Glam Party Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Like a Pro – Best Tips and Looks

Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Like a Pro

Party makeup is not the same as everyday or casual makeup. Get your beautiful party makeup look by following these simple and necessary steps. Everything you have to do is to follow the accompanying steps mentioned in this party makeup tutorial that I will specify below. They will be helpful to you in various ways.

Makeup is an art, and many people are pro in this field. If you are a beginner, and you don’t know how to do your makeup, then don’t worry because it is not that much difficult. Also, with little practice, you may get to know it easily.

The following steps will help you in doing the ideal party and formal makeup. The cosmetics are likewise a significant part that will mirror your personality and add more appeal to it. So, consistently go for the great cosmetics to make the entirety of your look wonderful.

party makeup ideas for youngest

Easy Step by Step Party Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

There are numerous choices accessible to ladies. Always use the best makeup brands for choosing your products. The most significant advance is to coordinate your cosmetics with your outfit. If your outfit has a light color, at that point, you need nude/light makeup, and if your outfit has bright colors, then you need striking and bold cosmetics. Here’s a step by step party makeup tutorial guide for you.

Party Makeup Tutorial for beginners

1- Grooming Your Face for Party Makeup

Preparing your face is the primary introductory step that you should do. Its progression is fundamental, so your face will remain dust-free, and you can undoubtedly apply makeup on it. For preparing your face, you have to:

  • Wash your face for expelling all the pollution from your face. 
  • Now, apply any cream or moisturizer on your skin, as indicated by your skin type. In the makeup stores, numerous sorts of creams or moisturizers are available, so consistently go for the correct one.

Grooming Your Face

2- Apply Primer Before the Makeup

Now, the next step is to prepare your face with the primer. Primer is the ideal strategy to keep your makeup durable. Primers are available in various formulas, so choose a primer according to your skin tone. If you don’t do this, then you will ruin all the hard work. If primer doesn’t match your skin type, it spoils your look and makes it duller.

Add Primer to your face

3- Apply Foundation 

Presently the following step is to apply foundation on your face. There are many foundation types and shades, so all you need is to pick the correct shade or kind as per your natural skin tone. There are fundamentally two kinds of products in the liquid and cream form. The liquid foundation is ideal because it will stay throughout the day. But first, you have to learn how to apply the foundation correctly.

girl Apply Foundation on face

4- Hide Your Dark Spots with Concealer

Dark circles and blemishes are stubborn. For concealing them, you need the specific sort of concealer that will make your skin flawless and clean. After applying it, you will look awake and fresh. Examine the best concealers for dark circles to assist you with getting the correct product.

Hide Your Drak Spot With Concealer

5- Dust Setting Powder to Set Your Foundation

Now it is time to set your foundation with some setting powder. It will help the foundation to stay matte. The primary advantage of the setting powder is that it will likewise expel any stiffness from your face.

Apply it all around the face and make your look matte in appearance. Now, your face is ready for applying the eye-shadows, lipsticks, or other products. You can use branded makeup brushes for a refined finishing.

Setting Powder To Set Your Foundation

6- Contouring the Face

Contouring is appropriate to change your face structure like shaping your nose and hiding the two-fold jawline. There are different ways to contour the face shape, which depend on your features.

You can either use bronzer or cream contour to sculpt your face in perfect condition. Also, blend in very well with the brush or sponge, whichever tool you like. If you think this step is extra, then you can skip it.

contour your face

7- Add Color to Your Cheeks

Applying the blush on is one of the most loved steps for women. The blush is applied to the cheeks and the nose. So, always remember to add a pinky touch to your cheeks for making your cheeks noticeable and glammy. Never apply too much, or you will look bad.

how to apply blush

8- Apply Highlighter to Add Shine

If you are going for the night event, at that point, never forget to add a highlighter for a more glammy and dazzling appearance. You can apply a highlighter on the face parts, which you want to highlight.

You can use it on your cheeks, forehead, temple, in the corners of your eyes, and even on your nose. Try to coordinate your highlighter with your outfit so that it can look more engaging and dazzling.

Apply Highlighter To Add Shine

9- Do Your Eye Makeup

Eye-makeup will assist you with completing your look and make it more exciting and tremendous. You need the following products:

Eye Makeup Steps:

Step 1: For a party look, go for smokey eyes, and you will look very thrilling for sure. Learn here how to do a smokey eye makeup perfectly.

Step 2: When done with your eye shades, apply the eyeliner for more elaborated eyes. Use any good quality waterproof eyeliner or eye pencil for this purpose. Learn here how to apply eyeliner in different shapes.

Step 3: For a dramatic look, put some fake lashes and apply the mascara that will lift up your fake and real lashes both.

Step 4 (Optional): You can also add some glittery and sparkly shadows to complement the party vibes.

apply the shade at the crease

apply eyeliner on to eyes

glitter party eyemakeup

10- Adding Color to Your Lips

Always use waterproof lipsticks for this kind of look. You can coordinate your lip color with your outfit. You can also apply some contrasting color like red or shocking pink. Vibrant colors will also look very classy with black smokey eyes and minimal makeup.

You can also use bold shading like maroon and purple for making your look dazzling and up-to-date. If you are a bit uncomfortable with these bold colors, you can apply any nude color.

girl apply lipstick

11- Utilize Setting Spray to Finish Off Party Makeup

In the wake of applying your eye-shadow and lip shading, presently, the last step is to set your cosmetics. You need to set your formal makeup look with the setting spray.


  • The spray will add more shine to your face.
  • It will keep your makeup fresh throughout the day.

apply the Setting Spray

Must-Follow Party Makeup Tips and Tricks

Look at the following party wear makeup tips that every girl should need to know to keep her makeup all day long. 

  1. Before applying the makeup, set your skin with a moisturizer.
  2. Make sure all products are waterproof.
  3. Avoid too shimmery makeup because it makes your look ugly. 
  4. Use the right products according to your skin type and skin tone. 
  5. In summer, utilize matte products instead of shimmery.
  6. Never forget to set your makeup with setting spray to keep it all day long.
  7. Instead of using the heavy coat of foundation, apply various light layers.
  8. Hold your hands away from your face to avoiding breakouts.

classy and magnificant Party Makeup Tutorial

Some Unique and Trendy Party Makeup Looks with Pictures

Look at the accompanying formal party makeup tutorial looks and make your personality more astonishing by doing the right cosmetics. You can take ideas from these beautiful makeup styles. You can also get an idea about the combinations of the different shades while applying the makeup.

natural Party Makeup Tutorial

lovely Party Makeup Tutorial

lavish Party Makeup Tutorial

Party Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

brownish Party Makeup Tutorial

classy party makeup for women

classy party makeup

cool makeup for women

glammy party makeup for women

Keep yourself updated and fresh through party wear makeup for making your looks jazzier on the occasion. Follow all these guidelines accordingly and you will get the desired results. The selection of the right products is also important and with practice, you can get expertise in applying them correctly.