Zainab Chottani Winter Collection 2024 – Latest Velvet Dresses

Zainab Chottani Winter Collection

Winters always encourage the public to arrange evening parties and formal gatherings. They arrange a formal gathering to invite their immediate relatives and close friends like family. Therefore, the guests look for a stunning ensemble on this glam occasion. Zainab Chottani winter collection has a distinction in class and grace for women to ooze elegance.

Women are fond of fashion and versatile clothing. It is great if you are a little obsessed with your looks. Such obsession proves that you possess girlish feelings and want to look stylish. Therefore, Zainab Chottani tends to create glamorous styles for you to wear at weddings. Below is the new look of the leading brand’s luxury velvet dresses.

Once in a while and right in the middle of ordinary life, someone calls you for their marriage ceremony. With a little makeup and glam heels, a glamorous outfit will elevate your vibes. Get positive compliments by wearing attractive ensembles from the Zainab Chottani winter collection. Indeed, you will slay in your outfit beyond infinity.

Zainab Chottani Winter Collection 2022 – Latest Velvet Dresses

Dressing is an art, and women are an artist. Undoubtedly, you can behave better if you are dolled up nicely. A catchy dress will compliment you in the galaxy of individuals around you. Therefore, every woman must pick a lovely dress for any formal event. Below is the latest Zainab Chottani winter collection for you. People will appreciate you if you wear an outfit according to the nature of the event.

No one will appraise you if you wear a casual dress for a wedding event. Instead, everyone will criticize your sense of dressing. Also, netizens will say that you do not have enough good manners to dress up for a formal wedding. The following article will guide you through professional tips and tricks regarding fashion and styling. Let’s take the time to glance at the image gallery below to seek dynamics styles.

About the Trademark!!

Zainab Chottani is not an ordinary woman who creates casual and common dresses. Instead, she is one of the finest Pakistani fashion designers in the industry. Many people acknowledge her efforts for her breathtaking bridal ensembles. However, she creates youthful casual and formal dresses for women, too. The apparel collection includes a variety of seasonal collections, including unstitched & stitched dresses for women to exude grace.

Furthermore, the creative designer has a timeless approach to fashion. Also, the designer embraces the old traditions in a pure form through art and craft. Many people profoundly inspired her timeless and iconic designs. Therefore, the designer struggles to have people’s hearts for a lifetime. In the following article, she will stun you with glamorous dresses. Please have a look at Zainab Chottani Winter dresses here.

creative designer zainab chottani

Luxurious Unstitched Velvet Dresses for Women

No one can accidentally look gorgeous. It is always a struggle and planning that makes a woman beautiful. Also, you need to kill your bad and ugly vibes with a perfect replacement for cleanliness. For instance, you must have a beautiful outfit to bring glam looks. Here are the latest Zainab Chottani velvet dresses for you to wear at parties.

Undoubtedly, your beauty will begin when you decide to be yourself. No one can be you, and that is the power of individuality. Here, we have versatile styles for you that will challenge your individuality. Let’s give a huge shout-out to the designer for this engaging portfolio. Take a glance at the attractive and formal dresses by Zainab Chottani.

  • Glamorous Black Luxury Embroidered Velvet Dress

Sometimes, everyone wants to be a little playful and mischievous. Also, women always want to be glamorous to impress the people around them. Undoubtedly, this couldn’t be done unless you put effort into it. Hard work pays off if your intention is pure and real. Below is a real glam and graceful black ensemble by Zainab Chottani. You can get your dress stitched in the same gharara style with a short Kurti like the one below.

The outfit comes in a magnificent combination of all-the-time chic black and light pink. You can see the heavily embroidered golden patterns on the neckline, sleeves, and Daman. Further, it is coordinated with glorious organza gharara. There is an additional embroidered motif for the back as well. The beauty of the dress is enhanced with a fascinating embroidered organza dupatta. Indeed, it will bring you a glamorized and polished look. Get similar lavish outfits from the Taana Baana winter collection for a wide variety.

  • Rich Plum Embroidered Velvet Dress

Being glamorous, chic, and confident is all about strength and power. A woman can never look bright unless she struggles for it. Therefore, we guide our customers to put a little struggle into an effortlessly chic look. Here is a maroon lustrously embroidered velvet dress that will make your efforts worth it. Let’s have a look at the contemporary dress below.

Zainab Chottani’s winter collection brings you a delicious plum-embroidered velvet dress. The following ensemble has a heavily embroidered Daman and embroidered motif for the back. Plus, the outfit is coordinated with a golden organza embroidered dupatta for a refined look. Get similar dresses from Maria B winter collection, and have a wonderful journey ahead.

  • Glorious Emerald Green Velvet Embroidered Dress

Everyone desires to glam up their looks. Indeed, a perfect outfit adds fuel to the fire and makes you look modest and chic. One must have a fashionable outfit to survive in the modern fashion world. Here is a fashionable emerald green velvet embroidered winter dress for you below. However, you can also explore a huge variety of silk dresses for yourself.

Zainab Chottani always impresses the public with heavily embroidered dresses like the one below. Indeed, you will fall for yourself if you will give a try to the following velvet dress. The fully embroidered front has an embroidered motif for the back and a golden embroidered organza dupatta. Finish your looks with appropriate jewelry and footwear.

