26 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs | Hot Manicure Ideas for V-Day

26 Cute Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

Make your valentine’s day more glammy by painting your nails with good nail art. If you are looking for a romantic manicure for your date, then you are in the right place. Here you will get the dazzling and appealing valentine’s day nail art designs that will undoubtedly prettify your hands.

There are many ways to paint your nails, but here we will present the top 26 cute designs that will enhance your hands’ beauty. I hope you will fall in love with these nail art designs because they are majestic and elegant. You merely need a little bit of practice to design your nails correctly.

You can combine many other shades like black, white, pink, and purple to make your art more dazzling with red. All these below designs will look amazing on short, long, and acrylics nails. You need to shape your nails in a magnificent style to get the more amazing manicure.

lovely Nail Art Designs for teens

26 Attractive Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs You’ll Love

Try to use the bright, shaded nail paint to get a stunning and jazzier look. Like Christmas nail art designs, valentines’ nail art designs are also the most searched topic on google. Hence, in any event, ladies wish to decorate their nails well. Because not only outfits can make your look splendid.

For getting an elegant and fantastic look, you also need to pay extra attention to your makeup, footwear, and nail art. Nails are the most prominent part of the body, so you likewise need to decorate them nicely for striking and breathtaking flash. Let’s explore the following manicure designs.

1. Wavy Valentine’s Day Nail Art
2. Roses Manicure
3. Hot Pink With Hearts  4. X O Valentine’s Day Designs
5. A Little Kiss 6. Glittery Valentine’s Nail Design
7. Pink with Red Hearts  8. Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Nails
9. Polka Dot Nail Design 10. Simple Valentine’s Day Manicure
11. Characters Valentine’s Day Nail
12. Foil Hearts 
13. Conversation Manicure
14. Red and Black Valentine’s Day Nail Design
15. L O V E  16. Glitter Heart Art for Valentine’s Day
17. Classic Red French Manicure 18. Red Ruby Sparkles
19. Pink Lines on Red Nail Polish 20. Neutral Shine Nails
21. Tiny Hearts 22. Beating Heart
23. Pink Lines on Red Nail Polish 24. Neutral Shine Nails
26. Neutral Shine Nails 27. Black Hearts 


lovely Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

26. Wavy Valentine’s Day Nait Art

You can never go wrong with this wavy manicure, especially for Valentine’s day. This one is designed with matte nail paint. Firstly apply the nude nail polish color, then use the red nail paint in a wavy style to get the most jazzier and fantastic gaze.

Wavy Valentine's Day Nail Art

25. Floral Rose Nail Art 

Nowadays, you see rose patterns everywhere. So, for the pretty and glammy gaze, make the roses on your stunning red nail paint. One of the most incredible winter nail art that will attract your partner to appreciate your fashion sense.

Roses valentine's day nail art

24. Rainbow Hearts 

If you are going to wear the top or jeans on valentine’s day at that point, pick the rainbow style for the most stylish nails. One of the most effortless art that you can do in just a few minutes. Try to use the bright hues to get the more cool and superb display.

Rainbow Hearts Nail Art

23. Hot Pink with Hearts

Give girlish vibes to your valentine’s look or if the pink is your partner’s most favorite tint. Then, never miss an opportunity to apply the pink nail paint to get your crush’s attention. Make the big heart with the hot pink nail polish with the silver base coat.

Hot Pink valentine's day nail art

22. XOXO Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

XOXO means hugs and kisses. Paint your nails in an XOXO style. The below XOXO design is just superb to complete your cool valentine’s look. Silver glitter manicure on the thumb adds more charm to your look. If you don’t have silver glitters, you can apply the gold or any bright glitter polish you have.

X O Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

21. Little Kisses on Nails

Here is another most pretty and dazzling design. Simply apply the pink base coat and then make three pouts on each nail with red nail paint to get the incredible look. Try to use the nude color base coat so that the pouts can appear prominently.

A Little Kiss Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

20. Glittery Valentine’s Nail Design for Teens

Try this glitter manicure design to add more attractiveness to your charm. You will find the different shades in glitter nail polish, But this one is perfect for your valentine’s date. For this, you don’t need to do any nail art. Simply buy the glittery nail paint from the cosmetic shop and apply it to your nails.

Glittery Nail Design for Teens

19. Pink with Little Hearts

Apply the matte pink polish and decorate it with tiny red hearts and silver glitters. The perfect art to combine with your pretty pink outfit to make all of your awe-inspiring and noteworthy looks. Plus, wear the chain rings to get more pretty flash.

Pink with Little Hearts

18. Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Manicure Designs

“Be Mine” is another excellent design to get your crush’s attention. You can combine this cute manicure with any pink, red, or white shaded attire. Not only on valentine’s, but you may also decorate your hands like this to make your partner happy at any moment.

Bee Mine Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

17. Polka Dot Nail Design

Elegant and polished nails catch other’s attention instantly. Hence each lady wishes to furnish their hands with the best nail art designs. Polka dot manicures are easy to do, which everyone can easily design without spending hours.

Polka Dot Nail Design

16. Simple Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Some girls prefer simplicity. Pick this stunning simple red heart art for adorning your nails. Draw a heart on the tip of the nails and get a charming and decent look. Pair it with your two or three-piece suit for a more alluring style.

