Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection with Prices [Luxury Shawl Dresses]

Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection

The Winter Collection by Nilofer Shahid is the height of classic style and royal charm. Her designs are a symphony of rich, luxurious fabrics and detailed embroidery. She likes to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern styles. This collection is great for people who want to show their sophistication and grace during the cooler months.

I can assure you that the captivating dresses creating a colorful aura around you will satisfy your desires. So, to stand dominantly among the public, you must opt for something different. This year, challenge your individuality and take a low risk of trying something new from Nilofer Shahid’s collection. Indeed, you will never regret your decision.

Each piece in this collection shows how good Shahid is at capturing the essence of winter with rich textures, warm colour palettes, and fine details. In the following portfolio, you will spot many versatile winter essentials for yourself to create a magical look. Let’s take some time to overview the glamorous winter dresses below.

nilofer shahid luxury winter collection

Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection [Latest Collection with Prices]

Nilofer Shahid’s luxury dresses are not only a testament to her design skills but also a celebration of the cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent. Her creations often draw inspiration from the rich history of Mughal and Persian art, resulting in dresses that are an embodiment of tradition and grace. Each dress is a reflection of her dedication to preserving and reviving the age-old crafts and techniques that have been passed down through generations.What can be a winter season without a shawl dress?

Indeed, many women feel the season is incomplete without a velvet and shawl dress. Therefore, you must be competent to bring all the essential stuff for your season. Fill the vacant spaces of your closets by purchasing luxury shawl dresses from Nilofer Shahid’s winter collection. The luxurious and lustrously created ensembles are ready to bring you the desired glam and grace. Please take a while to discover the enchanting portfolio below. Let us know about your valuable feedback!

Explore a complete catalog of winter dresses here to ooze charm and grace.

nilofer shahid winter collection

About the Creative Designer and Brand History

Nilofer Shahid is famous for being the master of fashion designers in the industry of Pakistan. The creative designer is an actor serving the showbiz industry for ages. Also, the graceful lady serves positive roles that are indeed an inspiration for the audience. You might have seen delightful dresses from Nilofer Shahid spring collection before. Here, we have another engaging portfolio for you. With the arrival of fall, the designer has launched her luxurious velvet and shawl dresses for women. Please have a look below.

purple velvet dress

SHALA-E-NUR Nilofer Shahid Winter Shawl Collection

Nilofer Shahid has launched the highly anticipated and much-awaited SHALA-E-NUR shawl collection for women. The collection features a variety of winter outfits in different colors and styles. Each outfit has its own significance. Indeed, you can stand differently among the public if you opt for any of the dresses below. Extract a little time to overview the luxurious and gorgeous Sana Safinaz winter shawl dresses.

purple and black winter dress
  • Olive Green Silk and Velvet Embellished Dress

A renowned and popular combination will never make you look different. If you want to challenge your individuality, you must think about a unique style and combination as well. Nilofer Shahid’s winter collection will bless you with various awe-inspiring combinations and dynamic styles that will surely get you a vibe. Here, we have a dramatic combination of teal blue and olive green for your winter look. Well, you can get many easy-breezy styles and combinations from the Taana Baana winter collection. Please have a look at the dress below.

The creative designer never forgets to bring the original, natural,  and raw essence to a dress. Therefore, Nilofer Shahid always creates unique styles with marvelous techniques to impress the public. The following pearl silk shirt is decorated with hand-made tassels and semi-precious stones. Furthermore, it is coordinated with a dazzling velvet teal blue shawl rendered with precious stones and hand embroidery for a voguish look. Give a thought to the effortlessly created chic ensemble by Nilofer Shahid below and have a beautiful outlook.

  • Divine Maroon Embellished Shirt with Jamawar Shawl

Every designer and clothing brand puts a lot of effort into creating signature styles for women. You might have seen dramatic yet eye-catching signature styles in Sapphire winter collection. Here, we have another signature silhouette by Nilofer Shahid’s winter collection below. So, if you are looking for a captivating outfit depicting style, you are in the right place. Please give a pause to your scroll and have a look at the breathtaking dress below.

The maroon kaftan is a beautiful creation from pure velvet to bring a winter vibe. You will see several patches marvelously adorned with bronze sequins and hand-made tassels. The finely crafted magical ensemble is an ideal drapery style for a fine and modest look. I would not be wrong if I declared the divine maroon dress an expression of elegance and class. Get yourself the following dress immediately before it gets out of stock.

  • Spiritual Teal Blue Pearl Silk Dress

Are you looking for a spiritual outfit for winter? If so, then you are in the correct place. Nilofer Shahid’s winter collection brings an ethereal teal blue pearl silk embellished dress. Indeed, you will love the magnificent and sublime hues of teal blue and contrasting grey shawl for a refined look. You can get many similar outfits from Salitex winter collection. Here is an exclusive flowy Kaftan style pearl silk embellished teal blue dress below.