  • Navy Blue Embroidered Velvet Dress

Beauty lies in the comfort of a woman. If a woman is not comfortable in a fully embellished and flared floor-length dress, she can never look beautiful—such women desire to wear a delicate straight shirt to meet their comfort level. I am glad that the Zainab Chottani winter collection has a versatile clothing range for women to pick their favorite dress.

The following navy blue velvet dress comes with tiny embroidered details on the front of the shirt. Additionally, it has an additional embroidered motif for the back. The ace designer combines an embroidered organza dupatta with contrasting maroon silk viscose pants. Get similar vibrant velvet dresses from the Nishat Linen winter collection.

  • Golden Beige Embellished Velvet Dress

A vibrant combination brings you the brightest look. Therefore, the fashion designers of Pakistan tend to bring you dignified shades for a statement style. There is a lot of variety in frocks. Some people love to wear a short frock with palazzo. At the same time, others search for a trendy long shirt with churidar pajama. Here is an incredible dress that can be styled differently for a unique look. Let’s have a look at the golden beige dress below.

You can see the luxuriously crafted velvet dress by the Zainab Chottani winter collection in the gallery below. I must say that the creative designer has such an artistic mind to create masterpieces with true aesthetics for women. That is why the public lauds the designer for her creativity. You can see the heavily embroidered golden shirt with maroon embroidered patched for the Daman. Spot similar combinations in the Sana Safinaz winter collection, and enjoy every winter moment with colors and joy.

  • Magnificent Black and Golden Velvet Dress

Do you believe in primping at leisure? If so, you will love the following colorful portfolio of fancy dresses. Luckily, women have a huge margin of fashion and style. Also, they can easily amplify their looks with a little makeup and hairstyle. Follow fashion tips this year to create a dramatic look with the following black and golden velvet dress. I hope the dynamic dress will get you a dreamy yet delightful look at your upcoming event.

Zainab Chottani winter collection brings you yet another intriguing dress for your evening wear. Opt for the following delicious combination if you are out for a night party. The black velvet is fully rendered with golden embroidered details, giving a lustrously fabulous look. Further, the contrasting maroon embroidered organza dupatta enhanced the dress’s aesthetic look. Get similar styles from the Bareeze winter collection as well.

Ready-to-Wear Velvet Zainab Chottani Winter Collection

If you are looking for illustrated velvet winter attire, you are in the correct place. Zainab Chottani winter collection brings you a wide variety of lustrously embellished velvet dresses for women. Each outfit is elegantly adorned with pearls and motifs to give you a refined look. Please have a look at the engaging and embellished portfolio below.

  • Opulent Statement Sarees in Velvet

Do you want to make a perfect addition to your closet? If so, you must fill your wardrobe with a classy velvet saree. The Zainab Chottani winter collection brings you two ready-to-wear sarees for your evening parties. Please take a little time to overview the glazing and glamorous olive green and navy blue velvet sarees below.

  • Heavily Embroidered Velvet Shawls for Women

You can always challenge your individuality with a unique style and combination. Make yourself different from others by wearing a heavily embellished velvet shawl from Zainab Chottani’s winter collection below. The intricate patterns and refined embroidered technique will surely give you a positive vibe. Plus, the thread embroidered patterns with Jamawar finishing will add glam and grace to your personality. Customize yourself with breathtaking shawls and be a vision to behold in the coming cozy winter eve.

  • Exclusive Velvet Pret Suits for Teens

Pret suits are always the number one priority of teens and youth. Therefore, the Zainab Chottani winter collection brings you youthful and enriched velvet embroidered dresses. The rich and embellished details on the following dresses will take you to another level of charisma. So, grab your favorite outfit soon to make a statement style in this year’s winter. Ansab Jahangir Winter Collection has more beautiful velvet dresses for all winter events.

  • Get a sizzling glam look in this black lehenga choli with gold embellishments and maroon detailing on the dress and beige dupatta.
alluring black velvet dress
Rs 62,500
  • Here, we have a beautiful teal blue and silver combo that looks outstanding in every way.
alluring ash blue velvet dress
Rs 39,500
  • Another blue dress with hint of multi colors on it looks enchanting in winter season.
teal blue embroidered velvet dress
Pkr 29,500
  • Eastern-western fusion is always in fashion. Blue with fushia pink dress is chic and stylish for anyone who is daring.
blue and pink embroidered velvet dress
Pkr 32,500
  • If you want soft glam, a peach dress with plum and purple detailing is your go-to.
coral pink embroidered velvet dress
Rs 42,500
  • Black velvet short shirt with bell bottom trouser dress is perfect for winter parties.
graceful black embroidered velvet dress
Rs 19,500
  • Be traditional in short velvet plum kurta with plain gharara and black organza dupatta.
maroon embroidered velvet dress
Pkr 42,000
  • Crushed fabric is all the rage this season. The velvet upper body with crushed flare is unique combination you need to try this year.
plum embroidered velvet dress
Pkr 45,000

A timelessly chic and magnificent outfit will take you to another level of grace and glam. You can never create a magical look unless you struggle for it. Step into the world of fashion and aesthetics with Zainab Chottani’s winter collection. The classic and contemporary dresses are created with love and attention. Let’s consider the lavish yet graceful ensembles by Zainab Chottani above.