Orient Textiles Summer Collection 2020 with Prices [New Arrivals]

orient summer collection

The Orient Textile mill was established in 2000 and is famous for its high-quality fabric. All the clothing brands are offering online shopping and in stores to people. Therefore orient textiles also facilitate its customers by providing online shopping facilities. Moreover, the Orient Textiles summer collection has a variety of incredible designs for you.

The factory outlet of Orient Textile mills is in Karachi, whereas it has its retail stores in different cities of Pakistan. Therefore, it provides you a variety of colorful yet unique dresses according to your demand. The clothing categories of Orient Textiles summer collection includes:

  • Unstitched (One-Piece+Two-Piece+Three-Piece)
  • Ready to Wear (Kurta+Two-Piece+Three-Piece)
  • Festive Collection

Orient Textiles Unstitched and Stitched Summer Collection 2020

Orient Textile aims to bring excellent quality lawn fabric and versatile designs of clothing. It has done its best and always met the demands of its customers. It has its stores in several areas of Pakistan. Women nowadays are always busy in gatherings and thinking about what to wear to look unique. Therefore, on segmentation, Orient Textiles focus on a new variety of designs. Moreover, the designs include both formal and casual wear.

Casual Outfit
PKR 3650

Classy Unstitched Lawn by Orient Textiles

The unstitched collection of Orient Textiles has a variety of single shirts, two-piece, and three-piece suits. Depending on whatever the occasion is, you can quickly grab your favorites here.

Orient Textiles Summer Collection (One-Piece Unstitched)

Girls under 18 prefer to wear single fashionable shirts with tights or jeans. Therefore, Orient Textiles introduce you to a variety of unique shirts in embroidery. They vary from one another in colors and designs. The cost of these shirts is not too high, but the fabric is of superior quality.

  • Front Embroidered Lawn Shirts

Single lawn shirts with light embroidery always look attractive and stylish. These two shirts are of the same design yet different colors. The shirt has a beautiful front with embroidery on the neckline and above the border. It has printed sleeves and back with a white trouser in contrast.

Embroidered Shirts
Rs 1,700
  • Neckline Embroidery Lawn Shirts

The block prints in shirts look unique. Young girls mostly favor these prints for their outfit. It has embroidery on the neckline while the rest of the shirt is plain. This style comes up in two colors. Therefore, you can snatch the one you want.

Neckline Embroidered Shirts
Rs 1,400
  • Impressive Dotted Lawn Shirts

The dot prints are very common and preferable among young girls. These beautiful dotted shirts have front embroidery and tissue patch on the border. It appears very simple and delicate.

Dotted Lawn Shirts

  • Light Blue Embroidered Shirt

The blue color is always refreshing in summers. Having only the neckline embroidered looks sophisticated and straightforward. The shirt has embroidery on its neckline, plain sleeves and back. You can match the trouser of your choice with this shirt.

Summer Blue Shirt
Rs 1,700

Orient Textiles Summer Collection (Two-Piece Unstitched)

An unstitched variety of Orient Textiles summer collection has two categories. These are:

  • Printed Two-piece
  • Embroidered Two-piece

Printed Two-Piece Summer Collection

The printed two-piece collection of Orient Textiles consists of a shirt and dupatta. The sleeves of the shirt are different from the front and back of the shirt. It has a lawn dupatta of wider width hence adding elegance to the attire.

Elegant Printed Two Piece
Rs 2,490
Beautiful two-piece
Rs 2,490

Embroidered Two-Piece Lawn Collection

The embroidered two-piece collection has a shirt and a dupatta. The shirt is embroidered while dupatta is of lawn fabric. This grey colored dress is having a mirror work on the shirt looks unique among the other designs. Floral prints are attractive in all the fabrics. Therefore, Orient Textiles are presenting you embroidered two-piece with floral patterns in the lawn.

Embroidered Two-Piece Lawn
Rs 3,400
Floral Two Piece
PKR 3,690

Unstitched Three-Piece Collection

Orient Textiles unstitched three-piece collection has three main categories:

  • Printed three-piece
  • Embroidered three-piece
  • Pearl Printed three-piece
  • Jacquard Three-Piece

Printed Three-Piece Unstitched

The grace always comes up with a full three-piece outfit instead of wearing cut pieces. Orient Textiles summer collection is introducing you to a marvelous printed three-piece collection. It consists of printed lawn shirts with dyed trousers and a lawn dupatta.

These two dresses are the same in design but different in colors. Having such a graceful look admires your personality and enhances your beauty.

Twining Orange and Black Dresses

The orange color always adds glam to your personality. Therefore, Orient presents you with a fine printed three-piece dress in orange color. The same design comes up in black color. Choose any one of them whichever you want.

