’s wrist for help and elegance. In this style, the fancy bridal lehenga dress is entirely prominent, and the bride doesn’t need to worry about the scarf carrying.

Double is Even Better!

You can utilize two dupattas to make this look. You can use one scarf for covering your head in an illustrious manner; while, the other dupatta can be spreading out in a front profound U shape. A sheer dupatta is dazzling for this style. A decent jade accessory with large earrings and Maang tikka will add that marvelousness to the outfit you always needed. This type of draping is more suitable for traditional  Indian Bridal Dresses.

There are many ways to set the double scarf:

  • Carrying a traditional Punjabi style scarf and another will be on the head.
  • You can set one scarf with a belt and another on the head. 
  • One on the head and other over the single shoulder.
  • One scarf set as a saree and another draped on the head.
  • You can set one scarf on the head and another carry as a beautiful Gujrati style.

Modern Veil Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles

Veil and Ghungat is a stylish and contemporary take on the traditional marriage look. The light dupatta is hung over the head covering the bride’s face while the heavy scarf is carried in a usual way. It consolidates the polish of a western church cloak with the magic of the conventional Ghungat. It is the ideal decision for a contemporary marriage troupe yet can be combined into a progressively customary look by blending it with an embroidered scarf. The best fabrics for this style are fine tulles, extremely lightweight chiffons, and georgettes.

Aesthetic Suit Style Cover-Up

In case you’re the bridesmaid or going to your companion’s wedding, you can wrap your lehenga dupatta in this simple way. Much the same as we cover a suit’s scarf, follow similar strides here. Pin the scarf on the two sides of your shoulder, and that’s enough. Cover up is an extraordinary style for all young ladies going to weddings this season. Your exquisite dupatta is the main element of this look, particularly if you wear it like this with a lehenga and plain choli.

Steps for setting the bride scarf astoundingly:

  • Cover your both shoulders with the dupatta, like in the image below.
  • Pin it to both of your shoulders and secure it pleasantly, so it doesn’t tumble down. You can leave the scarf open at the back or let both the side parts to uninhibitedly fall on sideways.

Kamarband Or Belt Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles

Kamarbandh and belt are back in style. It is a helpful method for hanging a lehenga scarf, and you can go out with it. When you need to wrap a saree without truly hanging a saree, this style of draping a lehenga dupatta gives you a saree look. You can add an abdomen belt to amp up the clothing. 

Kamarbandh is the perfect style if you need to display the figure you worked hard to build for months in the gym. For this style, you can utilize a sheer light scarf on the head and elegant jewelry like a matha Patti or Maang tikka. The other dupatta can be creased and secured with a Kundan or jewel Kamar band. A short shirt down the middle sleeves is best for this look and will doubtlessly make you a glitz lady.

Follow these steps for an ideal look:

  • Wrap the dupatta like how you would wrap a saree. 
  • Include the Kamarbandh, and that’s it. 

Artistic Gujrati Style Drape

Gujrati style is another traditional method for hanging your lehenga dupatta. This style is ideal for ladies who need to conceal their belly. This dupatta hanging style can be frequently spotted on the mother or auntie of the bride and grooms. Significantly selected in Gujrati weddings, and it looks very straightforward yet exquisite. 

Take a net, sheer, or tissue dupatta that coordinates your wedding outfit and wraps it in a Gujarati saree style. You can cover this style by keeping the flared dupatta on the front and pin to the other side of the midriff on your lehenga. Another scarf, which is your lehenga’s coordinating piece, can be stuck over the hair-bun. This is an incredibly chic style with a blend of customary Gujarati dupatta hanging with a cutting edge method for covering your head.

You just have to follow these steps: 

  • Take a corner of your dupatta, pin it firmly on the left half of your midsection. 
  • Take the remainder of the scarf and wrap it securely over your back and carry it to your front from the right side.

U and V-Shape Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles

V and U shapes are unique and comfortable draping styles for the brides. It keeps one problem-free since the dupatta is flawlessly stuck. You can wander around and do your tasks. It is a delightful style to wrap your wedding scarf that covers your head while one side of the dupatta is in front, making V or U-shape. You can carry a net dupatta with a substantial zardozi or stone-work fringe that will give you an exquisite look.

Moreover, you can wear a Maang tikka or matha Patti to enhance your outfit and make a style proclamation on your big day. As this style makes your sleeves noticeable, you can wear a dress that has delightfully embroidered sleeves. Moreover, Half sleeves will be a decent method to show your lovely arms that are decorated with Bridal Mehndi Designs.

Drape As A Cape On The Shoulders

You need to wrap your dupatta around your shoulder and make a base coat look. To maintain a strategic distance from any issue, remember to fix it with a pin.

You can see many Bridal Dupatta Setting Styles in the above images. You can select anyone for your big day. It’s up to you how you want to style yourself perfectly. Above are all ideal styles to wear at any event or your wedding. Do tell us if you are satisfied with our rundown.