Ittehad Textiles Summer Collection 2020 Fresh Arrivals with Price

Alluring summer collection by ittehad

Ittehad Textiles is the renowned brand of Pakistan. The quality of its clothing is of high quality and the good designs of its dresses make it one of the best dressing brands in Pakistan. Furthermore, Ittehad Textiles’ summer collection 2020 has been launched in stores and on the official webpage of the brand.

The brand Ittehad has kept in mind the cultural and traditional aspects of Pakistani women. Moreover, all of its designs are classy and go well with Pakistan’s summer season. Summers of Pakistan are fierce an scorching hot. This is strongly recommended to have weather-friendly clothes and designs in the summer season of Pakistan.

Ittehad Textiles has launched its summer collection in all the vibrant and fresh colors. Moreover, the ornamentation and designing of all these dresses have been done elegantly. Their patterns and embroidery are also classically traditional.

Ittehad Textiles Latest Summer Lawn Collection 2020

The brand has created and introduced many unique and new designs. These designs enhance the beauty of women and make every event more enjoyable. This brand is offering the following types of clothes in its collection:

  • Ittehad Unstitched Clothes
  • Ready to Wear Dresses
Beautiful purple summer dress by ittehad
Rs. 4999

Digitally Printed Unstitched Clothes by Ittehad Textiles

Unstitched clothes allow girls to stitch the clothes according to their liking and preferences. You can get them sewed with amazing lawn stitching designs. This brand also has a wide variety of unstitched clothes. The prints of these summer clothes are so amazing and new.

  • White One-Piece Dresses by Ittehad Textiles Summer Collection

White color is the best selling color in summers. The grace of white color is unmatchable. All kinds of prints and weaving become more prominent on it. It has also launched and introduced a variety of designs and prints on the white base. In the following dresses, the base color is white. The print of the blue color is enhancing the grace of the white color. The embroidery of the pink and orange colors with the white base is also incredibly soothing to the eyes. Mausummery summer printed lawn is also very pleasing to the eyes.

  • Blue Color Two-Piece Unstitched Suits

Blue color has that decency and refreshment, which makes it the favorite color in the summer season. The following dresses are two different versions of blue. In the first dress, the blue color is in contrast with the black. While in the second dress, blue color contrasts with the multi-colors and is looking very classy. These prints are best for casual wear. For more such dresses, check out the Bareeze summer lawn.

  • Different Variety of Yellow Three-Piece

Ittehad Textiles has also managed to introduce a variety of designs in yellow color. In the first two dresses, there is a contrast of yellow color with the blue. This combination is looking very appealing and decent. In the third dress, the shade of yellow is close to the mustard color. It also has grace and individuality. It makes yellow the most favorite choice for most of the girls in summer.

The last dress is the combination of yellow and red, which is also in trend these days. Tie your hairs in easy hairstyles by getting inspiration from easy spring-summer hairstyles.

  • Vibrant and Classy Dresses with Embroidery

Embroidery enhances the outlook of the dresses and makes them more fascinating. The following dresses are the depiction of the outclass ornamentation by the Ittehad Textiles. In the first dress, the colorful embroidery on the grey color is giving a very vibrant outlook.

The second dress with the dark green embroidery on the light green base is also providing freshness to the dress. The purple embellishment on the light green base also has a charming effect. The last dress with the dark pink embroidery on the light pink shirt is also looking aesthetically gorgeous.

Stylish and Trendy Ready to Wear Dresses

Ready to wear dresses are easy to buy and wear immediately. So, the majority of women prefer ready to wear dresses. Ittehad textiles have also launched a variety of designs of ready-made dresses in its summer collection. Nishat Linen summer collection has many trendy ready to wear dresses as well.

  • Beautiful One-Piece Suits

Different shades of the green color, not only give the natural appearance but also appear so relaxing. Green color gives the sense of the refreshment in the blazing heat of the sun. Following one-piece shirts is a beautiful manifestation of the green color. The black floral design in the first shirt is looking very classy. Check out some summer makeup tips and tricks and apply minimal makeup with these shirts.

The digitally printed green shirt is also good for casual wear. The third shirt of sea green color and floral design is also a perfect choice for summers. The last green shirt has an orange print. The selection of the black trouser is the right choice to wear along with these green shirts.

  • Stylish Black One-Piece for Summers

The black dress always looks very stylish. The grace of the black color is not bound to any weather, and it is a color of all seasons. In the first shirt, the combination of black and blue lining is looking out class. In the second shirt, the black embroidery on the front of the shirt is looking marvelous. The black net is also in trend, and the last two net shirts are the best choice to wear at night events. Junaid Jamshed Summer lawn is also available now in stores.

  • Marvelous Two-Piece Stitched Dresses

Ittehad has also prepared and launched its new collection of two-piece dresses. The first yellow two-piece has white embroidery, which is looking astonishing. White dupatta with these two-piece will make the best combination. The second dress of the orange color has the golden embroidery all over it. It is providing a quite fancy look. The third two-piece is green in color, and it has net sleeves, which have yellow ornamentation. This green dress is quite suitable for casual wear. The last maroon color dress has the zig-zag pattern of embellishment, which is looking very beautiful.

  • Mesmerizing Two-Piece Pret in Light Colors

Most of the women prefer to go for light colors in the summer season. Ittehad has also launched a variety of two-piece dresses, in various light colors. The first dress is light orange and is a go-to dress for casual wear. The second light purple dress has white embroidery, and it is also giving a very decent look. The third light green dress has a white printed design on the whole shirt along with straight green trousers.

Moreover, the last dress is in light orange, and its shirt is full of thread work. This dress can also be worn at formal events. Sana Safinaz Summer Pret is also worth buying for formal occasions.

The new summer collection by Ittehad contains dresses of various designs and varieties. These dresses hold the true eastern essence in them and depict the true eastern culture. Females may choose stitched and unstitched dresses according to their likings and preferences. The whole collection is so beautiful and enchanting. It is the reason that this brand is being liked world wide.


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