Simple Hijab Makeup Tutorial Step by Step with Amazing Tips and Looks

impressive hijab makeup tutorial

For the most part, in schools and universities, young ladies like to wear a hijab. So, I am going to give some tips about the hijab makeup tutorial so you can make the entirety of your charming looks by combining your hijab with the classy makeup. 

It is completely your choice to apply makeup according to your hijab. Even without makeup, you can look beautiful but some occasions like wedding events or concerts make it compulsory to apply makeup. Everything you need to do is to consolidate your makeup with the hijab for the tremendous and extravagant look.

In this blog, you will get the hijab makeup instructional tutorial on the off chance that you are going to wear the hijab. So, read this blog till the end, additionally get some hijab makeup looks below and moderate yourself according to your decision and preference.

pink hijab with lavish makeup

Easy Hijab Makeup Tutorial with Step by Step Instructions

Accessorizing your hijab with the correct accessories and outfit will change your look drastically. Likewise, if you want to wrap your hijab with the best style, so for this, read Turkish hijab tutorial and wrap your hijab with the most recent and unobtrusive examples. 

Always try to keep your makeup minimal and natural for the fabulous look and wrap your hijab according to your face shape. You should concentrate on your eyes and lipstick more. Since it is an essential part, so in this blog, I will step by step guide you about how you can do your makeup by wearing the stylish hijab. I hope this article will be useful to you.

cute hijab makeup tutorial

1. Groom Your Face

The very first step in your hijab makeup tutorial is washing your face. You have to prep your face and expel all the residue and contamination from your face. Clean your face with the face wash and expel all the dust from it. You can likewise utilize a scrub and other skincare items that you have and like to use to prepare your face. After grooming your face move to the next step.

groom your skin

2. Prep Your Face

In the wake of grooming and washing your face, the next step is to prepare your face to apply the cosmetics. This is because if you need to keep your cosmetics last longer and make your fresh look. It would be best if you simply do the accompanying steps to set up your face.

  • Apply any lotion to relax your muscles. You can utilize any moisturizer according to your skin type.
  • Apply primer to keep your cosmetics in place.
  • You need to pick the correct type of primer, as indicated by your skin tone.
  • Always try to coordinate your preliminary with your skin tone for the stunning and impressive outcomes.

prep your skin for applying makeup

3. Apply Foundation

Now it is time to apply foundation on your face. Blend the product on the face evenly and always choose the right foundation color which matches your skin tone. You can easily learn how to apply the foundation perfectly. There are two forms of the product:

  • Liquid Foundation: The liquid foundation is a little bit sheer but buildable. It is suitable for everyday use and provides medium coverage.
  • Stick Foundation: The stick base suitable for dry skin. It is a bit heavy and provides full coverage.

apply foundation

4. Hide All Dark Spots

Do you have dull spots, zits, or dark circles? You know spots will ruin your magnificence. So, it is important to say good-bye to these flaws. But if you are in a hurry and do not have an ideal opportunity to utilize any cream for dark circles or blackheads, you can conceal it with the concealer. For hiding your spots, you need the concealer and apply it all over and further mix it well with the sponge and make the most of your perfect look. 

hide all spots from face

5. Now Apply Setting Powder

Now all you have to do is to set your base with the setting powder. The translucent powder mattifies the skin and sets your base in place for the whole day. Apply the powder with a fluffy makeup brush and dust the face evenly.

apply foundation powder

6. Bronzer and Contour

This step is completely optional. If you already have a sculpted face you do not need any contouring but if you have chubby face then you can use contouring to sculpt your profile. After contouring set it with a powder bronzer for more dimension. This technique makes your nose look thinner.

bronzer and contor

7. Do Impressive Eye Makeup

Eye makeup adds life to your face which is very important. It makes your eyes look bigger. Here we have 5 simple eye makeup steps for your ease:

  • Firstly, fill in your eyebrows with a pomade or a brow pencil. Use a natural shade according to your brow color. Comb your brows with a clean mascara brush.
  • Presently you have to add eye-shadows on your eyes. Apply a transition color on your lid and add a dark color in your crease for depth. Smokey eyes look best with the hijab so you can also go for it.
  • Presently apply shimmery shading in the corner of the eyes. Furthermore, it makes the entirety of your mind-blowing looks.
  • Besides, apply eyeliner. There are various approaches to apply the eyeliner, so pick anyone which one you like to apply.
  • Finally, always remember to apply mascara or false lashes.

do eye makeup

8. Add Color to Your Cheeks 

Presently it is time to add life to your pale cheeks. For a casual look, apply the nude color as a brownish blush on. What’s more, if you are going for any gathering or wedding occasion, at that point, utilize the red and maroon blush on. Always apply blush-on according to your face shape.

apply blush on on your cheeks

9. Blinding Highlighter

Include some bomb highlighter onto the high points of your cheeks for a refined look. You have to pick the correct shade of highlighter to suit your skin tone. Apply highlighter and make the entirety of your flashier hijab makeup looks. Take a little amount of highlighter and apply it all over the temples, jawline, nose, and chin.

girl apply highlighter

10. Color Your Lips

For a casual look, apply the brownish concealed lip shading for looking casual and noteworthy. For the wedding and on different occasions, try to apply bold shading like red, maroon, orange, and purple. You can likewise coordinate your lipstick with your hijab to make your shocking and brilliant look. Try to utilize waterproof lipsticks, so you don’t need to apply it again and again.

apply lipstick

11. Finish-off Hijab Makeup Tutorial with Setting Spray

Presently the last step is to moisten your entire cosmetics with the setting mist to assist you with keeping your cosmetics remain longer and fresh. Now, you have to wrap your hijab in a classy and splendid way.

finish off look with setting spary

Useful Tips and Tricks for Hijab Makeup

Here are a few tips for your hijab makeup. Always keep these tips in your mind whenever you are going to do your hijab makeup.

  1. Do not apply a lot of foundation and a setting powder because it will stain your headscarf. 
  2. Give your unique consideration to your eye makeup because your eyes are the most appealing element with the hijab. 
  3. The eye-shadow shading is significant. It must match your scarf’s shading for a perfect look. 
  4. Your eyeliner ought to be smooth and precise for the natural look. 
  5. For a signature look, you ought to go for nude lipstick and blush-on.

stunning makeup with hijab

Some Suggested Makeup Looks with Hijab

Here we have some suggested looks for Hijabi girls. You can do your makeup like these images.

spelendid hijab makeup tutorial

party hijab makeup tutorial

party hijab makeup ideas

hijab makeup tutorial for teenager

wedding hijab makeup tips

dashing hijab makeup tutorial

classy nude hijab makeup tutorial

classy hijab makeup ideas

bridal makeup with hijab

bold hijab makeup tutorial

appealing hijab makeup tutorial

Wearing a Hijab is an indication of modesty and simplicity. Hijab help to make your classy and impressive look. At the point when you consolidate it with the makeup, then you will make yourself all the more splendid and stunning. I hope now you can do your classy and splendid makeup after reading this blog by wearing the fantastic hijab on any occasion or gathering.