How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup [Tips and Tricks]

bigger eyes with make up

Eyes are prominent features of our face. Bigger eyes with the nicely done makeup make an outstanding impact on your face outlook. Tiredness and exhaustion of the work create a face look dull and result in the puffiness. The dullness of the whole face gives a negative impression about the personality of the person, so following makeup tips are helpful to learn about how to make your eyes look bigger with the help of makeup.

Following some tiring makeup techniques, strategies, and taking care of the eyes daily can help you to make them look fresh and more significant. Using makeup products smartly and the right combination of the products enables you to enhance the eyes’ size and make you look more beautiful and impressive. There are different tactics for applying makeup on the upper part, and mascaras can be used to make the eyes big, and eyeliner also enhances beauty.

Making eyes bigger with makeup

Easily Learn How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

All facial features have beauty and charm, but you need to follow the right highlighting techniques for making them more prominent and impressive. Here are the few makeup techniques and steps that can be used to increase your eye’s appearance.

  • Getting Rid of Dark Circles

The presence of the dark circles gives a very tiring look to the eyes. It looks like one didn’t have enough or the needed amount of sleep. So, removing dark circles is the first step toward making them look bigger. You can apply the concealer on the dark circles, and then It clears out the area of the dark circles and makes it look fresher. It is more beneficial to go for the color of the concealer, which is slightly lighter than your foundation. Use eye creams for dark circles for naturally getting rid of them.


  • Apply the concealer, which is one shade lighter.
  • You have to tap over fingers on the concealer for making it ultimately absorbed in your skin.
  • Set it with setting powder so that it stays there longer.

Making eyes bigger with concealer

  • Make Eyes Look Bigger by Shaping Your Eyebrows

Brows are a prominent part of the face. If one has the clean and neatly made brows, it adds to the beauty of the face. Tweezer or threading techniques can be adopted to get rid of the fully grown eyebrows and provide a neat appearance.


  • Neatly outline the brow bone with a brow pencil.
  • Use tweezers or thread for plucking out the new hair from your eyebrows.
  • You can use wax strips or hot wax as well.
  • After eyebrow trimming, fill-in your brows with brow gel or powder.

Making eyes bigger by eye brow's shaping

Making eyes bigger by shaping brows

  • Enhancing the Shape of Eyes with the Help of Liner

Eyeliner is an effective way of giving more emphasis and clarity about the shape of the eyes. The important thing is to draw the perfect boundary along the upper border, which makes them look very beautiful, refreshing, and more prominent. Although black liner is usually used, sometimes you need to go for the other colors.


  • Use a liner pen or brush for the application on the eyes.
  • Apply it in the inner corner of the eyes and create a wing at the outer corner.
  • Fill in the line you have drawn from inner to outer corner.
  • For a dramatic look, extend the wing and make it sharper.

Making eyes bigger with eye liner

Bigger eyes with eyeliner

  • Curl Your Eyelashes for More Prominent Eyes

Eyelashes also furnish the impression of the face. Curling up the eyelashes also makes eyes more significant and more prominent. You can use the lash curler to curl up the lashes and make them look big and more stylish. Other than curler, mascara is also equally effective in curling lashes and making them more thick and prominent.


  • Heat your lash curler a little with the help of a hairdryer.
  • Curl your eyelashes and hold the lash curler for a few seconds.
  • Do it twice for a more dramatic look.

Bigger euyes by curling lashes

  • Make Eyes Look Bigger by Adding a White Liner Pencil in Lower Waterline

Selecting the color of the water line is also very important for affecting the appearance of the face. The application of a black pencil in the waterline can make them look smaller. The white pencil gives a more comprehensive and refreshing look to the face.


  • One should use the light color in the lower waterline.
  • Run the pencil carefully in the lower waterline.
  • Try not to make it very dark and keep it natural.

Making eyes bigger with light lower waterline

  • Fill-in the Upper Waterline

One mistake which is usually being made by most of the females is that they do not apply anything to their upper waterline. Using the liner to the upper waterline makes a lot of difference and also makes the eyes look bigger.


  • Take a black liner.
  • Apply it to the upper waterline.
  • It gives a more thick appearance to your brows.

Making eys bigger with upper waterline

  • Use Contouring to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Applying the contour to the upper eyelid makes them more prominent. Eyes look more deep and wide with the help of the contouring. Following guidelines can further help you in doing it correctly.


