Indian Kurta Pajama for Men 2024| Best Kurta Designs for All Events

Indian kurta pajama for men

In this evolving world, fashion sense changes from generation to generation. Every person deserves to look updated and gorgeous. In this scenario, people have to wear something which is top in-trend. Different countries have different trends for wearing different styles of outfits. Hindu mostly prefer Indian kurta pajama for men.

Nowadays, Indian kurta pajama for men includes a wide variety. Moreover, this clothing is always a considerable outfit for men as it is easy to carry, comfortable to wear, and adds grace to the look. The kurta pajama as a men outfit has become globally accessible, including India.

Indian people wear attire with pajama as a casual dressing as well as formal dressing. Different kinds of stuff and designs make them look worthy of wearing. India has an extensive collection of kurta pajamas for formal and casual wear.

indian kurta

Formal and Casual wear Indian Kurta Pajama for Men

Kurta is a loose collarless shirt that mostly south-Asian people wear. Pajama is the drawstring trousers, and people mostly wear it with Kurta. Just like Indian frocks are famous, Indian kurta pajamas are also very famous. Indian people consider this dressing as one of the most comfortable outfits to carry.

Indian Embroidered Silk Jacquard Kurta Pajama Collection

There are different kinds of embroideries that are trending in art silk Jacquard kurta pajama in India.

  • Embroidered Jacquard Kurta Pyjama in Peach

The demand for zari work is increasing around the globe, especially in India. To move with the flow, fulfilling the request is essential. Therefore, this collar neck and full sleeve attire look so stunning with Zari Work. This ready-made art silk Jacquard attire is in peach color, which gives an entirely traditional look. Thus, one who sees this traditional Kurta design will never step back without purchasing it.

silk jacquard kurta in peach

  • Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Pajama in Pink

Pink color inspires many people to wear it. Therefore, this embroidered pink straight-shirt looks differently attractive when a person wears it with white pajama. Usually, wearing a white khusa will give you a complete outlook for such an outfit.

Embroidered Art Silk Kurta-Pink

Chanderi Silk Kurta for Indian Men

Chanderi silk fabric is well known for its fine texture, transparency, and great work in art and design. This Indian Chanderi attire for men is in beige color, and its fantastic fabric increases its demand in India and outside the country. One can wear it with stylish shoes for men.

Chanderi Silk Kurta

Similarly, this attire and pajama look more splendid as it is allured with buttons. Wearing it with a white cotton Churidar pajama will increase the elegance of this attire. Moreover, wearing traditional footwear will enhance the endmost outlook.

Chanderi Silk Kurta In Light Beige

  • Chanderi Jacquard Silk Kurta Pajama

The combination of Chanderi with jacquard stuff fabricates an outfit that is more glamorous. Moreover, grey color with a combination of golden looks fantastically great. Perhaps, these types of straight-shirts have high demand in India because of its fabric and particularly its delicate allurement of the buttons on the neck.

Chanderi Jacquard Silk Kurta Pajama

Woven Art Silk Jacquard Kurta Designs for Men

People say that mustard is the color made for girls. But apparently, this mustard-black outfit for men is worth wearing. Moreover, the woven art over the silk jacquard stuff makes it differently adorable and decent. Furthermore, this mustard attire is an embellished black Chinese collar neck design with molded buttons. Wearing this full-sleeved stylish straight-shirt will look glamorous with black pajama.

woven art silk jacquard kurta

  • Woven Art Silk Jacquard Kurta Set in Fawn

This art silk Jacquard Kurta is in fawn color. This ready-made attire is attention-seeking because of its buttons, and it is craft around Chinese collar neck and full sleeves.

woven silk jacquard kurta in fawn

Digital Printed Indian Kurta Pajama for Men

Generally, wearing a digitally printed outfit is mostly not considered decent for men. However, when men wear kurtas with digital prints, they get a stylish look and get more attention and sight. Moreover, the silk jacquard stuff has an excessive demand in India. Accordingly, this attire is of the same material and highlighted with the buttons and digital print on the Kurta.

Kurta with Digital Print

  • Digital Printed Art Chanderi Silk Kurta

This ready-made attire looks more slaying with buttons on a red lining around the neck, digital print, Resham, and sequins work. 

Digital print on Chanderi Silk

Wedding wear Indian Kurta Pajama for Men

Everyone wants to have a different look at their wedding day. However, some people don’t want to ignore their traditions. Therefore, this embroidered maroon Kurta in silk may give a perfect look for a wedding. Furthermore, the Resham work on the neck of the maroon straight-shirt makes it worth wearing.

Embroidered Indian Kurta

Red-gold contrast provides a fancy look, and the look gets fancier when the embroidery gets heavier. This maroon kurta’s embroidery is massive with golden color. Hence, this elegant attire will bring a stunning look to men at their special occasion.