Embroidered Three-Piece Unstitched Collection

Some of you may like to wear an incredible outfit having embroidery on the shirt. Therefore, Orient Textiles summer collection is presenting you with a variety of embroidered dresses of different colors and designs. Some dresses have embroidery on the shirts, paired with a chiffon dupatta. Wearing such dresses brings out a formal look. Moreover, you look elegant and stylish, wearing such brilliant attire.

Pearl Printed Three-Piece

Pearl prints on the lawn always look delicate and charming. Light summer colors look marvelous in this pearl-printed design, therefore, Orient introduced brilliant three-piece attires with pearl printed designs. There is a variety of these designs in different colors. These following designs will give you a magnificent look at any agreeable assembling as Khaadi summer lawn dresses do!

Jacquard Three-Piece Summer Collection

There are various materials like polyester and cotton, that are woven together to introduce a new fabric. This hand-woven fabric is jacquard, which is common in summers. The jacquard fabric has much grace. Therefore, it always comes in a plain design. There is a variety of three-piece collection in jacquard fabric.

Festive Collection by Orient Textiles

Orient presents you with a variety of festive collection that you can wear on various occasions. The festive collection has a lawn shirt with full embroidery and a festive net dupatta. Overall, attire looks amazing by wearing delicate jewelry with it.

There are two beautifully embroidered dresses in two different colors but the same design. The front has embroidery in the center, stretching from shoulders till the border. Wearing classy shoes with this outfit enhances the grace of this attire.

  • Premium Festive Dress

The high-quality designer lawn is also available at Orient Textiles. If you need to buy an organza dress for summers, you have an option for this pretty and stylish dress. Bonanza Satrangi has a fantastic festive lawn collection as well.

Premium Festive Attire
Rs 11,590

Ready To Wear Orient Textiles Summer Collection

Some people today always look for saving time. They prefer pret on unstitched collection to save their precious time. Therefore, Orient’s summer collection has a variety of ready-to-wear collections in three main categories. These are:

  • Kurtas (Printed+Embroidered+Festive)
  • Two-Piece (Printed+Embroidered)
  • Three-Piece (Printed+Embroidered)
  • Luxury Pret

Ready to Wear Kurtas

The ready-to-wear kurtas are always stylish and decent. Some of you may prefer printed kurtas, and some may prefer embroidered while some may want festive kurtas.

  • Printed Kurtas

The printed kurtas look decent and straightforward. You can wear stylish jewelry with it to add sparkle in your attire. There is a variety of kurta designs in beautiful colors available for women of all ages.

  • Embroidered Kurtas

Orient Textiles summer collection has embroidered kurtas available at a reasonable price. The colorful kurtas have embroidery on the neckline hence bringing flicker to the outfit.

  • Festive Kurta Designs

The summer season always brings some festivals like eid or other formal gatherings etc. Therefore, the brand has a variety of festive kurtas for such occasions. The festive lawn embroidered kurtas look very delightful with delicate jewelry.

  • Printed Two-Piece Collection

The lawn shirt has embroidery on its front and a lawn dupatta. The beautiful dresses add much gleam to your personality hence bringing a glow to your attire.

  • Embroidered Two-Piece Pret Collection

The two-piece pret collection consists of a shirt and a pair of trousers. The shirt has a digital print and embroidery on its front. However, the trouser is plain and printed. Moreover, the overall outfit looks amazing by wearing smart shoes and accessories. The vast majority of the dresses are weaved along like the Charizma summer collection.

Ready to Wear Three-Piece Collection

As noted before, the ultimate grace comes in a three-piece outfit. Therefore, women who aim at saving time buy a ready-to-wear three-piece dress. The three-piece collection has two categories, mainly. These are:

  • Printed Three-Piece
  • Embroidered Three-Piece

Printed Collection

Orient textiles’ printed summer collection is colorful. The ready-to-wear dresses have bright color combinations that look dazzling.

Embroidered Collection

Some modern women still prefer a lawn dress with embroidery. Therefore, the brand has a variety of three-piece ready-to-wear dresses in various colors and designs. Moreover, these dresses have a high price value as compared to the other collection. Check the Zellbury summer Lawn with a perfect summer lawn variety.

Luxury Pret by Orient Textiles

There is no specific season for weddings in Pakistan. Some people have to arrange weddings in summers for some reason. Therefore, people then think about what to wear in this hot season. Hence, Orient presents its luxury pret. Moreover, pret is of high-quality fabric and a high price. Check out Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn collection for more variety.

Orient Textiles Summer Collection
Rs 13,130

Orient Textile is among the top leading brands in the fashion industry of Pakistan. It provides its customers with a facility of online shopping. It has a wide variety of stitched and unstitched collection. Moreover, the incredible designs with extravagant art bring a gleam to your personality. The premium and festive collection have a customer’s heart for its outclass fabric and art. However, the cost of these dresses is probably high.


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