  • You have to start contouring from the outer part of the top lid to the inner part.
  • Start to apply the contour on the outer part and then merge it inwards.
  • The light brown color is the perfect one to contour.

contouring to make Eyes look bigger with makeup

  • Applying Highlighter in the Inner Corner

Eyes look more significant and impressive with a highlighter. Mixing the highlighter with the rest of the eye depends on your own will. You are not required to blend the shimmer when you have not applied the much makeup to the eye because it can quickly compensate for the lack of the rest of the eye makeup.


  • Take a highlighter or the shimmer.
  • Apply it to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Applying the highlighter or the shimmer to the inner part of the eye gives the more bright and fresh look to the eyes.

highlighter to make Eyes look bigger with makeup

  • Make Eyes Look Bigger with Natural Transition Colors

Natural colors are more suitable for the eyes as they give a fresh and natural look without giving the impression of a lot of the makeup. You can also follow a step by step eyeshadow tutorial for more wakeful eyes.


  • The part of the eye you want to get reflected is needed to have the application of the light shadow.
  • The part which you want to stand out needs to have dark colors.
  • It is mandatory to use light colors in the central region.

natural makeup of eyes

  • Selection of the Suitable Mascara

Mascara adds to the beauty of the lashes, but it also makes the eyes look more significant. and it gives eyebrows the full appearance along with the beautifully styled lashes. Always use mascara from the best makeup brands.


  • Take a mascara of good quality.
  • Apply the three to four coats of the mascara to the upper and lower lashes repeatedly for getting it done completely.
  • Curl up the lashes as well.


  • Highlight the Brow Bone

Usually, the highlighter is used to make the cheekbones more prominent. But you can also apply the highlighter on your brow bone for highlighting it. Also,  using the highlighter on brow bone makes the brow prominent, and it makes it look full on the inner part of the eye.


  • Applying the highlighter on the inner part of the eye.
  • Apply a highlighting shade on the brow bone.

Applying highligter to make Eyes look bigger with makeup

  • Synchronizing Your Brows with Face

The shape of the eyebrows matters a lot. Very pointed eyes brows with the downward direction, do not look good. If you shape the brows is toward the ears, it gives an excellent shape to the face, and the overall look of your face looks more beautiful.


  • Take an eyebrow brush or an empty mascara brush.
  • Brush your eyebrows in an upward direction.
  • The more you make it fluffy, the more it will look good.

Shaping the eye brows

  • Applying the False Eyelashes

Lashes are a significant part of the beauty of the eyes. Applying the false lashes to your eyes is another way of making them big. It makes them look full, and it is effortless to do.


  • Take false lashes.
  • You have to apply glue to the lashes.
  • Attach them with your eyelashes.

Attaching false eye lashes

Effective Natural Ways to Attain Big and Wakeful Eyes

Eyes can also be made big with the help of natural ways. Following the below guidelines helps you in enhancing the appearance of your eyes.

  • Massaging Your Face

Massaging the area around the eyes regularly, in the circular motion is also very helpful in making them look fresh. It enhances the flow of the blood, and it also helps in vanishing the dark circles. You can do some face exercises to slim it and eyes will become more prominent.

Massaging the eyes

  • Increase the Intake of the Water

Water is beneficial in making a face look fresh. It also reduces the puffiness of the eyes, and they look more prominent and healthy. Water not only keeps the skin clean but also gives a more vibrant appearance to the facial features.

Taking care of eyes

  • Adopt Measures to Avoid the Puffiness of the Eyes

Swelling around the eyes causes puffiness and makes them look small. So, by including the few healthy habits into your routine, you can avoid the puffiness. You need to follow your sleeping habits like sleeping and wake up on time, exercising every day, and washing your face with the cold water. The healthy and fresh appearance of the eyes, provide a good base for the make up application as well.

Remove puffiness to make Eyes look bigger with makeup

  • Applying Moisturizer

 Moisturizer gives the eyes a more fresh and natural look, and the outlook of your face gets better. If you have healthy skin, you can apply less oily moisturizer but if you oily skin, specifically use moisturizer for oily skin.

Applying moisturizer to make Eyes look bigger with makeup

Big eyes provide an excellent and vibrant impression on your face. Applying the makeup with the different and smartly used techniques with the right use of the makeup products is beneficial in giving the eyes a fresh and extensive look. Above mentioned makeup tactics are needed to be followed for achieving the desired results.