If you are looking for a drapery yet elegant outfit, consider the following dress. Indeed, the sublime shades and ethnic flowy style will give you a stunning vibe. The floor-length Kaftan is coordinated with the spellbinding hand-painted shawl for a gracious look. Further, the shawl is enhanced with net borders that will create an attractive aura around you. Please consider the following dress and have a magical journey ahead.

  • Classy Vintage Style Light Brown Dress

A woman always thinks about filling the vacant spaces in her wardrobe with classy prom dresses. Indeed, winter is the time of the year that brings you many opportunities to adorn yourself in exquisitely detailed dresses. Here, we have an exclusive idea for you. Wear a classy vintage light brown dress from Nilofer Shahid winter collection to bring an aesthetic look. Please see the blooming yet graceful pearl silk dress in the gallery below.

If you want to awaken your hidden and lost glam, opt for the pearl-embellished dress below. The outfit is enhanced with pure stones and Kimkhaab patches. Furthermore, the tiny jewel pieces are the highlighting elements for the whole essence of the dress. The contrasting hand-embellished velvet shawl completes the entire ethnic and gracious look of the dress. Get similar velvet embellished dresses from the Nishat Linen winter collection.

  • Luxurious Divine Winter Dresses for Women

Believe in yourself, and you can conquer the world with confidence and grace. Indeed, if a woman believes that she can do it, nothing in the world can stop her from success. Wearing a wise and nice outfit is perhaps the first step towards elegance. This year, ooze elegance and grace with the gorgeous and well-crafted divine outfits by Nilofer Shahid’s winter collection. Please look at the gracious & luxurious winter dresses by the creative designer below.

You will find a mix of luxury embroidery with elegance and an immaculate exotic blend of fine details. Each ensemble is meticulously created to exude self-shine and grace. The dresses below are enhanced with fine techniques of hand-printing and embroidery. Hence, you can make an ideal statement look with the lustrously decorated ensembles below. Get similar artwork from Maria B winter collection, and have a fantastic season.

  • Nilofer Shahid is a name synonymous with luxury and opulence in the world of fashion.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
₨ 49,500
  • When it comes to luxury dresses, Nilofer Shahid’s designs stand out as timeless masterpieces that reflect a fusion of tradition and modernity.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
Pkr 82,500
  • Her exquisite creations are a true testament to her unmatched craftsmanship and artistic vision.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
₨ 82,500
  • Each Nilofer Shahid luxury dress is a work of art, meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of the subcontinent.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
₨ 72,500

Exclusive Winter’s EMBRACE Collection for Women

The quality of craftsmanship in Nilofer Shahid’s luxury dresses is unparalleled. Hand-embroidery, beading, and intricate embellishments are executed with precision, elevating each piece to a work of art. The use of luxurious fabrics, from silks to velvets, further adds to the opulence of her designs. Fashion sense has a lot to do with your personality. Plus, you can say that the sense of fashion you own is directly proportional to your glam. One can never look gorgeous and attractive until they have a fashion sense.

The following fashionable outfits will bring you the desired glam look for winter. Let’s take a moment to explore the dresses below. This year, embrace the splendor with the intricately embellished dresses by Nilofer Shahid. The gorgeous and sublime ensembles are ready to arouse a sensation of royalty in your personality. Indeed, nothing can be more perfect than wearing an outfit from the portfolio below. Combine delicate jewelry to complete your sizzling winter look.

  • Her use of rich fabrics, intricate hand-embroidery, and a harmonious blend of colors evokes a sense of regal grandeur.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
  • Whether it is her bridal couture or her pret-a-porter collections, Nilofer Shahid’s creations exude a sense of opulence that’s unrivaled in the fashion world.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
₨ 32,500
  • Nilofer Shahid’s luxury dresses have adorned royalty, celebrities, and discerning fashion connoisseurs alike.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
Pkr 46,500
  • They are not just garments but expressions of elegance and sophistication that make a statement wherever they are worn.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
₨ 32,500
  • With her timeless designs, Nilofer Shahid continues to be a leading figure in luxury fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection
₨ 29,900
  • Nilofer Shahid’s luxury dresses are a blend of tradition and modernity, resulting in garments that will forever remain iconic in the world of high-end fashion.
Graceful brown and black silk dress
Pkr 58,500
  • Moreover, Nilofer Shahid’s luxury dresses have a unique ability to transcend time. They are not limited to a specific era or fashion trend, making them truly timeless.
hot flamy black and orange dress
Pkr 42,500
  • Wearing one of her creations is not just about fashion; it is about embodying a piece of history, culture, and the essence of luxury.
royal black velvet dress
₨ 34,500

A luxurious and attractive look can not be created with a simple dress. To be different, you must opt for a glorious dress. Nilofer Shahid’s winter collection brings you a heartwarming portfolio of luxury shawl dresses for winter. This season, adorn yourself with the meticulously crafted pearl silk, velvet, and Jamawar dresses above. I hope you will get a positive compliment and attention from the public. Please give it a thought!!