Designer Wedding Abaya Dresses with Hijab Styles for all Muslim Brides

wedding abaya designs

    Abaya is the traditional Islamic dress. Muslim females all over the world prefer to wear abaya. It is a robe-like dress that covers the whole body. However, it spares the head, hands, and feet. Black abaya is mostly in trend. Now a lot of advancement in time and culture has taken place. Wedding abaya dresses have also been launched in the fashion industry.

Moreover, the gown is stitched in a variety of designs. There are kaftan style and A-line style abayas. Open and closed front abayas are also being widely used. The regions and areas also influence the designs. With the abayas, females cover their heads with the hijab. These hijabs can be of the same color as a gown. They can also be in contrast with the embroidery or design of the gown.

Females also prefer to wear abayas at their wedding events as well. They are embellished and massively enhanced. Thus, the wedding style dresses are mostly stitched in chiffons and other flowy material. They are also heavily embellished with embroidery and stonework.

Pink abaya dress with white embroidery

Stunning Bridal Wedding Abaya Dresses with all New Designs

Various new styles and designs of wedding dresses have been introduced. Not only colors have been added but also they have unique combinations. The modern designing and the embroidery of the sleeves are mind-blowing and the whole flare is embroidered as well. These accessories make these abayas fancy enough. Let’s take a look at these unique designs and styles.

Attractive Bridal Barat Abaya Dresses

Barat day demands the dress of ornamentation and decoration. The stonework and dabka are also usually done for making bridal barat dress heavy and stylish.

  • A-line Barat Attire with Turban Hijab

A-line style looks quite stylish and beautiful. Following white abaya is the perfect wear for the bride on the barat day. It has delicate stonework on the neckline. The outer covering is of the net, which adds to the volume of the gown. The floral hijab style is also looking very stylish and enchanting.

A line wedding abaya dress

  • Kaftan Style Barat Traditional Wear

Kaftan style is the traditional and cultural way of dressing. Following kaftan style black traditional dresses have the gold color embroidery on the neckline. These bridal dresses are heavily embellished with the stonework and dabka work. This ornamentation resonates with the barat day.

Black abaya dress with embroidery

Black kaaftan style abaya with golden embroidery

  • Shinning Glitter Outfit for Barat

Barat and wedding day demand the dresses which distinguish the bride from the rest of the people. So, glitter work provides the shine and the glow to the dresses.

In the first blue abaya, the lacework on the front and at the belt area is mesmerizing. The glitter in the full-dress is making it look so fancy. The contrasts of the dark blue is fitting very well with it.

The second golden robe has the brown glitter embellishment on the full-length. The golden hijab is looking very beautiful with it.

  • Net Bridal Outfit with Silk Hijab

Net is in trend these days. The following bridal dress has a white jacket with golden embroidery. The underneath white abaya is plain, making the golden ornamentation of the coat more prominent and beautiful. The silk hijab of the golden color is looking classy as well.

Golden net bridal abaya design

  • Fancy Purple Abaya Attires

Purple color wedding abaya dresses hold grace and shine in them. The first purple color abaya has the stonework on its neckline. The large flare of the chiffon abaya is adding to its beauty.

The second purple dress has glitter work in its stuff, which is providing it shine and stylish look. The addition of the net along sides of the abaya design is making it a perfect barat wear.

The third one has beautiful floral decorations all over the abaya. This embellishment also has a Sitara work in it.

The last purple traditional wear has the glitter work all over the abaya and the maroon hijab is also looking classy with it.

  • Floral Embroidery on Bridal Wear

Some brides like to have different colors on the barat day. The following abaya is in light blue color. It has the golden floral embroidery all over the flare of the abaya. The combination of the golden Turkish hijab with the fancy bridal wear is looking very beautiful.

Wedding abaya dress

Walima Attires for Muslim Women and Girls

Walima is the third day of the wedding ceremonies. Most of the brides go for the light color walima dress. Also, these abayas are not heavily embellished and they are not decorated like the barat day. The following dresses are perfect to wear on the walima.

  • Graceful Brown Walima Design

Walima is the event, which needs to have fancy yet graceful wear. The following brown color dress has the golden embellishment on its neckline and the sleeves. This dress is more appropriate to wear at the night function.

Brown wedding abaya dress

  • Shine Like a Star in Silver Gown

Silver is the priority of the brides on the walima. The first silver abaya has floral embroidery on the full dress. This embellishment contains stonework and dabka work as well. The hijab is of a lighter color than a dress and going well with the demand for the event.

The other abaya is the contrast of silver and black colors. The center is of silver color, and its sides are black. This contrast is quite classy and stylish.

  • Open-Front Bridal Walima Designs

Abayas are stitched in a variety of styles. The first abaya has double covering. The underneath shirt is of cream color while the upper shirt is white. It is decorated with white lace along the borders.

The second image has the chiffon abayas with the silver lace along the sleeves and in the center. Females may select the one according to their choice.

  • Mesmerizing Barbie Style Pink Abaya

Brides mostly like to wear pink. Following abayas in pink makes the best walima choice for brides.

The first abaya is embellished with pink silk threads on the front. The fall of the dress is also massive. The hijab with this gown is delicately embellished with pearls and beads.

The second pink traditional dress has grey floral decoration all over the abaya.

Pink stylish abaya dress for bride

Floral pink abaya wedding dress

  • Floral Embellished Designs for Walima Day

Embroidery enhances the outlook of the abayas. The first peach abaya has the decoration with the floral net embroidery. The net decoration over the silk abaya is looking outclass.

In the second dress, the white and black decorative ornamentation adds to the beauty of the grey color.

Check here an amazing variety of velvet abaya designs for casual and formal events.

Pink floral walima dress

New floral embroidered wedding abaya dress

  • Black Stylish Walima Traditional Wear

The first black abaya has glitter work on the front. Sleeves have decoration with white stonework and the black hijab with the white embroidery is looking quite beautiful.

The other black abaya is enhanced with the silver decoration on the whole front area. The golden scarf is also making a lovely pairing with it. You can pair a beautiful bridal wedding shoes as well.

Black abaya dress for walima

Black emroidered wedding style abaya

Styling of Belt Outfits for Walima Night

Adding various accessories like belt adds to the beauty of abayas. The first abaya is a white floral net and the golden belt is in matching with the golden hijab and clutch. That is a perfect wear for walima night.

The other dark blue gown has a golden-colored jacket, which is decorated with golden stonework. It also has a belt design with the flower at the front.

white wedding abaya dress

new dark blue bridal abaya with belt style

Muslim females usually wear abayas. Moreover, the trend of wearing gowns at weddings is also growing. Above displayed abayas are also a beautiful depiction of creativity. They can be worn at barat and walima. Females can select abayas designs according to the event. Such an elegant and classy wedding abaya dresses enhance the satisfaction and the joy of occasion also increases manifold.