Most Beautiful Velvet Abaya Dresses 2023 with Fashionable Designs

Beautiful and stylish velvet abaya designs

Most of the females prefer to wear the abaya in their daily routine. Velvet abaya dresses are so beautiful. They are very shiny, bright, and give a stunning look to the females and because of their shine and grace look, they are best to wear at night.

This traditional wear is the Islamic dress, and with time it has been accepted as a symbol of fashion. Moreover, various styles of them are being introduced in different colors. The look of the velvet abayas can be enhanced with the help of other accessories. These accessories include wearing heels, some jewelry, and adding a belt to them.

The way one carries the abaya also impacts the outlook of the personality. Furthermore, their styling has added to the grace and the beauty of the females. Moreover, these are widely used in winters because velvet provides insulation against cold.

Different Styles of Velvet Abaya Dresses for Ladies

Velvet abaya designs are in trend in this year. With the advancement in the fashion industry, velvet abayas have also been categorized according to their use. They are available for casual wear, party wear as well as for the wedding. Let’s take a look at these different types:

purple embroidered abaya

  • Elegant Velvet Abaya Dresses for Casual Wear

In a casual routine, females tend to wear those abayas, which are not heavily embellished. The following abayas are suitable for casual wear. The first grey abaya has the white and red embroidery and the second one has the yellow and grey embroidery which is giving a quite decent look to the eyes. They are also easy to carry in daily routine.

  • Fancy Velvet Abayas for All Events

Stylish traditional wear with gold and silver-work is also best for the party wear and various events. The first green abaya has the golden work on the sleeves, giving it a quite classy look. The next blue abaya also has the golden decoration on the sleeves, making it quite fancy. The last one is black, and it has a golden decoration on the front.

Party wear gold velvet abaya

Beautifully Embroidered Velvet Abaya Dresses for Wedding

Brides can also go for the velvet abayas as their wedding dress because of their beautiful styling. First, the sea-green abaya is fully embroidered with floral designs. The golden embroidery is making it a perfect choice for brides. The second red abaya has the golden work of sitaras and gotas on its lower border.

The next one in reddish color has a brown enhancement, and the combination with the brown hijab is also increasing the bride’s grace. The last one is red, with the black and golden enhancement on the front and the sleeves. This decoration is making it the best choice for a wedding day.

  • Ravishing Bridal Velvet Islamic Dress with Stonework

The stonework is a new advancement in the fashion industry. Adding stones to the clothing makes them more enchanting. Following velvet abayas are also the beautiful manifestation of the stonework. The first one, red, has the work of white stones on its sleeves and front. It is making it so desirable and fancy. The black hijab is complementing the stonework very well.

The second image has green and brown colored traditional dresses decorated with embroidery at the border and the stonework at the front. These white stones are adding to the grace of the dress.

Designs of Velvet Abayas with Open-Front

Open front abayas demonstrate the amalgamation of traditional wear and modernism. The first black dress is decorated with the pink border, white stonework, and ornamentation on the sleeves. The black hijab with black sunglasses is providing a very stylish look.

The second one is green in color and has the gold Sitara work on the sleeves. It can go well for both casual and party wear. The last one has a beautiful color of pink. It is simple yet classy. The natural shine of the stuff allows it to be used for both informal and formal routines.

pink color velvet abaya with the open style

  • Embroidered Designs on Traditional Dresses

The first conventional wear is black and it has the colorful embroidery on its sleeves and the shoulders. The contrast of the black color and the colorful embroidery is quite mesmerizing.

The second one is grey, and it has a floral print in the white and yellow color. This pattern is printed on the sleeves, lower border, and in the center. Hijab of grey color is also adding to the beauty of the abaya.

The last one is maroon in color, and it has the yellow floral print all over its sleeves and also on its front. The bails of the yellow color on the front of abaya are making it very classical yet fashionable.

maroon abaya for events

Fashionable Hijab Styles with Abayas

Most of the time, females pair their abayas with the hijabs. The beautiful styling of the scarf makes the abaya look more stylish. The first green abaya has a combination of the brown Turkish hijab, and it is enhancing the beauty of abaya.

The second is grey abaya, with white and silver stonework. The grey silk hijab is being styled in a way that it is looking ultra-modern. The last traditional dress is dark blue in the shade. The yellow color hijab style is making the abaya appear more refreshing and mesmerizing.

velvet abaya with hijab style

Maroon Color Islamic Dress in Different Styles

Females widely like maroon colors. This color is also trendy in velvet abayas. The first one is the kaftan style abaya, which has white embroidery in the center and at the sleeves. The lighter shade hijab is going well with it.

The second maroon abaya is similar in stitching with the umbrella style dress, which is adding to the abaya’s volume. The last one has silver work on the sleeves and the front, giving it the shape of a coat style. It is looking quite modern and ravishing.

maroon stylish abaya for party wear

Printed and Floral Decoration on Traditional Wear

Females are fond of floral designsAny embroidery and print appear very prominently on the dark blue color. The first abaya has red floral embroidery. The second one has the red and green color embellishment on the full sleeves and front. The last abaya has the white floral print on the sleeves and the front. All of these abayas are appropriate for the daily routine.

blue velvet printed abaya

Decoration of Abaya with Laces

Casual wear abayas are enhanced with the laces as well. The first abaya is the bottle green in color. This abaya has the ornamentation with the white lace, which is covering the center of the abaya. The white stonework, in addition to the lace, is fantastic. The other abaya is reddish maroon in color. It has the maroon lace, which is connecting the two parts of the abaya like a belt. The lace is also present on its sleeves.

green stylish abaya with embroidery

red stylish velvet abaya

These abayas are quite popular among females. A lot of accessories like stonework, laces, and ornamentation are making them more desirable. After looking at the above-displayed variety of these traditional wear, women can select the abayas of their choices. A wide variety of designs and colors have created a pool of options for females.