How to Do Cut Crease Eye Makeup – Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup step by step tutorial

Makeup has been an important part of the daily routine for every woman. Pursue this blog towards the end, and you will be well aware of how to do a cut crease eye makeup. Because without eye makeup your whole look is bland.

Cut ruckle eye makeup will help add appeal to your style and make it all the more engaging and charming. Makeup is an art that the majority of us love to do whenever we go outside. This blog will make you look magnificent by doing the cut-ruckle method.

Your makeup look is fragmented without eye cosmetics. Hence, you need to apply stylish and beautiful eye cosmetics for standardized manners. There are various styles and ways to do your eye makeup. Yet, the crop crease is in fashion nowadays due to its unique style.

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Detailed Step by Step Tutorial on How to Do Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Eye makeup help to make look tremendous and beautiful. It additionally provides a different and upscale look to you. The majority of us, think that it’s hard to do a crop ruckle eye makeup. But, we are wrong, with only a bit of practice, we will handily do it without anyone else’s help. For your ease, I am going to step by step guide you so you can make the entirety of your livelier and tremendous looks by making it.

1- Wash Your Eyes

To start with, you have to wash your face. This is because expelling all the dust and dirt, clean your face completely. So, now you can apply beauty products without any problem. Wash your eye/face with the face wash then let it dry. As you most likely are aware, home remedies had no side effects and make your skin spotless and delicate. So, try these ten common home remedies for glowing skin.

wash your face

2- Gather all the Tools for Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Presently you have to assemble all the tools, so you can quickly do your eye makeup. For doing your ideal and skillful makeup, you have to gather all the required tools:

  • Makeup Brushes
  • Sponge
  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Eye Shadows Kit
  • Shimmer
  • Highlighter
  • Liner
  • Mascara/Lashes

Further, review the Must-Have Makeup Products that every girl needs in her makeup bag.

gathered makeup tools

3- Apply Primer to the Eye Area

Presently the following step is to pamper your eyes. You have to apply the primer around your eyes regions. The primer will assist with keeping your cosmetics stick longer.

apply primer

4- Add Foundation

Now apply a thin layer of foundation on the lid for a clean base. The foundation will make your shades stick to the lid and enhance the colors of the shadows.  Likewise, you can utilize the stick base on the off chance that you don’t have the correct color. Stick base is best for the normal to dry skin type, so consistently pick the right product according to your skin tone and type. Further, view this blog that will step by step guide you about how to apply foundation accurately.

add foundation

5- Apply Concealer

If you have any dark circles around your eyes, that shrouds your magnificence and makes it messy. Try not to stress. You can cover your dark circles by utilizing the concealer. Like foundation, concealer is likewise accessible in various shades, so pick the correct one according to the skin tone and type. Further, have a look at the ten best concealers for dark circles.

add concealor to eyes

6- Apply the Transition Shade

Now, apply the matte or nude color onto your entire lid or on the crease. This will make your eyes and brows look more defined. Carefully apply the nude shadows with the brush. You can also apply the eye shadows with your finger if you don’t have any brush on the sponge.

Apply The Nude Shadow To Your Crease

7- Form a Crease for Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Now it is a time to add darker shadows on your crease. Try to match your shadows with your outfit color for making your appealing and killer look. You can use any dark shadows like yellow, maroon, red, pink, and blue. You can also use the shimmery shadows for looking more impressive.

Apply Darker Shadows

8- Cut the Crease with Concealer

Now take a brush and dip it into the concealer. Further, start to cut the crease. Cut a line of concealer in the shape you like. Start to cut/add the line into your crease with the brush. Then, set the crease with the setting powder and again repeat the step.

Cut The Crease

9- Use a Brighter Color for Eye Makeup

Now add the bright shadow above your cut-crease to blend all the harsh edges. This will look more natural and blended beautifully. Always remember to use makeup brands

Use a Brighter Shadows Below The Cut Wrinkle

10- Add Some Glitter to Your Cut Crease Eye Makeup

You can also use the glitters for making your magnificent look. Add sparkles to your crease and eyelid and complete your dazzling look. Also, learn how to apply eye-shadows perfectly.

Add Some Glitter To Your Cut Crease

11- Add Highlighter

Highlighter helps to normalize your look and add more appeal to your style. When you are done, further, for an extra stunning and more animated look, add highlighter on the top and below the brows. Try to use a silver shimmer because it provides a majestic look. You can also apply the shimmer on your nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Now you are done and it is time to apply eyeliner, mascara, and eye pencil to complete your dazzling look.

Add Shimmer

12- Sharp Eye Liner 

Liner is a little bit tricky but not too difficult. With just a little bit of practice, you will become the artist. There are different ways to apply the liner, like a cat and winged styles. Most of us, like to apply the cat fashion while others love to apply the winged one. Both are perfect for making your jazzier look. You can easily learn how to apply eyeliner perfectly.

cut crease with liner

13- Add a Coat of Mascara

At last, never forget to apply mascara on your lashes. All you need to pick the right mascara. In the market, you will find different kinds of waterproof mascara products. You can also use false lashes for a more notable look.

apply mascara

Suggested Cut-Crease Eye Makeup Looks

If you don’t have ideas about what is crease, then have a look at the image gallery below. In which I  have gathered all the most alluring and stunning eye makeup looks with the cut-crease. All you have to do is to follow the steps that I mentioned above.

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup quickly

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup in pink shade

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup by yourself

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup at Home

classy blue cut crease eye makeup

classy purple cut crease eye makeup

yellow cut crease eye makeup

How To Do a Cut Crease Eye Makeup step by step

stunning cut crease eye makeup overall look

crease with the help of eyeliner

apply glittery shade over concealer for cut crease makeup

Finally, you are done! This was all about a simple and easy tutorial about how to do crop crease eye makeup easily at home. You can use your preferred colors in the crease and cut the crease with a simple concealer to highlight your lid. This technique is vert trendy and famous.