Party Wear Kurta in Maroon

Plain Dupion Silk Indian Kurta Pajama

Dupion is a type of stuff which is a plain weaving crisp type silk. This stuff is getting the attention of the people of India. This plain dupion silk straight-shirt looks perfect in orange color. The buttons in front of Kurta and full sleeves with dupion, enhance the attraction of this attire. Indian people adore wearing such differently designed kurtas.

Plain Dupion Silk Kurta

The orange-blue contrast for men is very eye-catching as its very rare. Men can wear this ready-to-wear Kurta with either black pajama or white. Moreover, the enhancing of this attire with buttons increases its looks.

Plain Dupion Silk Kurta in Orange

  • Embroidered Dupion Silk Kurta Pajama

Dupion fabric may look even more beautiful when you add some embroidery over it. This orange dupion piece of cloth with red-grey embroidery is adding more grace to the outfit. Therefore, one can use this outfit for special occasions to look outstanding.

Embroidered Dupion Silk Kurta Pajama

Moreover, to make your look fancier, take a crushed contrasting dupatta, and wear some traditional chappal or khussa to create the ultimate lavish look.

Embroidered Dupion Silk Kurta Pajama In Rust

Indian Kurta Pajama with Jacket

Wearing a jacket over a suit never goes out of the trend. Edenrobe waistcoats are also very famous. Nowadays, Indian people wear this outfit to look formal and decent. White color is always at the top of demanding list for men. Men make their dressing more attractive by adding accessories like watches, coats, etc. Different waistcoat designs usually attract more people. The buttons on white attire increase the charm of this outfit. People will love to wear such a sophisticated outfit.

Kurta Pajama With Jacket

Usually, black-white contrast is the combination that ever lasts in people’s sights. Wearing a plain Kurta Pajama with a black and white jacket will give an ever-glowing look.

Black and White contrast Kurta Pajama with Jacket

Indian Chikankari Kurta Pajama for Men

Chikankari is famous embroidery work. Chikankari is sometimes called shadow work because of its nature of embroidery. Lucknow is the heart of the chikankari manufacturing today, and the variety is known as Lucknawi chikan.

  • Chikankari Kurta Pajama in Peach

This attractive faux Georgette piece looks so adequate in peach color. Therefore, one can wish to wear this white Pajama and contrasted khussa or chappal to give a perfect outlook. 

Chikankari georgette kurta pajama

  • Chikankari Kurta Pajama in Pink

Pink is the color of spring, gratitude, admiration, and much more. However, this pink colored straight-shirt will be lying on the wish list of many men who like to look unique or trendy.

Indian Chikankari Kurta Pajama

Plain Matka Silk Kurta Pajama

Matka Silk is a prickly hand-loom silk fabric mostly obtained from the states of Karnataka and Kashmir. Matka silk fabric is entirely worth wearing. The plain Matlka silk attire in peach color with white Patti around neck and sleeves makes the simple dress a little sophisticated and formal. When worn with white pajama, the peach kurta will give a perfect look anyone deserves to have.

Indian Matka silk Kurta pajama

Similarly, the combination of teel green and black looks much attractive and unique. The plain Matka silk straight-shirt gives a pleasing look when pairing it with a black Patti around the neck and sleeves. Moreover, the buttons on Kurta provide a formal look to this little casual outfit.

Plain Matka Silk Kurta Pajama In Teel Green

  • Embroidered Matka Silk Indian Kurta Pajama

Adding embroidery over Matka Silk fabric makes the attire more eye-catching. Wearing off-white Matka silk kurta with red embroidery and carrying a red dupatta will give an extraordinary look.

Embroidered Matka Silk Kurta Pajama

Blue-black combination is the favorite one for many people. It adds grace to the personality. This Matka silk attire has blue color with black neck embroidery that is very decent to wear.

embroidered matka silk kurta pajama in blue

  • Matka Silk Kurta Pajama with Katha Work

The green color straight-shirt with golden pajama looks gorgeous uniquely by adding traditional and famous Katha work. Making an attire of Matka silk and adding Katha’s work over it makes the attire extremely precious.

Indian Matka Silk Kurta Pajama-bottle green

Indian Gota Patti Art Silk Kurta Pajama for Men

The manufacturing of this design is by adding the applique technique. For this, place the small pieces of zari ribbon onto the fabric.

  • Gotta Patti Art Silk Kurta Pajama in Sea Green

The light color sea green adds sophistication in the attire, which is the design of Gotta Patti. To look even more glamorous, all you have to do is wear a matching khussa and a delicate watch.

Gotta Patti Art Silk In Sea Green

  • Gota Patti Art Silk Kurta Pajama in Light Pink

Gota Patti’s design looks good on light colors. Therefore, here is one more light color kurta, which gives a sober look when worn.

Gota Patti Art Silk Kurta Pajama In Pink

People from all over the world know that India is known for its delicate sarees for women. Moreover, now it is getting famous for its trendy designs of straight-shirts with Pajama for men too. You can see a variety of designs, colors, and even fabrics for this outfit. Therefore, these designs are also available online for potential customers.