Simple Valentines Day Nail Design

15. Characters Valentine’s Day Nail Design

It is one of the most loving and cute manicure that you can easily do by yourself. The tinny love characters make your hands more beautiful and captivating. For creating the characters, you need a manicure kit or nail brush. In the beginning, you need too much effort to create the characters. Combine this lovely design with your cool valentine’s outfit to grab your crush’s attention.

Characters Valentines Day Nail Design

14. 3D Foil Hearts 

Many girls think it’s too much complicated. But it is effortless to draw. If you want to try unique nail art, pick the art and make all of your noteworthy and dazzling gazes. You can also use another bright color like purple, pink, and magenta shade, but red and maroon are considered love colors. Hence each lady wishes to decorate their and with red nail art on valentines.

Foil Hearts

13. Conversation Nail Art

One of the most loving and fantastic art to express your love. If you are too shy and you can’t express your love for your partner. Then you can pick this conversation manicure to show your feelings and words that you can’t say to your partner. You can use any shade for the base coat. But try to write the conversation with the red nail paint to make it prominent.

Conversation Nail Art

12. Red and Black Valentine’s Day Nail Design

The red and black combo is always on demand. You can prettify your hands with this lovely art by applying plain black nail polish as the base coat. Plus, add the glittery nail paint on the top of nails to make it more stunning and alluring. You can also make the red hearts on the tip of nails to get a more wonderful gaze.

Red and Black Valentines Day Nail Design

11. L O V E 

If you want to purpose your partner in a new way? At that point, try this manicure on your nails. By creating this art, you would not need to say anything to your partner, just show your nails to your crush with a smile.

i love you nail art

10. Glitter Heart Art for Valentine’s Day

Give a chance to this lovely glitter heart nail art that surely helps to standardized your look. You can also try this art as festive nail art that will make your event more captivating and astonishing. 

Glitter Heart Art for Valentines Day

9. Classic Red French Manicure

Give your nails a new and fresh look by doing the french manicure. Do the french manicure on your Valentine’s day to make it jazzier and noteworthy. If you use glittery nail polish instead of matte, then it is the perfect choice to add more shine to your Valentine’s date night. If you don’t have glittery polish, you can add the glitters on your matte polish.

french manicure for teens

8. Tiny Hearts for Elegant Fingernails

Add the little tiny heart to your nails to make your hands more pretty. You can easily do this nail art at home. Apply the black nail polish in a french manicure style and then draw a tiny heart on each nail. Combine this cool art with your lovely black outfit and impressive white and black sneakers to get the most beautiful look. 

tiny hearts

7. Heart Beat Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

The coolest and gorgeous manicure to show your love. The beating heart is the most alluring design that indeed updates your look by making it more animated. Combine it with your gorgeous valentines’ day outfit.

Beating Heart

6. Red Lines on Nude Nail Polish

Are you going to wear the dim shaded attire on valentine’s day? At that point, pick this cool nail art and get the most stunning display. Apply the nude polish, matched with your outfit, draw a line on each nail’s corner with the red nail paint and get the pretty and cute nails instantly.

Pink Lines valentines day nail art

5. Gel Nails with Star Sparkles

Don’t like the nail paint on your nails? Then this naturally shiny manicure is perfect for you. It is one of the most effortless and most appealing design that add more charm to your natural nails. Firstly shape your nails in any style which you like. Then apply the gel nail polish to all nails. Further, apply the stars and coat it with the gel polish again.

Gel Nails with Star Sparkles

4. Red Ruby Sparkles

Are you going to wear the shimmery outfit on this special day? Then try this stunning art. This is very effortless to create. Apply the plain red base coat on the entire nail, and then apply the base coat with glitters with care. Further, apply the gel polish to set your design.

Red Ruby Sparkles

3. Black Hearts 

Black is the most appealing fall-winter nail color that helps to make all of your captivating and attractive looks. Tiny heart with the black polish on the nude shades polish is the best design to standardized your dull look by adding more grace to it.

Black Hearts

2. Lovely Boyfriend Name Nail Art

Valentine’s day is a day of love. It is marked on the 14th of February. The day when a person reveals their feelings for another person by giving cards, flowers, or chocolates. Everyone significantly waits for this day to express their love and emotions. Nail art is the coolest way to express your love.

Below is the coolest and captivating design to show your love by writing the name of your love on your nails. Write the name of your beloved one on your thumb and further add the pearls and glitters to make it more attractive.

Lovely Boyfriend Name valentines day nail art

1. Chocoholic with Hearts Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

Chocolates are the weakness of girls. Some girls are too crazy even they buy clothes and footwear that contain the chocolate theme prints. So, for those ladies, this chocoholic manicure is the best. Draw your favorite chocolates on all nails except the thumbnail. Make the big red heart with the gold glitter bordering on the thumb. Now you are good to go.

Chocoholic with Hearts Nail Art for Valentines Day

If you have the nail art kit in your wardrobe, it’s best to do your nail art quickly. But if you don’t have any, then hurry up and purchase the nail art brushes and tools only to design your nails correctly. Pick any design from above and prettify your hands with the best nail art.