Borjan Shoes Eid Collection 2024 with Prices – Women New Arrivals

Borjan Women's eid collection

A strong and comfortable pair of shoes can make your event more memorable. Therefore, women require fine and contrasting footwear to complement their entire look. Several shoe brands are busy making modest and trendy footwear designs. Here is the latest Borjan shoes Eid collection for this year’s holy festival.

You need to buy comfortable shoes for a peaceful mind and soul. Luckily, the shoe brands of Pakistan are creative enough to make youthful and easy-going designs for people. Also, the premium quality material used for making shoes is highly comfortable. Therefore, people trust the leading brand for its premium quality and latest styles.

Are you ready for the Eid collection by Borjan? If so, then take a deep breath and have a tour of the following collection. It will take you to the most stylish, comfortable, versatile footwear collection. The range includes a variety of styles for teens and comfortable footwear for women. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the efforts.

Borjan Shoes Eid Collection for Women (Latest Designs)

Borjan is one of the finest retail companies with many stores in the cities of Pakistan. The brand efforts to deliver exceptional product services via employees who put their struggles to work. The brand came into existence in early 2014 in the middle east market. With continuous struggle and a strong vision, it has 123 functional outlets across Pakistan. Also, there are some non-functional outlets under progress too.

From modern to chic, the Borjan Eid collection below offers sophisticated footwear designs for women. Here are so many good options, you will want to get dressed from the shoes up, and if you find yourself torn between a strappy pair of heels that will carry you through a night out and a comfy pair of slides ideal for weekend lounging, you can go ahead and buy both. While sandals are going retro, kicks are looking to the future. Out-of-this-world styles with neon, futuristic designs, and colorways are gracing runways and hallways alike.

  • Comfortable Sandal Heels for Eid

A stylish pair of sandals can carry a woman perfectly. To the barefoot woman, real happiness lies in the availability of nice shoes. Well, everyone needs to measure their life with the availability of goods. Those with a nice collection of shoes feel they can conquer the world without obstacles. Admittedly, the comfortable pair of sandals below will be ideal for teens and youth to enjoy the event. Please take a look at the Metro shoe Eid collection as well.

There is a huge variety of strapped and buckled sandals here for you. There are always some pros and cons to every product. Well, the first advantage of these buckled sandals is that they hold your feet tightly in place. People who can not handle their feet shall go for the following styles. However, women who are slightly heavy in weight should not go for it as it may cause swelling on their feet. I hope you all will get my point. Have a blissful Eid.

  • Stylish Heels by Borjan Shoes Eid Collection

Who says that an Eid is complete without pointed heels? Indeed, several family gatherings are conducted to enjoy the quality time of the holy festival. Sometimes, people arrange night events for a neon theme party for more dramatic enjoyment. Such an event desires an aesthetic pair of shoes that can bring out the ultimate elegance. Undoubtedly, the stylish and glam night out heels will be an ideal choice for teens to wear at night parties of Eid.

Please have a quick glance at the following versatile heel designs by the Borjan shoes eid collection. The dynamic and modest styles are available in high-quality material. Undoubtedly, the premium quality material and comfortable styles will enable you to enjoy your Eid to its fullest. Get yourself a contrasting pair of heels complimenting your Eid look. I hope you will get your desired design from the portfolio below.

  • Comfortable Soft Sole Slippers for Women

A change is always attractive and worth doing. However, some aged women can not wear the casual slippers and chappals shown above. Rather, they need a soft and high sole style that can tightly hold their feet in place. Also, they desire to combine a contrasting pair with their dress to stay modest and classy like all the other women in the gathering.

Borjan always satisfies its customers by offering a variety of footwear styles. Wear the following soft-sole pair of slippers to transform your body language and soul. The stylish crisis cross and buckled designs are ready to change your casual look to a formal one. If you choose any of the following designs from the Insignia shoe Eid collection, people will appreciate you.

  • Back-Open Block Heels for Women

Undoubtedly, perfect summer shoes can aid you in traveling more easily. Luckily, Pakistan’s shoe brands have a variety of such designs for women to walk on the runway without any difficulty. Wearing a nice pair of shoes that coordinate well with your dress is the most impactful decision of a woman. Let’s have a look at the following Eid styles for women.

The image gallery showcases graceful back-open heels styles. There are amazing designs, including criss-cross straps, puffy designs, and simple shoes with round heels. The little 2 inches heel is comfortable for everyone to wear on Eid. Pick up the style that can go perfectly with your Eid ensemble. Apply a nude nail color on your feet for an attractive and complete look.

  • Casual Chappals by Borjan Shoes Eid Collection

A pair of shoes can change your life to an angle of 180 degrees. Cinderella proves that you are incomplete if you are not wearing a proper pair of footwear. Undoubtedly, comfortable footwear is of great significance. But, you can cheat yourself of Eid with a flaunting and contrasting style. Below is the collection of new chappal designs for you.

Borjan shoe Eid collection brings essential colors and designs for you below. Well, brown is a universal color that easily combines with any outfit. Therefore, you might observe a majority collection in brown. Pick up an easy-going style that can coordinate appropriately with your outfit. I hope you will love the dynamic and comfortable chappals.

  • Casual Easy-Going Slippers for Teens

Value your comfort and kill the old thoughts. Ancient knowledge says a woman is critically observed by choosing her clothes and footwear. Therefore, she must dress correctly to get positive eyes and vibes. Fortunately, shoe brands today have many collections in various designs for women to fulfill their closets.

Here is the slipper collection by Borjan Shoe Eid collection for you. Many of you might already have this very common style in your closets. But those searching for such a classic style shall quickly pick any pair from the portfolio below. For a similar variety, explore the dynamic Stylo shoe Eid collection for women too.

  • Easy-Going Sandals by Borjan Shoes Eid Collection

Being a little obsessed with your outfit and Eid footwear reveals you are a gem. Undoubtedly, people critically observe the outfit choice of a woman. Similarly, people make shoe contact first instead of eye contact. Therefore, a pair of nice and comfortable shoes is the top priority of every woman. Here is a nice collection of comfortable sandals below.

Who says that a woman of enough age can not look beautiful? It is the right of every woman to dress up shabbily and look beautiful. Therefore, the Borjan Shoes Eid collection brings you a variety of soft-sole sandals. Head to the following gallery and get a pair of sandals that can coordinate well with your Eid ensemble. Please give it a thought!!

Show good manners with the right selection of shoes. People will always judge you by your choice of shoes. Therefore, a wise and nice selection is important for everyone. I am glad the Borjan shoes Eid collection now offers all the essential and comfortable Eid shoes. The versatile and dynamic collection above will comfy your holy festival. Please take a while to appreciate the efforts of the designers. I hope you will love the styles above.