How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home – Brow Shaping Methods and Tips

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How to shape your eyebrows at home? This the issue that streams in everyone’s minds. Plucking your own eyebrows at home may appear to be sufficiently easy, but it is not as easy as you think. It is a little bit tricky. Therefore, you need a couple of tips and tricks that you know before plucking at home.

You may be feeling bad nowadays on the off chance that you usually get your eyebrows formed by an expert. All salons have been closed because of the pandemic. Therefore, you need to do your eyebrows on your own at home. Don’t need to worry about this because I am here to guide you completely that how to shape your eyebrows at home naturally.

A bit of filling in your eyebrows can make you look increasingly natural and classy. Shaping your eyebrows will help you look progressively wakeful, younger, and slightly fresher. It is a tremendous change that will wholly change your look and make your look smoother and cleaner. In case you’re uncertain about where to begin, then this guide is ideal for you to perfectly shape your eyebrows.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home Naturally

How to Shape Your Eyebrows with Different Tools and Methods (Tutorial)

To shape your own eyebrows at home, you will clearly require a couple of tweezers. These tweezers snatch the roots of the hair, so, you can maintain a strategic distance from breakage. Further, it would help if you had the pair of eyebrow scissors that are exclusively designed for shaping your eyebrows. You can also use the thread for threading. But the tweezing is the best option because it gives you less pain, but the choice is yours.

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Various Brow Shapes

Before you start to shape your eyebrow, you have to settle on the shape types that you want. You have to know about the five types of your eyebrows before starting. This is because everybody’s eyebrows are a little different from others, so pick any shape as per your face shape and choice. Below are the different shapes or styles of the eyebrows:

  • S-formed
  • Hard-angled
  • Soft-angled
  • Straight
  • Rounded

These are the eyebrow shapes that you need to know.

different eyebrows shapes

How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home Like a Pro – Tips and Tricks for Perfect Brows

Simply, follow these tips for plucking your eyebrows at home naturally:

  • Firstly, clean your skin.
  • Consider the shape that you are going to form.
  • Hold your skin tight or stretch a bit.
  • Start plucking on the forehead first.
  • Now move to the lid side and pluck accordingly.
  • Fill your eyebrows with pomade and use mascara brush to comb the brows.

1- Cleansing of the Skin

It is very important to cleanse your face before doing any procedure. It avoids any possibilities of infection or irritation. First, remove all the makeup with makeup remover and then wash your face with a mild cleanser to wash away all the impurities and dust from the face. After cleansing, pat dry your face and apply any non-oily moisturizer on your face. Now your face is like a clean canvas, ready to work.

Firstly, Clean Your Skin

2- Consider the Shape

Shortly, the following step is to consider the shape in your mind that you are going to form. There are five distinct shapes according to face shapes. So, all you need to do is to pick anyone according to your profile and your preference. This is because you can rapidly and effectively do your eyebrows in an ideal manner. So, always select a shape that suits your features.

different eyebrows shapes

3- Hold Your Skin Tight

Hold your skin tight in an upward direction to avoid cuts, this is the most significant step. Since the forehead region is incredibly delicate, so consistently take precautions while stretching. Pull your skin tight before you begin tweezing or plucking. It will be increasingly agreeable and less painful. This also helps in forming the perfect shape.

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4- The Main Procedure

First, start slowly from the forehead side of the brows and then move downwards. Swiftly pluck the hairs from the roots and avoid cuts on the lid because it is a very delicate and sensitive part of the eye. If your eyebrows need the more plucking, at that point, you need to keep your speed moderate for the best outcomes. In between the procedure, always comb your brows with a clean mascara brush.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows perfectly

Tweezing, Threading and Trimming Methods/Techniques

There are three precise methods for shaping your eyebrows:

  • Tweezing
  • Threading
  • Trimming

Simple Steps and Tips

1. Before you begin tweezing or threading, utilize a brow pencil to draw the shape you want. Try different forms with the way to perceive what looks best. So, the first step is to draw a shape with the pencil.

how to draw a brows shape

2. Always use a hand mirror to look closely and focus should be on your brows. Do not over-pluck or thread the hairs out because it will not look modern and up-to-date. Simply remove all the hairs that you want to remove.

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3. Now, brush your brows and again ensure all extra hairs are removed. If any hairs outlast, then remove it with the tweezer.

brush your eyebrows

4. Search for longer strands that stretch out past your intended shape and utilize little scissors to clip the closures. We do not suggest tweezing those long temple hairs because doing so might make a sketchy mess.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home quickly

5. When you are happy with your shape, set brows with castor oil to help germination.

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Fill in Your Eyebrows

After tweezing and trimming, and perfectly shaping your eyebrows, now your final step is to fill in your eyebrows with pomade or brow pencil, it is a must-have makeup product. When you are going to buy any makeup products, pick a shading that either coordinates or is somewhat lighter than your eyebrows color to maintain a strategic distance from an unnatural shading or messy differentiation. Regardless of whether you have dark hair, you don’t need to bother with a dark pomade color.

fill your brows with pencil

Which Brow Filler is Best for You?

With such a significant number of many eyebrows filling choices accessible, how would you realize which will function best for you? Here are a few pointers that can enable you to choose.

  • Powders are good for delicately filling in brows. Pick a matte powder and apply it with a wedge makeup brush.
  • Eyebrow pencils are the most reliably good, however, keep away from those that produce oil and provides you an ugly look. A pencil with a smooth completion can deliver characterized common looking outcomes yet.
  • A decent gel can cause brows to look more full and customarily characterized. It takes some practice to make sense of how many items you need, yet brow gels are unfathomably simple to work with once you get used to it.
  • Brow creams are perfect for restraining wild eyebrow while filling them in simultaneously. Use an angled brush for simple application.

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naturally eyebrows shapes

This is all about how to shape your eyebrows at home quickly and consummately. Just follow these basic steps that are referenced above and shape your own eyebrows rapidly and successfully at home. You can likewise utilize wax if you usually have thick hairs but the above methods are safe to use.